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Monday April 3

Former Apple salesman claims Apple canned him for...

A former Apple salesman has filed suit against the company in Pennsylvania federal court alleging he was fired for reporting racial profiling against black customers, and that his cancer treatment and Seventh Day Adventist faith may also have played a role in his being terminated, reports Law 360.

Philly resident Cori Fisher worked at the Philadelphia Apple Store from 2010 to 2016, first as an Apple Store “expert” and later as a “specialist.” According to allegations contained in his lawsuit, the Apple Store racially profiled black customers. Fisher claims that he witnessed a store manager asking a cop to get some...

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Apple To Develop Its Own GPU, UK Chip Designer...

From a report on AnandTech: In a bombshell of a press release issued this morning, Imagination has announced that Apple has informed their long-time GPU partner that they will be winding down their use of Imagination's IP. Specifically, Apple expects that they will no longer be using Imagination's IP in 15 to 24 months. Furthermore the GPU design that replaces Imagination's designs will be, according to Imagination, "a separate, independent graphics design." In other words, Apple is developing their own GPU, and when that is ready, they will be dropping Imagination's GPU designs entirely. This alone would be big news, however the story doesn't stop there. As Apple's long-time GPU partner and the provider for the basis of all of Apple's SoCs going back to the very first iPhone, Imagination is also making a case to investors (and the public) that while Apple may be dropping Imagination's GPU designs for a custom design, that Apple can't develop a new GPU in isolation -- that any GPU...

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iPad sales falling for 12 quarters straight? Not...

It’s been an accepted truth for years now: iPad sales are declining. Apple’s own figures show that sales have declined for twelve straight quarters.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story, suggests Above Avalon, citing the Fiksu data shown above. It’s actually the iPad mini whose sales are shrinking. Exclude these, and the combined 9.7- and 12.9-inch sales are actually flat to slightly up over the past year …


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Unwired Planet must give Apple documents from its U....

A California federal judge has ordered Unwired Planet to turn over to Apple documents from its U.K. patent suit against Samsung, Huawei Technologies and Google, finding that the information is relevant to an upcoming trial over wireless technologies, according to Law360.

In July 2016, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit handed down an opinion vacating in part a 2015 summary judgment that found Apple not in infringement of certain cellular and voice recognition patents by Unwired Planet. The company sued Apple in 2012, claiming a variety of Apple products infringed 10 of its patents for cellular data transmission, voice recognition systems, device provisioning and other related technologies. Apple's iPhone, iPad, App...

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Apple ditching Imagination Technologies GPU...

Apple is pulling out of a partnership with Imagination Technologies, the British company behind the graphics technology used in iOS devices, with Apple's decision to stop using Imagination's intellectual property within two years prompting the UK firm's shares to plunge in value by more than 60 percent.

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∞ Life explained like a video game

[VIDEO] Just perfect. Amazing analogy. Video in the main Loop post.

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FORMULA ONE returning to the Mac, F1 2016 coming...

Feral Interactive says F1 2016 will be released for the Mac on Thursday, April 6, and will be powered by Apple’s new graphics API (application programming interface), Metal.

F1 2016, the official video game of the 2016 FIA FORMULA One World Championship,  takes players deeper into the motorsport, both on and off the track.

An all-new career mode sits at the heart of the game, allowing players to create their own legend over a lifetime in the sport that can span up to 10 seasons.

F1 2016 features extensive online multiplayer, allowing players to compete against up to 21 rivals on any of the 21 GRAND PRIX circuits, according to David Stephen, managing director of Feral Interactive. On Steam, multiplayer is cross-platform between Mac and Windows. On the Mac App Store, multiplayer is Mac-Mac and supported by Feral’s multiplayer matching service, Calico.

F1 2016 will be available through the Feral...

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Bluetooth headphones mega-review

Marco Arment supplements his wired headphone review with this for Bluetooth headphones:

My criteria for this review is what someone seeking good all-around headphones today probably wants:

  • Bluetooth
  • Closed-back for isolation, ideally with active noise cancellation (ANC)
  • Portable enough to fit in a small bag; suitable for listening at a desk, bringing on an airplane, and wearing outside
  • Definitely under $500, and ideally under $300

Bookmark this, pass it along.

∞ Read...

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The MIT Dropouts Who Created Ms. Pac-Man

I found the whole article fascinating, but this part in particular grabbed my attention:

Macrae and Curran’s arcade route – a series of machines they owned and operated both for their own profit and for the benefit of students – quickly expanded to three dorms, but they soon had trouble with declining revenues as people began to master the games. As arcade operators themselves, they had a direct financial stake in making the games more interesting. So they did what any clever MIT student would do in that situation: confront the problem with mathematical precision.


At this point in the video game world there were these kits called speed-up kits or enhancement kits that were being sold directly to arcade owners. The first really successful one was for Asteroids because people learned how to beat Asteroids, and they could play forever on a quarter. So somebody game up with a little circuit that you could clip on, and wow, it made the game much more difficult...

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ESPN launches rebranded Apple TV app w/ new design,...

ESPN is releasing a redesigned and rebranded app for Apple TV today, and in the process replacing the old “WatchESPN” app. The new app, dubbed simply “ESPN”, brings a revamped user interface that includes auto-playing live streams at launch and new on-demand content.


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Apple ditching Imagination Technology, developing...

According to the Financial Times (which requires a subscription), Apple plans to stop using Imagination Technologies intellectual property within two years, ending its royalty payments. 

