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Wednesday March 1

New Galaxy S8 leak shows high-quality render of...

The latest leak of the Samsung Galaxy S8 offers what may be the clearest view yet of the phone, which will apparently beat Apple's "iPhone 8" to the punch in combining a curved edge-to-edge OLED display with no physical home button.

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BioLite's new off-the-grid gear doubles down on...

BioLite released most of its 2017 product line today, spearheaded by the new and improved CampStove 2. All the products share common design features, centered around either battery improvements, expanded lighting possibilities, or both. Along with th...

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Aol starts to shut down third-party AIM apps

Aol has revealed that it will soon block third-party apps from accessing its aging AIM messenger service. According to reports from 9To5Mac, the internet provider has notified Adium users that the app will stop functioning on March 28th. So far, Adiu...

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How to find and watch Facebook Live streaming video...

Facebook has recently launched its Videos app for the Apple TV, providing shared videos to users freed from most of the commentary the social network provides -- AppleInsider examines the offering.

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Smartphone volumes expected to rebound this year

Coming off the smartphone market's lowest year-over-year growth of 2.5% in 2016, a new forecast from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker shows worldwide smartphone shipments rebounding in 2017 and beyond. 

While growth is expected to remain in the low single digits, the research group predicts shipment volumes to grow 4.2% in 2017 and 4.4% in 2018 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.8% over the 2016-2021 forecast. Shipments are forecast to reach 1.53 billion units in 2017 and grow to 1.77 billion in 2021.

From a platform perspective, IDC doesn't expect much change throughout the forecast with Android accounting for roughly 85% of smartphone shipments and Apple making up the rest. The outlook for Microsoft-based smartphones remains virtually nonexistent given the lack of...

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Twitter app adding new features to tackle trolls,...

As part of an ongoing effort to tackle abuse and offensive users, Twitter is adding some new muting features to its apps.

Similar to what has been offered by third-party Twitter clients for sometime, users will be able to hide tweets from specific users or tweets that contain certain keywords from ever appearing in their timeline …


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Nokia got better at Android phones, fast

In case you forgot, Nokia's new 6, 5 and 3 aren't actually the company's first Android devices. Many years ago, it made a mistake the Nokia X. It wasn't really aimed at western markets and (if you ever got to play with one), it wasn't really all that...

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Feature Request: Add a bar tab/restaurant bill...

Bar tabs are one of those conveniences that can sometimes feel like they’re more trouble than they’re worth. In theory, it’s super convenient to hand over your card at the beginning of the evening, allow anyone in a group to order by quoting a tab number or waving a bar card, then settle up at the end of the night.

In practice, though, there are drawbacks – not least, security. You are leaving your card unattended and out of sight for what may be hours. It would take just seconds for any of the bar staff to slip it out of its slot, photograph both sides and then have all your card details, including the three-digit security number.

There’s also the hassle factor of paying at the end of the evening – usually at the same time everyone else is trying to do the same thing. Mastercard has come up with an interesting solution to both problems through an app, and it’s an approach I’d love to see offered in Apple...

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New Settings UI for Ethernet connectivity available...

iOS has long been able to accommodate Ethernet connectivity, but up until recently, the OS has lacked any real UI related to such connections. In iOS 10.2, Apple has added configurable Ethernet-specific UI to the Settings app. When connecting a compatible Ethernet adapter via something like Apple’s Lightning to USB 3 Camera adapter, an Ethernet preference panel will automatically appear below the Wi-Fi section in the Settings app.


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Netflix learned how to stream good video on bad...

This morning, a gaggle of journalists and I huddled around a table full of smartphones, watching a clip from Netflix's Stranger Things. There was plenty of grain and blockiness to be sure, but it was sufficiently -- even perfectly -- watchable. The k...

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QuarkXPress 2017 coming in the second quarter of the...

Quark has announced QuarkXPress 2017, the next major release of the company’s graphic design and layout software for professional print and digital production. It’s due in the second quarter of this year.

Designers can look forward to the addition of even more wish list features, enhanced text and typography functionality, new graphics and image editing capabilities, continued digital publishing innovation, and Quark’s lifetime licensing model, according to Matthias Guenther, director of the QuarkXPress Business Unit. The new features and functionality designers will find in QuarkXPress 2017 fall into four major categories: images and vectors, typography and text, customer wish list items, and digital publishing. 

QuarkXPress 2016 and 2017 support the newest three operating systems from both macOS and Windows. On the Mac platform, it supports macOS 10.10 and higher.

QuarkXPress 2017 is officially available...

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Apple supplier Foxconn 'very serious'...

The chairman of Apple supplier Foxconn declared Wednesday that he is "very serious" about bidding for Toshiba's memory chip business, which could potentially guarantee supplies for products like iPhones and consolidate Foxconn's position as a primary Apple manufacturer.

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Facebook turns to artificial intelligence to help...

Facebook is using a combination of pattern recognition, live chat support from crisis support organizations and other tools to prevent suicide, with a focus on its Live service.

There is one death by suicide every 40 seconds and over 800,000 people kill themselves every year, according to the World Health Organization. “Facebook is in a unique position—through friendships on the site—to help connect a person in distress with people who can support them,” the company said Wednesday.

