MacHack XI
June 20-22, 1996 (just two weeks away!)
Dearborn, Michigan (not far from Detroit and Ann Arbor)
( (go ahead-visit the site!)

* Hands on with Mac OS 8! Dave Winer! OpenDoc tools! Scripting! Gurus!
Hacks! Internet!
* Cross-platform: Sessions on & access to Mac OS 8, OpenDoc, BE, Newton,
Windows, Unix, more.

Attention Mac developers:

– MacHack’s hours of legendary conferences will get you caught up on the
latest development systems, industry trends, tools, and technologies,
including: “Advanced PowerPlant: What you learn only from the sources”,
“So you want to become a Mac contract programmer?”,”MacApp and ODF,
Status and Future”,”C++ Sucks, but does anything suck less?”, “Intro to
PPC Assembly Language”,”BeWare: Developing Software for the Be
OS”,”Programming an Internet Appliance with Newton Communications
2.0″,”CGI Development” and many dozens more. Check the MacHack Web site
for the latest list – quite a few Mac developers you’ve heard of will be
among the presenters.

The keynote address will be given by Dave Winer, longtime Mac developer
(remember ThinkTank? How about MORE? UserLand PPC?), author of the
well-read, opinionated electronic newsletter “DaveNet,” founder of
UserLand software, and creator of the Frontier Web-centric scripting
environment. He’ll open the conference at midnight Wednesday night by
talking about “what it’s like being a Mac developer in 1996, and what
great things we have to look forward to, and how important it is that we
work with each other, even competitively. And how we must stop looking to
Apple to make everything right.” He’ll also present a session on “Doing
Right by Script Writers”.

The Mac OS 8 and OpenDoc teams will be presenting session after session
on the latest Apple technology. The Mac OS 8 team alone will present over
a dozen hours just on the new system and code-level discussion and Q&A
will be in virtually every one of them!

Papers slated to be presented at MacHack include: “Scriptability: A
Bare-Bones Introduction”, “Can software development be elevated from the
Microsoft style?”, “Loss-less compression: it depends on what you know”
and many more (see the Web site for a full list)

– The machine room will provide a round-the-clock ultimate development
environment. Develop a cool “hack”, show it off, and learn from your
Apple will be bringing the latest engineering build of Mac OS 8 (don’t
wait for DR1) for your use at the conference, along with engineers to
help you adapt your apps to use Mac OS 8 features and concoct new ones.

– As always, Jolt colas will be available to keep YOU hacking all night

– Of course, while at MacHack you’ll be able to stay logged in to the
Internet thanks to our T1, ubiquitous network, and global AppleTalk Cloud
connectivity. Plus, the hotel rooms all have data ports.

– You can provide feedback directly where it matters in the popular “Bash
Apple” session.

– We need your input on what Apple’s “Top ten” priorities for developers
should be, and comments on how well they’ve done at addressing last
year’s list. Submit ideas on our Web site, and vote on them at the

– Apple V.P. Heidi Roizen will participate Thursday via QuickTime
Conferencing. Many Apple employees will be attending in person. Apple is
a major sponsor of MacHack XI.

– Space is still available to attend this year’s MacHack for just $475.
We have more confirmed attendees than previous years, but a few spaces
still remain.

– Discount airfares are still available (less than $400 from SFO to

– Despite MacHack’s technical reputation, beginners and Mac converts are
always welcome.

This is an exciting time to be a Mac developer, and this is shaping up to
be a great MacHack. We look forward to seeing you there, starting at
midnight, Wednesday night!

Web: (
Voice: (313) 882-1824
Fax: (313) 882-6942