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(Austin, TX – October 29th, 1996) Purity Software, Inc. announced today an
update to WebSiphon bringing it’s current version up to 1.0.2. WebSiphon is
an authoring tool for site designers that allows a full-fledged scripting
language to be used directly within HTML pages. Included with the WebSiphon
package is Verona, a low-overhead flat-file database server. Detailed
information about these products is available on Purity’s web site,

The full update is downloadable from (


Changes in WebSiphon v1.0.2:

– Fixed a bug with calling WebSiphon directly, but using different case
in its name. (i.e., “websiphon.acgi” instead of “WebSiphon.acgi”)
– Fixed a bug in vCountMatching() that would, on rare occasions, cause
– Fixed a memory leak caused by skipping files requested through the
– Fixed some small problems with memory management.
– Fixed some problems with printing large lists.
– Subdirectories within the Templates folder are now supported.
– Compiled templates take slightly less memory.
– Remote Verona access is supported, with automated login.
– Verona will automatically be launched if it is not already running.
– Updated the preferences dialog to allow selection of Verona, and
entering of
a username and password.
– Reworked the About box to display the serial number, and expiration date if
– The client’s IP address is printed to the log.
– Added getFileSize() function, and readFile() now takes offset and length
– Added a run() function that lets you call other templates and use their
– Added verifyCreditCard() and creditCardType() functions.
– Added “inc” and “dec” operators.
– Added time-limited demo capability.

Changes in Verona v1.0.2:

– Fixed a very small memory leak in the Retrieve command.
– Unindexed fields can now be searched.
– Added a new Get Fields AppleEvent, which returns info on every field in a
database in the same format as Get Field Info.
– Reworked the About box to display the serial number, and expiration date if
– A few minor internal improvements and optimizations.
– Added time-limited demo capability.

Changes in VeronaTools v1.0.2:

– Now uses the new Get Fields event to speed up Field Definition windows.
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Nathan Nunn
Purity Software, Inc.

WebSiphon – Powerful Scripting Tools for your Web Site
Verona – Back-End Database Solution for the Macintosh