BrainScan Software is pleased to announce the release of BrainHex 1.1, an
updated version of the popular BrainHex file editor and browser for
MacOS(tm) based computers.

Billed as “the world’s greatest (and noisiest) hexadecimal file editor for
MacOS(tm),” BrainHex allows the user to view and edit the contents of
either fork (data or resource) of any MacOS file in hexadecimal code as
well as ASCII characters and also provides full-featured editing of file
system information, the ability to edit values in many formats and much
more. BrainHex users include software developers, data analysts, game
hackers, and anyone curious about what’s really in those files cluttering
their disk drives.

BrainHex 1.1 includes several user-requested features, and improves the
usefulness and robustness of the product. New features of this release
include a much enhanced Finder Info editing window, powerful file
comparison features and improved management of multiple views open to a
single file.

A few quotes from registered BrainHex users:

“This is the best hex editor I have ever seen for the Mac (or maybe anywhere).”

“My sincere congratulations for BrainHex! It is an amazing program. It
opened a 30 Mbytes file without any hesitation, and I was able to edit it
without any problem.”

“(BrainHex) is the best hex editor and fun tool in existence.”

“Your program is the best file editor that I’ve seen to date.”

BrainHex is distributed over the Internet as a shareware product and
normally carries a $25 registration fee.

For registrations postmarked on or before June 30, 1997, simply include the
words “MacDev Discount” on your registration form, and you can register
BrainHex for $20, a 20% discount from the standard rate.

For more information about BrainHex, and links to download locations, point
your web browser at the BrainHex page:


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