From: (Rene G.A. Ros)
Subject: Gestalt Selectors List 3.8

Dear Mac-programmers,

Today I released version 3.8 of the

Gestalt Selectors List (GSL)

It lists all sorts of information about the Gestalt Manager, but mainly
about selectors and the meaning of the returned values. The Gestalt Manager
is part of the Apple Macintosh System Software to enable programmers to
determine the availability of certain software and hardware.

This version has lots of new selectors for Mac OS 8.0, QuickTime VR etc.

You can obtain the latest version in several ways:
– by sending email to the mail archive server at:
with the subject:
archive get recent/gestalt-selectors.etx
or to get the compressed version:
archive get recent/gestalt-selectors.sit.hqx

– FTP to the info-mac archives at and get the file
You can also use any of its mirror sites.
Or use the Apple FTP site

– World Wide Web
The GSL is available, behind the editor’s home-page, at:
It is also available, together with other Macintosh FAQs, at:

– America OnLine
You can find the GSL on AOL in the “MDV/Documents and Proposals” directory.

– CompuServe members can find it at the Macintosh Developers Forum
(GO MACDEV) in the Tools/Debuggers (13) section.
Or use the Internet locations by using GO INTERNET.

– Subscribers of the maillist have received their copy already.
If you want to join this list you need to send a request to:
with in the subject line ‘subscribe’. You will then also receive
several updates before the next version is released. This list is
only for distribution, not for discussion.

Contributions (new info, remarks, etc.) for the list can be send to:

Please, be aware that it may take a couple of days before the new version
is available at all these locations. It is available immediatly by using
the mail archive server or via the editor’s WWW home-page.

Best regards,
Rene Ros