The tech giant is working on its own custom graphics architecture to control more of the core technology, in the same way that it already architects custom CPU silicon designs, the article adds. 9to5Mac says this suggests that Apple will be using a custom GPU stack in the Apple A12 chip.

I find the move interesting as, in March, Imagination Technologies unveiled its next-generation PowerVR Furian architecture, an entirely new GPU [graphics processing unit]...

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Notable apps and app updates for April 3, 2017

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

Qrayon has introduced Slidecast 1.0. Designed for sales presentations, training videos, remote collaboration, and more, the app allows anyone to produce video presentations right on their iOS device without the need for a Mac or PC. Presentations can be recorded off imported PDF slide decks or documents. Users can create whiteboard-style videos with vector ink and photos. 

There are two editions of Slidecast. Slidecast (Standard Edition) is free. Slidecast Pro has many additional features and is available as an in-app subscription at $4.99 a month.

macOS Apps/Updates...

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Apple wants to sell HBO, Showtime and Starz in a...

Peter Kafka, Recode:

Apple isn’t done trying to sell you pay TV.

Here’s Apple’s latest proposal: It wants to sell consumers a premium TV bundle, which combines HBO, Showtime and Starz.

Apple already sells each of those channels individually. But it has approached the three networks about rolling them up into a single package, as conventional pay TV operators sometimes do.

No value in a bundle unless it is cheaper than the sum of its parts. And that’s been a tough thing for Apple to achieve, at least so far.

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The iPad turnaround is coming

Jean-Louis Gassée offers a state of the union on the iPad past and near future, and the potential for the iPad to take more business from the Mac and PC. Very interesting read.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple, Amazon, Google identified as bidders for...

Three tech firms -- Apple, Amazon, and Google -- have reportedly joined the considerable list of bidders of Toshiba's NAND flash memory business, now on the market as Toshiba looks to raise $9 billion to cover losses at its U.S. nuclear unit, Westinghouse.

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Five percent of all U.S. households with a Wi-Fi...

Five percent of all U.S. households with a Wi-Fi connection use an Apple TV, according to new data from comScore. However, it’s got a ways to go to catch up with Roku (18%), Amazon FireTV (12%), and Google’s Chromecast (8%).

The data from comScore, whose Mobile Metrix provides mobile audience measurement data, is based on info from December 2016. When it comes tostreaming services, Netflix remains the market leader with about 40% penetration, followed by YouTube at around 27%, Amazon Video at 17%, and Hulu around 10%.

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Apple to roll their own graphics processors for...

Imagination Technologies:

Imagination Technologies Group plc (LSE: IMG, “Imagination”, “the Group”) a leading multimedia, processor and communications technology company, has been notified by Apple Inc. (“Apple”), its largest customer, that Apple is of a view that it will no longer use the Group’s intellectual property in its new products in 15 months to two years time, and as such will not be eligible for royalty payments under the current license and royalty agreement.

That is a major blow to the company. Their stock dropped about 60% on the news, shaving hundreds of millions off the market value in just one day.

But Imagination will not go quietly:

Apple has used Imagination’s technology and intellectual property for many years. It has formed the basis of Graphics Processor Units (“GPUs”) in Apple’s phones, tablets, iPods, TVs and watches. Apple has asserted that it has been working on a separate, independent graphics design in order to control its...

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Don't let ISPs track and sell your browsing...

The recent action Congress took to repeal a previous law that was on the books -- but had never been put into effect -- opens the door for ISPs to track your web browsing history and sell valuable marketing information to the highest bidders. There's one way you can fight back, and that's to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep your web traffic confidential. With our marketing partner StackCommerce, we're offering a deal on the highly-rated TigerVPN -- a lifetime subscription for only $29.

What are the features of TigerVPN?

  • Provides military grade encryption & privacy protection for all of your devices & gadgets
  • Maintains high connection speeds thanks to low latency servers w/ up to 10Gbps...
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Apple TV penetration hits 5% of all U.S. households...

New data from comScore shows that 5% of all U.S. households with a WiFi connection now use Apple TV. Apple’s streaming TV box is the fourth most popular platform after Roku, Amazon’s fireTV and Google’s Chromecast.


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​eversign: A comprehensive digital signature...

This week’s Apple World Today sponsor is a service that is incredibly useful for everyone — eversign. At first glance, eversign looks like a way to easily send and sign legally binding documents. But there’s much more to eversign than meets the eye.

Anyone can sign up for a free eversign Lite account to send up to five documents a month for signature — you just need an email address and you’re ready to go. Next, upload the document you need to have signed, designate signers and recipients, prepare it for signature, and send it off to everyone involved.

The signers get a secure eversign link that takes them to your document. It doesn’t matter if they’re using a Mac or PC, iPad or other tablet, or iPhone — eversign works on any type of device. 

Once everyone has signed the document, it is securely stored in your eversign account until you decide to export or delete it. All eSignatures made by eversign...

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Rumor: Apple said to be among corporations bidding...

Apple may just be in a bidding war for Toshiba’s NAND memory unit.

A report from the Korean Herald states that Apple, Amazon, Google and others are in a war for Toshiba’s NAND memory division, which accounts for 20 percent of the NAND market.

There are reported to be 10 bidders in total, although specific price points and bid amounts have yet to be made public. According to a separate report, however, U.S. equity form Silver Lake and chipmaker Broadcom offered 2 trillion yen, or $18 billion, for the business.

It had been previously reported that Apple suppliers TSMC and Foxconn had teamed up to attempt to acquire Toshiba’s NAND business. The current report marks the first instance in which Apple itself seems be trying to acquire it. It’s possible, however, that Foxconn and TSMC are negotiating on behalf of Apple or that local media has confused Foxconn’s efforts with Apple individually.

