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Saturday January 30

Louis CK launches an online-only video series

Louis CK is no stranger to dodging conventional TV in favor of releasing his shows online, but his latest effort might take the cake. He just surprise-released the first episode of a new online-only video series, Horace and Pete, through his website...

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Twitter's week of beef is something we need...

Despite rapper beefs being an unofficial feature of Twitter practically since it launched, this week alone has taken things to a new level. Less than 24 hours after Neil deGrasse-Tyson tangled with B.o.B over (of all things) whether or not the Earth...

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Site changes this weekend

Just a heads-up to Apple World Today readers. This weekend, we're enabling end to end SSL encryption on the website. This should not affect anything...but just in case, I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know what's going on. 

Why are we setting up SSL encryption for our site? Well, two main reasons: 

1) Google has stated that it will soon reduce site search rankings for websites that are not running encryption, and

2) The Google Chrome browser will begin displaying a red "X" in the address bar for sites that aren't secured via SSL.

Encryption requires changes in our domain name server settings that might result in the site being "hard to find" or not appearing when you point the browser to If this happens, please note that it will only be a temporary issue. 

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Oracle Pulls Plug on Java Browser Plug-In

Oracle earlier this week announced its decision to scrap its Java browser plug-in. The plug-in, which has been a frequent target of hackers, won't be included in the next version of the kit for Java developers, JDK 9, which is expected to ship in September. Oracle's action was motivated by browser makers' withdrawal of support for the plug-in. As browser vendors restrict and reduce support for plug-ins in their products, developers of applications that depend on the Java plug-in need to consider alternatives, the company said.

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Apple asks FCC to recognize Made For iPhone hearing...

Apple recently has filed a new document with the Federal Communications Commission in which it argues that Made for iPhone, or MFi, accessories should be acknowledged by the organization as alternatives for hearing aid compatibility compliance. Recently, the FCC has proposed that all phones and consumer wireless devices must be compatible with hearing aids.

In response to the new proposal from the FCC, Apple says that all products that fall under its MFi hearing aid standards already comply with the FCC’s hearing aid compliance regulations. Apple argues that Made for iPhone hearing aids are already available to consumers everywhere, thus making them a valid alternative to the hearing aid compatibility requirement (via...

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Jeremy’s 5: Enblue’s W3iPro Kit, Olloclip’s Studio,...

Welcome to the latest edition of Jeremy’s 5, my latest roundup of 5 interesting little things that aren’t big enough for full articles, but are still worth sharing with you.

This week, I’m looking at Enblue’s iPad Pro upgrade kit for an excellent multi-device dock, Olloclip’s Studio accessory bundle for iPhone photographers, AAXA’s P5 video projector, Apple innovation/execution in 2016, and the likelihood of an Apple virtual reality solution in the near future…

1. Enblue’s W3iPro Upgrade Stability Kit for iPad Pro. Last August, I reviewed and loved the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch dock Premium One W3. To increase W3’s appeal to iPad Pro owners, developer...

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iOS App Update Technique Puts Users At Risk

itwbennett writes: An increasing number of iOS application developers use a technique that allows them to remotely modify the code in their apps without going through Apple's normal review process, potentially opening the door to abuse and security risks for users. An implementation of this technique, which is a variation of hot patching, comes from an open-source project called JSPatch. After adding the JSPatch engine to their application, developers can configure the app to always load JavaScript code from a remote server they control. This code is then interpreted by the JSPatch engine and converted into Objective-C. 'JSPatch is a boon to iOS developers,' security researchers from FireEye said in a blog post. 'In the right hands, it can be used to quickly and effectively deploy patches and code updates. But in a non-utopian world like ours, we need to assume that bad actors will leverage this technology for unintended purposes.'


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New hardware introduced this week: Aluminum Monitor...

Several hard items for your OS X and iOS devices were introduced this week. Here’s a summary of some goodies that were announced …

Satechi has added the Aluminum Monitor Stand to its Metallic Line, which already consists of the Type-C Hub, Aluminum Wireless Headphones, and an Aluminum Headset Stand.

All the products in the line are available in three metallic shades, gold, space grey, and silver. The Aluminum Monitor Stand raises larger computer monitors (up to 31 pounds) or laptops for a more comfortable viewing angle that reduces eye and neck strain by promoting good posture. 

The monitor stand also improves ventilation and creates free workspace, by adding an additional platform to organize a tablet, laptop, charging station,...

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IHS predicts that wireless charging is coming in the...

Ever since Samsung launched dual-mode wireless charging on their Galaxy S6 and S6 edge phones last year, all eyes have been on Apple to see whether they would also add wireless charging to the iPhone. The rumor is that this is indeed in the works.

Wireless charging is proving very popular with those who have used the technology, in fact over 90 percent of respondents in a 2015 IHS customer survey said they would choose wireless charging technology on their next handset. The market tripled in size last year compared to 2014, with more than 160 million wireless charging receivers shipped across all markets.

Just two weeks ago, IHS predicted that Apple would introduce some form of wireless charging on the iPhone 7, which is expected to launch in September, especially since they introduced an inductive, proprietary solution on the...

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The week in Apple news: iPhone rumors, iPad Air 3...

Apple headlines for the week ending Jan. 29, 2015

The rumor mill worked overtime this past week. We heard rumors about iPhones coming out this year and the upcoming iPad Air 3. But we also heard speculation about the Apple car, Apple making original TV shows for Apple TV, ATM support for Apple Pay, and Apple getting into virtual reality. To catch up on all rumors and actual news, check out the headlines in this slideshow. Click on the link to get more information.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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This week on AI: As Wall Street worries, Apple has 4...

Apple's planning to launch major new hardware earlier than usual this year, the latest rumors this week revealed. Plus, Apple's record setting quarter is overshadowed by a soft outlook, iTunes Radio goes pay-only, and exclusive details on the struggles of "Project Titan," Apple's electric car project.

