From: Bjarne Stroustrup,

Friday, Nov 14, the ISO C++ standards committee unanimously approved a
“final draft international standard” (FDIS) for C++. This means that all
technical work on the C++ standard has been completed.

The number of the C++ standard is ISO/IEC 14882.

There is a final step in the ISO process where the standards bureaucraties
ratify the decision of their technical experts. However, that is a
formality where no serious controversy exists (and the C++ vote was
unanimous!). Under ISO rules, it is now possible to refer to the C++
standard from other standards. Therefore, so can we. We now have ISO C++,
ANSI C++, AFNOR C++, BIS C++, DIN C++, etc. – and they are all the same 🙂

A press release from the committee aimed primarily at non-programmers can
be found among my homepages.

Personally, I’m very pleased with the new standard.

– Bjarne

Bjarne Stroustrup, AT&T Labs,

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