At present, the “most attractive bidder”, per the current report...

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Apple's building its own graphics processor for...

Apple will soon stop using intellectual property from Imagination Technologies Group for graphics processing units for its iPhone and other devices, as it is working on a separate, independent graphics design for its products, the chip technology company said Monday.

But the U.K. company is not giving up without a fight as it doubts Apple can develop a brand new GPU without infringing Imagination’s intellectual property.

Apple held an 8.5 percent share of the issued share capital of Imagination as of April 30 last year. The iPhone maker said in a filing in March last year that it had discussions with Imagination about a possible acquisition, though it did not have plans to make an offer at that time. Apple is Imagination's largest customer and it described the iPhone maker as "essential to the business of the Group" in its annual report for 2016.

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LastPass exploit discovered, company scrambles to...

A serious vulnerability was recently discovered in the popular LassPass password manager and developers are scrambling to fix the issue which makes it possible for malicious websites to steal user passcodes and in some cases execute malicious code on computers running the program.

The flaw, which affects the most recent version of the browser extension, was briefly described on Saturday, March 25th, by Tavis Ormandy, a researcher with Google’s Project Zero vulnerability reporting team. When people have the LastPass binary running, the vulnerability allows malicious websites to execute code of their choice. Even when the binary isn’t present, the flaw can be exploited in a way that lets malicious sites steal passwords from the protected LastPass vault. Ormandy said he developed a proof-of-concept exploit and sent it to LastPass officials. Developers now have three months to patch the hole before Project Zero discloses technical details.

Ormandy offered the following...

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Future Apple Watch bands may have tightness sensors

Future Apple Watch bands may have tightness sensors. Apple has been granted a patent (number 20170086742) for “band tightness sensing.”

According to the invention, the smartwatch has a processing unit and a health sensor included in a housing, a band operable to couple the housing to a body part of a user, and a tightness sensor coupled to the band. The tightness sensor is operable to produce a signal indicative of a tightness of the band on the user's body part. 

The processing unit determines a tightness of the band based on the signal and perform one or more actions based on the tightness Such actions may include evaluating the signal for changes in the tightness of the band according to operational tolerances of the health sensor, providing output directing the user to adjust the band to improve operation of the health sensor, monitoring changes in the tightness of the band and adjusting a measurement obtained by the health sensor, and more.

Of course,...

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Publisher Lite is a handy desktop publishing and...

By Aaron Lee

PearlMountain Technology's Publisher Lite is a handy desktop publishing and page layout app for both business and home use — and it's free. With it you can design and create a variety of flyers, brochures, business cards, newsletters, advertisements, reports, calendars, posters, booklets, and more.

It comes with 45-plus professionally designed templates. You can easily customize text and create multiple pages. Publisher Lite also packs lots of art resources: clipart, backgrounds, masks, frames, preset shapes, etc.

Editing features include margin, calendar, layer, image effects, and others. There are also multiple export and share options.

Publisher Lite is available at the Mac App Store. The app requires macOS 10.7 or higher. There's also Publisher Plus for $19.99, which has more templates, clip art, and features.

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Official multiplayer F1 2016 Mac game hits the app...

F1 2016, the official video game of the 2016 FIA Formula One World Championship, hits the Mac App Store on Thursday April 6. Developer Feral Interactive said that it uses Apple’s new graphics API Metal, and is a major step up from earlier versions of the racing game.

“It’s been three years since a new F1 game graced the Mac and a lot has happened since then!”, said David Stephen, Managing Director of Feral Interactive. “F1 2016 is a massive step forward for the franchise, greatly improving upon the fastest and most thrilling on-track racing experience in gaming.”

The game provides both depth and breadth, says the company …


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macOS and iOS market share both up in March

According to the latest market share survey from NetMarketShare, the market share for both macOS and iOS was up in March.

According to the report, among desktop operating systems, macOS had 6.27% of the global market share in March, up from from 6.19% percent in February (that’s global market share; in the U.S. it’s over 13%). April 2016’s 9.2% was an all-time high, according to NetMarketShare’s measurements. Windows remains dominant with 91.59% as of March.

iOS had 33.39% of the mobile operating system market share in March, up from 29.55% in February. This compares to 62.94% for Android, 1.33% for Windows Phone, and 0.99% for Java ME. The all-time high for iOS was in July 2012 with 65.94%.

NetMarketShares’ monthly surveys don’t measure market share in terms of computer systems sold. Instead they sample data from visitors to some 40,000 web sites operated by their clients. And note that NetMarketShare’s...

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Apple reportedly wants to offer HBO, Showtime and...

Apple wants to sell consumers a premium TV bundle, which combines HBO, Showtime and Starz, all to be available on the Apple TV and iOS devices, according to re/code. The company already offered each channels individually. 

However, it has approached the three networks about rolling them up into a single package, as conventional pay TV operators sometimes do, notes re/code, although the article says the charge for such a bundle is uncertain. Apple currently sells HBO for $15 a month, Showtime for $11 a month, and Starz for $9 a month. 

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Apple to stop using Imagination Technologies GPU...

Up to now, Apple’s custom silicon-on-a-chip (A10 Fusion, A9, A8 etc) have relied heavily on GPU designs from Imagination Technologies for graphics performance tasks. This means Apple pays Imagination a royalty for every iPhone and iPad sold; the company generates about its revenue from Apple.

