From: (Kenneth H. Wieschhoff)


Michael Jimenez or Ken Wieschhoff
PLR Software, Inc.
PO Box 420706
Atlanta, GA 30342

PLR Software and Siren Enterprises Announce ChainGang Beta

Atlanta, Georgia ~ March 26, 1997: PLR Software and Siren Enterprises today
announced the free public beta of ChainGang, a programmer’s debugging tool.


Chain Gang is a MacOS first, MacOS only application!

Chain Gang is an extension/application which watches the resource maps and
resource chains of a running application and provides a running report of
resource usage.

Where this is really useful is in combination with a high-level debugger
like MWDebug where Chain Gang will show resources either on disk, or in RAM
while single stepping through the code.

In addition to the resource list, the program provides the programmer with
the latest resource (ResError) and memory errors (MemError) that were
generated by their code.

Included in the beta download is a simple test program (a MW Project) which
can be used to single step through to watch how CG operates when resources
are opened/closed/removed/etc.

Pricing and Availability

ChainGang is currently a FREE beta! It will be available for $15 as
shareware once the beta period is over.

You can download the current beta at


Founded in 1994, PLR Software’s mission is to provide high quality,
innovative software for the Macintosh in a cross-platform corporate
environment. ChainGang (c)1997 PLR Software, Inc. and Siren Enterprises.