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Friday January 29

Apple correcting Siri "abortion" search...

More than four years after the discovery of a purported Siri flaw that led users searching for abortion clinics to adoption agencies and fertility clinics, it seems Apple and its data providers are slowly working to correct the issue.

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NYT: DraftKings and FanDuel lose major payment...

The daily fantasy sports industry has a new problem, and The New York Times believes it's "the biggest blow yet" despite all its other legal challenges. One of its main payment processors, Vantiv Entertainment Solutions, has notified its clients that...

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App face-off: Apple iMessage vs. WhatsApp Messenger

When WhatsApp Messenger went free earlier this year it gave iOS device owners a viable solution to connect with friends and family who don't use Apple products, but the app comes with a few caveats.

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Downcast for iPhone adds CarPlay integration for...

There’s a new podcast app option for CarPlay fans out today: Downcast. The popular iOS and Mac podcast player updated today to add CarPlay integration, enhanced VoiceOver features, scrubber improvements, and lots of battery life and bug fix improvements.

Downcast wrote a bit on the app blog to talk about what to expect from the CarPlay integration:


CarPlay is meant to be safe and easy to use. To ensure that, Apple has limited customization of the UI. This is why you’ll find that most audio apps on CarPlay are quite similar. I can’t change the font, move labels around, add additional labels, or customize the now playing screen. These things just aren’t possible at this time, and...

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MacTech Pro 2016 Dates and Locations Announced

Consultants and other professional Apple techs looking for training and networking can find both at seven upcoming MacTech Pro events, which take place around the United States.


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AWT News Update: January 29, 2016

For this last podcast of the month of January we have a few little news tidbits to make your afternoon:

  • Apple and London Mayor Boris Johnson show up in the news again
  • The UK's Guardian newspaper apparently had issues finding anything good to say about Apple, so they interviewed people who didn't work there
  • Have a 12-inch MacBook? A new flash drive from Sony will catch your interest
  • Google delivers a dedicated AdWords app for iOS

Text is below, or you can watch a video version here.

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Hi, I’m Steve Sande from Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for January 29, 2016...

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The Week in iOS Apps: Cakewalk shames you into shape

Shaming into shape

This week’s roundup features an app that encourages you to get in shape by taunting you when you don’t exercise. Read on!

Adobe Voice

Adobe Voice made quite a splash when it debuted in 2014, offering a simple but powerful feature: The ability to produce animated videos with relative ease, needing only your voice and creativity to make it work. Version 2.0 has launched with a significant new upgrade: It’s now on the iPhone. You can start a project on one mobile device and finish on another, and your projects will automatically sync to your mobile account.

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Google, Movidius to Bring Deep Learning to Mobile...

Movidius on Wednesday announced that it's working with Google to put deep learning on mobile devices. Google will source Movidius' latest flagship chip -- the MA2450 -- and software development environment, and will contribute to Movidius' neural network technology road map in return. That could result in smartphones and other mobile devices that will be able to understand images and audio swiftly and accurately. The MA2450 is the most powerful iteration of Movidius' Myriad 2 vision processor unit.

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Google launches dedicated AdWords app for iOS

Even as Apple's iAd prepares to sunset, Google has launched a long-awaited iOS app for AdWords -- not just AdWords Express -- giving people running campaigns through the service a more convenient way of monitoring and managing them.

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Boeing's 737 Max has successful first flight

Boeing's newest airplane, the 737 Max, completed its first test flight on Friday. It begins a testing program that, barring any problems, should see the first 737 Max delivered to launch customer Southwest Airlines in 2017.

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Review: Native Union DOCK for Apple Watch

Native Union's DOCK for Apple Watch ($60) is an attractive, minimalist charging dock for Apple Watch. Made of two pieces — a weighted block covered by gray matte silicone, and a rotating arm — DOCK can be positioned with the Apple Watch on the left or right side, or in Nightstand mode. The rotating cylindrical aluminum-and-plastic arm contains some space inside for cable management, as an Apple Watch charging cable can be wrapped around an inner circle inside the arm, and out the back of the "arm." The charging puck, of course, is installed on the "front" of the arm. DOCK is compatible with both Apple Watch sizes and all bands. We also received the DOCK for Apple Watch Marble Edition ($120), which is just like the regular DOCK, except instead of a weighted silicone block, you get a polished marble block. (The marble block is actually lighter than the weighted rubber base — 11.3 ounces to 13.9 ounces.) The marble edition has the same rotating arm.{/exp:char_limit}...

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Notable apps and app updates for January 29, 2016

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks for iOS and Mac OS X:

iOS Apps/Updates

Some people send or receive a lot of packages, so it's nice to know where they are and when to expect them to arrive. Deliveries ($1.99)is a popular package tracking app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch that supports services like UPS, FedEx, the US Postal Service, DHL, TNT, Canada Post, Royal Mail, and more. The newly updated version 7.0 adds peek, pop and Quick Actions for the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, the ability to use Slide Over and Split View on an iPad, and about a thousand more changes! Definitely one to get if you don't already own it.

Lately we've seen a number of cool design apps for...

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iPhone 5se and its place in the Apple universe


Tim Cook recently said that 60 percent of customers on an iPhone 5s or earlier have not yet upgraded to an iPhone 6 or later. When we polled our readership late last year, a majority of our readers told us they were happy with the current sizes — almost 58%.

Whether Apple does this in the spring or not, it certainly makes sense for the company to serve the end of the market that doesn’t need or want one of the ginormous iPhone 6 variations.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Rumor: Apple working with partners to develop...

It’s about time for wireless charging to come to your iOS devices.