Today, Apple announced that it will stop using Imagination Technologies intellectual property within two years, ending its royalty payments. $IMG stock plummeted in wake of the news, falling by 70% to eight-year lows.


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Sunday April 2

Exclusive Deals: Save up to $150 on 2016 12"...

April deals are kicking into high gear with exclusive savings of $40 to $150 off 2016 12" MacBooks at Adorama, an Apple authorized reseller. Or grab a free Magic Mouse 2 with select configs. On top of the instant discounts, shipping is free, and sales tax is not collected outside NY and NJ.

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Apple considering selling 'premium' TV...

Taking an alternate approach to entering pay TV, Apple is reportedly proposing a bundle of three "premium" channels -- namely HBO, Showtime, and Starz.

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Tinderbox 7.0.2

Maintenance release for the personal content assistant addresses a number of bugs. ($249 new, free update, 30.4 MB)


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Google tweaks the Pixel C's interface to match...

Google will probably put the promising but ultimately ill-fated Pixel C tablet out to pasture before too long -- it's been on sale for a year and a half now, after all. But that hasn't stopped the company from giving the device some attention in Andr...

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Tesla's SUV demand is catching up to its sedan

You'd think that Tesla would sell far fewer units of its pricier, slightly frumpier-looking Model X SUV than its mainstay Model S sedan, but that's not the case these days. The electric car maker has revealed its production levels for the first quart...

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Apple hopes to sell premium TV channels in a bundle

Apple's attempts to offer its own TV service haven't panned out. However, it appears to have a Plan B: offer a bundle that includes just a handful of channels you can already watch on its devices. Recode sources understand that Apple is pitching a...

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Apple reportedly working to offer ‘premium TV’...

Although its original efforts are believed to have failed, Apple isn’t giving up on its goal to sell a streaming TV bundle. According to a new report from Recode, Apple is currently working towards selling consumers a “premium TV bundle” consisting of HBO, Showtime, and Starz.


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Soccer icon Maradona threatens to sue Konami

You may have been excited to see sports legend Diego Maradona in Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, but the superstar himself is... less than thrilled. Maradona has threatened to sue Konami for allegedly using his likeness in the game without permi...

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As privacy concerns loom, what are you doing to...

Over the past week, a variety of privacy concerns have emerged as the Trump administration is set to rollback select FCC protections for browsing history. As we outlined last week, however, there are a variety of ways to go about protecting yourself when it comes to online privacy.

What are you doing to protect your web history?

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Police make first arrest in Facebook Live sexual...

Law enforcement is taking sweeping action following a horrific sexual assault streamed on Facebook Live. Chicago police report that they've made the first arrest in the case, bringing a 14-year-old boy into custody. There will be more arrests soon, a...

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Logic Pros (101): Tips to supercharge your recording...

In our first four Logic Pros 101 installments, we introduced you to the Logic Pro X interface, built some solid groundwork on the basics of recording, and broke down some of the complexities of the Mixer. We also detailed Plug-in and Software interfaces in order to get you started making music as fast as possible.

The best way to learn anything is to actually use it and enjoy doing so, so today we take a (very brief) mid-semester break to go over some tips to help you supercharge the recording, editing, and workflow basics we’ve...

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Roland founder and music legend Ikutaro Kakehashi...

It's a tragic time for both music and technology. Ikutaro Kakehashi, best known as the founder of Roland Corporation, has died at 87. The engineer turned corporate leader got his start making electronic drums and rhythm pattern generators, but it was...

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Join us Monday night (April 3) for AWT TV Episode 2

Tomorrow night the faces of Apple World Today will be gathering together online for episode 2 of AWT TV, our live streamed show about...Apple stuff! April 3rd is the anniversary of the introduction of the iPad in 2010, so we'll have a discussion about the tablet, where it's been and where it could go in the future.

Visit our YouTube channel and you can set up a notification to watch the show tomorrow night. Remember, we'll have a live chat set up on the YouTube Live page as well, so you can ask questions, make comments, and join in the revelry! 

And no, that isn't a young Steve Sande in the picture above...

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New York Post's mobile news alerts fall victim...

If you're a hacker looking to grab attention by attacking a news outlet, what do you do? Deface their website? Take control of their social media accounts? Those are old hat -- apparently, you compromise the company's mobile app. An unknown party hij...

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The best slow cooker

By Camille Chatterjee, Christine Cyr Clisset and Lesley Stockton

This post was done in partnership with The Sweethome, a buyer's guide to the best homewares. When readers choose to buy The Sweethome's independently chosen editorial picks, it may ear...

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VPNs are for most people—including you

Mogull is my favorite guy to talk to about Mac security issues. With all the talk about ISPs (potentially) selling your browsing data, there’s been a lot of talk of VPNs and what they can (and can’t) do for you.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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At last, a new movie that’s as beautiful and insane...

I loved The Fifth Element for its visuals and even enjoyed the utter goofiness of the movie. And I’ve been a fan of Besson since I saw “Léon: The Professional” so I’m really looking forward to this movie.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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After Math: Did I do that?

It was a big week for huge accomplishments. SpaceX proved that you can, in fact, reuse rockets. Scientists trawled 3 million studies to solve an oceanic mystery and Twitter opened up all 140 characters for you to use. Numbers, because what else would...

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EduTech: How to integrate Chromebooks w/ Apple TV...

EduTech is a 9to5Mac weekly series that focuses on technology’s application in education, lower and higher level, both for productivity and enjoyment. If you have suggestions for topics or specific questions you’d like to see answered, feel free to let me know. Catch up on past installments here

In this week’s installment of EduTech, we’re going to highlight a new app from Squirrels, the developer team behind popular apps such as AirParrot and ClassHub. The company this week is out with AirParrot 2 for Chrome OS.

