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Roaster Release 3.1 to support Apple’s Mac OS Runtime for Java

Cambridge, Massachusetts. July 23, 1997. Roaster Technologies, creators of
the pioneering Development Environment for Java on the Macintosh, announced
today that Roaster Release 3.1 will be demonstrated at Macworld Boston,
August 6 through 8th, and will showcase its debut of support for Sun’s(tm)
Java(tm) Development Kit (JDK) 1.1 and Apple Computer’s Mac OS Runtime for
Java (MRJ).

This will be the latest in a string of solid deliveries by the recently
formed spin-off, adding yet another advantage for the growing number of
Roaster users. Roaster Release 3, which shipped on March 31st, continues to
receive glowing reviews from industry experts and from developers who are
choosing Roaster for their professional Java development needs.

According to John Dhabolt, President and CEO of Roaster Technologies, the
timeliness of this update is of great interest to professional developers.
“Java developers want the latest in Java as soon as it is available.
Support for the latest versions of the JDK by world class tools is

“Our goal at Roaster Technologies is to provide consistent and predictable
support for the tools that professional developers use. A professional
needs to know that a company can deliver on its promises, make timely
releases, and provide exceptional customer support – not to mention the
highest quality product.”

Regarding the inclusion of Apple’s MRJ, Dhabolt noted that “the Mac OS
Runtime for Java provides Java support integrated into the operating
system. With Apple providing Java as a system service, developers can count
on a rich, stable Java virtual machine. Focusing on best-of-breed tools
allows Roaster to deliver the maximum value to our customers.”


Some of the new features of JDK 1.1 include: JavaBeans for easier visual
Java development, improved Internationalization, Java Security API for
signed applets and enhanced security, JAR file format for aggregating many
files into one for faster downloading, Remote Method Invocation (RMI) for
distributed computing support, and JDBC for Java database connectivity.


The next major release from Roaster Technologies will be Release 4, the
foundation of the extended Roaster Product Family. Eagerly awaited both for
its cross-platform capabilities and its Enterprise applicability, the
‘extended family’ will include support for distributed computing
technologies (through RMI, CORBA and extended database support), a Rhapsody
specific release which includes support for the new Java Yellow Box
programming interfaces, and modules to facilitate working with Netscape ONE

Roaster Technologies is firmly committed to 100% Pure Java Application
development, but will also continue to advocate using Java (as opposed to
other languages such as C or C++) to access operating system and
application specific API’s. Release 4 is currently expected to be in public
beta sometime in early fall. Further details of the extended Roaster
Product Family will be released in upcoming press announcements.

Roaster Release 3.1 will be available as a free update in late August to
current users of Release 3 via the web at

Please note: Release 3 is currently available for $49.00. This limited time
offer from Roaster Technologies expires on July 31, after which Release 3
will be offered at its standard retail price of $99.00.

* World Class Award (Java Developers Journal, August 1997)
* World Class Award Finalist (Macworld, 1997)
* 4 out of 5 Stars (Macworld, September 1997)
* 4 out of 5 Stars (Macworld, October 1996)
* 4 out of 5 Stars (Macworld, May 1996)
* 4.5 out of 5 Coffee Cups (Java Report, March/April 1996)


“One of the brightest hopes for the Mac is undoubtedly its strength as a
Java platform; the only question is which Java package to buy. At the
moment, Roaster Release 3 is the leading answer for Macintosh users.”
(Macworld, September 1997)

“Conclusion: Roaster Release 3 is perfect for professional Java
development.” (Java Developers Journal, July 1997)

“It’s much more mature than other MacOS Java development tools.”
(“Webintosh” June 1997)

“I will be contacting everyone I know with a Mac, urging him or her to buy
Roaster Release 3. My experience shows it is the cleanest, most rock-solid
Java development environment available. And how could anyone resist all the
bundled goodies and the low introductory price?” (‘Uncle Dave’ – David
Moffat, May, 1997)


Roaster Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to providing software products
targeted to Java developers. Its first product, Roaster, the pioneering
Integrated Development Environment for Java on the Macintosh, has received
high praise from industry press and Java developers, the most recent of
which includes a World Class Award from Java Developers Journal in August
of 1997. Roaster was also a finalist in the 1997 Macworld World Class Award
competition. Further information about Roaster Technologies is available
from, or can be found on the web at Roaster Technologies also publishes and maintains
the highly acclaimed on-line daily, “Roasted Java News” at

NOTE: All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Roaster
is a registered trademark of Roaster Technologies, Inc.