That being said, Apple is rumored to be working with partners in the U.S. and Asia to develop new wireless charging technology that could be deployed on its mobile devices as soon as next year, according to sources close to the story.

Apple is exploring cutting-edge technologies that would allow iPhones and iPads to be powered from further away than the charging mats used with current smartphones, the sources said, asking to remain anonymous. Apple is apparently looking to overcome technical barriers including loss of power over distance with a decision on implementing the technology still being assessed.

In 2010 Apple made a patent application outlining a concept...

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Google Calendar spreads international cheer with...

Next time you’re headed to The Bahamas, you won’t have to worry about missing Majority Rule Day.

This holiday and several others that might not have been on your radar screen are among the celebrations from 54 different countries that can now be displayed in the Google Calendar app for Android and iOS.  

You can select a particular country and choose to display those holidays right inside your calendar.

Google Apps Updates Blog

Google Calendar is more festive and useful in a ton of new languages.

To read this...

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Google's AlphaGo Defeats Human Master of...

Research at Google on Wednesday announced that AlphaGo has become the first computer software system to beat a human at the ancient game of Go. There are more possible positions in Go than there are the number of atoms in the universe, and it has a googol more positions than chess, Google pointed out. That complexity makes it difficult for computers to play Go. Traditional artificial intelligence methods can't handle Go, so Google researchers combined an advanced tree search with two deep neural networks to create AlphaGo.

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London mayor tried to convince Apple to sponsor...

London mayor Boris Johnson reportedly flew to San Francisco in February 2013 in hopes Apple would sponsor the city's "Garden Bridge," a proposed pedestrian walkway spanning the River Thames.

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Inside Facebook’s decision to blow up the Like button


It’s a way of creating a connection, even if it’s superficial. If users click like on a post about the Red Cross’s disaster relief efforts, they feel as if they’ve done something to help. (In January, Sandberg went so far as to suggest that likes could help defeat Islamic State: By posting positive messages on the terror group’s Facebook pages, users could somehow drown out the hate.) Liking someone’s photo is an awkwardness-free way to make contact with someone you haven’t seen in years. Alternatives to like will let Facebook users be a little more thoughtful, or at least seem to be, without having to try very hard.

I think that “without trying too hard” is the sad key to the Like button. Regardless, the article is an interesting look behind the scenes at Facebook and the massive amount of discussion and thought that goes into something seemingly so simple and obvious.


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News: Apple building team for secret virtual reality...

Apple is building a team of experts in virtual and augmented reality, according to a new report from the Financial Times. The secret research team apparently includes hundreds of staff collected from a series of “carefully targeted acquisitions” and other VR companies, and it has already been building prototypes of VR headsets for several months. Apple experimented with virtual reality under Steve Jobs about ten years ago, but abandoned…

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And another rumor: Apple already has hundreds...

DODOCASE P2 Virtual Reality Pop-Up viewer. Photo©2016, Steven Sande

During the Tuesday Apple earnings call, Piper Jaffray analyst and Apple pundit Gene Munster asked Tim Cook if the company had any plans for virtual reality products, to which Cook answered "it's really cool and has some interesting applications". Well, the Financial Times today reported that Apple has "assembled a large team of experts in virtual and augmented reality and built prototypes of headsets...". 

The article (behind a paywall) notes that the research team has "hundreds of staff" that have been assembled from acquisitions and poaching employees from companies in the space such as Microsoft and Lytro. One of the acquisitions is Flyby Media, a...

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Speck’s CandyShell Clear lets users choose the right...

Apple’s Q1 2016 earnings results were historic in more ways than one. While Apple’s revenue during the holiday quarter was an all-time record for the company, Apple did indicate that iPhone unit sales would drop year-over-year for the first time next quarter. “We do think that iPhone units will decline in the quarter,” Cook told investors on this week’s call, though observers are quick to point out that this may not be a negative outcome. This simply raises the question: why?

Perhaps users are holding out for the iPhone 7 after the comparatively minor iPhone 6s launch was Apple’s sole-iPhone debut in 2015. Another possibility, however, is that people are holding on to their older devices longer because protective case accessories allow iPhones to last longer.

Indeed, Cook did tell investors on the call that the existing iPhone 5s “continues to do quite well” and that 60% of active iPhone users are using models older than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which were launched...

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Report: Apple is secretly prototyping VR headset to...

Apple is hoping to replicate the success of the iPhone by tapping into another reality. 

According to a new report in the Financial Times, Apple is secretly building a team of experts to develop the company’s virtual and augmented reality efforts. Apple has reportedly being testing a secret VR headset prototype for months now. To be successful, Apple’s VR headset would have to rival Facebook’s Oculus Rift, HTC's Vive, Samsung’s Gear VR, and Microsoft’s mixed-reality HoloLens. 

Apple has already poached experts formerly working on HoloLens to kickstart this secret initiative, according to the report. And just last week, the company brought onboard a top virtual reality researcher and former director of Virginia Tech’s Center for Human-Computer Interaction.

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Gear: Ten One Design Timeframe for Apple Watch

Ten One Design’s Timeframe is an interesting new product for Apple Watch — though its description may be a bit misleading, it’s actually quite clever. The Timeframe box reads, “Charging cover for Apple Watch,” and while some may think of a cover that can charge an Apple Watch as it’s being worn, it’s better to think of Timeframe as a substitute for a more traditional Apple Watch dock. Coming in 38mm and 42mm sizes,…

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Apple supplier Sony takes hit in December quarter on...

Although PlayStation sales and cost-cutting measures helped Sony's operating profits rise 11 percent overall in the December quarter, it suffered setbacks in image sensor production, which could reflect lower orders from Apple for the iPhone.

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Rumor: Apple has 'hundreds of staff'...

Through a series of acquisitions, Apple has a considerably large staff dedicated to experimental virtual reality and augmented reality projects, some of whom are reportedly working on prototype headset configurations that could one day compete with the likes of Facebook's Oculus Rift.