Essentially, what AirParrot 2 for Chrome OS does is seamlessly integrate a Chromebook-based classroom with the Apple TV…


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Unseen Apollo

I love these photos. Make sure you watch the associated video as well.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Report: Apple among companies involved in ‘bidding...

Apple is one of several companies in the running to buy Toshiba’s NAND memory unit, according to a report from the Korean Herald. Apple, Amazon, and Google, among others, are said to be involved in a bidding war for the business, which accounts for 20 percent of the NAND market.


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Laptop manufacturers overstate battery life

Good news for Apple but shameful that other manufacturers’ stated claims fall so far short.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Ben Heck's logic gate board game

With any product, it's always important to get the major decisions out of the way first. Who's the intended audience? What will it look like? How can we make it portable? And, most importantly, how do we keep the cost down? Join Karen and Ben as...

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Workflow looks to have long future at Apple, but...

Despite the long-term benefits Workflow will reap from Apple's acquisition, existing users have already seen features disappear. AppleInsider assesses the pros and cons of the buy.

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Man receives someone else's reprogrammed stem...

The concept of using stem cells for transplants just became a truly practical reality: a Japanese man with age-related macular degeneration has received the first transplant of stem cells from another human donor. Doctors repurposed the donor's skin...

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Saturday April 1

Survival horror game 'We Happy Few' is...

Video game movies tend to struggle in part because of their stories. What sounds good for an adventure or first-person shooter can fall flat when you're asked to construct a cinematic narrative around it. However, you might get something better thi...

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Exploit attacks your smart TV through over-the-air...

Worries that someone could hijack your TV with a broadcast have been present for decades (ever see The Outer Limits?), and it's clear that they're not going away any time soon. Oneconsult security researcher Rafael Scheel has outlined an attack that...

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Logic Pros: What’s new in iOS & Mac music...

This is the place to catch up on all the biggest product announcements, hardware, apps, synths, Logic/GarageBand instruments and so much more in the world of iOS/Mac music production. This week, we say goodbye to an old friend, Cubasis for iOS gets some major new enhancements, we have an epic new AU instrument from Spitifire and the fantastic Magellan synth is 50% off on mobile. But most exciting of all, we get a brand new walkthrough video of what has to be the absolute best iPhone companion device ever: the OP-Z from Teenage Engineering!

All this and more in this week’s top iOS & Mac music production news: more…

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Flying courier drone can drive up to your door

Delivery drones have more than a few challenges, not the least of which is dropping off the package in a convenient place. Do you really want to head out to your yard to collect a box? You might not have to. Advanced Tactics has successfully teste...

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Steve Wozniak's Biographer Pranked By Woz'...

An anonymous reader writes:
Gina Smith is the co-author of Steve Wozniak's 2006 biography. On the day that Steve Jobs died, she posted a poignant story Woz had shared about their early days in Silicon Valley, remembering how Jobs sold his Volkswagen van while Woz sold his calculator to raise funds to build the first Apple 1 computer kit.

The post includes a picture of 22-year-old Steve Jobs standing next to young Steve Wozniak. But there's also an unexpected figure in the background wearing a black ski hat and glasses. It's "tourist guy," the figure from a 9/11 meme whose stoic face was spliced into the background of everything from the explosion of the Hindenburg to the Kennedy assassination, and even into the original Star Trek and Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. The picture is attributed to Margaret Wozniak. So does that mean Steve Wozniak's biographer got pranked by Woz's mom?
Interestingly, in 2011 the tourist guy actually apologized for creating the...

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'Archer' mobile game asks you to break out...

By their very nature, most augmented reality games are at least a little bit futuristic. The creators of Archer, however, are embracing the past... in more ways than one. FXX's Archer, P.I. mobile game will have you pointing your Android or iOS devic...

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Coal's sharp decline leads to a drop in US...

Whether you like it or not, coal power is on the decline... and that's having a marked impact on American energy output. The US Energy Information Administration has published data revealing that the country's 2016 energy production dropped over yea...

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17 corporate pranks that aren't April Fooling...

It's (ugh) that time of year again. That magically obnoxious season wherein every tech startup, thought influencer and blog worth its weight in snark attempts to pull a fast one on the rest of us with a clever April Fool's Day prank. Only problem is,...

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YouTube wants you to translate video descriptions

YouTube has had community-sourced subtitle translations since 2015, but they're only useful if people can find the videos in the first place... what about labeling the videos? You now have a chance to help. The internet video service has expanded i...

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Prank Responsibly: April Fools' Gags That...

The Internet is a minefield on April 1, with tech companies getting in on the April Fools' act in weird, wonderful and often woeful ways. The line between a successful prank and one that leaves users sighing, or worse, is micron-thin, and the boost to one's reputation -- or knock on it -- can hang around for some time. This year, we've rounded up some of the worst April Fools' pranks unleashed on a tech-savvy audience in recent memory. Last year, Google added a new button to Gmail that could append an animated GIF to an outgoing message.

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This week’s top stories: What’s new in iOS 10.3?,...

In this week’s top stories: iOS 10.3 w/ Find My AirPods & Apple File System, iPhone 8 reports, macOS 10.12.4 with Night Shift, our $329 iPad review, and much more.


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Recommended Reading: Beats 1 is a powerful music...

