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Monday September 19

Preparing your Mac for macOS Sierra

Tomorrow's another big day for Apple fans. On Tuesday, September 20 at around 10 AM PT, we should see the release of macOS Sierra to the general public. In advance of the next Mac operating system, Apple World Today wants to make sure that your Mac is ready to roll. Here are things you can do to make sure you're ready:

1) Make sure that your Mac can be updated to macOS Sierra

OK, I know this one sounds stupid, but you wouldn't believe how many people with Macs that can't run the newest OS get upset when the update doesn't show up for them. Just about any Mac from late 2009 on can be updated, although not all functions may be available:

  • MacBook (Late 2009 or newer) 
  • MacBook Pro (Mid 2010 or newer)
  • MacBook Air (Late 2010 or newer)
  • Mac mini (Mid 2010 or newer)
  • iMac (Late 2009 or newer)
  • Mac Pro (Mid 2010 or newer)

2) Back everything up today and consider making a bootable...

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Fence-climbing robot could be priced within your...

Four-legged, go-anywhere robots aren't really affordable... not unless you're willing to spend as much as you would on a used car, anyway. Ghost Robotics, however, thinks it can do better. It's working on the Ghost Minitaur, a dog-sized quadruped bot...

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News: DisplayMate says iPhone 7 has the ‘best...

A new report by DisplayMate compares the display used in the new iPhone 7 with the one found in the iPhone 6, assessing a number of factors such as color accuracy, color gamuts, viewing angles, contrast ratios, performance in different lighting conditions, and display calibration and picture quality. From the comparison, DisplayMate concludes that the iPhone 7 is a “Truly Impressive Top Performing Display” and that it’s “by…

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iPhone 7 Plus Makes Hissing Sound Under Load, Some...

Several commendable users are complaining that their iPhone 7 Plus handsets are making a "hissing" noise especially when they do some heavy weight work. Some users note that this issue extends to the iPhone 7 as well. BusinessInsider reports:Stephen Hackett, cofounder of podcast network Relay FM, tweeted that his iPhone 7 Plus "makes terrible noises when under load," and shared an audio clip of the noise. TechCrunch writer (and former Apple employee) Darrell Etherington responded that his "brand new, just-unboxed [device is] doing the same thing right now." It sounds like the problem isn't affecting all devices, and it's not immediately clear what's behind it. Hackett said on Twitter that Apple will be replacing his device with a new one, which suggests it's a defect rather than just an unexpected quirk of the new smartphone's design. There's some speculation out there as to what's causing it - but nothing concrete yet. Engadget's Jon Fingas suggests it could be "coil whine," a...

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∞ Ken Block’s Gymkhana Nine “Raw Industrial...

I love these Ken Block videos. I can’t imagine being able to drive this well.

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Samsung’s battery crisis

Samsung execs on hearing there would be no major design of the iPhone 7:

So the top brass at Samsung Electronics Co., including phone chief D.J. Koh, decided to accelerate the launch of a new phone they were confident would dazzle consumers and capitalize on the opportunity, according to people familiar with the matter. They pushed suppliers to meet tighter deadlines, despite loads of new features, another person with direct knowledge said.

Safe to say that it didn’t work out so good for them. Still it’s hard to tell if the battery problem would have been caught even without the tighter deadlines.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Mobility is Driving Computational Evolution of Apple...

The computational demands placed on a mobile device, like an iPhone, are staggering. The iPhone 7 camera system performs 100 billion operations on each photo in 25 milliseconds. Plus, strong, fast encryption, facial recognition and fingerprint recognition, to name a few, are technologies that haven’t been paramount on the desktop or notebook. Could it be that Apple’s extreme focus on mobile computation is causing traditional products to take more of a back seat? John ponders on page 2 of Particle Debris.

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Selling your old iPhone? Go with Gazelle and benefit...

Have a new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus coming soon? If you head to and get a price quote on what they'll pay you for your old iPhone (or other smartphone) before September 30, you'll have until November 18 to send the old phone in to Apple. Not only will you get Gazelle's great customer service (they ship for free in a box that is sent to you and pay quickly), but that's over a month that you can lock in the price on your old phone before your iPhone 7 arrives.

What's even better is that we're an affiliate partner of Gazelle, so every trade-in you make helps support the website. Either click the link above or the banner below to go to Gazelle's website, click on "Sell iPhone", then get a quote to get started. It's a fast, easy way to get cash for your old phone. 


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iPhone 7/7 Plus adoption rate looks similar to that...

During the first weekend of sales, the iPhone 7 grabbed 1% of the device market share, while the iPhone 7 Plus accounts for .2%. That’s about on par with the adoption rate of earlier Apple smartphone models, according to Localytics.

The research group says it’s important to note that this data doesn’t represent sales of the newest iPhone, but measures users who have received their phones and have started using apps. This year, many people decided to order online to avoid long lines which means these users will have to wait a couple weeks to get their hands on their new phone. Given that Apple is expected to sell 13 million phones this weekend, beating the first weekend of the “6S” models last year, these...

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TMO Daily Observations 2016-09-19: The iPhone 7...

to share their thoughts and first impressions on Apple’s latest smartphone. John also talks about what went right—and wrong—with his iPhone trade in at the Apple Store.

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Google Trips mobile app helps you craft the perfect...