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iTunes Radio Is Now "Apple Music" (and...

New submitter Kevin by the Beach writes: If you haven't noticed... If you try to play iTunes radio on your devices it is now paywalled (you can get a free three month trial at The only reason I noticed is that I have an Apple TV which at one time had an iTunes Radio App. That app is no longer. Same is true if you select Music on your iOS devices, if you get to the iTunes Radio menu, you are redirected to sign up for the free trial. This reminds me of why I am forever reluctant to trade the music I have locally (on CDs, hard drives, and a few bits of vinyl I've been unwilling to jettison) for any kind of streaming service, whether it promises perpetuity or good-until-next-payment.


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Apple reportedly building secret research team to...

Speck’s VR solution on the iPhone

During this week’s earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook answered a question on virtual reality by saying “I don’t think VR is a niche…It’s really cool and has some interesting applications.” It looks like Cook’s statements have some background to them. According to a new Financial Times report, Apple had reportedly been prototyping VR headsets in the past under Steve Jobs in the mid-2000s, but the project was eventually abandoned once the technology was found to still be immature. With new...

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Apple is reportedly seeking exclusive content for...

Netflix has House of Cards, Amazon has Transparent, and maybe in a year or two we’ll all be talking about Apple’s hot original hit or ingenious reboot of classic '80s sitcom Head of the Class.

According to a report in The Street, Apple’s SVP Eddy Cue is taking meetings in Hollywood looking for exclusive content deals for iTunes. Since the long-rumored streaming bundle of channels has reportedly been put on hold, Apple’s new focus could be working with creators to make new shows you’ll only be able to see on iTunes.

To read this...

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Deals: $40-$50 off iPad mini 4, $200-$300 off select...

This week, Apple authorized resellers have marked down a selection of 16GB-128GB iPad mini 4s by $40 to $50. Meanwhile, big discounts are popping up here and there on individual 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro configurations, like an instant $300 discount on the Early 2015 13" MacBook Pro (3.1GHz 8GB 1TB).

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How-To: Automate weight logging w/ the Health app...

When news came out that Apple was working on a dedicated Health dashboard app, which would offer a way to take healthcare monitoring mobile, I was extremely excited. I had been recently diagnosed with traumatic arthritis in my knees and I needed a better all-in-one system to track my steps, weight, and BMI. None of the other apps on the market at the time seemed to do any one of those three especially well. Apple’s Health app has since become my go-to app for everything I wanted to log and more. It’s not perfect, but it’s a built-in dashboard with tie-ins to plenty of iOS...

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Apple considering original TV shows to boost '...

In continuing efforts to launch a streaming TV service, Apple is now trying to pitch studios and producers on investing in exclusive TV shows, according to a Friday report.

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: LG 55-inch 1080p Smart HDTV $...

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Daily Deals: LG 55-inch 120Hz 1080p Smart HDTV $490,...

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Wireless charging reportedly coming to next year...

Forget charging mats. Apple is reportedly working on wireless charging technology with partners that would charge iPhones and iPads from a distance.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is hoping to include the new technology in iPhones next year. It’s unclear what approach Apple and its partners will take to deviate from the current standard of wireless charging, which still requires smartphones to be placed directly on top of the charger to juice up.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Google’s Nexus 6 support wireless charging, but they require use of a charging puck, which still has to be plugged in. Apple has said before that wireless charging in its current form isn’t convenient for that reason. Bloomberg noted that Apple could get around that with a patent obtained in 2010 that would put near-field magnetic resonance technology in...

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Safari's now the only major browser supporting...

Of the three major browsers on iOS, only Safari still offers the Do Not Track (DNT) privacy option that discourages advertisers from tracking you online.

Earlier this week, Google rolled out an update to Chrome for iOS that disabled several minor browser features, including DNT. Mozilla’s Firefox for iOS also doesn’t offer the anti-tracking feature.

You may not see the change right away, as Google says it is rolling out the update to iOS users gradually. In addition to DNT, the new version of Chrome disables Data Saver, in-browser Cookie settings, auto-detect encoding, and enterprise support.

The reason for the change is that Chrome recently switched over to Apple’s WKWebView API, which is only available in iOS 8 and up. Google decided to use the API, which was introduced in 2014 alongside iOS 8, because it puts third-party browsers on par with Safari. Previously, third-party browsers were forced to use an older, slower-rendering engine than Safari’s...

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News: Report: Apple aiming to unveil original,...

Apple may be looking in a new direction in efforts to get its television streaming service off the ground. A new report from The Street reveals that the company has been in talks with Hollywood’s creative community since late last year about producing original TV shows that could be offered exclusively to iTunes customers. While Apple has yet to sign any agreements, two people with knowledge of the matter have suggested that Apple is ideally…

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Rumor: Bank of America, Wells Fargo, building Apple...

Apple Pay is coming to assorted Bank of America and Wells Fargo ATMS.

An anonymous source close to the story has stated that Bank of America and Wells Fargo are working on implementing Apple Pay into their ATMs. Both companies are said to have engineers working on the technology that would likely allow Apple Pay to be used at an ATM in place of a physical debit card.

When questioned about the possibility of Apple Pay at ATMs, Wells Fargo head of ATMs Jonathan Velline suggested the information was accurate and that Wells Fargo was working on adding support for mobile wallets that would meet all of its customers needs.

Vellinge offered the following comment:

“We’ve been working on the technology that allows us to hook to digital wallets, leveraging...

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Cirrus Logic CEO offers hints as to possible audio...

Following up on the rumor that the iPhone 7 will drop the headphone jack, Jason Rhode, the CEO of known audio supplier Cirrus Logic, made a few interesting comments that only add to the flames:

There are definitely people considering putting [it] in box … any time somebody talks about adding content inside a box, inside the box it ships with the phone, you can imagine the agonizing that goes into any additional micro-penny that gets added to the box.

Noise-canceling headphone technology has also been rumored for the next-gen iPhone headphones.

Discussing the possibility of Lightning-based headphones, Rhode added the following comment:

The amount that we can talk about that outside of other folks who are MFi [made for iPhone] partners...

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News: Wells Fargo, Bank of America ATMs to support...

Both Bank of America and Wells Fargo are currently developing contactless ATM solutions that could include support for Apple Play, TechCrunch reports. Citing sources familiar with the teams on the projects, the report notes that engineers at both companies have been assigned to build in Apple Pay options. Jonathan Velline, Wells Fargo’s head of ATMs, also implied that Apple Pay would be coming to its ATMs, noting that the company has been “working…

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Google finally launches an AdWords app for iPhone...

Google has finally launched a full-fledged iOS app for users of its AdWords advertising service. The AdWords app arrives today as the first official iOS app for the service and it’s available for both iPhone and iPad users now. 

The Google AdWords app helps you stay connected with your ad campaigns from anywhere, using your iPhone. You can easily view your ads’ performance on the go with this simplified companion to your desktop account. So you can keep your campaigns running smoothly—no matter where your business takes you.

The app lets AdWords customers view their campaign stats– like clicks, CTR, CPC, etc– as well as manage bids and budgets, contact Google experts...

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Review: Naim’s first wireless speaker, the mu-so, is...

Naim Audio isn’t a household name outside of audiophile circles, but this British company has for many years made some of the most respected amplifiers in the business. Naim long had an informal partnership with Linn, and if the standard audio system fitted to Bentley’s ultra-expensive cars isn’t good enough for you, the optional audio upgrade is to a Naim system. You’ll also find it available through the Apple Store.

The company is notoriously conservative when it comes to new technology, refusing to even consider making a CD player for most of the 1980s, relenting only in 1989, when it felt the technology had developed sufficiently to allow it to deliver the quality it sought. It’s therefore no surprise that Naim has waited so long to launch its first...

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Inside Verizon's Super Bowl Command Center

More than 100 engineers will make sure the tweeting, sharing and streaming works without a hiccup

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Rumor: Apple wants to produce original content for a...

According to TheStreet, Apple is looking to product original content for its upcoming TV streaming service a la Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. 

The Cupertino, California-based company began sounding out Hollywood's creative community late last year, but has yet to sign any agreements, the article says, quoting two unnamed people with knowledge of the overtures.” One plan is to have deals in place so Apple can announce exclusive content as part of a cable-like offering in September, when it is expected to unveil its iPhone 7.

What do we know about Apple's rumored TV service, which I call Apple Web TV? The Wall Street Times says that Apple has talked — to no avail, so far — with programmers to offer a slimmed-down bundle of TV networks that will be available on Apple...

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HP and fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi team up on a...

HP is adding another luxury, designer smartwatch to its Engineered by HP line. This time around the company's teaming up with Issac Mizrahi for the aptly named Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch. The wearable comes in either silver or gold, and offers swappable watch bands for those who need to mix and match colors.

Taking a look at the device’s product page, it’s clear the new watch is aimed squarely at women—one of the few smartwatches to do that. The watch face is a standard, physical analog watch framed by a ring of Swarovski crystal. Below the watch hands is a small display that shows basic alerts for calls, text messages, calendar appointments, social media updates, and email. It also appears to come with an...

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News: Report: Apple working on iPhone model with...

Apple is working on developing new wireless charging technology for a future iPhone model, a new report by Bloomberg reveals. New technologies being developed by Apple would potentially allow iPhones and iPads to be powered from a farther distance than the charging pads used for current smartphones, according to sources familiar with the matter, and Apple is looking to overcome technical barriers such as power loss over distance. The Apple Watch currently…

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Report: Apple working on long-distance wireless...

Enlarge / The Apple Watch charger is Apple's first foray into wireless charging, although functionally it might as well be a wired charger. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

Apple is actively working on a wireless charging method for future iPhones, according to "people familiar with the plans" speaking to Bloomberg Business. Apple is hoping that the technology, which could be ready for public consumption by 2017, will be more efficient than current wireless charging methods. Today, Apple uses wireless inductive charging for the Apple Watch, but the watch still needs to sit directly on top of its magnetic cradle to charge.

Competing Android and Windows Phone...

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Innovation still undecided on Sharp rescue plans as...

In the bidding war for Sharp, Innovation Network Corp. has yet to decide on a possible rescue plan, even as rival Foxconn is raising its bid and promising not to cut Japanese jobs, a report said on Friday.

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Report: Apple looking to produce its own exclusive...

Apple has dipped its toes in original content with projects like the Beats 1 radio station, but there has been a lot of speculation around whether the company will ever produce its own media content, as both Amazon and Netflix have shown it can be very lucrative, launching many successful independent television series in recent years.

According to a contributor report from The Street, Apple is now looking to take that jump. It wants to produce original TV shows as exclusive content for its iTunes library offerings, according to the report, having spoken to ‘members of the Hollywood creative community’ late in 2015. These new TV shows could form part of a future Apple TV cable subscription ...

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Guru behind Apple's A-series, AMD's Zen...

When your company absolutely, positively needs a chip that kicks a lot of butt, you bring in Jim Keller.

The legendary CPU architect earned his chops helping with the design of AMD’s K7 processors before moving onto the K8 core, a.k.a. the first 64-bit consumer desktop chips. After that, Keller eventually wound up at Apple, where he spearheaded the creation of Apple’s A-series processor, which made their debut in the iPad and iPhone 4. Then he returned to AMD as the mastermind behind the company’s forthcoming Zen processor architecture—a design that promises to battle Intel for high-end computing supremacy after years of AMD’s chips being relegated mostly to budget and mid-range PC designs.


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Billboard top 10 rap/hip hop, from 1989 to the...

No matter your musical tastes, this is just damn fun.

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AppleInsider podcast talks earnings, beta releases,...

This week the AppleInsider podcast explores this week's earnings call, the decline of iPhone sales, Apple and Tim Cook's interest in virtual reality, it's relation with an 'iPhone 7' dual camera, and trouble in Apple's car skunkworks. We also talk about iOS 9.3 beta, Apple Pencil woes and the trouble with keyboards for iPad in iOS.

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The case against Control Center

Stephen Hackett on why he finds Control Center just too busy. I agree and have my own suggestion for a fix.

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Apple looking to open its third retail store in...

Apple is preparing to open another retail store in Istanbul, Turkey, according to MacReports, quoting an unnamed “source familiar with the matter.” This will be Apple’s third store in the country and will reportedly be in the Emaar Square Mall.

The first one opened in Istanbul in the Zorlu Mall in April 2014. The second store opened in the Akasya Mall in October 2014 . This new store will open in 2016.

The company has 481 retail stores in 18 countries and an online store available in 39 countries.

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Bloomberg: Apple working on wireless charging at-a-...

We could see this as soon as next year. If true, seems like a bit of a game changer.

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iTunes Radio channels have been folded into Apple...

As previously announced, Apple has discontinued its free, ad-supported iTunes Radio channels, which have been folded into Apple Music. However, Apple's Beats 1 radio channel remains available to iTunes users as a free listening option. 

Apple Music costs US$9.99 per month or $14.99 per month for up to six people in a household. There’s a three-month trial period so you can give it a try.

Apple bought the steaming music service Beats Music, and Beats Electronics — which makes the  Beats headphones, speakers and audio software — in 2014. Apple acquired the two companies for a total of $3 billion, consisting of a purchase price of approximately $2.6 billion and approximately $400 million that will vest over time.

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Facebook shutters Parse, pulls the rug out from...

You might not be familiar with Parse, but you no doubt make use of it every day. Facebook is shuttering the service and that means a lot of apps will either have to reinvent the wheel or shut down.

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Rumor: Apple may introduce wireless charging...

Apple is working with partners in the U.S. and Asia to develop new wireless charging technology that could be deployed on its mobile devices as soon as 2017, Bloomberg reports, quoting unnamed “people familiar with the plans.”

The article says that the technologies being investigated would allow iPhones and iPads to be powered from further away than the charging mats used with current smartphones, the people said, asking not to be identified as the details are private. Apple is looking to overcome technical barriers including loss of power over distance with a decision on implementing the technology still being assessed, according to Bloomberg.

Apple has been granted a patent (number 9,086,864) that would give an iMac the ability to charge Apple accessories by resonant charging. The...

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News: Daily Deal: Super SaaS 2016 Bundle

In today’s iLounge Deal you can grab the Super SaaS 2016 Bundle for only $59. This bundle includes 5 premier services that will help you back up, organize, secure, and make calls, including a two-year subscription to Time Doctor Solo, a three-year subscription to a 100GB Koofr cloud storage plan, a three-year subscription to TigerVPN Lite, a lifetime subscription to Hushed Private Phone Number, and a one-year subscription to IDrive Personal…

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Truly erasing your Mac’s hard drive

The article walks you through the process. Tuck this one away, pass it along.

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Angela Ahrendts on Apple retail’s corporate culture

Angela Ahrendts talks about retention rates and the culture of the Apple Store.

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Printer Drivers for Gestetner, Lanier, NRG, Savin,...

The latest printer and scanner drivers with support for new printer models from Gestetner, Lanier, NRG, Savin, and Xerox. (Free, various sizes)


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Apple set to overtake Samsung as world’s top chip...
Here’s why I think we’ll see a Mac OS X tablet...

Apple says it’s not going to happen, but I think we’ll see a tablet running Mac OS X within two years. Why? The decline in annual tablet shipments reached double digits for the first time on record in 2015, according to TrendForce. A Mac tablet (the MacPad?) could re-invigorate sales for Apple. 

The global market research firm’s latest tablet shipment report shows a total of 168.5 million tablets shipped last year, representing a 12.2% drop from 2014. The gradual contraction of the global tablet market has become a more pronounced trend.

“The saturation of the tablet market, the long life cycles of tablets themselves and the abundance of substitute devices were major factors that contributed to the large shipment decline,” says Anita Wang, notebook analyst for TrendForce. “Tablets were challenged by many large and small devices during 2015, from smartphones sized 5 inches and above to 2-in-1 PCs. Their demand diminished as a...

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Your Facebook Friends Are Really Not That Into You

Most of your friends on Facebook may not care much about you at all, suggests an Oxford University study published last week. Friendships involving interactions over social networks are not that different from traditional real-world friendships, found Robin Dunbar, the professor of evolutionary psychology at Oxford who conducted the research. In other words, people in your social network are no more your friends online than they would be in real life.

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As expected, iTunes Radio stations no longer...

Apple announced a couple of weeks ago that its ad-supported iTunes Radio stations would no longer be available from today, and they have now gone off-air as expected. Attempting to access them results in a message prompting people to join Apple Music. Free access to Beats 1 remains.

Join Apple Music and get stations for every situation. Plus, stream just about every song ever recorded, get handpicked recommendations, explore our experts’ take on the nest new music.

The FT recently reported that Apple Music now has more than 10M...

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This app makes your Mac’s speaker go Boom

If you've ever found yourself dealing with low audio output on a Mac (more common on laptops with their small speakers than desktops such as the iMac), Global Delight's Boom 2 will boost the audio volume. Significantly — as in up to 400%.

Once installed, a Boom 2 icon appears in the Mac OS X menu bar. You can use it to adjust the volume via a slider and tweak the tool’s settings (more on that in a moment).

For better or worse, Boom 2 boosts the audio output of the entire system rather than focusing on a few applications. This means you can now enhance the volume of media-playing applications like iTunes and QuickTime. You can also boost the volume of online videos like YouTube and Hulu playing on a web browser.

Voice applications like FaceTime and Skype can also use Boom 2 to enhance their audio experience. On the other hand, if you want an app that lets you personalize volume settings for different apps, you'll need to look elsewhere.

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Patent report: loudspeaker system, docking station...

Apple files for — and is granted — lots of patents by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Many are for inventions that never see the light of day. However, you never can tell which ones will materialize in a real product, so here are this week’s patent highlights … 

Two Apple patents relate to audio. Patent number 20160029143 for an “acoustic beacon for broadcasting the orientation of adevice.” Though it’s highly unlikely that the company will enter the loudspeaker market, the invention is for aa method for the orientation of a loudspeaker relative to a listening device is described with the goal of equalizing the sound in a room. 

In the patent, Apple notes that audio output devices (loudspeakers) may include two or more transducers for cooperatively producing sound. Although sound engineers may intend for the audio output devices to be oriented in a particular fashion relative to the listener, this orientation is not always achieved. For example...

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Strange Guardian article finds a few people who don’...

I’m a fan of the British newspaper The Guardian, whose news coverage and features are often excellent (disclaimer: I’ve written a few articles for it myself), but a piece it ran last night is just plain bizarre. It attempted to explain the company’s slowing salestemporary or not – by suggesting that software engineers no longer want to work there.

Tellingly, Apple is no longer seen as the best place for engineers to work, according to several Silicon Valley talent recruiters. It’s a trend that has been happening slowly for years – and now, in this latest tech boom, has become more acute....

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Crossy-overs: How Pac-Man, PSY, and more made their...

It’s been a hectic year-plus for Hipster Whale, the Australian indie studio behind breakout hit game Crossy Road, to say the least. The team released Crossy Road for iOS in November 2014 and it quickly became a free-to-play phenomenon. Before long, the game spread to Android, Windows Phone, and finally Apple TV of late, and now has more than 120 million players after a holiday surge in downloads. You may have even seen the team demo the game during Apple’s press event in September 2015.

“It felt like it became a phenomenon pretty quickly, and it’s been a really long year—obviously with a lot of up, but it’s been so tiring,” admits developer Matt Hall, who co-created the game with fellow designer Andy Sum, and collaborated with artist Ben Weatherall on the game’s distinctive look. “It’s been really good, though.”


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We offer a number of different Container Houses

Forums: TroubleshootingTags: container housesentry boxmodular homehzxiaoya

We can help you find the home of your dreams. We offer a number of different Container Houses and manufactured home floor plans to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that meets your approval. Search our selection of homes and find the perfect modular home floor plans that will be the best for your lifestyle and your budget.

What is a...

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Thursday January 28

Apple merges iTunes Radio channels into Apple Music...

As announced earlier this month, Apple on Friday discontinued free access to ad-supported iTunes Radio channels, folding the content into Apple Music as part of a broader push to grow adoption of its subscription service.

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Lightroom CC 2015.4 and Lightroom 6.4

Adds the new Boundary Warp feature and fixes a bug that prevented Nikon cameras from tethering on OS X 10.11 El Capitan. ($149 new or $9.99 monthly Creative Cloud subscription, free update)


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Apple culture hinders recruitment and talent...

A one-sided report on Thursday claims Apple's secretive, rigid culture, compounded by a failure to introduce ground-breaking products, is shifting sentiment in Silicon Valley, supposedly prompting developers and engineers to look elsewhere when applying for jobs.

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Apple could bring long-distance wireless charging to...

Apple is reportedly working on an advanced wireless iPhone and iPad charging technology capable of bridging longer distances than currently available hardware, with a potential launch targeted as early as next year.

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Report: Apple developing long range wireless...

According to a new report out of Bloomberg, Apple is working to develop wireless charging technology that could make its way into an iPhone by 2017. The report claims that Apple is working in conjunction with partners in the United States and Asia to develop the technology. The technology is said to allow iPhones and iPads to be powered from further away than current charging mat and inductive solutions allow.

Apple, of course, has to face several technological barriers when it comes to wireless charging. One of the primary issues with its solution is the loss of power over distance. This means that the further a device is away from the receiver, the longer the batteries would take to...

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[Sponsor] -- If You Liked Woot, Back When...

From the people who created Woot, sold Woot to Amazon, abandoned Woot, and started again, it’s

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Apple's third Turkish retail store to open in...

Plans are in motion to open a third Apple Store outlet in Turkey, which according to a Thursday report will be located in the upscale Emaar Square shopping mall currently under construction in Istanbul's Asian Side.

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Tesla hires the guy who pioneered Apple A-series...

From Electrek:

We’ve learned that Tesla this month quietly hired high-profile microprocessor engineer Jim Keller as Vice President of Autopilot Hardware Engineering. Tesla today confirmed the news and sent us the following statement:

Jim Keller is joining Tesla as Vice President of Autopilot Hardware Engineering. Jim will bring together the best internal and external hardware technologies to develop the safest, most advanced autopilot systems in the world.

Before his stint at AMD with former Apple colleague Mark Papermaster, Keller was a director in the platform architecture group at Apple focusing on mobile products. There, he architected several generations of mobile processors, including the chip families found in millions of Apple...

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Apple Pay may be coming to ATMs from Bank of America...

Bank Of America and Wells Fargo are working on integrating Apple Pay into their ATMs, according to TechCrunch, quoting an unnamed “source familiar with the teams on the projects.”

Wells Fargo’s head of ATMs Jonathan Velline told TechCrunch’s Josh Constine that, “We’ve been working on the technology that allows us to hook to digital wallets, leveraging NFC on mobile phones to replace the card at the transaction at the ATM. Right now the wallet that we support is Android Pay … we’re also looking at lots of different mobile wallets and evaluating which ones are going to be appropriate for our customers.”

When asked about whether its ATMs would work with Apple Pay, Bank Of America’s Consumer Banking Products press representative Betty Riess said “We already have number of mobile wallet programs.” This implied that Apple Pay could join them, says...

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AWT News Update: January 28, 2016

Speculation is running rampant about this year's crop of iPhones, and there are some interesting statements that have come out of various sources that are giving us an idea of what may happen...or lead us totally down the wrong path:

  • Cirrus Logic CEO talks in circles about Lightning-based headphones and manufacturing costs
  • Facebook adds live video for iPhone users in the USA
  • Nikkei says that the 4-inch iPhone (6c or 5se, your choice) is already in production
  • Apple's going to have to step up sales in emerging markets to increase or maintain global market share

Text version of the podcast is below, video is here

Subscribe to the...

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Report: Bank of America and Wells Fargo exploring...

As the Wu-Tang Clan wisely pointed out, cash rules everything around me, and if a report from TechCrunch is correct, Apple Pay will someday be my ticket to withdrawing real legal tender from an NFC-equipped ATM.

TechCrunch reports that representatives of Bank of America and Wells Fargo admit they’re working on adding NFC to ATMs, to let users “authenticate and complete transactions.” Wells Fargo says it’s first working on connecting its ATMs to Android Pay, but “that doesn’t limit us from considering other mobile wallets.” Bank of America has been an Apple Pay partner since the service’s launch, although reps wouldn’t confirm to TechCrunch that Apple Pay would be the mobile wallet of choice when its limited rollout of upgraded ATMs begins in late February.


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Apple Pay support reported to arrive at Bank of...

Bank of America and Wells Fargo are reportedly working to bring Apple Pay compatibility to their respective ATM machines, meaning iPhone and Apple Watch owners might soon be able to complete transactions using provisioned debit cards.

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Apple to open its third retail store in Istanbul,...

Apple looks to continue its rapid expansion of its retail stores according to a reliable local report from MacReports. The report claims that Apple is working towards launching another retail store in Istanbul, Turkey. The company is reportedly assembling a team to lead the process, as well as advertising new available positions in Turkey relating to the opening of another retail store.

The report claims that Apple plans to open the new retail location sometime this year in the Asian part of Istanbul. The store is expected to be location in the Emaar Square Mall, following trend with Apple’s other Istanbul locations, which are also located in malls.

Should it come to fruition, this store will be Apple’s third location...

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Sharp leaning towards Japan's Innovation over...

Weighing takeover bids from both Taiwan's Foxconn and Innovation Network Corp. -- a fund backed by the Japanese government -- Sharp management is currently leaning in the second direction, a report said on Thursday.

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Bank of America & Wells Fargo said to be working...

According to a report out of TechCrunch, Bank of America and Wells Fargo are both working to integrate Apple Pay support into their ATMs. The report, citing “a source familiar with the terms on the projects,” says that the companies have both placed employees on multi-month long assignments to integrate the Apple Pay options into ATMs around the country.

Apple Pay integration with Bank of America and Wells Fargo ATMs would be relatively basic. Users would theoretically be able to tap their iPhone onto the ATM’s NFC reader, which would then bring up the Touch ID/pin verification on their phone. Once that is completed, users would be able to access the same normal ATM options that are available after swiping a card and entering their pin number.


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Starry Eyes Speedy Internet Access

Project Decibel on Wednesday announced Starry, a company that promises easy broadband Internet access at speeds of up to 1 GB with no caps. Starry will deploy what it says is the world's first millimeter wave band for consumer Internet communications. Initial deployment will be a beta in Boston in the summer. Starry has an FCC license to run pilots in Boston and 14 other cities: New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Seattle, Denver and Chicago.

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News: Apple acquires LearnSprout, an educational...

Apple has acquired LearnSprout, an education technology startup, Bloomberg reports. LearnSprout creates software for schools and teachers to track student performance, and is currently used by more than 2,500 school districts across 42 U.S. states. The acquisition likely ties into Apple’s recent push into more sophisticated educational tools for the iPad with iOS 9.3, which will allow students to engage in interactive lessons and more easily…

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Amazon Prime memberships grew by over 50 percent in...

Amazon just announced its financial results for Q4 of 2015, and one of the big trends the company highlighted was the continuing strength of Amazon Prime, a service that has its roots in free two-day shipping but is now becoming a catch all for host...

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Microsoft's Surface sales up 29 percent, phones...

Sales of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book led to a 29 percent increase in overall Surface family revenue, Microsoft announced in its Q2 2016 earnings report. Its overall phone revenue, however, fell 49 percent. Given our disappointment with the Lum...

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Review: Hitcase Pro+ Action Pack and Snap for iPhone...

Hitcase's two iPhone 6/6s cases aim to combine iPhone coverage with expanded photography abilities — we recently received Hitcase's Pro+ Action Pack ($150) and Snap ($80). Pro+ Action Pack is the biggest, priciest package offered by Hitcase. It includes the waterproof, shockproof Hitcase Pro case (which sells separately for $100), along with a number of added accessories — a removable superwide lens, monopod, and two mounts. Hitcase Snap is a more typical iPhone case, and it comes with a removable wide lens, monopod, and more. Both cases have the company's Railside Mounting System on the side, which allows users to easily mount Hitcase's accessories to the case itself. Hitcase sells a number of other related accessories that can connect to the system, and the company sells a variety of removable lenses, as well.{/exp:char_limit}

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