Blink-182 and Apple
Music Team up to
Show Off Increasing
Reach And Power of
Beats 1
Steve Baltin,

Beats 1 has been a key selling point since Apple Music's launch. The internet radio station boasts a number of big names and includes a slate...

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April Fools’ Day 2017: AirRings by Twelve South, T-...

As has become the case every April 1st in recent years, tech companies are blessing us today with their April Fools’ Day jokes. A variety of tech companies and accessory makers are embracing the holiday, offering up some new products, services, and more.

Read on for a full roundup of the “best” jokes of April Fools’ Day 2017….


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Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon say they won’t sell...

Just a few days after Congress reversed internet privacy rules enacted during the Obama administration, Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon have all made statements claiming they will not sell personal web browsing histories.


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Why bargain travel sites may no longer be bargains

I haven’t had to travel for a while but, when I did, I used aggregator sites heavily. But I always checked with the individual airline before I made the sale just in case. Looks like that’s even more true now.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Alexa on the Huawei Mate 9 isn't worth the...

It's time to call it: Amazon has conquered the smart home industry. From connected appliance makers and game creators to television networks and even financial institutions, everyone is jumping aboard the Alexa train. But Amazon is eyeing a new domai...

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SoundCloud for iOS adds Chromecast support, shared...

Despite doom and gloom reports, SoundCloud is moving forward with new features for its iOS app. The company this week is rolling a new update to the app that adds one highly missed features: Chromecast support.


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The little-known history of April Fools Day —...

In the days before widespread internet, April Fools Day was kind of fun. Granted, I was much younger then. But now, it’s just tedious, lame, and unfunny.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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The Week in iOS Apps: Mammals by Tinybop is a study...

The circle of life

Image by Rob Schultz/Macworld

This week’s roundup includes two new apps that let kids make a close study of animals in the world around us. Read on!


Image by iBiome-Ocean

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SpaceX might reland Falcon Heavy's upper stage...

Hot on the heels of Falcon 9's historic flight, SpaceX chief Elon Musk has revealed on Twitter that Falcon Heavy's first flight is scheduled for late summer this year. He also announced that the company is considering trying to reland and retrieve th...

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Become Tech Savvy: How to approach updating software...

First time checking out this series? You’ll get the most value by starting at the beginning, however you can also use the series overview if you’d like to go buffet style.

Note for regular readers, the already tech savvy, and IT professionals: this series is designed as a resource you can share with those you are helping or for those looking to become tech savvy on their own.

Background, Expectations, & Best Practices

Staying up to date with software can sometimes be a confusing and frustrating task, but fortunately it’s a more straight forward process with iOS than compared with macOS.

First, let’s define some of the vocabulary we’ll be using. Software can refer to both the applications (apps) or the operating system (iOS) for your iPhone or iPad. We’ll define apps as computer software ...

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Mold an amorphous organism in the inventive puzzler...

These days, keeping up with games can be a full-time job. So how do you separate the signal from the noise, the wheat from the chaff, the Temple Runs from the Temple Jumps? Allow us to help by regularly selecting a game You Should Play.

Post-apocalyptic games often feature a dude with a gun, blasting away mutants and monsters amidst a crumbling wasteland—but Mushroom 11 is quite a bit different. It keeps the wasteland setting, punctuated with ruined sights of mankind’s existence in the backdrop, but there are no humans or firearms in sight: just a green blob.

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Moshi launches USB-SL: Taking USB to Light Speed!

A lot of product announcements on this first day of April, 2017! Accessory manufacturer Moshi wasted no time in sharing an important product announcement for USB-Speed of Light (USB-SL), the latest generation of USB connectivity. 

Backward-compatible with USB-C, USB-SL provides instantaneous charging of any device it is connected to through the $39.95 2m charging cable. When paired with the $39.95 Ethernet cable, infinite bandwidth and speed is at your fingertips. The USB-SL HDMI adapter ($49.95) and VGA adapter ($34.95) allow viewing of video from any point in time, including the future!

We've already written a full review of USB-SL's capabilities a few weeks from now, and it was already posted in the future. By the way, did you know that Apple World Today becomes a huge media conglomerate in the future? Nice...

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Twelve South AirRings for AirPods: Turning tech into...

Twelve South is always at the cutting edge of tech design, and now the Apple-only accessory company is merging fashion and hi-tech with its first product for Apple AirPods. The new AirRings for AirPods transform AirPods into earrings. 

From the press release:

“When you’ve got after work plans, don’t worry; changing your AirRIngs can take your look from day to night. We’ve got you covered for every occasion - from ear cuffs for the trendy fashionista, simple bands for the classically chic, and stunning drop styles for the glamourati. Our precious metal selection includes silver, yellow gold and, of course, rose gold to match your iPhone.

Guys take note - AirRings aren’t just for the ladies! Up your fashion game with AirRings for men. Simple and stylish with just the right level of rock star appeal. Pair them with a classic suit while you’re on the way to work or slip on AirRings the second you slip...

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The Morning After: Weekend Edition

Letter from the Editor

Apple may have scrapped its rumored March press event, but fortunately, we were able to count on Samsung for some good old-fashioned spectacle. Actually, by the company's standards, Wednesday's Galaxy S8 launch in New York was...

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Special April 1 report: Apple to buy Disney, Netflix...

Rumors that Apple plans to buy some “big name” companies are true. CEO Tim Cook has confirmed to Apple World Today that Apple plans to go on a shopping spree starting this month.