Google today introduced Trips, a new app that lets you manage and organize everything about your vacations in one place. The app tries to solve a big pain point with international travel — Internet access — by automatically storing all your trip information offline, and it also makes suggestions during your trip based on what’s nearby to craft the perfect day plans… more…

Filed under: Apple ...

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Stellar Data Utility Bundle for Mac: $49.99

We have a bundle for you today on four Mac utilities from Stellar: Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair, Stellar Audio Video Converter, and Stellar Speedup. Combined, they retail for $153.97, but they’re $49.99 through our deal. You can find details on each app in the deal listing.

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Google Trips is here to tame all your unruly travel...

Any trip creates a web of details that can be difficult to sort through. Google, whose main purpose is making sense of disparate bits of information, wants to bring its organizational talents to your next vacation.

The company released Google Trips for Android and iOS on Monday. The app takes details from your Gmail and puts them into an easy-to-view package so you can easily find your itinerary, hotel reservation, and get recommendations about what to do.

Google has dabbled in this space before, offering trip summaries in Google Now and organizing such details in the Inbox mail app. This is a more direct approach that puts these features more front and center with a...

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Apple's first weekend of iPhone 7 sales roughly...

The first weekend of iPhone 7 sales seems to have been on track with past iPhone launches, despite Apple's decision not to announce official numbers, according to early analytics data.

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Olympus' OM-D E-M1 Mark II is all about speed

Olympus is working on a new version of its flagship Micro Four Thirds camera, the OM-D E-M1 Mark II, which sports a high-speed TruePic VIII Image Processor that's 3.5 times faster than previous editions. The new camera also includes a 20.4 megapixel...

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Twitter’s new, longer tweets have arrived

Twitter has a lot of major problems but removing the pain point of this (relatively) minor problem is a nice little perk.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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The GoPro Hero5 Black: waterproof, stabilized, voice...

This just might be the GoPro that makes me buy a GoPro.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Twitter removes character limit for photos, videos...

Right on schedule, Twitter's long-anticipated announcement goes live today: photos, videos, GIFs, polls and quoted tweets will no longer count towards the 140-character limit. The company is also testing out some new changes to the way @-replies func...

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Google Photos intros smart themed movies and faster...

Google Photos already makes movies using your photos, but they don't really have that personal touch. Where's that Facebook-style ability to automatically create videos around major life events? Relax, it's here: Google is trotting out a Photos updat...

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Comcast's Netflix-on-X1 beta test starts...

It seems odd to hear, but it's real: this week Netflix will start to become available on Comcast cable boxes across the country. Announced a couple of months ago, the partnership is rolling out slowly as a beta test, so interested Comcast customers w...

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GoPro unveils $799 Karma flying camera drone, plus...

Karma, the long awaited first flying camera from GoPro, was unveiled on Monday with a starting price tag of $799, including a handheld stabilized grip for capturing shots on the ground. Also announced were waterproof and cloud-connected Hero5 and Session cameras, simplified video editing software for Apple's iOS, and a keychain-sized, Lightning-connected microSD card reader.

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Google wants to help find your next book to read

It doesn't matter if you've got the biggest or best shop in the world if you can't connect people to the things that they want. It's an issue that Google is hoping to address in its electronic bookstore with the launch of Discover, a new way to show...

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Olympus' PEN E-PL8 is a stylish Micro Four...

It wasn't too long ago that Olympus introduced its PEN-F camera, and now the company is following that up with a less expensive retro-looking model. Meet the PEN E-PL8, a Micro Four Thirds shooter with a 16.1-megapixel Live MOS sensor, a new TruePicT...

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Launch iPhone 7 purchasers predominantly upgraders,...

An analyst's examination of iPhone 7 buyers at launch sees more customers looking at 128GB models versus 256GB, with the vast majority of early buyers upgraders from older iPhones rather than switchers from Android.

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News: Apple investigating claims of sexism within...

Photo: Recode Apple Human Resources Chief Denise Young Smith said the company is investigating accusations of sexism among its employees, Recode reports. In emails first reported by Mic, a female employee said her male coworkers publicly joked about rape and created a “very toxic atmosphere” that persisted despite several complaints to management. She finally escalated the issue directly to CEO Tim Cook. “Rape jokes in work chat…

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A fleet of self-driving boats will ply Amsterdam...

Amsterdam's 60 miles of canals cover about a quarter of the city and have helped its citizens get around since the 17th century. While they've matched other trials in self-driving public transportation with their own buses, they aren't ignoring their...

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Review: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus follow the company’s typical naming schedule — a new numbered iPhone is followed the year after by an “s” iteration, and the 7 is indeed the next step. But it’s possible to argue that this year feels a little different. This is the third straight year Apple has maintained the same basic form factor in its smartphone — iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus actually feature the same exact…

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: $50 iTunes Gift Card $42, 13”...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications.


Get a $50 iTunes Gift Card with email delivery from PayPal...

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This is GoPro's $799, foldable Karma drone

We knew it was coming, but after being delayed earlier this year, GoPro has finally unveiled its Karma drone. The new quadcopter is sleek, compact and foldable, designed to fit in most any backpack. To drive home that point, CEO and Founder Nick Wood...

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GoPro's Hero5 cameras are cloud-connected and...

It's no secret that GoPro had a new flagship action camera in the works, but you never know how rumors may pan out. Today, the company officially announced the Hero5 Black, featuring a 2-inch touch display, 12-megapixel photos (including RAW support)...

