3D Game Machine offers outstanding real-time 3D and simultaneous
cross-platform development.

Geneva, 13 June 1997 — Providing game and multimedia developers with
advanced 3D technology, Virtually Unlimited has released version 2.0 of its
award-winning 3D Game Machine framework for MacOS and Windows 95/NT. 3D
Game Machine (3DGM) is a specialized game development tool, featuring a
highly optimized core with a straightforward C/C++ API as well as visual
tools. Full integration with 3D graphic applications is provided through
its 3DGM Factory interactive modeler. This award-winning technology
delivers impressive software rendering, while direct 3Dfx Voodoo support
enables maximum quality.

3DGM allows projects ranging from flight simulators to motor racing games
and educational titles to be built with market-leading image quality. This
power and flexibility is the result of proprietary technologies developed
for true-color software rendering, large dynamic world management and
SolidReality polygon-precise collision detection. Creative development
teams are taking advantage of the freedom offered by 3D Game Machine to
build original titles without the limitations of game-specific engines,
and, most of all, without the risks and uncertainties involved in
developing their own 3D technology.

“Currently most games are designed on the PC for the PC” said Tim O’Hear,
Managing Director of Virtually Unlimited. “They are often ported to the
MacOS only when they have proven to be a success, which can mean several
months’ wait for Mac gamers, sometimes even more than a year. However, many
of the game programmers we speak with actually prefer developing on the
Mac. Our 3DGM cross-platform framework makes it possible to develop on the
preferred platform while building titles for simultaneous release.”

3D Game Machine is 100% OS-independent, so client code is absolutely
identical for MacOS and Windows 95/NT, even little-big endian issues are
transparently handled. 3DGM is optimized for both PowerPC and 68k
processors and runs on any color Macintosh, as well as Windows 95/NT

“Because 3D Game Machine takes full advantage of the PowerPC’s superior
architecture, 3DGM games run faster on the Macintosh than on WinTel” said
Peter Laufenberg, 3DGM project leader. “There are a lot of people out there
who are very surprised to find that out.”

3DGM is compatible with Apple’s GameSprockets and its layered architecture
allows custom implementation of 3D hardware acceleration interfaces such as
QuickDraw3D RAVE. The 3DGM Factory interactive modeler imports files in the
standard Quickdraw 3D Metafile format (3DMF), as well as 3D Studio and DXF.

“3D Game Machine has been designed to dramatically accelerate game
development procedures,” said Tim O’Hear. “Our customers are building game
prototypes from scratch in less than 2 weeks — and I don’t mean static
walk-throughs, these are functional games with complex scenery, animated
creatures, collision detection, explosions, 16-bit color and fog. As a
result, we expect 3D Game Machine to make a considerable contribution to
the number of Mac games available in the near future.”

3D Game Machine 2.0 is licensed on a zero-royalty, per-application basis,
priced at $7’750 for MacOS and $14’750 for Windows95/NT. An evaluation
version of the 3DGM package is also available.

3D Game Machine’s performance can be witnessed in technology demos
available on Virtually Unlimited’s Web site at (

Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Virtually Unlimited is a leader in
development tools for interactive 3D software. Founded in 1992, Virtually
Unlimited is privately funded.

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