The company plans to buy Disney, Netflix, Tesla, Sony, Sonos, Leap Motion, Adobe, Uber, Spotify, Comcast, Dropbox, Square, SpaceX, ARM Holdings, and —surprisingly — Microsoft. Cook says Apple plans to buy the latter and discontinue Windows, so “I won’t have to listen to any more crap about Mac market share.” The purchase of Sony and Tesla means that, yes, the Apple HDTV and Apple Car projects are back on track. The SpaceX purchase will be used to develop technology so that Apple’s new “spaceship campus” will be able to, literally, fly like a spaceship.

“Hey, we’ve got a market cap of $731 billion, and all that bling is burning a whole in my pocket,” Cook said. “Oh yes, and we may buy Baskin-Robbins. Just because I like ice cream.”

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Special April 1 report: Apple to introduce a 55-inch...

Those who thought Apple has forgotten its pro users may rethink their position. Sources familiar with the matter — who asked not to be named — told Apple World Today that the Cupertino, California-based company will unveil the iMac Pro Plus at June’s Worldwide Developer Conference.

Some users — such as Yours Truly — hoped Apple would unveil a 31.5-inch iMac. However, the company is kicking it up a notch with a 55-inch OLED display equipped with 10x stereo, front-facing speakers (a subwoofer is optional). Apple is also skipping 8K and jumping directly to 12K. The iMac Pro Plus will boast 11520×2160 resolution — pixel-wise, the above setup is equivalent to 12 1920×1080 displays, with a total of 24,883,200 pixels.

With its extra big display, Apple has plenty of room for lots connectivity options. The iMac Pro Plus will sport four USB-C ports, four Thunderbolt 3 ports, four USB 3.0 ports, four FireWire 800 ports, a Lightning port, four HDMI slots, and an SD Card...

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Special April 1 report: Apple working on an iPhone-...

Though Apple’s automobile plans (known by the nicknames of “Project Titan” andthe “Apple Car”) have reportedly been scaled back, sources who asked not to be identified tell Apple World Today this is far from true. Instead, Apple is basing its self-driving car on its most popular product: the iPhone.

The “iPhone Car” will be called the “iCar” and be available in a glossy jet black, black, silver, gold, and rose gold editions. Powered by electricity, its battery will last hundreds of miles. A full charge will take about an hour by connecting the super-sized Lightning port on the iCar to a power outlet. 

This image is courtesy of ClickMechanic.

The Apple automobile will have a smooth finish and slightly rectangular shape with rounded edges. There are no keys or ignition switches. You open the vehicle and power it up via Touch ID. 

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Expect to see BlackBerry's name (and tech) on...

A few years ago we had all the jokes about BlackBerry and licensing, but yesterday the company reported a higher profit than analysts were expecting and says that its licensing program will expand soon. Right now, BlackBerry licenses its name and And...

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The Week in Apple News and Rumors: iOS, macOS,...

Apple headlines for the week ending Mar. 31, 2017

Image by Apple

Apple released a bunch of OS updates. If you’re waiting for them to install you can check out the Apple-related headlines in this week’s roundup. Just click on the link to get more information.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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iLuv's Rainbow8 is a decent Wi-Fi smartbulb for...

On its own iLuv's new Rainbow8 does what a HomeKit bulb needs to, and should satisfy most people. A poor app and a lack of IFTTT or Alexa integration, however, may mean there are better choices.

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SoundCloud brings Chromecast streaming to iOS

With a new subscription tier and a fresh bank loan, SoundCloud is moving right ahead with business as usual. Today's update brings a sorely missed compatibility so you can now play your SoundCloud mixes through a Google Chromecast from an iOS device.

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Friday March 31

This week on AI: Apple Car plans, AR glasses move...

While the arrival of iOS 10.3, macOS 10.12.4, and the new "budget" iPad likely grabbed the most attention this week, we also saw teases of AR glasses, car plans, and some of the display technology that might come to the "iPhone 8" and "7s."

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UK reports 70 drone near-misses at Heathrow in 2016

Heathrow is apparently a magnet for drone pilots fond of flying their devices near planes. According to the latest report from the UK Airprox Board, three planes narrowly missed drones roaming the skies near the airport last year. They're separate in...

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Samsung's Galaxy S8 facial recognition feature...

Samsung with its Galaxy S8 introduced a new device unlock feature based on facial recognition software, but it seems all it takes to bypass the low-level security layer is a photo of a registered user.

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Blizzard's first eSports stadium opens for...

Blizzard had a formative role shaping the strategy and MOBA titles that dominate eSports today. But the studio didn't really dive into competitive events until it started devoting floorspace to its own tournaments at BlizzCon 2009. Now the gaming tit...

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Apple closes WWDC 2017 registrations, notifies...

Following five days of submissions, Apple on Friday closed ticket lottery registrations for the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference and started the process of sending out email confirmations to those selected to attend.

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Study Shows Laptop Batteries Often Don't Last...

A new study conducted by Which? magazine has found that "the battery life claimed by laptop manufacturers rarely lives up to reality. "Although Apple's battery life claims were the closest to reality, in the case of some other manufacturers, their laptops lasted hours less than the stated time," reports Digital Trends. From the report: In its testing, Which looked at the battery life claims of 67 different laptop models from manufacturers as diverse as Asus, Apple, Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Toshiba -- some of the world's most popular laptop makers. It found that while Apple's average claim of 10 hours was proven correct -- and was even slightly better in some cases -- Dell's claims were overstated by more than four hours, and HP, close to five. The times listed in the header image are the average claimed battery life for all of the laptops Which? has tested over the past year versus the times it recorded in its internal testing. That involved charging the laptops to full, then...

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AT&T, Comcast and Verizon explain that they don...

Now that Congress has passed a rule rolling back FCC regulations that would explicitly prevent internet service providers from selling data like your browsing history, three of the biggest ones are trying to reassure customers. AT&T, Verizon (whi...

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Apple closes WWDC 2017 lottery, begins notifying...

After opening earlier this week, Apple’s ticket lottery for its 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference came to a close earlier today. Now that the lottery is closed, Apple has started notifying developers who won tickets and offered them the opportunity to purchase tickets…


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USB Canary Sends An SMS When Someone Tinkers With...

An anonymous reader quotes a report from BleepingComputer: A new tool released on GitHub last week can help paranoid sysadmins keep track of whenever someone plugs in or disconnects an USB-based device from high-value workstations. Called USB Canary, this tool is coded in Python and currently, works only on Linux (versions for Windows and Mac are in the works). The tool works by watching USB ports for any activity while the computer is locked, which generally means the owner has left his desk. If an USB device is plugged in or unplugged, USB Canary can perform one of two actions, or both. It can alert the owner by sending an SMS message via the Twilio API, or it can post a message in a Slack channel, which can be monitored by other co-workers. USB Canary can prove to be a very useful tool for large organizations that feature strict PC policies. For example, if you really want to enforce a "No USB drives" at work, this could be the tool for the job. Further, with modifications, it...

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Apple Configurator 2.4

Updates Apple’s tool for configuring and deploying software to multiple iOS and tvOS devices; requires macOS 10.12.2 Sierra. (Free, 64.2 MB)


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Friday 5: Creative apps for new iPad owners [Video]

We’ve heard from a number of people who recently purchased Apple’s just-released 2017 iPad. For most, if not all of these people, this was their first iPad, or their first new iPad in years.

A lot has changed since the iPad debuted. Tablets are much more capable from a hardware perspective, but there have been big changes on the software end of the spectrum as well.

The iPad has always been known as a content consumption device, but as you’ll see, it’s also a strong platform for creative-minded people. If you’re new to the iPad, you owe it to yourself to try these apps, as they truly are some of the best in the business for creative types. more…

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Android Wear 2.0 is hitting more watches today

Yesterday, Google said that an unspecified bug was delaying the Android Wear 2.0 rollout yet again. It looks like the delay hasn't been too severe though. The company says that Wear 2.0 is now available for five more watches: the Polar M600, Nixon Mi...

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'Skylanders' learns what Amiibo knew all...

The paradigm for toys-to-life games is well-established: one part kid-friendly video game, one part expensive, collectible figurines -- and a tethered NFC "portal" that ties them together. When Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure introduced this model in 2...

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Next-gen RAM will be twice as fast ... whenever it...

PC gamers and video professionals alike (among many others) live and die on fast performance. For the speed demons out there, we have some good news. JEDEC, the organization that sets standards for the microelectronics industry, says it's currently...

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SteerMouse is an advanced driver for USB and Bluetooth mice. It also supports Apple Mighty Mouse very well. SteerMouse can assign various functions to buttons that Apple's software does not allow,... Read more
OmniPlan Pro 3.7.1 - Professional-grade...
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B&H Photo has the 13″ 2.9GHz/256GB Space Gray Touch Bar MacBook Pro in stock today and on sale for $150 off MSRP including free shipping plus NY & NJ sales tax only: - 13″ 2.9GHz/256GB Touch... Read more
21-inch iMacs on sale for up to $151 off MSRP
B&H Photo has 21″ iMacs on sale for up to $151 off MSRP, each including free shipping plus NY sales tax only: - 21″ 3.1GHz iMac 4K: $1348 $151 off MSRP - 21″ 2.8GHz iMac: $1199.99 $100 off MSRP... Read more
Weekend deal: Up to $420 off new MacBook Pros...
Apple has Certified Refurbished 2016 15″ and 13″ MacBook Pros available for $230 to $420 off original MSRP. An Apple one-year warranty is included with each model, and shipping is free: - 15″ 2.6GHz... Read more
Price drop: 15-inch 2.2GHz Retina MacBook Pro...
Amazon has dropped their price on 15″ 2.2GHz Retina MacBook Pros (MJLQ2LL/A) to $1709.99 including free shipping. Their price is $290 off MSRP for this model. Note that stock may sell out quickly at... Read more
2.8GHz Mac mini on sale for $899, save $100
B&H Photo has the 2.8GHz Mac mini (model number MGEQ2LL/A) on sale for $899 including free shipping plus NY & NJ sales tax only. Their price is $100 off MSRP. Read more
Check Apple prices on any device with the iTr...
MacPrices is proud to offer readers a free iOS app (iPhones, iPads, & iPod touch) and Android app (Google Play and Amazon App Store) called iTracx, which allows you to glance at today’s lowest... Read more
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Fehraltorf, Switzerland based B-Eng has announced the release and immediate availability of System Clock, the company’s new system monitor and information app developed exclusively for macOS. System... Read more
DEVONtechnologies Celebrates 15th Anniversary...
DEVONtechnologies celebrates its 15th company anniversary with a 30% discount on all its software products from May 1st through 5th, 2017. In spring 2002, DEVONtechnologies opened its website and... Read more
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San Francisco based WaterField Designs invites customers and air travelers to participate in developing the next generation in-flight travel case, the Air Porter. Frustrated with limited legroom,... Read more
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Apple has Certified Refurbished 2016 12″ Retina MacBooks available for $200-$260 off MSRP. Apple will include a standard one-year warranty with each MacBook, and shipping is free. The following... Read more

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