January 6, 1997

Media Contact:
Bill Doerrfeld, President
Blue World Communications, Inc.
(206) 313-1051,

Lasso 2.0 Java-Enables FileMaker Pro
Contains Built-in Web Server

MACWORLD, SAN FRANCISCO, CA – January 6, 1997 – Blue World Communications,
Inc. will demonstrate ground breaking features to be part of the next major
upgrade to its popular Lasso program. Lasso Web-enables Claris Corporation
FileMaker Pro databases, providing a powerful all-in-one dynamic Web data
publishing solution.

Java-Enabling FileMaker Pro
Lasso 2.0 will allow Java applets and applications to access FileMaker Pro
databases from anywhere on the internet. Java applets and applications will
be able to search FileMaker Pro databases, and add, update, and delete
records. Lasso 2.0 will ship with a set of Java classes that will allow
developers to create their own applets and applications. Lasso 2.0 will
also ship with a set of “canned” applets that non-programmers will be able
to embed in their web pages. Sample applets Blue World will demonstrate
include a Java based Web chat forum code-named “CoffeeHouse” and a GUI
Lasso/FileMaker Pro Web database form building tool code-named “Glove”. The
form building tool will greatly assist novice users by bringing
drag-and-drop GUI control to the process of Web-enabling FileMaker Pro

Built-in Web Server
Lasso 2.0 Server version will have a built-in web (HTTP) server with the
ability to serve HTML, GIF, and JPEG files in addition to publishing
FileMaker Pro databases on the Web. Optimized for serving FileMaker Pro
databases, Lasso 2.0 Server promises to provide maximum speed for
publishing FileMaker Pro databases on the web, outperforming both CGI and
plugin solutions. Lasso 2.0 Server allows webmasters to host their primary
Web server on their platform of choice (Mac OS, Unix, or Windows NT) and
their FileMaker Pro database(s) on a dedicated Mac OS server.

Online Commerce Capabilities
Building upon Lasso 1.1’s token passing capabilities, Lasso 2.0 will
provide full cookie support (critical for advanced online commerce) as well
as tie-ins to MacAuthorize for automatic online (modem-based) credit card
validation. Sample templates and databases will be provided which will
allow users to quickly set up FileMaker Pro based online cyberstores
complete with shopping baskets and automatic email receipt notification.

Information and Availability
Blue World is currently shipping Lasso 1.1. Lasso 2.0 is scheduled to ship
in Spring 1997. Further information about Lasso is available on the Lasso
website at

About Blue World Communications, Inc.
Blue World Communications, Inc.’s mission is “Bringing Business to the
Internet”. Blue World Communications provides a wide range of Internet
products and services including Internet product development, custom
programming, Website design, development and hosting, email listserver
hosting and other services. Blue World specializes in FileMaker Pro Web
database connectivity and is committed to further developing easy to use
Internet tools utilizing FileMaker Pro.

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