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The iPhone 7's sleeper hit feature is its...

Rumor has it that next year’s iPhone will have an OLED display, but the iPhone 7’s LCD display is more impressive than anyone expected.

The iPhone 7’s screen looks exactly the same as the 6 and 6s—it’s the same size and has the same resolution. But DisplayMate’s new iPhone 7 shoot-out, which compares the new phone to the iPhone 6, turned up a bunch of neat details.

Susie Ochs

Apple’s iPhone 7.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Three Take Control books document Sierra and iOS 10

I’m a big fan of the Take Control books. While most of us would never read manuals (even if our machines had them), some folks want to know all the ins and outs of an OS. The Take Control books will give you a wealth of knowledge.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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News: Apple investigating bug that leaves iPhone 7...

Internal documents show Apple is investigating claims that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are leaving users without cellular service after they turn off Airplane Mode, MacRumors reports. The company has told service provides to suggest a hard reboot of the phone the fix the issue, and to remove and re-insert the phone’s SIM card if that doesn’t solve the problem....

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YouTube find: iPhone 7 laps the Samsung Galaxy Note...

OK, we've got another video for you. We know that the iPhone 7 can survive a deep dunking in the cold Columbia River better than the Samsung Galaxy S7; in this video, the iPhone 7 goes head-to-head with a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in a speed test. David Rahimi of PhoneBuff has done similar tests with older iPhones, showing how the iPhone 6s nudged out the Note 7 in terms of real-life speed opening apps and performing similar tasks. 

Spoiler alert: it's not even a contest. The iPhone 7 goes all the way through the test suite twice before the Galaxy Note 7 finished the first "lap". At least the Galaxy Note 7 didn't explode during testing...

I'd love to see a similar test with the iPhone 7 Plus -- with 3GB of RAM -- against the Note 7.

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News: YouTube videos put iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus...

While we spent all weekend reviewing the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, plenty of YouTube users went looking for the most creative way to destroy theirs. An Infohut test proved that the new devices can survive being submerged in water, soda and even hot coffee with no ill effects inside, with the tester going so far as to crack open the phone after the test to prove no liquid got inside. Another video from So Bad So Good dunked the iPhone 7 in the ocean…

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Apple Lowers iPhone Screen Replacement Costs

Apple has lowered the iPhone screen replacement cost for AppleCare+ members to just $29, after raising it to $99 a year ago.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Top new Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 features...

Along with the iPhone 7, I was able to go hands-on with both new flavors of Apple Watch: The Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2.

Apple Watch Series 1 doesn’t contain much new in the way of features, but it does come with a faster processor, which makes it worth considering. Series 2 is a larger upgrade, but depending on how you use your Apple Watch, it might not be large enough to warrant an extra $100.

Whatever the case may be, both new watches are much better than the notoriously slow original Apple Watch, which Apple no longer sells. Another thing that flew the coop with this latest update is the somewhat confusing Apple Watch Sport nomenclature. Now, it’s just Apple Watch, and you can get it in either Series 1 or Series 2.

Watch our hands-on video for an explanation of the new Apple Watch and a look at several of its new features....

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Apple looking into glitch causing iPhone 7 to lose...

Apple is reportedly investigating a problem affecting the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that causes the devices to lose cellular access after a person turns off Airplane Mode.

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Deals: 20% off 13" MacBook Pro; 15% off $50...

Shoppers this week can pick up a 13" MacBook Pro for $1,029.99 on eBay while supplies last. Or scoop up a $50 iTunes gift card for $42.50. The Complete iOS 9 & 10 Development Bundle is also 94% off.

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YouTube find: Deep water testing of iPhone 7 and...

YouTube channel EverythingApplePro has made a wildly popular video (over 1.5 million views) showing just how waterproof the newest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S phone are. The results are incredible, with both phones surpassing their IPX7 (iPhone 7) and IPX8 ratings. The two phones are put into a hole-riddled paint can, then lowered into the Columbia River for 5 minutes at various depths.

If you don't want to watch it all the way through, the iPhone 7 did survive at 35 feet (10m) for 5 minutes, although it had a bit of water damage. The Galaxy S7 did not survive. 

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iPhone 7’s 25% brighter display only reaches max...

I’ve noticed a lot of people talking about how the new iPhone 7 display doesn’t appear to be brighter or even as bright as previous-gen iPhones despite Apple’s claim of a 25% brighter display versus iPhone 6s. That’s actually not the case, but there’s a reason it might appear that way…  more…

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Daily Deal: FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth...

Not me - I have a little more hair and less beard... 

Worried that Apple's AirPods are too expensive and easy to lose? Then take a look at the new FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds, available at 66% off the usual price -- just $39.95!

I've tried these 'buds and they sound amazing! The two earbuds have those "ear hooks" so they stay in place while running or doing yard work, and when you're not listening, they attach to each other magnetically around your neck. Pull 'em apart, and they automatically link up to your iPhone. What other features do they have?

  • Designed to be sweat & water resistant
  • ...
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No need for 4K display on Apple's iPhone 7...

Apple's Wide Color display on the iPhone 7 is the iPhone's best yet, with a record high contrast ratio and record low reflectance according to a recent third party analysis, and the quality of the screen may cast doubt on rumors of a shift to OLED displays.

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iPhone 7 display analysis shows record performance...

