To all,

This is an announcement for the new software (in the last few weeks) that
we use to run the MacDev-1 list. It’s an excellent piece of software and
we grow to love it more each day. It’s what you would expect from a
Macintosh List Manager — you install it and are up and running in minutes.

MacDev-1 Team


September 11, 1997 — Fog City Software, Inc. today released LetterRip
2.0.1, an update to its mailing list server for Mac OS computers.

LetterRip 2.0.1 is maintenance update. In addition to fixes, 2.0.1 adds two
new features:

– The LetterRip Server can now be queried by PageSentry from Maxum
Development Corporation. This allows a LetterRip Server to be remotely
monitored to ensure that it is running.

– The “List” headers that are used for enhanced email control can now be

LetterRip 2.0.1 is a free upgrade for all registered owners.

The list price of LetterRip is $295. Special pricing is available to U.S.
educational organizations, user groups, and owners of ListStar.

Fog City Software, Inc. distributes and sells LetterRip through the
Internet. The full version of LetterRip runs for 30 days without a
registration number.

Visit our web site at:

Download LetterRip 2.0.1 from:

Will Mayall
Fog City Software, Inc.
1840 41st Ave. #710
Capitola, CA 95010
Tel: 408-476-2198
Fax: 408-475-5258