The Gray Council version 2.1 is now available. This version is in sync
with CodeWarrior 11 and the versions of MacApp (3.3.3 & r12) and
PowerPlant (1.6) that come with CW11, adds view palettes for AdLib, and
implements a number of bug fixes and user requests.

The Gray Council C++ classes provide the premiere implementation of the
“Apple Grayscale Appearance for System 7.” This is Apple’s recommended
grayscale user interface design for today’s applications, consistent with
the future Appearance Manager default theme.

For programmers using the MacApp and PowerPlant application frameworks, the
Gray Council includes framework “adapter” classes that provide easy
“drop-in” grayscale appearance support. An adapter for the Dialog Manager
lets you add grayscale appearance to standard toolbox dialogs and alerts
without requiring modifications to your DLOG/ALRT/DITL resources.

The Gray Council implements the complete set of controls defined by the
Apple Grayscale Appearance specification, including: push buttons, check
boxes, radio buttons, icon “bevel” buttons, scroll bars, sliders, popup
menus, little arrows, disclosure triangles, progress indicators, group
boxes, tab panels (aka tabbed dialogs), separators, gray window
backgrounds, and view border frames.

For use in publicly distributed shareware or freeware titles, you may use
the Gray Council for free. For commercial or in-house developer use, there
is a $10 per developer or $100 site license fee paid via Kagi Shareware.
Details are in the documentation.

For more information and to download the latest version, please visit the
site shown below.

Trygve Isaacson
The Gray Council author