Apple made a point of noting that its new iPhone 7 display is its brightest iPhone display ever, and new in-depth analysis from DisplayMate shows it also breaks records in many other key areas making it one of the best performing displays DisplayMate has ever tested.


Filed under: Apple ...

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Three Take Control Books Document Sierra and iOS 10

As Apple releases iOS 10 and Sierra, we have three Take Control books available to help you install the updates and explore the new features.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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∞ iPhone 7 vs Galaxy S7 in deep water test

[VIDEO] This is a pretty cool test. No spoilers, save to say that the phones were dropped several times, at successive depths, until the final drop to 35 feet. Suffice it to say, this is way more water exposure than most folks will subject their phones to, but good to know how they fare.

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Apple may sell 100 million new iPhones by year’s end

Apple may sell up to 100 million iPhone 7s by the end of the year thanks to better-than-expected initial sales, likely a direct result of rival Samsung's recall of the Galaxy Note 7, according to a report from South Korean analysts.

Korean component vendors for Apple expected a volume of 80 million to 85 million units, but this has jumped by between 17-25% to over 100 million by the end of the year, said IBK Investment & Securities analyst Lee Seung-woo. "The order to stop using the Galaxy Note 7 and continuous incidents of them exploding in the US likely have leaned US consumers towards the iPhone," said Lee, in a note to clients — as noted by ZDNet. "It is indisputable that the Galaxy Note 7 incident has become a huge...

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Inside iOS 10: 3D Touch allows renaming folders,...

Apple's pressure sensitive 3D Touch technology expands in small but meaningful ways with iOS 10, including the ability to quickly rename app folders, or clear all alerts from Notification Center.

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My iPhone 7 Plus is emitting noise from its logic...

Stephen Hackett, writing for 512 Pixels:

As my iPhone 7 Plus was restoring from iCloud, I thought I noticed some sound. After picking the device up from my desk, it was clear the sounds are coming from back of the phone, possibly from the CPU. It seems to get worse if the iPhone is under load. It’s loud enough to be heard even if the iPhone is just sitting on the table. I don’t have to put it up to my ear to hear it.

Follow the link if you want to hear the hissing for yourself.

I’ve heard from several other people with similar experiences, and others who are saying past iOS devices have displayed this issue. I’ve handled more devices than most, and haven’t come across this.

I’m not saying this is some widespread problem; I just wanted to share my experience with others who may be having it too.

I’ve never heard of this sort of thing before. The only self-moving part inside the iPhone is the taptic engine, and that wouldn’t make a hissing noise. Is...

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Some iPhone 7 models experiencing problems with...

While Airplane Mode is designed to switch off all the iPhone’s radios, they should promptly switch themselves on again after cancelling flight-safe mode. According to internal documents seen by MacRumors, however, some iPhone 7 models are not regaining mobile services when Airplane Mode is cancelled.


Filed under: Apple ...

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Apple is investigating an iPhone 7/7 Plus issue...

Apple is investigating an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus issue that can result in the loss of cellular service after turning off Airplane Mode on the devices, according to internal documents obtained by MacRumors. 

Until it’s resolved, Apple has advised authorized service providers to instruct customers to restart the affected smartphone. If no service persists, Apple advises customers to remove and re-insert the device's SIM card.

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iOS 10: Walkthrough of iOS 10’s new lock screen

There’s a surprising amount to learn about the iOS 10 lock screen. Nice writeup by Dave Chartier.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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10 cool little things to try in iOS 10

This is a nice little collection, definitely worth a read. My favorite is to tell Siri:

Show me pictures of my cats

Obviously, you’ll want to replace “my cats” with something that makes sense for you. This was a bit hit-or-miss for me, but I like the direction. Asking Siri to search for cats worked flawlessly for me. Other searches were way off or prompted Siri to turn to the web, which was not what I intended.

But this one also worked flawlessly:

Show me pictures of food

I had no idea I took so many pictures of stuff I like to eat. And now I’m hungry.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Comment: Can Apple persuade a long-time wired...

I’m personally still very happy with my ultra-pocketable iPhone SE so I have no plans to buy the iPhone 7, but with Apple touting a brave new wireless future, I thought the launch would make an opportune moment to decide whether or not it was time for me to make the switch from a wired world.

Those who know me are often surprised to find that I wasn’t one of the first to switch to wireless headphones. I have a well-known aversion to wires, even going so far as commissioning a bespoke desk to hide them away out of sight. But while I’ve tried a few wireless headphones over the years, I’ve always come back to my wired Bowers & Wilkins P5 …


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New Apple Music Commercial Features James Corden…...

Apple aired a new Apple Music commercial during the Emmys featuring actor and late night talk show host James Corden pitching his ideas for an ad promoting the streaming music service. The spot is a big departure from Apple’s other ads because is also features Eddy Cue, Bozoma Saint John, and Jimmy Iovine—the Apple Music executive team. It’s a fun commercial, assuming you’re a James Cordon fan, although it was kind of disappointing that we didn’t get any mention of Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All. Apple is sharing the new ad on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

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NeXT-era Steve Jobs photos

This is a small collection of 8 NeXT-era photos, each with a detailed caption. I thought these were worth a look.

My favorite is this one, taken in Palo Alto in 1986.

Here’s that caption:

NeXT design director Eddie Lee said that Steve had a way of “smiling shit at you” when he was getting mad. His head would go down and he’d make this sort of uncomfortable half smile, and you knew you were about to get crushed. Decisions in early team meetings such as this one were fraught with tension because the team was writing its business plan as it went along. One pivotal decision made was to build both the hardware and the software for the NeXT computer, a vastly harder prospect than their original idea to build only software. While still shaping every detail...

