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ANNOUNCING LISTTOOLS 1.6 — Management for ListSTAR mailing lists
Shareware: $25 US

listTools is a full-featured Frontier suite for managing StarNine
Technologies’ ListSTAR server. listTools is capable of replacing all your
existing AppleScripts, and provides far more services than ListSTAR’s
default configurations allow. Because it takes advantage of Frontier’s
built-in database, you have comprehensive access to information about your
services, and the standard listTools scripts run at blazing speed.

Our new templates are designed to take advantage of listTools features by
default. If you have existing services that use AppleScripts, you may
either replace them by installing a new listTools template, or see the “LT
Scripts” documentation for information on how to convert your existing
services to take advantage of listTools features.

* Automated digest management, with table of contents
* Automated HTML archive generation of digests, with anchored table of contents
* Automated email-on-demand services
* Nightly, very fast backup of critical ListSTAR preferences
* Built-in web-based subscription form for users
* Sleek interface for access to all listTools configuration information

NEW! Features
* Mass sub/unsub/digest scripts for remote address list management!
* Import of text files containing email addresses for sub/unsub/digest!
* Built-in ability to add message headers, footers, and subject prefixes!
* Templates for standard mailing lists, lists with HTML archives,
announcement lists, and email-on-demand.
* Web features work with ListSTAR and WebSTAR on different machines
* Unique scripts for listing subscribers, returning full ListSTAR service
data, and even remote editing of Help and Welcome files!
* Correctly responds to “lists” command for compatibility with the Liszt spider
* REALLY full-featured web-based administration
* Remote “services” window
* Remote editing of headers, footers, and help files
* Remote administrative features for managing subscriptions

For more information, and links to other server management suites, see

A LOT of work has gone into listTools, please pay your shareware fee.
Shareware payment is handled by the Kagi system. In any case, while we are
happy to help you get started with listTools, Dada Typographics cannot
offer ongoing technical support to people who haven’t paid the shareware

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