September 8, 1997

goo Software Expands Development Tools Product Line
goo Library Slashes Development Time

SAN JOSE, CA – goo Software announced today that it has expanded its
product line to include goo Library, a C/C++ code library for use with
Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 1 development environment.

The library consists of over 200 routines that extend the functionality of
the Macintosh Toolbox and which can be called from any C++ or C program.

“Developing software for Macintosh is more difficult than for other
platforms,” said Michael Amorose, principal of goo Software. goo Library
helps alleviate this problem by adding routines that Mac developers need,
but currently don’t have in the Macintosh Toolbox. “Think of it as an
extension to the Toolbox”, Amorose said.

The library implements many common functions that Mac developers need such
as a “Folder Select” dialog and other useful features. The focus of the
library is to slash development time by eliminating many of the tedious
tasks that all Macintosh developers must go through.

A comprehensive listing of all the routines in the goo Library can be found
at the goo Software website at:

goo Library is currently available for the MacOS operating system, is
priced at $40 per license and is available in 68K and PowerPC binary
library formats. Source code licensing is also available. goo Library is
fully compatible with all versions of the MacOS from System 7.0 through
MacOS 8.

goo Software is located in San Jose, CA and may be reached at 408 245-5601,
by email at, or via the World Wide Web at
Media Contact:
Mike Amorose
goo Software
408 245-5601