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Truck full of iPhones hijacked using chili powder
Fantastical calendar app gains updated iOS 10-style...

Even if you love Apple’s built-in Calendar apps on iOS 10 and watchOS 3, Fantastical for iOS and watchOS is the best way to view a streamlined list view of both your upcoming appointments and scheduled reminders. I use both apps but Fantastical is my primary calendar (and you can sort of remove stock apps now).

Over the weekend, Fantastical for iOS was refreshed with a much-needed iOS 10 update that supports the new iOS 10 widget styles. Before iOS 10, widgets could be any size which made Fantastical’s month calendar widget very useful, but it didn’t fit iOS 10 without an update.


Filed under: Apple...

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The iFixit iPhone 7 Plus teardown

A few things really struck me while making my way through this teardown of the iPhone 7 Plus.

The iPhone cover/display flips to the side, like opening a book. Good to know this if you ever plan to open yours.

The edge of the iPhone cover is rimmed with a caulk-like adhesive, which acts like a gasket to keep liquids out, aid waterproofing (water-resistancing?)

The iPhone is filled with lots of tri-point screws, similar to the ones used inside the Apple Watch.

Finally, I found this to be an incredibly good looking design, at least to my untrained eye. Good stuff.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Samsung Note 7 battery fire woes triggered by rush...

The battery fires and eventual recall of the Galaxy Note 7 can all be traced to Samsung executives wanting to rush the phone, based on rumors Apple's iPhone 7 wouldn't have any major improvements, according to a report.

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News: Hiss heard coming from iPhone 7 and iPhone 7...

A faint hiss — thought to be coming from the A10 processor — can be heard coming from iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus units when the devices are under a heavy workload. After the issue was first reported by 512 Pixels’ Stephen Hackett, we went back and listened to our new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices while they were running and could hear the sound coming from the back of the phone, near where the processor is located. Hackett claimed…

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Using the ‘People’ feature of iOS 10 Photos

With iOS 10, it’s easier to find folks in your photos. In the Photos app, there’s a section of the app called “People.” 

It uses Apple’s facial technology to group pictures of the same people together. Hit “Select” on this screen, and you can identify the people in the pictures or combine identifications.

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News: Daily Deal: The Complete SNES Bluetooth...

In our iLounge Deal for today, you can pick up The Complete SNES Bluetooth Controller Kit for only $49.99. This kit includes a retro Bluetooth controller that you can use to play modern games on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, and more with the feel of an old-school game controller, and you can even play multiplayer iOS games with two controllers using the dual-keyboard code system. In addition, this kit provides a Retro Receiver for SNES console…

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to keynote Postgres...

Apple co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak will keynote Postgres Vision 2016, the international conference for technology and industry visionaries to explore the future of enterprise Postgres, open source, entrepreneurship, and innovation.  Postgres Vision will be held Oct. 11-13, 2016, at the iconic Innovation Hangar (iHangar) in the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco. Registration is $99.

He helped shape the computing industry with his design of Apple's first line of products the Apple I and II and influenced the popular Macintosh. In 1976, Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded Apple Computer Inc. with Wozniak's Apple I personal computer. The following year, he introduced his Apple II personal computer, featuring a central processing unit, a keyboard, color graphics, and a floppy disk drive. The Apple II was integral in launching the personal computer industry.

In 1981, Woz went back to UC Berkeley and finished his degree in electrical...

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Some iPhone 7 users report hissing sounds, no clear...

The iPhone 7 may, in fact, hiss at you.

A number of early iPhone 7 adopters have reported that both the regular iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus producing hissing sounds when they’re subjected to a heavy processor workload, such as a game. They continue to function, but it’s a bit disconcerting when most phones are virtually silent.

It’s currently unknown as to what’s causing the hissing sound and suspected causes include coil whine or similar electromagnetic effects.

The issue doesn’t seem to be appearing for everyone and a number of users have put their iPhone 7 under considerable workloads with no hissing whatsoever, thereby giving rise to the idea that the hissing may be due to a manufacturing issue instead of an inherent design quirk.


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Samsung cites new, operational Note 7 stock by...

If you’re worried about the battery on your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire, replacements are on the way.

On Friday, Samsung announced that along with a formal, CPSC-backed recall of the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States, the company provided an update on when its new, replacement Note 7s ( will reach retailers: they’ll be arriving by next week.

The company offered the following:

“We confirmed that new Note 7 replacement devices will be available in the United States at most retail locations no later than September 21st, 2016,” the company said in a statement.

Granted, some carriers and retailers could have stock earlier, but it looks like Wednesday is the date Samsung is targeting to have most locations replenished...

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Samsung’s exploding phones the result of a rush to...

The root cause of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions and fires that forced the company to recall all 2.5 million devices sold was the company rushing to market ahead of the iPhone 7 launch, claim Bloomberg sources. Based on reports that the iPhone 7 would be a ‘dull’ upgrade, the company decided to take advantage by bringing forward its own launch.

The top brass at Samsung Electronics, including phone chief D.J. Koh, decided to accelerate the launch of a new phone they were confident would dazzle consumers and capitalize on the opportunity, according to people familiar with the matter. They pushed suppliers to meet tighter deadlines, despite loads of new features...