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macOS and iOS market share both down in February

According to the latest market share survey from NetMarketShare, the market share for both macOS and iOS was down in February.

According to the report, among desktop operating systems, macOS had 6.19% of the global market share in February, down from from 6.32% percent in January (that’s global market share; in the U.S. it’s over 13%). April 2016’s 9.2% was an all-time high, according to NetMarketShare’s measurements. Windows remains dominant with 91.76% as of February.

iOS had 29.55% of the mobile operating system market share in February, up from 32.03% in January. This compares to 66.71% for Android, 1.481% for Windows Phone, and 1.09% for Java ME. The all-time high for iOS was in July 2012 with 65.94%.

NetMarketShares’ monthly surveys don’t measure market share in terms of computer systems sold. Instead they sample data from visitors to some 40,000 web sites operated by their clients. And note that...

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Want an action camera that's also a watch?

Back in the days of Google Glass, people balked at the idea that people could, or should, walk around with a camera on their face. Spacemap wants to see if there's similar hostility to those folks who are effectively carrying an action camera on thei...

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Nintendo Switch review: revolutionary, but it still...

There's a certain magic in the air ahead of a console launch. Unlike with phones and other gadgets, we don't see new game systems very often, so each new release feels momentous. That's particularly true for Nintendo, a company that's been striving t...

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Twitter offers more controls for muting abusers

Twitter's attempt at automatically fighting abuse hasn't worked flawlessly. However, you might not mind the missteps quite so much now that it's implementing some (arguably overdue) improvements to both mute controls and abuse report feedback in its...

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Apple launches limited time promo for Apple Pay...

Apple has activated a two month-long Apple Pay promotion offering cash back, points and more to users of its digital payments service, just in time to take advantage of six new supporting card issuers, reports Japanese blog Ata Distance — as noted by AppleInsider.

Apple has posted a dedicated webpage for its "New Life" campaign. Customers using a variety of company-issued credit cards between March 1 and April 30 can see benefits like cash back on purchases and special store rewards. 

Apple Pay is currently available in 13 countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and USA. Apple Pay works with iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and...

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Apple places 20th on the 2017 list of the top...

Apple has placed 20th on the 2017 Global RepTrak 100, a list of the top companies with the best reputation in the world, as determined by the Reputation Institute, a proper of stakeholder measurement, membership and management services. 

The company dropped 10 places from 2016. Apple’s ranking has been falling since it finished in the No. 2 spot in 2011, 

Based on over 170,000 ratings collected in the first quarter of 2017, the survey is the largest corporate reputation study of its kind, and includes comparative ratings, trends by demographic cuts, and “unique insights into which companies are best regarded by stakeholders as well as what drives trust and supportive behaviors such as willingness to purchase a company’s products, recommend the brand, invest in or even work for the company.”

The top 10 companies in RI’s 2017 Global RepTrak 100 are: Rolex, LEGO Group, The Walt Disney Company, Canon...

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BTIG analyst predicts significant growth for Apple...

Apple appears to be the darling of analysts at the moment. A week after one analyst opined that the company ‘has Samsung on the ropes like never before,’ investment bank and brokerage company BTIG has raised its price target for the stock from $133 to $165. At the time of writing, the stock is trading at $136.99.

BTIG says that it is basing the large boost in valuation on anticipated growth in both 2017 and 2018, as well as the potential for new product categories …


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Mastercard app enables credit-card-free bar tabs

One of the most worrying things about going to a bar is the possibility that the credit card you handed over to open your tab with might get skimmed, or worse, stolen. Mastercard has a new digital payment tool that will let you open a bar tab through...

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Rumor: Apple tasking 1,000+ engineers on augmented...

When you task more than 1,000 engineers towards something, odds are it’ll get done.

A UBS research note states that Apple is believed to have more than 1,000 engineers working on an augmented reality project, and that the company’s first AR offering may be seen in the iPhone 8.

A group of sources has stated that Apple may over over 1,000 engineers working on an AR-related project in Israel. The project may include “moderate 3D mapping … and possibly an AR software development kit,” according to the note.

The statement is also consistent with a previous rumor noted by KGI that

The note is consistent with a KGI one stating that the iPhone 8 will include a ‘revolutionary‘ camera able to sense 3D space …

That report suggested that the new camera would be used for facial recognition and to create ‘3D selfies’ which can be used as avatars in augmented reality games.

KGI last year suggested that Apple will get a 3-5 year lead in AR, as the...

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'Overwatch' Season 4 brings a server...

Big news for Overwatch players: Season 4 has begun and a bevy of changes and additions have arrived alongside it. First up, the competitive shooter's server browser. It's live! This means that from here on out, you can set your own parameters for how...

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LG UltraFine 5K display available to order again...

You can now snag the LG UltraFine 5K Display via the Apple Store.

The display, developed in collaboration with Apple and LG, was plagued by both connection and interference issues upon launch. Placing the unit within six feet of a Wi-Fi router caused interference, resulting in continued disconnections and even the MacBook Pro freezing up. LG confirmed that these issues stem from “poor shielding.”

As of early February, Apple pushed back the delivery date for online shipments of the UltraFine 5K from 2-3 weeks to 5-6 weeks. The display is currently on sale for $974 until March 31, when the price will go up to $1299.

