New IDE Version 2.0 Offers Drastic Improvements in Productivity

SAN JOSE, California-May 12, 1997- At the Apple WorldWide Developers
Conference, Metrowerks Inc. (NASDAQ: MTWKF, TSE/ME:MWK), one of the world’s
leading providers of software development tools, today announced
CodeWarrior Professional 1, the first release of a new edition of
CodeWarrior that combines Metrowerks Mac OS-hosted desktop tools and
Windows-hosted desktop tools into a single, powerful, unified development
package.CodeWarrior Professional replaces CodeWarrior Gold and CodeWarrior
Gold for Windows 95/NT which until now have been sold separately.

“The decision to combine the two products into one grew out of a desire to
provide desktop software developers easier access to both Mac OS and
Windows tools,” said Jean Belanger, chairman and chief executive officer of
Metrowerks. “Metrowerks has a tradition of providing its users with choice.
CodeWarriors have long enjoyed the luxury of choosing between programming
languages and target platforms, thanks to CodeWarrior’s front-end, back-end
architecture. Today we are pleased to offer our users the additional choice
of host platform from which to work, all in the same product.”

The release of CodeWarrior Professional introduces the CodeWarrior
Integrated Development Environment version 2.0, which supports a number of
new features that will significantly impact programmer productivity. In
addition to its improved speed and sleek new look, version 2.0 offers
support for multiple open projects, sub-projects and multiple targets per
project. This sophisticated means of project management allows users to
work with more than one project open at a time, move freely from project to
project, embed sub-projects within a main project and finally, target more
than one platform from within the same project. Fully multi-threaded,
version 2.0 allows users to do two things at once. For example, now
programmers can work on a separate task such as text editing in a new
project while compiling their code, which previously tied up their
computers for extended periods of time. A programmer can even start fixing
compile errors while the rest of the same project is still compiling.
Consequently, development time is managed more efficiently, thereby
improving productivity and shortening time-to-market.

Both the Mac OS and Windows IDEs offer support for C, C++, Pascal and Java,
and each allows users to build applications for Mac OS and Windows 95/NT
regardless of the host platform. This release introduces a pre-release
version of the Metrowerks Objective C compiler which will be used by
developers targeting Apple’s next generation OS, Rhapsody. The first
version of the compiler supports Rhapsody/Intel. Rhapsody and YellowBox for
Windows and for Mac OS will be delivered later this year, simultaneous with
the introduction of the Premier edition of Rhapsody from Apple Computer.

Pricing and Availability
CodeWarrior Professional will begin shipping at the end of May 1997.
Available from Metrowerks and Metrowerks’ authorized distributors,
CodeWarrior Professional will retail for an SRP of US$599, with competitive
upgrades being offered at US$449, and academic pricing at US$119. Renewals
will be offered at US$299. However, registered CodeWarrior users who are
current in their subscription can renew for the first year of CodeWarrior
Professional for US$199.

All purchases include one free product update and technical support for a
year from Metrowerks. CodeWarrior Professional will follow a
two-release-per-year product schedule with the next release due out in
October 1997.

About Metrowerks
Founded in 1985, Metrowerks develops, markets and supports a complete line
of programming tools used for software development for a number of
operating systems and microprocessors. Intended for use on desktop
computers or embedded systems, these operating systems include Mac OS,
Windows 95, Windows NT, PlayStation OS, BeOS and Palm OS, running on 68K,
PowerPC, MIPS and x86 microprocessors. Metrowerks’ CodeWarrior products are
used by over 70,000 registered users in 70 countries.


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registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United
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and are hereby recognized.

Statements in this press release regarding CodeWarrior Professional are
forward looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including
successful and timely development of CodeWarrior Professional and customer
acceptance of the product.


Note to editors: Metrowerks will be holding a press conference at WWDC on
Tuesday, May 13, at 5:00 pm in the “CodeWarrior Lounge”, Room J3 of the San
Jose Convention Center. Members of the press attending the Conference are
welcome to attend.