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Robot cars will make up most of Lyft’s rides in five...

Autonomous self-driving cars are set to take off but they are less likely to be driven by private owners and will in all probability be part of networks operated by ride-hailing services, according to Lyft’s view of the future of transportation.

The ride-hailing company expects that Lyft rides in the robot cars will outstrip those in cars driven by human drivers within the next five years in the U.S, according to John Zimmer, its co-founder and president.

Ride-hailing companies, car makers and tech firms are eyeing autonomous cars as the next big opportunity. Uber Technologies tested its ride-hailing autonomous cars on the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania recently, with a driver ready to step in during an emergency. Lyft says it is testing an on-demand network of autonomous vehicles in Phoenix and San Francisco in partnership with General Motors, which in January also invested US$500 million in Lyft.


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Inside iOS 10: See everything that's new in...

Now that iOS 10 is out in the hands of iPhone and iPad users around the world, AppleInsider offers a deeper look at the major feature additions Apple implemented in Messages, including emoji replacement, text bubble animations, rich links and the iMessage App Store.

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How to enable ‘Rest Finger to Open’ in iOS 10

iOS 10 requires you to physically press the home button to unlock your devices, instead of just making contact for the Touch ID fingerprint scanner as before.

You can change this. Go to: Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and enable: “Rest Finger to Open” to get the old method back.

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External Link: Mac OS Users Who Are Keeping It...

Forget macOS, there are a number of Mac users who still haven’t made the leap to Mac OS X. Ars Technica profiles the people who stick to the 16-year-old Mac OS 9 and reveals some fascinating reasons for why they persist with such a hoary operating system. For some, it’s a matter of cost, but for others, the classic Mac OS actually maintains technical advantages. In particular, some audio professionals prefer Mac OS 9 for its low latency, high speed, and bevy of free production software.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-...

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External Link: Solving “No Carrier” Problems with T...

Peter Cohen reports that many T-Mobile customers who updated an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or iPhone SE to iOS 10 suddenly had trouble getting cell service on their phones. Power cycling the iPhone fixed the problem temporarily, but you can now eliminate the error permanently with a carrier update from T-Mobile. Apply it by going to Settings > General > About.


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iPhone 7 ‘laps’ Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in real-life...

Benchmark scores have already shown us that the iPhone 7 is theoretically faster than a standard MacBook Air, but they always raise the question how much difference such performance makes to real-life use. One realistic speed test carried out by PhoneBuff seems to quite convincingly demonstrate that the answer is ‘a lot.’

The test pits the iPhone 7 against the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 by opening a bunch of commonly-used apps – including some heavy-duty games – and having them create a timelapse from the same video …


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Need to give your iMac some wheels? Check out...

Need to take your super-sized iMac on the road? The $655 Transport 27-inch iMac w/Wheels Air Case is for you.

It measures 29 x 26 x 12.5 inches, has interior dimensions of 25.5 x 23 x 9.5 inches, and weighs 19.2 pounds.

The Transport is designed for toughness. Its exterior is made of durable 1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon Exterior, which is water-and abrasion-resistant, yet light weight. It sports #10 YKK zippers, welded steel D-rings, and more.

A Datapanel integrates a shipping document window, business card holder, and engraveable metal I.D. plate The shipping document window, which is removable, fits an international waybill. The window is user-replaceable if it gets worn or damaged.

The Transport's ruggedness is reinforced by seatbelt grade webbing, reinforced seams and stress points. It sports a heavy-duty wheel and handle...

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Settings in iOS 10: Every notable change you need to...

iOS’s Settings app is the quiet MVP of Apple’s mobile operating system: It’s the place you go to when you need to get something done, and get it done your way. So whenever you update iOS on your iPhone or iPad, it pays to peruse the settings to find, enable, and configure any new features just to your liking. The biggies for iOS 10? Maps, with its plethora of new features, and Siri, since she now supports third-party app integration.

Here’s a rundown of the major changes in Settings in iOS 10, as well as some key settings that didn’t change, but you still might want to revisit. If you’ve got any questions, hit us up in the comments. 

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Sunday September 18

iPhone 7: How to force restart, enter Recovery Mode...

Since the Home button on iPhone 7 isn’t a mechanical button anymore, and is instead a capacitive solid-state button controlled by software, it’s no surprise that performing hard resets, entering recovery, and entering into DFU mode no longer works the same way on iPhone 7.

The good news is that you’ll only need to adopt a new button combination to perform each of these tasks. Have a look at our full video walkthrough, and we’ll show you how.

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James Corden joins Eddy Cue, Jimmy Iovine and Bozoma...

Late night talk show host James Corden on Sunday became the latest celebrity to feature in an Apple Music ad, with the "Carpool Karaoke" creator joining Apple executives Eddy Cue, Jimmy Iovine and Bozoma Saint John for a humorous TV spot that aired during ABC's presentation of the Emmy Awards.

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∞ The all-new Apple Music

I wish Apple would stop trying to do comedy. I really wish they’d stop trying to do comedy with James Corden.

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Apple Releases Swift 3.0, 'Not Source-...

