The Business Research Group, an independent market research and consulting
organization, recently completed and published the results of a
cost-of-ownership study comparing four web servers running Netscape
Fastrack for UNIX, Microsoft Internet Information Server for Windows NT,
O’Reilly Website for Windows 95 and StarNine’s WebSTAR for the Mac OS. The
results of the survey are exciting!

The study found that WebSTAR servers running on the Mac OS provide a
significantly *lower cost of ownership* then competing servers based upon
several factors ranging from costs related to purchase and installation to
content creation and server management. These advantages led to a
cumulative cost advantage over the four other servers as high as 300% per
internal users, to 144% per server to 158% per web page .

See the exciting results yourself. Both the study and a PDF version of the
report can be found at (
WebSTAR can be found at ( or included as part of
the Apple Internet Server Solution.


Eric Zelenka
WebSTAR Product Manager
StarNine Technologies, Inc.