1 July 1997 — ViviStar Consulting announced the immediate availability of
an update for its VText library for Macintosh developers. The update
includes full compatibility with and sample project files for CodeWarrior
Pro 1.

VText is a C++ add-on library for Metrowerks’ PowerPlant application
framework. VText provides complete Macintosh text support including:
greater than 32kb text, tabs, rulersets, undo, drag and drop editing,
AppleEvent scripting and recordability, full support for multibyte
characters and inline input methods including Japanese and Chinese text,
and full support for bidirectional script systems including Arabic and

“VText is a definite buy from its WorldScript features alone,” said
Jonathan Hess, product manager at ViviStar Consulting. The multilingual
features support drag and drop, OSA scripting systems, tabs, and rulers.
Hess added “developers don’t have to do any special programming to get this
WorldScript support.”

VText includes templates for PowerPlant’s Constructor resource editor.
These templates allow VText views to easily be added to PowerPlant view

Hess indicated that beyond basic text applications, “absolutely the best
developer feature of VText is its flexibility.” VText has an advanced
object oriented API that breaks text functionality into engine, view,
handler, selection, styleset, and rulerset objects. This extremely flexible
architecture makes VText ideal for efficient syntax hiliting and format
intensive applications — applications which often give grief to developers
using other text solutions.

The complete VText library is priced at $350 per developer seat. The
license includes royalty-free binary redistribution when linked with
developer applications with appropriate reference in the application’s
about box. Site licensing is available directly from ViviStar Consulting.

A VText demonstration application, the entire PDF VText Developer Manual,
and a demo source library is available on the ViviStar Consulting website.

VText is available from:

DevDepot,, (800) 622 3381

ViviStar Consulting,, (602) 483 3123

ViviStar Consulting specializes in Macintosh products and services
including software engineering, computer graphics, computer aided geometric
design, AppleEvent factoring, and Macintosh text support.