Dr. Marc Slack
Press Release President
New Product Announcement Morph Technologies Inc.

Overcoming CGI with DynaMorph:
A Revolutionary Way to Create and Maintain Web-Sites

Following a very successful beta test, Morph Technologies, a Virginia based
company, is proud to announce the full release of DynaMorph 1.0, a
platform independent, Server-side Macro language and integrated
object-oriented database that allows for the easy creation of web pages and
their maintenance, overcoming problems associated with CGI.

DynaMorph allows people creating Web pages to embed into their HTML
documents very powerful programmatic constructs which would otherwise
require an external CGI. DynaMorph keeps HTML layout and CGI-type
specialization in a single document. This enables users who build
interactive web sites to operate within a single paradigm. Unlike other
products on the market like Cold-Fusion, WebSiphon, and NetCloak, DynaMorph
uses a powerful separation between the constructs of web-site templating
which are static and those which are dynamic. This allows DynaMorph to
cache and serve dynamic documents very quickly while still providing access
to the powerful server-side include structures which greatly eases the site
creation process.

While the DynaMorph language provides a high level of expressiveness for
professional programmers, it also has quite a number of easy to use,
pre-built features which will make it immediately useful to non-programmers.

“I am not a professional programmer, site designer or Webmaster. I am a
geneticist and university faculty member. You clearly have a fine product.
Its availability will make possible WWW-based projects that I, as a
professional educator and researcher, would have hesitated to undertake in
its absence. I look forward to DynaMorph’s continued development.”
– Dr. Doug Kankel (Yale University http://www.biology.yale.edu/)

DynaMorph is currently supported on Mac, Windows NT and Windows 95 with
support for UNIX on the way. This is great for Web development companies
that like to do their graphic and site development work on their
Macintoshes (without excluding PC Users), yet have a requirement to deliver
their work to clients running on NT or UNIX platform. With an interactive
site built using DynaMorph, developers and designers can literally pick-up
their DynaMorph site hosted on a Mac, plop it onto an NT box and … It will
just work!

“I would suggest that anyone considering server-side development languages
take a serious look at DynaMorph. These guys are awesome! I use NetCloak
on my Mac and love it, but am switching to DynaMorph since it is cross
platform and we are steadily migrating to NT for all of our servers.
DynaMorph is THE choice. Tech support has been incredible!
BTW, I wore my MorphTech shirt to the office today and everybody wants one!”
-Todd Mathews (MediaStorm http://www.mediastorm.net/)

Pricing for DynaMorph is set at $749 per license. However, for a limited
time DynaMorph is available for $249. Corporate licenses and Site
Developer agreements are available. Fully functional demonstration
versions available.

For details: http://www.morphtech.com/ or MorphInfo@morphtech.com or

Morph Technologies received venture funding from the International Business
Group, the Netplex-based Venture Incubator company, to bring DynaMorph to

DynaMorph is a Trademark of Morph Technologies Inc. All other Trademarks
belong to their respective owners.