An anonymous Slashdot reader quotes InfoWorld:

"Move fast and break things," the saying goes. Apple does both with the 3.0 version of its Swift programming language...its first full point revision since it became an open source project... In a blog post detailing the full body of changes for Swift 3.0, Apple singled out the two biggest breaking changes. The first is better translation of Objective-C APIs into Swift, meaning that code imported from Objective-C and translated into Swift will be more readable and Swift-like. The bad news is any code previously imported from Objective-C into Swift will not work in Swift 3; it will need to be re-imported.

The other major change... Most every item referenced in the standard library has been renamed to be less wordy. But again, this brings bad news for anyone with an existing Swift codebase: Apple says "the proposed changes are massively source-breaking for Swift code, and will require a migrator to translate Swift 2 code...

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James Corden stars in comical new Apple Music ad...

Debuted during the Emmys and subsequently uploaded to YouTube, Apple’s latest Apple Music commercial takes a starkly different approach at showing off the streaming music service. The ad, which comes in at 2 minutes, stars James Corden of the Late Late Show and its popular Carpool Karaoke series, as well as Apple executives Jimmy Iovine, Eddy Cue, and Bozoma Saint John.


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Too soon? Apple's new iPhone 7 ruffles feathers...

Hands on, real world use of Apple's latest iPhone 7 models provides overwhelming evidence that the company has a clear vision for the future and is marching toward it without much regard for the opinions of its detractors. This "courage of conviction" backs a series of rather radical and somewhat controversial iPhone 7 changes for Apple--already well known for breaking with the past.

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Watch how 'Star Wars: Battlefront'...

Ever wanted to blow up the Death Star in Star Wars: Battlefront? If the answer is a resounding "yes," you're in luck. EA has revealed that its Death Star paid DLC will arrive on September 20th, and has released a gameplay trailer to match. Suffice i...

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Apple shares new iPhone 7, Apple Watch Series 2 ads...

Apple released three new commercials for its latest iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2 on Sunday, each showcasing new hardware features like water resistance, fitness tracking and iPhone's low-light camera capabilities.

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The last day of hot metal typesetting at the New...

In our “digital age”, we forget (or never knew) about how things used to be done. While there’s no doubt the new method is better, the old method is fascinating.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Teen claims you can get free T-Mobile data through a...

One teen may have just achieved the dream of every cost-conscious wireless user: free, no-strings-attached mobile data. High school student Jacob Ajit claims to have discovered a trick that gets you all the T-Mobile data you want by using a proxy se...

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Tweetbot iOS 10 update brings rich notifications,...

Less than a week after the public release of iOS 10, popular iOS Twitter client Tweetbot has been updated with a handful of optimizations for Apple’s latest operating system. The update brings the app to version 4.5 and brings new iOS 10 features, as well as a handful of other changes.


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iOS 10 How-To: Print to PDF from anywhere in iOS...

One of the few gripes I have with 3D Touch is that it’s not explicitly clear when you can use it throughout iOS to bring up more options. With iOS 10, 3D Touch has gained even more functionality, yet people are still discovering functionality that has seemingly been there, in some form, since iOS 9.

Something I’ve found myself having to do a lot recently is export various documents and webpages as PDFs. My process has always been to export the document into GoodNotes 4 and then share it via email or another method. Recently, however, a Reddit user pointed out that by using 3D Touch, this process is significantly easier…


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Ben Heck's Intel Edison laser harp, part 2

How did the Ben Heck Show team manage to crash an Intel Edison chip? Find out in the assembly of the Laser Harp where Felix, resident Linux Guy, has been handling the Edison module, while Ben and Karen manage the electromechanical bits. Soldering...

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'Jackal Assault' is all I ever wanted in a...

There's already plenty to look forward to in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare due out on November 4th: Space, futuristic weaponry, rifle customization, enhanced multiplayer modes and a bit of Jon Snow. While I missed the opportunity to try the game at...

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∞ Apple’s new ads for the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch...

I really like the Midnight ad and the music on the other two is great. The usual well done ads from Apple.

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Lyft’s president says ‘majority’ of rides will be in...

I think this is an (understandably) overly optimistic timeline. I don’t think the obstacles – personal, financial, infrastructure, governmental – will be cleared as fast as he seems to believe. Although, as a motorcyclist, self-driving and therefore theoretically safer cars are something I want as soon as possible.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Latest iPhone 7 & Apple Watch Series 2 ads focus...

Following an earlier ad to build launch day hype for the new iPhone 7, Apple today has released a pair of new ads for its latest smartphone, as well as a new ad for the Apple Watch Series 2.  For the iPhone 7, the two new TV advertisements focus on the water-resistant capabilities of the device, as well as the camera’s improved low-light functionality. The new Apple Wath Series 2 ad continues Apple’s fitness push…


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Lyft expects self-driving cars to handle most rides...

When Lyft says it's optimistic about the future of self-driving cars, it's not joking around. Co-founder John Zimmer has posted a manifesto which sets very ambitious goals for autonomous driving. Most notably, he expects self-driving cars to handle...

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After Math: The final frontier

We saw some significant developments in the field of space exploration this week. Jeff Bezos unveiled his latest heavy lift rocket. The Gaia satellite has mapped its billionth Milky Way star. China launched another piece of its Heavenly Palace into o...

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Uber's self-driving cars, and more in the week...

It's official: Self-driving cars are here. This week Uber's autonomous taxi fleet picked up its first passengers in Pittsburgh, while Ford announced that its self-driving car will have no steering wheel, gas pedal, or brakes. Ford is also working on...

