AIMED Conducts a series of polls for the Mac developer community!

Los Angeles, CA — September 23, 1997 — AIMED, the Association of
Independent Macintosh Engineers and Developers, is conducting a series of
polls to collect data that it’s developer membership can use to chart their
Macintosh development efforts. The information the three polls gathers has
been requested by AIMED members and is intended to gather information from
the developer community on the following topics, State of Macintosh
Development, Rhapsody, and Clone/CHRP issues. The poll pages are available
on the AIMED web site and open today. Polling will continue until midnight
October 5, 1997. The results of the polls will be made available to the
developer community on the AIMED site, Apple Computer and various press

AIMED is an independent, nonprofit organization of Macintosh developers.
Founded in January 1996, it is dedicated to evangelizing third party
hardware and software development for the Apple Macintosh.

For more information contact:
PO Box 481269
Los Angeles, CA 90048
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