From: (MW Ron)
Subject: [ANN] List of CodeWarrior Pro 1 Patches

Here is a list of current updates and patches for CW Pro 1 both Mac and Windows

CodeWarrior Windows IDE 2.0.2
Released on 08/15/1997
Includes numerous bug fixes for crashes during builds, problems saving
source files, etc.
Download Update (758k)

CodeWarrior MacOS IDE 2.0.1 Patch
Released on 07/16/1997
A maintenance patch for the Mac-hosted 2.0 IDE originally shipped with
CodeWarrior Pro 1. Fixes a serious dependency tracking problem when running
on 68k based Macintoshes.
Download Update (701k)

Targeting Mac OS manual pp. 88-89
Released on 07/09/1997
This file updates Table 5.1 and Table 5.2 with the correct information.
Download Update (46k)

(7/9/97) Guides and examples for adapting the various template container
classes, where CodeWarrior MSL 2.1.2 deviates from the standard methodology.

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