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The bottom line: Engadget on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know by now that the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus ditch the headphone jack. And if you're like some of the readers who've been reaching out to us, you might be nervous about upgrading. Take it from us, since we'...

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Alienware: VR rigs will become the new Wii thanks to...

Almost exactly seven years ago, Alienware joined the Tokyo Game Show for the first time to launch its redesigned machines since Dell's acquisition. This week, the American company is once again present there to launch the Alienware 17 and 15 laptops...

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ESPN will air a drone race series starting October...

ESPN's first experiment with drone racing coverage must have been successful, as it's committing to robotic sports in a big way. The TV network has unveiled a multi-year broadcasting deal with the Drone Racing League that will have both ESPN and ESPN...

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Saturday September 17

Windows Insiders can send and receive texts on Skype...

Windows Insiders who still miss the experimental Messaging everywhere feature may want to get the latest version of Skype Preview for PC and Mobile. Microsoft has updated the app to be able to send and receive text messages on Windows 10 computers, s...

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iPhone 7 owners say phones producing 'hissing...

Some early iPhone 7 and 7 Plus adopters are complaining of an audible "hissing" sound when the devices' A10 processors run into heavy demands.

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Yasu was created with System Administrators who service large groups of workstations in mind, Yasu (Yet Another System Utility) was made to do a specific group of maintenance tasks quickly within a... Read more
MYStuff Pro 2.0.26 - $39.99
MYStuff Pro is the most flexible way to create detail-rich inventories for your home or small business. Add items to MYStuff by dragging and dropping existing information, uploading new images, or... Read more
MarsEdit 3.7.8 - Quick and convenient bl...
MarsEdit is a blog editor for OS X that makes editing your blog like writing email, with spell-checking, drafts, multiple windows, and even AppleScript support. It works with with most blog services... Read more
Apple iBooks Author 2.5 - Create and pub...
Apple iBooks Author helps you create and publish amazing Multi-Touch books for iPad. Now anyone can create stunning iBooks textbooks, cookbooks, history books, picture books, and more for iPad. All... Read more
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Before you hit the trail and become a dog sledding legend, there’s actually a fair bit of prep work to be done. In Dog Sled Saga, you’re not only racing, you’re also building and caring for a team of furry friends. There’s a lot to consider—... | Read more »
How to win every race in Dog Sled Saga
If I had to guess, I’d say Dog Sled Saga is the most adorable racing game on the App Store right now. It’s a dog sled racing sim full of adorable, loyal puppies. Just look at those fluffy little tails wagging. Behind that cute, pixelated facade is... | Read more »
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Buzz Lightyear famously said, “This isn’t flying, this is falling – with style!” In the case of Gunship Battle: Second War, though, this really is flying - with style! The flight simulator app from Joycity puts you in control of 20 faithfully... | Read more »
How to get a high score in Fired Up
Fired Up is Noodlecake Games’ high score chasing, firefighting adventure. You take control of a wayward firefighter who propels himself up the side of a highrise with blasts of water. Sound silly? It is. It’s also pretty difficult. You can’t... | Read more »
NBA 2K17 (Games)
NBA 2K17 1.0 Device: iOS iPhone Category: Games Price: $7.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Following the record-breaking launch of NBA 2K16, the NBA 2K franchise continues to stake its claim as the most authentic sports video... | Read more »
Dog Sled Saga (Games)
Dog Sled Saga 1.0.1 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $3.99, Version: 1.0.1 (iTunes) Description: A game by Dan + Lisa As a rookie musher, foster a dogsledding team whose skills will grow if they're treated right. Week by... | Read more »
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60 Seconds! Atomic Adventure 1.2 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $2.99, Version: 1.2 (iTunes) Description: 60 Seconds! is a dark comedy atomic adventure of scavenge and survival. Collect supplies and rescue your family... | Read more »
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Sorcery! 4 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $4.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: *** PLEASE NOTE: Sorcery! 4 requires a minimum of iPad 3 or iPhone 4 *** An epic adventure through a cursed citadel of monsters,... | Read more »

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Best Buy has 32GB and 64GB Apple TVs on sale for $40-$50 off MSRP on their online store. Choose free shipping or free local store pickup (if available). Sale prices for online orders only, in-store... Read more
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Apple has Certified Refurbished 13″ Retina MacBook Pros available for up to $270 off the cost of new models. An Apple one-year warranty is included with each model, and shipping is free: - 13″ 2.7GHz... Read more
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To celebrate the launch of Apple’s latest macOS Sierra, Stafford, United Kingdom based Wide Angle Software has announced that its duplicate file finder software, Duplicate Sweeper, is now available... Read more
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B&H Photo has 13″ Retina Apple MacBook Pros on sale for up to $150 off MSRP. Shipping is free, and B&H charges NY tax only: - 13″ 2.7GHz/128GB Retina MacBook Pro: $1174.99 $125 off MSRP - 13... Read more
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Citing a job description for a Project Lead position at Apple’s Austin, Texas engineering labs, Motley Fool’s Ashraf Eassa deduces that development is progressing well on Apple’s next-generation in-... Read more
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Delaware-based Match Software has announced the release and immediate availability of Check Print’R 3.21, an important update to their easy-to-use check printing application for macOS. Check Print’R... Read more
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Apple has Certified Refurbished 11″ MacBook Airs (the latest models), available for up to $170 off the cost of new models. An Apple one-year warranty is included with each MacBook, and shipping is... Read more
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