As of now, the manual does warn that the display should be placed “where no electromagnetic interference occurs,” but there is no mention of Wi-Fi routers. LG has also said that this display is the only one that experiences this type of interference.

The unit is currently available and on the shelves, although time will tell if LG has fully...

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Cloudflare Nips Cloudbleed Bug in the Bud

Cloudflare has fixed the Cloudbleed software bug responsible for a buffer overrun problem that caused its edge servers to return private information in response to some HTTP requests. That private information included HTTP cookies, authentication tokens and HTTP POST bodies. However, SSL private keys weren't leaked, said Cloudflare CTO John Graham-Cumming in an online post. "This happened in response to a very small number of requests in the Cloudflare system -- about 1 in 3.3 million," a Cloudflare spokesperson noted.

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AOL Is Cutting Off Third-Party App Access To AIM

An anonymous reader quotes a report from 9to5Mac: AOL announced today that it is starting to cut off third-party app access to its Instant Messenger service. As first noticed by ArsTechnica, AOL began notifying users of at least one third-party app, Adium, that it would become obsolete starting on March 28th. At this point, it's unclear whether or not all third-party applications will be rendered useless come March 28th, but the message presented to Adium users seemed to strongly imply that: "Hello. Effective 3/28, we will no longer support connections to the AIM network via this method. If you wish to use the free consumer AIM product, we invite you to visit for more information." What this likely means is that AOL is shutting down the OSCAR chat protocol that is used to handle AIM messages. The service will, however, continue to be available via AOL's own chat app that is supported on macOS, Windows...

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As US suicide rate surges, Facebook using AI to...

Facebook has begun using artificial intelligence to identify those who may be at risk of committing suicide, reports the BBC.


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Why can't preparing my Mac for sale be as easy...

If Apple releases new iPads anytime soon, I’ll likely sell my current Apple tablet. Preparing iPads for resale is a breeze. Why can't preparing my Mac for sale be just as easy?

If you're going to sell any of your gadgets you need to wipe all your personal data from them. To do this on an iPad, you open the Settings app. On the left-hand side of the settings, choose the General settings and scroll down the page until you see "Reset." 

There are a variety of options, but if you're selling it to someone outside your family, you'll probably want to choose "Erase All Content and Settings." This zaps all data is off the iPad, including information for your iTunes account. 

Deleting all your personal data off your Mac is a more laborious process. It would certainly be convenient if wiping all personal data off a Mac were as simple as it is with an iOS device. 

How about a macOS reset button that disables your iTunes account (and deactivates the Mac),...

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Polk Audio parent company nabs Hi-Fi brands Denon,...

There's big news for audiophiles: Sound United, the company behind Polk Audio and Definitive Technology, has purchased D+M Group, the owner of Denon, Marantz and Boston Acoustics brands. That will let Sound United, a company mostly known for speakers...

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NYT: Snapchat built its own drone

Snapchat's second or third reinvention was to describe itself as a "camera company," but really it wants to become a hardware maker. At least, that's the theory coming out of the New York Times, which has spoken to three anonymous employees who claim...

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Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks preview the kind of form...

With the iPhone 8 expected to adopt a near-bezel-free design, featuring a curved OLED screen, we’ve today been given a preview of the type of look we might expect – from Apple’s biggest competitor. The latest leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S8, due to be launched next month, show exactly this type of form factor.

Samsung has, however, taken a less hi-tech approach than that rumored for the iPhone 8 …


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The DISCO 2 is a decent, but not exceptional,...

The DISCO 2 from Supertooth is a portable wireless stereo speaker with decent audio quality and an attractive design.

It can stream music from any Bluetooth A2DP device such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Pairing and set-up is easy; just follow the directions, and you’re quickly ready to go. The speaker also has a line-in port for wired connectivity to other devices, including the Mac.

The DISCO 2 has a squished hour glass design in a sleek, dark body. It's convenient to use with iDevices; the top of the unit has volume, fast forward, rewind, and power on/off buttons that are backlit. The Supertooth speaker is also small enough to pack into a suitcase or backpack, boasts about 10 hours of play on a full charge of its rechargeable battery, and comes with a travel pouch. It has an impressive wireless range of about 30 feet.

The system has a mid-speaker and a high speaker on the...

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UK government unveils its post-Brexit Digital...

After a year of delays, the UK government has finally shared its plans for a more prosperous digital Britain. Unveiled by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the Digital Strategy report outlines steps to plug skills gaps and deliver f...

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The 10 Mac games you need to play from February 2017

February's Mac games

Image by Finji

Need something fresh to play on your Mac? Luckily, February brought a pretty compelling stack of fresh game releases, and we’ve picked 10 that should absolutely be on your radar. Torment: Tides of Numenera is arguably the month’s most anticipated release, as the long-awaited spiritual successor to isometric role-playing classic Planescape Torment is finally here.

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Tuesday February 28

Apple Pay Japan gains support for six new credit...

Apple on Wednesday local Japan time activated a two month-long Apple Pay promotion offering cash back, points and more to users of the digital payments service, just in time to take advantage of six new supporting card issuers.

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Facebook Video launches for Apple TV with support...

Facebook on Tuesday launched Facebook Video, a new tvOS app that allows fourth-generation Apple TV owners to view pre-recorded video content, including live streams, on the big screen.

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Chameleon Run is a short but super-sweet color-...

These days, keeping up with games can be a full-time job. So how do you separate the signal from the noise, the wheat from the chaff, the Temple Runs from the Temple Jumps? Allow us to help by regularly selecting a game You Should Play.

Like the namesake lizard, there’s more to Chameleon Run than initially meets the eye. It’s a side-scrolling auto-runner with compact, yet typically complex stages, quite like Rayman Fiesta Run and other series entries, but there’s more to it than just leaping at the right moments: you’ll also need to change your character’s color quite frequently.


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Facebook officially releases new Video app for...

After announcing its plans for the app earlier this month, Facebook this evening officially released its video-centric app on the fourth-gen Apple TV. Facebook touts the new application as a prime source for the latest and greatest video content and the launch on tvOS comes a day after the app made its debut on select Samsung smart TVs.



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AOL seemingly cutting off third-party app access to...

AOL announced today that it is starting to cut off third-party app access to its Instant Messenger service. As first noticed by ArsTechnica, AOL began notifying users of at least one third-party app, Adium, that it would become obsolete starting on March 28th.


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AT&T executive talks DirecTV Now’s early...

Earlier today, YouTube’s foray into the streaming cable bundle market was officially unveiled earlier today, offering the “big four” networks and unlimited DVR at $35 per month. YouTube’s solution, of course is meant to be a competitor to existing services like DirecTV Now.

Just prior to the announcement of YouTube TV, though, AT&T executive Tony Goncalves talked the future of DirecTV Now in an interview with The Information.


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Apple's corporate reputation in slow decline,...

According to an annual study by the Reputation Institute on Tuesday, Apple is experiencing a slow but certain deterioration in perceived corporate reputation, with research showing a significant decline over the past year.

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On Today’s Curious Wall Street Journal Report...

Takashi Mochizuki, reporting for The Wall Street Journal:

People familiar with Apple’s plans said the iPhone releases this
year would include two models with the traditional LCD and a third
one with an OLED screen.

Exactly in line with Ming Chi Kuo’s report from a few weeks ago:

  • A single new high-end (and higher-priced) iPhone with a physical width similar to that of an iPhone 7, but with an edge-to-edge design that allows for a display closer in size to a 7 Plus. (I’m guessing “iPhone Pro”.)
  • Two new models similar to the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (presumably the “7S” and “7S Plus”).

    They said Apple would introduce other updates including a USB-C
    port for the power cord and other peripheral devices, instead of
    the company’s...

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Survey claims Apple is now the world’s 20th most...

While Apple still holds a commanding lead, a new survey from research firm Reputation Institute claims that both Apple and Samsung have suffered significant drops in their reputations over the last year. The data, which was collected from over 170,000 consumers, shows that Apple has slipped to the 20th spot on the list, while Samsung dropped to number 70.


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Zero W Joins Raspberry Pi Family on 5th Birthday

Raspberry Pi turned 5 years old on Tuesday, and to mark the occasion, the foundation announced a new member of the family, the Raspberry Pi Zero W, and a case to go with it. Raspberry Pi Zero W adds wireless LAN and Bluetooth capabilities to tiny computer's growing list of capabilities. Priced at just $10, the device is affordable for anyone who wants to take the Pi for a test drive. "We imagine you'll find all sorts of uses for the Zero W," said Raspberry PI founder Eben Upton."It makes a better general purpose computer because you're less likely to need a hub."

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Florida pro soccer team's new iOS app cuts out...

The Orlando City Soccer Club this week launched a new app for iOS and Android that leverages the team's paperless ticketing process to sell passes directly to customers, effectively cutting out third party ticketing sites.

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YouTube launches streaming TV service with 40...

If you’ve been on the fence over cutting the cord, YouTube might have just given you a reason to jump over. The Google-owned company has announced a new live and on-demand video service, but it's only available in limited markets for now.

Dubbed YouTube TV, the $35-per-month service offers access to around 40 TV networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and ESPN. It also includes unlimited cloud DVR storage. According to YouTube, the cloud DVR feature will let you simultaneously record as many shows as you want and store them for up to nine months. Every YouTube TV membership also comes with six accounts, each with its own personal DVR storage silo, and subscribers can watch up to three concurrent streams at once.


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Apple Daily Report for February 28, 2017

The AWT News Update is on hiatus while my compadre, Steve, takes a trip. In its place, I’ll offer a text-only (no podcast) summary of breaking stories with a tip o’ my hat to my former website, Apple Daily Report.

Google is taking the wraps off YouTube TV, its new $35-a-month TV service that will package a bundle of channels from the broadcast networks and some cable networks. YouTube says the service will launch later this spring. It’s separate from YouTube Red, the ad-free subscription service the company launched last year.


A new analyst report sheds some doubt on the "super cycle" concept because of a probable limit in OLED screen supply, suggesting that the pent-up demand for...

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Notable apps and app updates for Feb. 28, 2017

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

Duccats has released Intro to Real Life, a new iBook with an accessible photo-based introduction to the Christian worldview. It costs $2.99 and is available at the iBookStore.

macOS Apps/Updates

Static Z Software has updated Sound Control, a sound volume mixer for the Mac, to version 2. The app enables users to quickly change app volumes, as well as selectively apply a system-wide EQ to app audio.

Sound Control does this by adding a software mixer to the menu bar of your Mac. In addition to the volume mixer, Sound Control also adds a software EQ to your audio output allowing you to tailor the sound of...

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Pad & Quill's new Leather Apple Pencil Grip...

The Apple Pencil is a wonderful accessory and companion to the iPad Pro, but there's always the question about what to do with the Pencil, the "charger cap" and so on. Put it on a desk that's slanted more than just a bit and it will roll off, and if you have beefy hands it may feel too slim. Pad & Quill's craftspersons have come up with the new Leather Apple Pencil Grip (regular price $59.95, currently on pre-sale for $49.95)  to resolve all of these problems.

Available in three different leather finishes -- Chestnut, Whiskey, and Galloper Black -- the Leather Apple Pencil Grip is made of full-grain American leather that's stitched together with nylon parachute-grade cord in a baseball stitch. The leather grip adds a nice bit of width to the Pencil, while the upper portion provides a stainless steel pen...

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Old versions of ESET anti-virus for macOS subject to...

A newly discovered exploit in an update made to ESET anti-virus package in October 2016 contains an outdated XML parser from 2007 that is vulnerable to attack, allowing root-level code execution, and ultimately a compromised machine.

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YouTube TV offers big 4 networks & 39 other...

YouTube has finally announced its long-rumored online television service that doesn’t require a cable subscription. Known simply as YouTube TV, it features local broadcast networks and channels like ESPN for $35 a month.


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Learn to bargain before you buy these 3 big-ticket...

We don’t have a “haggling mentality” in North America but I’ve haggled on all three of the items mentioned in this piece and have literally saved thousands of dollars off the sticker price.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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YouTube TV to offer live TV from four major networks...

Google on Tuesday announced YouTube TV, a live TV service launching this spring that will compete with other internet-only providers like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue.

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Microsoft will pay $1.2M to settle class-action suit...

Microsoft has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit against its retail efforts, paying almost $1.2 million in compensation to customers and legal costs, over an accusation receipts provided by Microsoft Stores provided too much information about a customer's payment details.

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How to use Private Browsing with Safari on iPhone...

Private Browsing is a useful feature built-in to Safari in iOS that limits what information is saved and shared as you browse the web. Let’s take a look at how it works.


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Apple's new iPad Pro ad says users can avoid...

Apple on Tuesday released another spot in its recent series of iPad Pro ads, this time concentrated on the idea that the tablet can let people avoid using printers.

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Macworld’s March Digital Edition: The MacBook Pro...

Every day, Macworld brings you the essential daily news and other info about all things Apple. But staying on top of that torrent of information can be a constant challenge. One solution: the Macworld Digital Edition.

In the March issue

Tested: The truth behind the MacBook Pro’s 'terrible' battery life. Also, choose the best Wi-Fi replacement for your Apple AirPort router.

Also in this month’s issue:

Mac User: Hands on with Setapp

iOS Central: AirPods wish list

• Working Mac: Browse privately on a Mac, iPhone, and iPad

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Apple’s new iPad Pro ad campaign continues with...

Earlier this month Apple kicked off a new whimsical iPad Pro advertising campaign based on real tweets complaining about PC problems that iPads can solve. Now Apple is out with the latest addition highlighting Apple Pencil.


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App Store, Apple Music, iCloud & other Apple...

A variety of Apple cloud services experienced outages and slowdowns on Tuesday in what appeared to be a major issue with Amazon Web Services, which hosts some of the biggest online companies in the U.S.

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Revised LG UltraFine 5K display with enhanced RF...

The LG UltraFine 5K display is beginning its slow march back to availability, with shipments of the improved model leaving Apple warehouses on March 7 -- but some users with the monitor now are still hitting roadblocks in trying to get the situation rectified.

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Tim Cook: Apple will ‘do more’ in the pro area

During a Q&A session at today's shareholder meeting held at Apple's Cupertino, California campus, Apple CEO Tim Cook told investors that the company is still very much focused on its professional and creative pro customers and will "do more" in the pro area. 

"You will see us do more in the pro area," Cook said. "The pro area is very important to us. The creative area is very important to us in particular." 

He was also asked about a touchscreen Mac. Cook didn’t explicitly deny that such a thing might happen, but said that he sees the iPad and the Mac as two separate product lines that serve different purposes. 

"Expect us to do more and more where people will view it as a laptop replacement, but not a Mac replacement - the Mac does so much more," the CEO said. "To merge these worlds, you would lose the simplicity of one, and the power of the other." 

In other comments, Cook said:

  • They can’t make enough" Apple Watch Series 2 smartwatches...
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Serena Williams crashes a tennis game

Can you imagine this happening to you? It’s like if Michael Jordan showed up at your local hoop and called, “I got next….”

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple posts the fourth developer beta of tvOS 10.2

Apple has posted the fourth tvOS 10.2 beta for the Apple TV for developers. Available at the Apple Developer Center, it focuses on “new features, bug fixes, and improvements in the OS and SDK [software development kit.”

The tvOS 10.2 beta provides an accelerated scrolling feature to the Siri remote so you can scroll through lists of content faster. The OS update also adds the TV app, which is designed to offer a unified experience for discovering and accessing TV shows and movies from multiple apps on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.  It provides one place to access TV shows and movies, as well as a place to discover new content to watch.

What’s more, the tvOS 10.2 beta adds support for the Device Enrollment Program and support for the VideoToolbox framework, which lets people tap directly into hardware-accelerated encoding and decoding functions.

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iCloud experiencing slow performance as AWS outage...

Apple’s system status site currently lists multiple iCloud services as experiencing slower than usual performance for some users.


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Cook pledges support to pro users, talks Trump at...

Apple on Tuesday held its annual shareholder meeting, where the company's board was re-elected, Ernst and Young was named its accounting firm, and a number of shareholder proposals were rejected. AppleInsider was there and offers notes of interest from the proceedings.

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Tim Cook calls AirPods a ‘cultural phenomenon’ at...

Apple held its annual shareholders meeting at its headquarters in Cupertino today where top lawyer Bruce Sewell and CEO Tim Cook fielded questions and comments from investors. Nine proposals were detailed and voted on in total, followed by the re-approval of each board member. Cook also fielded some interesting questions including one on Apple making a round dumb phone with smart features and Apple’s plans to do more in the pro space…


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The 10 best US states — and why they are great...

This is an interesting list. Do you live in one of these ten states? Do you agree with their inclusion or placement?

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Apple issues fourth beta of tvOS 10.2 for developers...

Apple on Tuesday released a fourth developer beta of tvOS 10.2, an update for the fourth-generation Apple TV that should mostly add minor feature enhancements.

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∞ Notes from Apple’s shareholder meeting

I attended Apple’s shareholder meeting in the company’s Cupertino, Calif. headquarters this morning as a member of the media. Apple CEO Tim Cook kicked off the meeting and received a standing ovation before giving a few brief remarks, including a look at next year’s meeting. […]

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Nokia 3310 Pushes Nostalgia Buttons

HMD Global, owner of the Nokia phone brand, on Sunday reintroduced the classic 3310 feature phone at the MWC, along with a line of brand new Nokia smartphones that run on the Android platform. The relaunch of the 3310 is the reimagination of one of the world's best-selling feature phones as a sleek, lightweight device that features 22 hours of talk time and an entire month of standby time. Its average retail price will be about $52. The phone will come in four colors: warm red and yellow with a glossy finish, and dark blue and gray in matte.

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Sistine Chapel gets full digital treatment for...

And people thought Apple’s $300 coffee table book was expensive.

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How to use MyFitnessPal on your iPhone to track...

While there are subtleties involved like protein and carb intake, ultimately, losing fat or gaining muscle comes down to one thing: calories in versus calories out. MyFitnessPal for the iPhone is one of the most popular tools for managing this, and here's how to use it.

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tvOS 10.2 beta 4 rolling out for Apple TV

Apple is rolling out the fourth tvOS 10.2 beta for developer testing on Apple TV. tvOS 10.2 focuses on “new features, bug fixes, and improvements in the OS and SDK” according to developer release notes.


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Vive Studios' 'VR Sports' is exactly...

The unmitigated phenomenon that was the Nintendo Wii had an everlasting effect on any medium with motion controllers: if you have hardware that can track hand movements, it needs to have its own "Wii Sports" game. Enter Vive Studios latest virtual re...

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: 27-inch 5K iMac refurb $1,300...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications.


Apple certified refurb 27-inch 5K iMac 3.3GHz/8GB/2TB with one-year warranty: $1,300 shipped (Orig. $2,299)


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The Nokia 3310 stole Samsung's show at MWC 2017

In MWCs past, the event's news has typically been dominated by Samsung showing off its latest Galaxy flagship smartphone for the year. But the company's delayed announcement this time around meant that the scores of tech aficionados at the show neede...

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Motorola's Alexa mod is just the start of an...

Motorola might have lured people to its MWC press conference with the promise of new phones, but the real talking point came toward the end of the event. After hyping a pair of mid-range devices and some fun Moto Mod concepts, the company confirmed t...

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Ubisoft is building a game in the 'Avatar...

Alongside this week's Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, Ubisoft announced its next AAA-project: a new experience set on the moon Pandora from James Cameron's Avatar universe. The game is being developed by Massive Entertainment -- the Ubiso...

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With the Prius Prime, Toyota delivers nearly the...

The Toyota Prius made hybrids mainstream. In cities like San Francisco, you can't swing an artisanally carved reclaimed-wood stick without hitting at least one of these midsize cars rolling down the street. By sheer numbers (nearly four million sold!...

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A possible AirPort Extreme replacement? Hands-on...

Since the news broke that Apple is getting out of the router business, I’ve been looking to replace my AirPort Extreme. I wanted something with more power-user features, and the Synology RT2600ac stood out as a likely candidate. The $240 RT2600ac, which is the follow-up to last year’s popular RT1900ac, contains a wealth of new additions, and is considerably more power-user friendly than Apple’s AirPort Extreme.

Synology’s routers run the SRM operating system, which makes managing the RT2600ac similar to driving one of the company’s popular NAS boxes. But does this router make a good replacement for the easy-to-use AirPort Extreme? Have a look at our hands-on video walkthrough as I showcase 15 of my favorite RT2600ac features.


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Patent owner infographic shows contrast between...

A pair of visualizations comparing Apple's and Google's "innovation signatures" shows the difference in corporate cultures between the two giants, but doesn't tell the entire tale.

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Megadeth’s David Ellefson opening a coffee shop

April 7-9, Ellefson Coffee Co., the boutique Coffee brand of Grammy-Winning Megadeth bassist David Ellefson will hold a GRAND OPENING for its first brick and mortar ELLEFSON COFFEE CO shop in David’s hometown of Jackson, MN. In addition to Ellefson himself, who will be in attendance, the event will be co-hosted by special guest comedian, and THAT METAL SHOW co-host, Don Jamieson.

I have to order some of this coffee. The blend names are amazing.

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FCC chairman Ajit Pai calls net neutrality a '...

New FCC chairman Ajit Pai has made his views on net neutrality clear in the past -- he's against it. But today at Mobile World Congress, Pai gave a wide-ranging speech in which he made his most pointed comments against net neutrality since taking ove...

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Microsoft unveils Xbox Game Pass gaming subscription

Today, we’re continuing our commitment to give you more options to diversify and expand your library of games with Xbox Game Pass, a new gaming subscription service coming later this spring. Xbox Game Pass gives you unlimited access to over 100 Xbox One and backward compatible Xbox 360 games – all for $9.99 per month.

I’m betting this will be popular.

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Apple granted patent for fingerprint recognition...

Rumors that Apple is considering a future without a physical home button on its iPhones have been bolstered by a patent granted to the company on Tuesday -- one that could allow users to authenticate their fingerprint by touching anywhere on the screen.

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Your kid's new Spanish tutor is a creepy robot

A lot of well-meaning parents really, really want their child to learn a second language. However, it's hard to teach a language when you don't actually speak it yourself. Flash cards, videos and apps are all great, but real retention only happens th...

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Sky VR now available on Google Daydream headsets

Sky has slowly been adding virtual reality content to its Sky VR app, but those Star Wars and David Beckham specials have only been available to viewers with Google Cardboard. Fast forward almost five months and the broadcaster has finally done somet...

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SoundCloud Go introduces new cheaper $5/month plan w...

After first introducing its $10/month ‘SoundCloud Go’ subscription service last March, the company is today introducing a mid-tier offering at a cheaper $5-6 price point with a limited catalog.


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Engadget giveaway - Win a Basslet wearable subwoofer...

Good headphones can usually deliver a bass-rich sound to your ears, but if you're interested in bumping up the visceral enjoyment of your beats, the Basslet can help. This haptic wearable delivers a low-end rumble -- spanning frequencies from 10 to 2...

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Report: Next-gen iPhone could dump the Lightning...

Enlarge / The iPhone 7 made few changes to the iPhone 6-era design. The next one could be different. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

A new Wall Street Journal report on Apple's next-generation iPhone suggests a significant overhaul after three years of roughly the same physical design, and much of the WSJ's reporting echoes or builds upon rumors we've heard before. The WSJ says that Apple could switch to an OLED display like those used in the Apple Watch, the MacBook Pro Touch Bar, and many Android phones, also suggesting that display could be curved rather than flat. Apple could follow up on the iPhone 7's static Home button by doing away with it entirely, switching...

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My 2015 MacBook Pro Retina exploded

Daniel Dourvaris:

One afternoon as I was lying on my bed browsing the internet, my MacBook Pro suddenly turned off. I turned it back on and within a few seconds there was weird hissing sound, followed by white smoke and thin flames coming out of from the back.

I got up and ran with the laptop for the bathroom where I could put it on the ceramic tiles. Not more than ten seconds had passed and already the heat from the bottom of the laptop burnt my middle and ring fingers so badly I had to let it drop.


There was a bang as I backed away causing the back to pop and smoke kept pouring out. It kept sizzling for a few minutes and then finally it stopped.

The house had filled up with smoke everywhere, the acidic stench of melted plastic made my eyes water.

Look at the pictures. Amazing. Looks like melted modeling clay.

This is scary.

It’s long been known that Lithium batteries can swell up inside a computer case, causing problems...

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Analyst: look for an augmented reality feature on...

In a note to clients — as noted by Business Insider — UBS analyst Steven Milunovich says Apple may have 1,000-plus engineers working on augmented reality (AR) and expects to see AR features on the “iPhone 8.”

He thinks this could include moderate 3D mapping and possibly an AR software development kit. Milunovich says Apple is more interested in AR = than virtual reality (VR), because the former connects people whereas the latter is often an isolating experience involving a headset that renders the user blind to the real world.

AR takes the existing environment and adds a new layer of information to it. For instance, AR apps let you hold up a phone with images superimposed onto the real-world view seen through the camera screen.

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Calling augmented reality 'the next major...

Expectations are growing that augmented reality could play a key role in Apple's "iPhone 8" and beyond, prompting investment firm UBS to increase its price target for shares of the company on Tuesday.

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How to customize AirPods by changing double-tap...

Nice find by Chance Miller. Got AirPods? Read this post.

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Comment: Auto-authentication of fingerprints has...

With Apple widely expected to embed a fingerprint reader into the display of the iPhone 8, the company has patented a number of different technologies it could use to accomplish this.

One approach would limit fingerprint recognition to the bottom section of the display, meaning that authenticating a fingerprint would have to be a deliberate step, as it is with today’s Touch ID sensor. But a patented granted today would allow a fingerprint to be recognized anywhere on the screen, with Apple specifically arguing that authentication could then be completely automatic …


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WSJ: New iPhone to have USB-C for power instead of...

Takashi Mochizuki, Wall Street Journal:

Apple Inc. has decided to adopt a flexible display for one model of the new iPhone coming out this year and has ordered sufficient components to enable mass production, people familiar with the matter said.


They said Apple would introduce other updates including a USB-C port for the power cord and other peripheral devices instead of the company’s original Lightning connector.

Two pretty big claims. The transition from lightning to USB-C makes sense to me. The MacBook and MacBook Pro have made the switch to USB-C for power. Presumably, this unified approach would allow me to travel with a single power adapter/cable which I could use for both MacBook Pro and iPhone.

And Apple adhering to a widely adopted standard could only help them in their negotiations with other countries who have long ago made clear their preference for standardized vs proprietary phone chargers.

As always, take these rumors...

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Shopping for St. Patrick’s Day

There are some great things for the entire family and friends too. Scroll to the bottom to find a variety of categories, which may make it easier to narrow in on what you’re looking for.

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Revamped UltraFine 5K displays should start shipping...

Now LG appears to have revised UltraFine 5K displays (presumably with proper shielding) since Apple is currently promising deliveries as soon as March 8 through March 16 for new orders, reports 9to5Mac. Apple Store Pickup still isn’t available, but that will likely change once inventory reaches retail locations, the article adds.

In January 9to5Mac reported that the LG UltraFine 5K Display can be effectively unusable if placed near a Wi-Fi router with some kind of radio interference causing the monitor to regularly black out and hang the connected MacBook Pro. LG says it’s identified the hardware problem in which Wi-Fi routers within two feet of the display may result in signal interference issues.

All new UltraFine units produced after February won’t affected as...

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∞ Introducing Handle from Boston Dynamic

This is either really cool or the beginning of the robot uprising.

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Renault-Nissan developing a fleet of self-driving EVs

French people love to drive, but with private radar companies set to give out way more speeding tickets, they may be willing to let machines take the wheel. Luckily, the Renault-Nissan Alliance has teamed with a company called Transdev to develop a f...

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Orphan Black: The Game (Games)
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The Elder Scrolls: Legends is now availa...
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Ticket to Earth beginner's guide: H...
Robot Circus launched Ticket to Earth as part of the App Store's indie games event last week. If you're not quite digging the space operatics Mass Effect: Andromeda is serving up, you'll be pleased to know that there's a surprising alternative on... | Read more »
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You’re always a hop, skip, and a jump away from a fiery death in Temple Jump, a new platformer-cum-endless runner from Nexx Studio. It’s out now on both iOS and Android if you’re an adventurer seeking treasure in a crumbling, pixel-laden temple. | Read more »
Failbetter Games details changes coming...
Sunless Sea, Failbetter Games' dark and gloomy sea explorer, sets sail for the iPad tomorrow. Ahead of the game's launch, Failbetter took to Twitter to discuss what will be different in the mobile version of the game. Many of the changes make... | Read more »
Splish, splash! The Pokémon GO Water Fes...
Niantic is back with a new festival for dedicated Pokémon GO collectors. The Water Festival officially kicks off today at 1 P.M. PDT and runs through March 29. Magikarp, Squirtle, Totodile, and their assorted evolved forms will be appearing at... | Read more »
Death Road to Canada (Games)
Death Road to Canada 1.0 Device: iOS Universal Category: Games Price: $7.99, Version: 1.0 (iTunes) Description: Get it now at the low launch price! Price will go up a dollar every major update. Update news at the bottom of this... | Read more »
Bean's Quest Beginner's Guide:...
Bean's Quest is a new take on both the classic platformer and the endless runner, and it's free on the App Store for the time being. Instead of running constantly, you can't stop jumping. That adds a surprising new level of challenge to the game... | Read more »

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Guitar Center has the 2.6GHz Mac mini (MGEN2LL/A) on sale for $559 including free shipping. Their price is $140 off MSRP, and it’s the lowest price available for this model. Read more
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Fehraltorf, Switzerland based B-Eng has announced they are making their SSD Speeder app for macOS publicly available for purchase on their website. SSD Speeder is a RAM disk utility that prevents... Read more
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Customer satisfaction is much higher among smartphone owners who use their device to operate other connected home services such as smart thermostats and smart appliances, according to the J.D. Power... Read more
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Swipe CRM LLC has introduced Swipe CRM: Visual Sales 1.0 for iPad, an app for creating, managing, and sharing visually stunning sales deals. Swipe CRM is targeted to small-and-medium creative... Read more
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