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Date: Mon, 13 Oct 1997 00:14:36 -0600
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Subject: The Mac Channel 1.0b5 is Out!

October 13, 1997 – Annoucement TMC1.0b5 is Out!
Copyright 1996-97, The Mac Channel.

The new Mac Channel 1.0b5 with RealAudio is available
for download! Download the new version from our site:


* New Features

This new version has the following new features:

a. A RealAudio player built in.
b. 30% faster receiver.
c. New search window.
d. Window shade.
e. New article window.
f. New information Zones:
– BookStore.
– Bit Shift.
– AudioBeat.
– Daily Mac News.
– Software-to-Go.
– WebFlash
g. New information types:
– Articles.
– Links.
– RealAudio Clips.
– Zones.
– DataBases.
h. Improved help system.

* More Informaiton

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