Press Release – QuickGuard

Micro Macro Technologies Ltd. (MMT), a leading developer of software
security solutions worldwide, is announcing their newest innovative feature
to the MicroGuard PC hardware protection key – “QuickGuard”.

Continuing in their tradition of developing technologically superior
products, MMT has created QuickGuard, the fastest, strongest, most
inventive protection mechanism, which allows anyone to wrap an entire
software application within a protective shield in ten minutes or less,
even without prior programming or copy-protection experience.

This newest release joins the full range of MicroGuard copy-protection
products which include MicroGuard PC and MicroGuard Plus for the Macintosh.
With the development of all of their products, MMT focuses on
easy-implementation for their customers, and unimpaired plug-and-forget
technology for the end-user.

Micro Macro Technologies Ltd., an Israeli-based company established in
1995, is devoted to the production of technologically advanced,
user-friendly hardware keys for PC and Mac platforms.

Contact Information:
Lauren Hazout
Sales & Marketing
Micro Macro Technologies Ltd.
3 Hashikma St.
P.O. Box 11516
Azur 58001, Israel

Tel: (972-3) 558-2345
Fax: (972-3) 558-2344