We’re happy to announce that PERFORCE — the FAST Software
Configuration Management System — now supports Macintosh clients.
Coupled with existing support for Windows/NT, Windows/95, OS/2,
and nearly a score of UNIX platforms, PERFORCE now provides just
about universal platform coverage. (Sorry, Win3.1 is still out of luck.)

The PERFORCE Macintosh client currently works with the MPW shell. The
Mac client handles both data and resource forks of MacOS files, and
allows both forks to be shared and edited by non-Mac clients. MacOS
data forks are treated as ordinary text or binary files on a non-Mac
client. With this, Mac and non-Mac users can share their source code,
while Mac users additionally can share Mac resource and file type
attribute information.

The new PERFORCE Mac client is available directly from Perforce
Software. For further information on availability, platforms,
pricing, documentation, and free evaluation software, check our
Web site (below) or send email inquiries to: info@perforce.com.

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