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ZCurve Software
Indianapolis, IN

Contact: Bob Hays
FAX # (317) 271-0571

For Immediate Release

New MacStandardBasic is released and sold over the Internet

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, April 3rd, 1997 : ZCurve Software released
MacStandardBasic, a powerful BASIC development system for Macintosh
computers. Users can purchase and download the complete MacStandardBasic
package for an introductory price of $ 49 from the ZCurve Software website

“The Macintosh has not had a BASIC language that makes it easy for the
average user to create fast applications incorporating animation, graphics,
sounds, and movies. MacStandardBasic gives this to them.”, Bob Hays of
ZCurve Software, said. MacStandardBasic is optimized for both Apple’s
newer Power Macintosh computers and older Macintosh models.

ZCurve Software has teamed up with BroadCast Software Corporation to allow
users anywhere in the world to purchase and get MacStandardBasic within
minutes from ZCurve Software’s website.

ZCurve Software had planned to keep the product quiet until the release
date but information and details started appearing on Internet websites
over the past two weeks and thousands of users were downloading information
and demos from ZCurve Software’s new website (

For more information about MacStandardBasic visit the ZCurve Software
website at or via email at .


MacStandardBasic and ZCurve are trademarks of ZCurve Software Apple,
Macintosh, and Power Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer,