18 February, 1997 — Symmetry Software today released version 1.1
of Version Master for the Macintosh, the premier version
tracking utility on the internet. Version Master is a client
application which shows which software on a Macintosh is
out-of-date and where on the internet users may find updates,
patches, and upgrades.

Version Master compiles a list of the software on a Mac and
displays it in spreadsheet form. Users download the current
version numbers and update locations from the Version Master
server. The Version Master server currently tracks over 22,500
software titles localized in 45 regions of the world.

Version Master keeps track of 680xx, PowerPC and FAT versions of
software. It also tracks beta versions of software independently
from release versions of the same software. Software is also
categorized by “country code” so localized versions may be

As an added bonus, users may indicate that they would like to
receive e-mail notification whenever a newer version of some
specific software becomes available.

Version 1.1 is available in seven languages: English, Japanese,
French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Slovak.

Free copies of Version Master may be downloaded from: