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Wednesday July 19

macOS 10.12.6 update rolling out on the Mac App Store

Apple has released the final version of the latest macOS 10.12.6 software update. Mac users running macOS Sierra can find the update through the Mac App Store.


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tvOS 10.2.2 update for Apple TV is out now

Apple has released a minor tvOS software update for the latest Apple TV. tvOS 10.2.2 is now available through the Settings app for all users.


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watchOS 3.2.3 update for Apple Watch is now available

Apple has released a routine bug fix and security update for all Apple Watches. watchOS 3.2.3 is now available as a software update from the Watch app on iPhone for all users.


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Apple releases iOS 10.3.3 update for iPhone and iPad

Apple has released the iOS 10.3.3 software update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The update focuses on bug fixes and performance improvements for all devices running iOS 10.


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Apple released a new iOS Firmware

Apple just released iOS 10.2.2 (Build 14W756) for:

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Samsung brings Siri-competing Bixby assistant to US...

Samsung on Wednesday announced that Bixby, its equivalent of Apple's Siri, is now available on U.S. versions of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ -- roughly three months after the phones first launched.

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Ten new US regional TV providers added to single...

Single sign-on can be a time-saver for those who own more than one Apple device that can display video apps, such as the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. By signing in to a cable or satellite-TV provider once on an iOS device or Apple TV, users then gain instant access to video apps provided with a pay TV subscription. Today Apple added ten more single sign-on providers:

  • Comporium
  • Fidelity Communications
  • Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico
  • MCTV
  • Northland Communications
  • Service Electric Cablevision
  • Shentel
  • Vast Broadband
  • Vyve Broadband
  • Wave

These ten providers join 14 others in making it easier for iOS and Apple TV viewers to watch TV anywhere at anytime. Several large national providers, including Comcast, Spectrum, Verizon and Google Fiber are absent from the list, while others -- Dish, DirectTV and Sling TV --...

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LumaFusion video editing guide part 1: Basic project...

I’ve been wanting to do a series on iPad video editing for some time, and I feel that time is right with the maturation of LumaFusion into a powerful app for editing videos on iOS. LumaFusion, as I’ve stated in the past, is the most comprehensive video editing tool available on the platform, and should be the choice for anyone who’s seriously into editing videos via iPad on a recurring basis.

In this initial walkthrough, I step through many of the basic project settings in LumaFusion. This includes creating a new project, adjusting basic preferences, renaming, duplicating, deleting projects, and so on.

By the end of this tutorial, you should have a firm grasp on how to use projects in LumaFusion, which will adequately prepare you to tackle other...

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∞ Apple’s Machine Learning Journal

Apple on Wednesday launched a new section of its Website called the Machine Learning Journal. The site allows Apple engineers to write about their work using machines learning to build products. […]

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External Link: Google Glass Returns… In Factories...

Google Glass, the tech giant’s augmented reality eyewear that flopped in consumer usage due to buggy behavior and privacy concerns, may have found its niche. Companies like agricultural equipment manufacturer AGCO and shipment company DHL have discovered that an upgraded version of Glass radically improves productivity for workers who need product assembly instructions or are picking items in a warehouse. The Wired article’s money quote: “In the enterprise world, Glass is not an outgrowth of the intrusive and distracting smart phone, but a tool for getting work done and nothing else.” We may see more movement toward eyewear from Apple if the company’s new augmented reality ARKit technology takes off because it’s a lot easier to see digital data overlaid on the real world through glasses than on an iPhone.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a...

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News: Apple starts online AI journal to publish...

Apple has started an online journal with artificial intelligence development research papers written by the company’s engineers, making good on its promise to allow employees to publish their findings to the great academic world. Last year Apple announced that it was breaking with its strict privacy rules to allow AI researchers to publish their work, ostensibly because it was becoming increasingly difficult to recruit top talent with such stringent…

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications. more…

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Roundup: The best cases and covers for Apple's...

If you are one of the early adopters of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and want to keep Apple's flagship tablet as good as new for as long as possible, AppleInsiderrhas rounded up a collection of cases and covers you can get right now for your new portable workplace.

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World’s first molecular air purifier now available,...

Last year Molekule was announced as the world’s first molecular air purifier and had a sold out pre-order campaign in ten days. Now, with all pre-orders shipped, the smartphone controlled Molekule is available to the public alongside the company announcing a $10M Series A round.


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Speidel Twist-O-Flex watchbands make it to Apple...

A product that has been around about as long as Dennis Sellers and me is making a reappearance in a new way. Speidel, the maker of the Twist-O-Flex watchband that has been around since 1959, is now selling its classic expandable-bracelet watchband for the Apple Watch at a very affordable $50.

It's available in both 38mm and 42mm sizes for all models of the Apple Watch, and the Twist-O-Flex is not only a piece of nostalgic jewelry, but incredibly comfortable as well. The bracelets feature two sets of links held together with bracket pins that make the bracelet expand (up to 5 inches!) and contract with a light pull. The only negative? If you have hairy arms, you'll occasionally have a strand or two get caught in between the links and get pulled out. 

They're made out of stainless steel and pretty much last forever, so that $50 purchase should see you through a lot of...

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News: Apple backs four manufacturing partners in...

As part of its ongoing fight with Qualcomm, Apple is backing four of its manufacturing partners in their antitrust fight against the chip maker, Reuters reports. Foxconn, Wistron, Pegatron and Compal Electronics have accused Qualcomm of violating US antitrust law in response to Qualcomm’s attempt to force the companies to pay royalties that Apple told them to stop paying. “Qualcomm has confirmed publicly that this lawsuit against our clients…

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Apple adds Wave, 9 other TV providers to single sign...

Apple has introduced another 10 U.S. TV providers to the roster supporting single sign-on, a feature which makes it easier to watch movies and TV shows across iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs.

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Smartphone Manufactures Team Up with Apple in...

Apple’s iPhone manufacturing partners are suing Qualcomm for overcharging patent licensing fees, and Apple is footing the bill.

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Apple once again selling Nokia health accessories

It's always nice to see couples kiss and make up after a spat, and that's the case with Apple and Nokia. Back in April of 2016, Nokia bought connected-body accessory manufacturer Withings, a company that makes the Body Cardio and Body+ smart scales, Thermo Thermometer, and BPM+ Blood Pressure Monitor. Due to a patent battle with Nokia over intellectual property licensing, Apple pulled the products from sale at Apple retail and online stores. 

The two companies settled their differences in May of 2017, with Apple agreeing to a multi-year license to...

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Strong summer for Apple seen muting financial effect...

Another analyst is agreeing with the assessment that any potential "iPhone 8" delay won't make much a difference to Apple's bottom line beyond one quarter, if at all.

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In likely bid to compete with Samsung for Apple...

On the heels of a rumor that Samsung has inked a deal with Apple to supply A-series processors in 2018, rival chipmaker TSMC is stepping up its own efforts to build 7-nanometer chips, in a potential showdown for production of an Apple-designed "A12" processor.

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News: Nintendo launches companion iOS app for Switch...

Nintendo has launched a companion iOS app for its Switch console, aimed at improving the gaming experience by making it more social. The app provides the ability to check leader boards for some games, invite others to play and even provides a voice chat option to be used while playing a game together. Users will need a Switch console, a Nintendo account and the supported games to make use of the app, which is free for now but will become part of a…

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Kick off your game development career with this...

You know the feeling -- you have a great idea for a game app, but there's nobody out there you can trust with your billion-dollar idea and you don't have the skills to develop the game yourself. Now you have no excuse, as we present the 2017 Zero to Hero Game Developer Bundle for $49!

This bundle of 9 courses gives you the training you need to start turning your game ideas into reality. All of the courses purchases separately would cost you $1,477, but through our buddies at Stack Commerce, we've managed to bundle the courses together for $49. Here's what you get:

  • Master Unity Game Development: Ultimate Beginners Bootcamp -- Learn Unity & C# by creating a 3D multi-level platformer game
  • ...
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Classic Spiedel Twist-O-Flex band now available for...

If you’re old or into vintage watches, chances are you’ve owned a watch with a Speidel Twist-O-Flex band. Similar in appearance to Apple’s Link Bracelet, there’s no snap-fasten clasp – instead, the whole band stretches. You simply insert your hand, the band stretching to accommodate it, and it then springs back into place on your wrist …


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Apple puts Nokia health accessories back on sale...

Apple on Wednesday resumed U.S. online sales of Nokia's iPhone- and iPad- connected health accessories, almost two months after the companies reached a settlement that cleared the way.

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Comment: Clips seems to have missed the mark for now...

The Clips app that Apple announced back in March and launched in April doesn’t exactly seem to have set the world on fire.

Apple’s description made it seem simple and fun to use:

Clips is a new app for making fun videos to share with friends, family, and the world. With a few taps you can create and send a video message or tell a quick story with animated text, graphics and emoji, music, and more.

The reviews, however, disagreed …


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Nintendo’s Switch Online companion app is now...

As an avid user of the Nintendo Switch, one of its few sore points has been the lack of improved online functionality. Playing games is one thing, but being able to chat with your teammates adds a lot to the experience. Today, Nintendo has finally released its Nintendo Switch Online companion app for iOS devices.


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iPhones Are Priced 'High in the Extreme'...

An anonymous reader shares a report: Apple's iPhone has been losing ground to domestic competitors in China. That is because Chinese smartphone makers offer sophisticated functions at reasonable prices, according to Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and one of the pioneers of the personal computer industry. "Here is what I admire about Chinese phones: really good, intelligent decisions about how to lower the cost but keep enough of the functionality in, because I am into products that are good, well designed, nice looking, but at prices that the average person can afford," he said. Still, Wozniak believes the quality of Apple's product makes it worth the high price tag. "In life I don't believe in quantity as much as I do in quality. So you may not have the hugest share in the market or be the No 1, but you should have the best product you can possibly build and Apple qualifies for that," Wozniak, told reporters after he discussed artificial intelligence with Liu Zihong, chairman and...

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News: Apple back to selling Nokia’s digital health...

Apple has added Nokia’s digital health products back to its online store months after settling a patent dispute with the company. Nokia’s Thermo Thermometer, Body Cardio Scale, Body+ Scale, and BPM+ Blood Pressure Monitor are now all available on Apple’s website and available for pickup at Apple retail stores starting at the end of this week. Apple previously sold the items under the Withings brand, which Nokia officially retired…

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J.P. Morgan: OLED iPhone 8 will arrive on time in...

J.P. Morgan Apple analyst Rod Hall is out today with his latest forecast for the company’s upcoming fiscal Q3 and beyond, and within includes predictions for the iPhone 8 launch this fall. Notably, the firm combats some recent reports that the flagship OLED model would be delayed, claiming that it expects the model to arrive at least in limited quantities in time for the usual September launch… more…

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Apple allows publicity, transparency for in-house...

Apple has launched a new machine learning sub-site written by Apple engineers discussing techniques in use for better results and to assist burgeoning developers in the field.

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Single Sign-on for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV now...

Apple’s recently introduced Single Sign-on feature for easily accessing paid video apps on iOS and tvOS has gained 10 more TV provider partners. While several major partners are still not on board yet, these 10 new additions bring the total number of partners to 24 since the feature arrived last fall.


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∞ The most popular drum beat in the world

[VIDEO] Dave here. I’ve been playing music since I was a kid. I started with an out-of-tune, broken down, flea-market guitar, then moved on to pretty much any instrument I could get my hands on. Master of none, tryer of all. But the one instrument I could never quite get going with is the drums.

I always felt awkward trying to make my feet do one thing while each hand did something completely different. Part of it was not understanding the rules. Then came the video embedded in the main Loop post. For some reason, watching this video, it all just clicked for me. And so I thought I’d share it with you.

To me, the best part of this video is the look on the drummers face. The thousand yard stare. Enjoy.

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Apple’s New Managing Director of Greater China:...

Apple vice president of wireless technologies Isabel Ge Mahe has a new role with the company: She’s now the Managing Director of Greater China.

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Apple patents mechanism to secretly call 911 using...


A patent granted on Tuesday depicted technology that would sense the “manner” in which a finger touched the iPhone screen to trigger a 911 call. For example, the phone might look for a particular sequence of fingers, the level of force, a gesture (pinching or swiping), or a certain cadence of taps to the screen, the filing says.

When the “panic command” is activated, the phone would provide the users’ location to responders, and could also livestream audio or video from the iPhone.

Here’s a link to the patent.

The key to this, for me, is the ability to subtly make a call to 911, capturing audio and video, all without a potential attacker being aware the call was placed. Terrific idea.


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Four Apple manufacturers launch antitrust complaint...

Four of Apple's manufacturing partners -- Hon Hai/Foxconn, Compal, Wistron, and Pegatron -- have filed counterclaims against Qualcomm, accusing the chipmaker of violating two sections of the Sherman Antitrust Act.

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Apple launches online journal for engineers to share...

Apple has launched the ‘Machine Learning Journal’, a blog for Apple’s software engineers to document their research and innovations in the AI and machine learning space. The first post shares insights into a published research paper about improving picture-based machine learning models without gathering additional training data manually.

Apple will update the site throughout the year with new posts and is inviting questions from outside engineers, students and researchers.


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Smuggler caught with 102 iPhones stuffed in her...

Brian Ashcraft, Kotaku:

Customs officials in Shenzhen, China have arrested a woman with 102 iPhones stuffed into her clothing.

Shenzhen borders Hong Kong, and, over the years, customs officials have arrested all sorts of smugglers.

According to XMNN, customs officials recently stopped a woman after noticing that the way her body bulged appeared strange. The officials searched her, discovering she was allegedly smuggling 102 iPhones of various models as well as 15 luxury wrist watches. The total weight of her haul was over 44 pounds.

Not sure what drove this particular smuggler. Was it a price disparity between iPhone values in Hong Kong and Shenzhen? More an issue of scarcity? A combination of both?

What I found most fascinating was the picture with the smuggler and the two border agents. The smuggler’s face is pixellated, the agents’ faces are not. And the smuggler is pointing to the iPhones, all laid out in front of her. Was she made to do this...

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My week at SoundCloud, or finding out you are fired...

Matthew Liam Healy, Medium:

Two weeks ago I moved from Scotland to Germany to start a new job as an iOS engineer at SoundCloud. On Monday of last week I started that job. By Thursday evening I, along with 172 of my new colleagues, was officially being laid off. And then, on Friday, I received somewhere in the region of sixty emails about potential new jobs.

It’s been a wild week.

Follow the link to read the whole thing. That’s some story. I hope Matthew gets a new job right quick.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Gravity X Car Mount: $19.99

Check out the Gravity X Car Mount for your iPhone or Android device. It connects to your car via an adhesive pad, and then holds your device with gravity. If you look at the picture, you can see how your iPhone’s weight will hold it in place. Pretty cool, and it’s $19.99 through us.

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News: Daily Deal: Last Chance to get the The World’s...

Today is your last change to get the Pay What You Want World’s Biggest Mac App Bundle, with fifteen top apps that help make your Mac faster, smarter, safer, and even more fun. Pay whatever you want for Tembo and Dropzone 3 and if you beat the average price, you’ll receive the full bundle, including Data Rescue 4, CrossOver 16, Sid Meier’s Civilization V, and more. Plus, beat the top price being offered and you’ll get entered into…

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Apple updates Logic Pro X with new drummers and...

Juli Clover, MacRumors:

Apple today updated its professional audio editing software Logic Pro X to version 10.3.2, introducing bug fixes, performance improvements, and a couple of new features.

Today’s update brings three new Drummers able to play percussion in the styles of Pop, Songwriter, and Latin, and the new Drummer loops can be added to songs and customized with performance controls.

Apple has also improved the responsiveness of the graphical user interface, introduced an automatic time align feature for improved morphing in Alchemy, and debuted new tools for fine tuning the pitch of an audio region.

Follow the link for the full change list.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple names Isabel Ge Mahe as Managing Director of...

Apple press release:

Apple today announced that Isabel Ge Mahe, vice president of Wireless Technologies, has been named vice president and managing director of Greater China, reporting to CEO Tim Cook and COO Jeff Williams. In this newly created role, Isabel will provide leadership and coordination across Apple’s China-based team.


lsabel has led Apple’s wireless technologies software engineering teams for nine years, focusing on development of cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, location and motion technologies for nearly every Apple product. She has also overseen the engineering teams developing Apple Pay, HomeKit and CarPlay.

In China, she has worked closely with Apple’s R&D team and carrier partners to develop new China-specific features for iPhone and iPad, including recently announced iOS 11 features such as QR Code support, SMS fraud prevention and enabling the use of a phone number as an Apple ID.

This is a highly visible role in an...

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Conflicting iPhone SE rumors about impending refresh...

A pair of rumors in the last few days have totally conflicting reports on the future of the iPhone SE, and in all likelihood, neither of them are correct. AppleInsider explains why.

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Almost two-thirds of all iPhones are still being used

Nearly two-thirds of iPhones sold since the 2007 launch remain in use, according to data from Newzoo (as cited by Digitimes). The market intelligence firm says that 728 million Apple smartphones remained in use as of April, which represents about 63% of all iPhones sold in the past decade.

One-quarter of cell phones used around the world were iPhones, but iPhone sales only accounted for 15% of April global smartphone shipments. Approximately 228 million (about 31%) of the in-use Apple smartphones are in China with the US market coming in second with 120 million (16%), according to Newzoo. The iPhone 6 remains the most popular with 21% of the market with the newer iPhone 7 coming in at 11%. 

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The Apple vs. Qualcomm battle gets even messier

Foxconn and other iPhone manufacturers on Monday brought in Apple Inc. as another defendant in Qualcomm Inc.’s suit seeking royalty payments from them for its cellular technology license agreements in California federal court, saying they had been caught in the middle of a sprawling patent war, notes the legal website, Law360.

In January, Apple filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm, alleging the chip supplier demanded unfair terms for its technology.  However, Qualcomm denies the allegations and says Apple wouldn't have an iPhone business if it weren't for fair licensing of the company’s essential tech.


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Isabel Ge Mahe named Apple’s managing director of...

Apple has announced that Isabel Ge Mahe, vice president of Wireless Technologies, has been named vice president and managing director of Greater China, reporting to CEO Tim Cook and COO Jeff Williams. In this newly created role, Isabel will provide leadership and coordination across Apple’s China-based team.

“Apple is strongly committed to invest and grow in China, and we are thrilled that Isabel will be bringing her experience and leadership to our China team,” Cook says in a press release.  “She has dedicated a great deal of her time in recent years to delivering innovation for the benefit of Apple customers in China, and we look forward to making even greater contributions under her leadership.”

Ge Mahe has led Apple’s wireless technologies software engineering teams for nine years, focusing on development of cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, location and motion technologies for nearly every Apple product. She has also overseen the engineering teams developing Apple...

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Apple previews assorted new emoji as part of World...

Because you can’t argue that emoji are pretty fun.

Apple is continuing its celebration of World Emoji Day with a preview of all-new emoji characters coming to iOS, macOS, and watchOS later in 2017.

The company previewed several new emoji today, including Woman with Headscarf, Bearded Person, Breastfeeding, Sandwich, Coconut, T-Rex, Zebra, Zombie, Elf, Star-Struck, Exploding Head, and more. All of the emoji shared today were previously included in the new Unicode 10 standard released in June.

Apple didn’t specify a launch date as to when the new emoji characters will come to its Macs and assorted devices this year, although it’s expected that they will arrive sometime around the public launch of iOS 11 this fall, or soon thereafter. World Emoji Day celebrations are also extending to the iOS App Store, where Apple said that it has highlighted apps that showcase fun things to do with the smartphone characters.


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As Samsung gears up for A-series iPhone chip...

With Samsung yesterday reported to be gearing up to win back some of Apple’s A-series chip production from next year, TSMC is today said to be boosting its own plans to make processors for the 2018 iPhone.

TSMC last year became Apple’s sole supplier of its A-series, in large part due to its lead in ever-smaller chips. The iPhone 8 is expected to use a 10nm process, meanwhile the Taiwanese chipmaker is offering a 7nm process for next year’s iPhone …


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Apple Pay expanded to 27 additional U.S. banks, new...

This could come in handy.

Apple on Tuesday added 27 U.S. banks and credit unions to the Apple Pay roster, while simultaneously bringing the platform to additional options in China, Italy, Ireland, and Russia.

The banks and credit union additions, as usual, are largely regional, while the international additions include AIB in Ireland, American Express in Italy, and bank Round, Beeline Card, Credit Union, Kykyryza, and Promsvyazbank in Russia. New Chinese entries include Guilin Bank, Hunan Rural Credit Cooperative, JinCheng Bank, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, Sichuan Rural Credit Union, SiChuan TianFu Bank, and Yibin City Commercial Bank.

Where the U.K. is concerned, Starling Bank has been added as well.

The new U.S. banks include the following:

Almena State Bank

American Bank & Trust Company N.A.

Associated School Employees Credit Union

Bank of Star Valley

Bofl Federal Bank

Caprock Federal Credit Union...

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Apple patent is for a smart dock that can activate a...

Apple has been granted a patent (number 9,711,160) for a “smart dock for activating a voice recognition mode of a portable electronic device.” If such a device ever comes to fruition, it would result in a dock that could be activated by Siri. Some of the features mentioned in the patent could appear in the upcoming HomePod.

The patent involves a dock for a portable electronic device including a housing, a connector extending from the housing to connect the device to the dock, a microphone integrated within the housing, and a processor. The processor is operatively coupled to receive audio input from the microphone, and in response to the audio input, transmit a message to the portable electronic device via the connector to activate a voice recognition mode of the portable electronic device...

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Google makes iOS search app more personal with a...

Google has updated its iOS and Android search apps with a more personalized feed of links that may interest you.

Since introducing the feed in December, we’ve advanced our machine learning algorithms to better anticipate what’s interesting and important to you. You’ll see cards with things like sports highlights, top news, engaging videos, new music, stories to read and more. And now, your feed will not only be based on your interactions with Google, but also factor in what’s trending in your area and around the world.

Google says that the system is designed to track not only your interests, but also the degree of interest it believes you have …


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How to delete a disk set using Disk Utility in macOS...

You can use the Disk Utility in macOS Sierra to delete a disk set that’s no longer needed. When you delete a set, the data recorded on the disks isn’t deleted. For example, deleting a mirrored RAID set leaves each disk in the set with a copy of all the RAID data. 

When you delete a concatenated set, all the data is copied to the first disk of the set (as long as the first disk has enough disk space to store the data), providing a single volume with all the data. Before deleting anything, back up any important files. Then:

  • In Disk Utility, select a disk set that you want to delete in the sidebar.
  • Click the Delete RAID button.
  • Click Delete.
  • To erase all the disks in a disk set:
  • Back up any important files.
  • In Disk Utility, select a disk set that you want to erase in the sidebar.
  • Click the Erase buttonin the toolbar.

Remove a disk from a disk set permanently

You can remove...

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Apple confirms underwriting iPhone makers’ legal...

A senior Apple official has reportedly confirmed that the company is underwriting the legal costs of its four iPhone manufacturers in their court battles with Qualcomm.

While Qualcomm’s CEO this week started using softer language, the dispute itself escalated further in a new development late yesterday …


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ChapterWork for macOS simplifies work on chapter...

By Aaron Lee

einstein's legacy's ChapterWork is a macOS utility for working with chapter tracks and markers in digital movies. It provides a simple, but effective, graphic interface for creating, updating and internationalizing chapter tracks in your visual masterpieces.

ChapterWork is designed for professional and amateur video content creators who need to index their work and provide markers for future access. The built-in multi-language capabilities also make ChapterWork a solid tool for internationalizing your movie assets.

The app uses a single window graphical user interface makes text-based methods for managing chapter tracks a bit obsolete. ChapterWork can create multiple chapter tracks. These tracks can be manually or automatically enabled to handle the various playback circumstances, for example multiple languages or varying download speeds.

Whether you need one chapter marker or one thousand, ChapterWork doesn't impose any...

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Sketchy report claims new iPhone SE coming in August...

An interesting claim is coming out from iGeneration this morning. According to a source of theirs, Apple is planning to debut a new iPhone SE later this year at an ‘event’ in August.

The company would then follow up with the flagship iPhone 8 launch later in the year, around October. The fate of the iPhone SE may not be as bleak as it seemed, although this is the only rumor about the product to date …


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Notable apps and app updates for July 18, 2017

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

Circulos has launched jS Run Pro - Running, Walking and Step Tracker . It’s a $1.99 running tracker app designed to limit distractions during workouts by utilizing glance free gestures for control and music playback. According to the folks at Circulos, customizable running metrics and enhanced analytics cater for the needs of serious and pro runners.

macOS Apps/Updates

Cisdem has upgraded Cisdem Video Converter, a video conversion tool for macOS, to version 3.4.0. The upgrade adds support for new websites such as Youtube...

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Turn10 reveals the first 167 cars of Forza...

The latest installment in the Forza racing game series, Forza Motorsport 7, will feature more cars than any of the past titles, at over 700 cars. In the lead-up to the game's release, Turn10 Studios and Microsoft will be revealing portions of the mas...

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Google's new feed uses your searches for a more...

Last December, Google made a change to its mobile search app: the addition of a news feed. Based on your search history and location, it started showing you news, sports and weather that it thought were relevant to you. Today, Google is taking the fe...

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Tuesday July 18

Blowout Prices: 15" Radeon 460 MacBook Pro for...

Readers this week can save hundreds on Late 2016 15-inch MacBook Pros equipped with Radeon 460 graphics thanks to instant rebates and our exclusive coupon code. Pick up the standard model for $2,199 with no tax outside NY and NJ -- or opt for the top of the line 2TB configuration and save $1,200.

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US Army wants helicopters to refuel at robotic pumps

Militaries regularly set up fueling stations at forward bases so that helicopters can get back to the fight as quickly as possible. However, requiring fuel crews creates huge risks and logistical headaches: you're sending people to a dangerous, isol...

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Samsung's Bixby voice assistant is ready to...

The voice component of Samsung's Bixby assistant has been a long time in coming. The company was quick to boast about its AI helper at the Galaxy S8 launch, but revealed that the signature voice feature wouldn't arrive until later in the spring... an...

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Facebook disables modified link previews to fight...

Facebook has begun implementing a new feature that can prevent fake news from making it on the social network. It has started killing non-publisher Pages' ability to edit the link previews that appear on the website when they post a story, including...

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Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS now available on...

Nintendo on Tuesday launched a hotly anticipated companion iOS app for the Switch console, offering owners access to online game services, social media integration, in-game voice chat and more.

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Nintendo's Switch Online apps for iOS and...

The disjointed rollout of Nintendo Switch online features continues, as the company has released its mobile apps for iOS and Android ahead of the Splatoon 2 launch on Friday. That's going to be the first game to make use of the Switch Online app, whi...

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Will the switch to OLED be enough to convince you to...

One of the headlining features of the upcoming iPhone 8 is said to be its OLED display, something contributing to both the device’s rumored higher price and delayed launch.

An interesting research note from analysts at Barclays last week, however, suggested that the OLED display isn’t a ‘must have’ feature for most people. Is that the case for you?

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'Titanfall 2' brings back the franchise...

Titanfall 2 has kept the fires burning for its dedicated community by valiantly releasing small bumps of free content almost every month this year. While gratis DLC is always great, fans clamored for vertically-inclined maps like the original game ha...

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Apple appoints Isabel Ge Mahe as managing director...

Apple on Tuesday named vice president of wireless technologies Isabel Ge Mahe as managing director of Greater China, where she will report to CEO Tim Cook and COO Jeff Williams.

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Apple names Isabel Ge Mahe its new VP and managing...

Apple today has announced that Isabel Ge Mahe will be its new vice president and managing director of Greater China. Currently, Mahe is the company’s vice president of Wireless Technologies. Her new role will see her report directly to CEO Tim Cook and COO Jeff Williams.


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US Army expects to take down planes with anti-air...

Forget shooting down drones with vehicle-mounted lasers -- the US Army is ready to take on the bigger machines. Space and Missile Defense Command chief Lt. Gen James Dickenson has revealed that the Army is preparing lasers that are ten times more pow...

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iPhone Prelude

Rene Ritchie, “iPhones of Future Past: Understanding iPhone 8”:

iPhone 8 will simply let Apple impress in a different way — by
including technologies that don’t yet reach iPhone scale. In other
words, by bringing tomorrow’s iPhone to market today.

In terms of the business, it’s really no different than getting an
iPhone onto Verizon, onto China Mobile, with bigger and bigger
displays, or with smaller displays again — it’s about annexing
adjacent markets and maximizing the revenue potential for iPhone.

As it becomes harder to sell more iPhones — the population of
earth is now a limiting factor — selling more of an iPhone
becomes beneficial. It’s the same benefit Apple gets from selling
services revenue on top of iPhone, but in atoms, not bits.

Ritchie is using the name “iPhone 8” to refer to what I’ve called the “iPhone Pro” — the high-end OLED...

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Somebody turned Snapchat’s dancing hot dog into a...

Okay, it's not like anybody was clamoring for more of that absurd dancing hot dog Snapchat added to its filter options. But this is the internet -- don't ask, and ye shall receive anyway. Somebody took it upon themselves to cash in on the hype and ma...

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Why Politicians Think an iPhone Backdoor is Essential

When politicians propose that Apple build a backdoor into the iPhone for law enforcement, we write off their idea as ill-informed. So why do they persist?

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Apple granted patents for iPhone dock with Siri...

Apple today has been granted a handful of new patents, some of which are more notable than others. Such patents include one for an iPhone “smart dock” with Siri built-in, a new 911 calling method, and more.


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Spotify hit with two new lawsuits alleging copyright...

In spite of efforts to rectify past indiscretions against artists and music publishers, Spotify is once again embroiled in legal trouble for allegedly streaming music without proper licensing.

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Dick's Sporting Goods is the latest retailer to...

In what's yet another sign of the shifting retail landscape, Dick's Sporting Goods is now matching prices from Amazon and other competitors online. The new program, aptly named "Best Price Guarantee," is a necessary move by the company to compete wit...

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Panic Releases Transmit 5 File Transfer Utility for...

Panic announced the release of Transmit 5, seven years after the release of version 4 of its popular file transfer app.

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Amazon is selling a home UPS for $55 right now

Amazon has several deals on APC back-up power supplies and surge protectors right now, and the best of them is the APC Back-UPS Connect for $55. That’s its lowest price yet on the site, and the first real discount we’ve seen in the last six months.

The Back-UPS Connect is an interesting device as it can act as a mobile power pack, or you can slap it in the dock for a 50 watt UPS. When in mobile mode, it has enough power to charge a smart phone approximately five times. When docked, the UPS supplies about 2.5 hours of power for a home network. (That’s not a ton of time, but it’s fine for a sub-$60...

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Clinton, Romney campaign managers unite to fight...

The threat of hacks disrupting US elections is very real, and enough people are concerned that it's creating some strange bedfellows. Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center has launched Defending Digital Democracy, a bipartisan effort to offer techn...

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LastPass will soon rollout new family features for...

In today’s world, it is important to have strong, unique, and secure passwords protecting all of your online accounts. Services like LastPass make this easy to do with tools that generate random passwords and store them with strong encryption. Today, LastPass has announced that it will soon make family sharing a priority…


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Apple rolls out new developer tools to aid in...

Apple on Tuesday announced the launch of server notifications and enhanced receipts for subscriptions, including auto-renewable subscriptions, tools that provide actionable information for retaining paying users.

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New AI Assistant Digs Up Specialized Info for Makers

Avnet last week unveiled a beta version of Ask Avnet, a virtual assistant that combines AI with on-demand access to industry experts. Ask Avnet targets "engineers, designers, hobbyists, makers and purchasing specialists across the electronics supply chain -- which includes the product manufacturing chain," said Kevin Yapp, SVP for digital transformation at Avnet. Ask Avnet gathers information from the company's Web-based ecosystem -- including, and -- and soon will include access to other Avnet properties.

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AWT News Update: July 18, 2017

Today's AWT News Update takes a closer look at AR, improvements in App Store customer service, and how Bluetooth LE will soon gain a lot of range:

  • A writeup on TechCrunch pointed out how Apple is well-positioned to "own" the augmented reality market
  • Apple adds a new role to iTunes Connect, letting developers designate a person to respond to App Store reviews
  • Bluetooth LE gains a mesh networking piece, which could vastly improve the capabilities of home automation networks including those using Apple's HomeKit framework

The text version of the podcast can be viewed below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below. Apple News readers need to visit Apple World Today in order to listen to the podcast.

Text Version

This is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and...

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Spotify facing two new lawsuits alleging ‘staggering...

Spotify today has been hit with a pair of lawsuits that accuse the streaming service of “staggering” copyright infringement. Spotify is no stranger to issues with royalty payouts and licensing problems, and while the company has taken steps to improve in those areas, these lawsuits claim it still has a long way to go…


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Macstock 2017 Was a Blast and You Should Totally Go...

A new, independent conference focused on all things Apple is gaining steam in the Chicago suburb, and good times were had by all.

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New 'Dungeons & Dragons' site manages...

Dungeons & Dragons, the quintessential pen-and-paper game, is more popular than ever, thanks to Twitch channels like Geek and Sundry and podcasts like The Adventure Zone. But it's one thing to listen or watch a presentation crafted by seasoned ga...

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Google adds security features to help block...

After dealing with security concerns like the Google Docs phishing debacle, Google has been adding quite a few new security features for its services and apps, including better protection for Gmail accounts and whitelist procedures for G Suite users....

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Apple details new server notifications &...

In a post on its iTunes Connect blog this evening, Apple today explained new server notifications from the App Store that are available for developers. The notifications and receipt enhancements center around subscriptions and come on the heels of a new ‘customer support’ role Apple announced last night for iTunes Connect.


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Doomfist is here for the punching on July 27th

Doomfist is the most anticipated new character to hit Overwatch since the game landed one year ago, and players finally know when they can get their hands on him: July 27th. Doomfist is the fourth addition to the roster, but he's been in the game's l...

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Test-driving Apple Watch bands from Nomad and X-Doria

If I didn't know any better, I'd guess it was summer in the northern hemisphere, since we're getting so many requests to review "sports bands" for the Apple Watch. 

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Review: Zagg Rugged Messenger for 10.5” iPad Pro

Zagg has created a variety of keyboard cases for various iPad models over the years, so seeing the company's Rugged Messenger for the 10.5" iPad Pro was almost expected. As the name implies, it's a protective case for Apple's newest iPad Pro model that provides six-foot drop protection along with the versatility to use your iPad Pro both as a traditional tablet with only the case, or attach the keyboard to make it into more of a laptop replacement. {/exp:char_limit}

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Lightroom for iOS adds 3D touch-powered selective...

If you're into editing photos on your mobile device, you probably have the (free!) iOS or Android version of Lightroom. Today, Adobe announced quite a few new changes to the iOS edition of the app.

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PSA: Delete One File To Recover Admin On Any Mac

Luckily, there’s a way to make that much more difficult.

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Amazon Spark curates an Instagram-like shopping feed

If you've ever found yourself wishing that Amazon would just advertise its products in a social media-like format that looks and functions a lot like Instagram with maybe a touch of Pinterest, then oh boy are you in luck. Amazon just launched a new f...

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Apple Just Made It Easier for App Developers to...

By adding a “Customer Support” role to iTunes Connect accounts, developers can designate an employee to respond to App Store reviews without also giving them access to download and financial data.

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New EDM documentary 'Kygo: Stole the Show...

Apple's latest documentary, "Kygo: Stole the Show," will premiere as an Apple Music exclusive on July 26, according to an official trailer.

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Google Glass is back, but for the enterprise

Yes, that’s Google Glass on her frames. But she’s not using it to check her Facebook, dictate messages, or capture a no-hands video while riding a roller coaster. Erickson is a 30-year-old factory worker in rural Jackson, Minnesota. For her, Glass is not a hip way to hang apps in front of her eyeballs, but a tool—as much a tool as her power wrenches. It walks her through her shifts at Station 50 on the factory floor, where she builds motors for tractors.

Okay, I can see how it could make sense for some business markets.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Transmit 5

With one massive update we’ve brought everyone’s favorite file-transferring truck into the future with more speed, more servers, more features, more fixes, a better UI, and even Panic Sync. Everything from the core file transfer engine to the “Get Info” experience was rethought, overhauled, and improved.

I’ve been using Transmit for so many years, I can’t even remember how long it’s been. Great app.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple updates Logic Pro X with more Drummer options...

Apple on Tuesday updated Logic Pro X, its digital audio workstation, with a group of new features as well as various bugfixes.

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Apple’s Logic Pro X for macOS adds three new...

Apple has updated Logic Pro X — its macOS software for professional songwriting, editing, and mixing — to version 10.3.2. 

Version 10.3.2 adds three Drummers who play percussion in the styles of pop, songwriter and Latin. New Drummer loops can be added to your song, then customized with performance controls. The pitch of an audio region can now be transposed or fine tuned.

Logic Pro X 10.3. improves responsiveness of the graphical user interface. New additive effects in Alchemy expand the options for filtering and modulating sound . The length of individual steps in the Arpeggiator plug-in are now adjustable. And volume automation resets as expected when a cycle returns to the beginning.

Logic Pro 10.3.2 is a free upgrade for registered users. For new users the cost is $199.99.

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Live Home 3D Pro 3.2.2 - $69.99
Live Home 3D Pro, a successor of Live Interior 3D, is the powerful yet intuitive home design software that lets you build the house of your dreams right on your Mac. It has every feature of Live Home... Read more
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Live Home 3D Pro 3.1.2 - $69.99
Live Home 3D Pro, a successor of Live Interior 3D, is the powerful yet intuitive home design software that lets you build the house of your dreams right on your Mac. It has every feature of Live Home... Read more
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