Apple Launches ATM Developers Program Aimed at Increasing Availability of
High-Speed ATM Networks for Multimedia Applications

MACTIVITY, SAN JOSE, California–July 16, 1996–Apple Computer, Inc.
today announced the ATM Application Jump Start Program, aimed at
promoting and facilitating development of applications that take
advantage of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) features such as Quality of
Service guarantees and scalability in both speed and distance. For a
$7,500 licensing fee, a limited number of developers will receive a
package that includes a development license to Apple ATM Middleware,
designed to help accelerate ATM solutions development by providing
compatibility to the Mac OS, in addition to signaling modules, LAN
emulation, classical IP (Internet Protocol) and an intuitive user

Recognizing the superior multimedia data handling capabilities offered by
ATM networks, Apple’s participation in ATM has progressed from a research
and technology emphasis to offering products that will enable both
developers and end user customers to benefit from this new standard in
network capability. To aid in hastening the technology’s widespread
adoption, Apple is offering the ATM Application Jump Start Program to
developers at a significant cost savings of more than $8,000. In addition
to the license to Apple ATM Middleware, developers will also receive a
Whitetree, Inc. WS3000 Ethernet/ATM Workgroup switch; two Peripheral
Component Interconnect (PCI) ATM25 cards and limited direct support from
the ATM Engineering Team.

“We firmly believe ATM network technology is the strongest candidate for
providing customers in Apple’s key media rich markets, such as electronic
publishing, film and broadcast, with the high-bandwidth and
quality-of-service features they require,” said Carlos Montalvo, director
of Apple’s Interactive Media Group. “By providing a very aggressively
priced kit that contains Apple ATM Middleware, we are accelerating the
development of ATM network cards and applications.”

“The ATM Application Jump Start Program will fuel the continued growth of
the ATM market, particularly the workgroup segment,” said Kurt Bauer,
vice president of marketing and business planning at Whitetree Inc. “We
are delighted to be part of a program that enables developers to build
next-generation applications and further adoption of the technology.”

How To Join

To qualify for the ATM Application Jump Start Program, send electronic
mail to ( Reference the ATM Jump Start Program in
the title and include company name, shipping address, contact name,
telephone number, fax number and electronic mail address. Also include
information regarding the application that will be developed or adapted
to ATM, the target market or customers for the application and other
products your organization currently sells or develops.

Why ATM? Asynchronous Transfer Mode is one of the most promising network
technologies to appear in the last four years. A networking and
communication standard, key benefits of ATM networks include the
following: scalability in bandwidth, ranging from 25Mbps to 155Mbps for
desktops to gigabit speed for equipment manufacturers; and scalability in
distance, ranging from the LAN to the MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks) to
a WAN spanning many continents. The technology’s Quality of Service
feature guarantees delivery of time-based data such as audio and video;
and preserves investment in current infrastructure because of the ability
to use existing cable plants or upgrade at a controlled pace. Also, ATM
collaboration among major industries such as telecommunications and
computer/networking vendors is serving to ensure interoperability and

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