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Tuesday October 11

Your iMac might someday provide wireless power to...

Your iMac might someday provide wireless power to your iPhone, iPad, and other devices. Apple has filed for a patent (number 9,466,989) for “wireless power utilization in a local computing environment.”

The wireless powered local computing environment — that would be the iMac — includes at least a near field magnetic resonance (NFMR) power supply arranged to wirelessly provide power to any of a number of “suitably configured” devices.  The devices receiving power wirelessly from the NFMR power supply must be located in a region known as the near field that extends no further than a distance of about 3.28 feet. 

Obviously, you couldn’t roam the house with this limited distance. However, iPhones and iPads near your Mac could be charged wirelessly. And Magic Trackpads, Magic Keyboards, and Magic Mice would always be charged in this scenario.

Exactly what changes would need to be made to an iMac to make this happen is unclear. It might have to put...

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Netgear tweaks its home security camera line by...

The Arlo Pro features a host of improvements, including two-way audio and a rechargeable battery.

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Apple begins accepting donations to aid victims of...

Well, some better news that doesn’t involve batteries catching fire.

Apple on Monday began collecting donations for the victims of Hurricane Matthew, which tore through a number of Caribbean countries and several U.S. states including Florida and the Carolinas. The hurricane killed hundreds and left untold numbers homeless or in need of aid.

The company is accepting donations in $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200 increments, giving the whole of the money to its usual charity partner for disasters, the American Red Cross. Apple warns that people can’t use existing iTunes credit to make a donation, and that people looking to write the money off on taxes are responsible for documentation.

You can donate via, the iTunes Store and the App Store.

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Samsung halts production of Galaxy Note 7...

Well, Apple’s faulty batteries never caused a company to tell its users to discontinue use of their product outright.

Electronics maker Samsung issued an alert to customers on Monday asking them to turn off their Galaxy Note 7 smartphone units. The units have been spontaneously catching fire. As such, the company halted production of the devices over the weekend.

In a corporate statement, Samsung said it will also “ask all carrier and retail partners globally to stop sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note 7” while it investigates the cause of the fires.
It also said, “Consumers with either an original Galaxy Note 7 or replacement Galaxy Note 7 device should power down and stop using the device.”

Samsung released the 5.7-inch...

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All Systems Go for Andromeda

Although Google didn't drop any new details on the progress of Andromeda at its big Pixel event, that doesn't suggest any tempering of enthusiasm for the new operating system. Andromeda reportedly is a mashup of Android and Chrome, with features from Chrome having been ported into Android rather than the other way around. It's expected to show up next year in a new laptop, dubbed "Pixel 3." The project is known internally as "Bison." Google also plans to launch a Huawei-manufactured Nexus tablet that will run Andromeda.

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Why today’s Apple v Samsung Supreme Court case is so...

The BBC has an interesting take on the Apple versus Samsung patent case that is finally heading to the Supreme Court today, arguing that a definitive ruling is needed in order to bring a 19th Century law into the 21st Century.  It also explains why the legal battle probably won’t end with the Supreme Court’s ruling.

A one-paragraph recap for anyone who hasn’t been following the case closely. Samsung infringed several of Apple’s design patents – that is, patents concerned with how things look (in either hardware or software) rather than what they do. Samsung is no longer denying that. The lower courts ruled that Samsung must pay all of the profits made by infringing these patents. That’s the bit Samsung is fighting, arguing that it should pay a much smaller sum....

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The FLOAT Shelf is the iMac shelf Apple would’ve made

I’ve long been a fan of Twelve South’s BackPack for iMac, a sturdy shelf designed for an iMac or Apple display. However, if you need something bigger, the FLOAT Shelf debuts on Kickstarter today. I received an advance unit and like what I see.

The FLOAT Shelf provides a wide platform on the back of Apple’s all-in-one for displaying collectibles, mementos, and other items. I use it to store an eternal solid state drive and other accessories that would normally clutter up my desktop. With its patent-pending, bracketless mounting channel, the FLOAT Shelf is easy to install. It simply slides into position on the stand of a tapered-edge iMac, then its mounting channel uses geometry and gravity to secure it in place. 

The shelf’s anodized finish is a perfect aesthetic match with the iMac. Made of aircraft-grade...

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It’s over: Samsung permanently ends production of...

Samsung has officially ceased worldwide production of its Galaxy Note 7 after multiple reports of replacement models, like the original ones, catching fire.

I argued yesterday that the company ‘might as well write-off this year’s flagship phone as a lost cause,’ and there are today multiple reports (The Verge, Bloomberg and the BBC) that it has now done so.

South Korean tech giant Samsung has permanently...

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Apple makes it a bit more difficult to make a Genius...

Apple would prefer you exhaust all other options in dealing with an issue before you make a Genius Bar reservation. And the company has made it a bit more difficult to schedule a Genius Bar appointment at your local Apple retail store. Here’s how it used to work with an accompanying graphic from

On an iOS device:

  • Launch the Apple Store app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Tap on the Stores tab in the bottom navigation.
  • It should find the closest store to you automatically. If it doesn't just search for it.
  • Tap on Genius Bar.
  • Select the device you're having problems with.
  • Choose a time you'd like to make your appointment for and then tap Select Day & Time.
  • Look over your reservation and make sure everything looks right. You can tap on How can we help you? and add notes for the Genius ahead of time if you'd like. Otherwise just tap on Book Reservation.
  • Log in with...
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Apple patents method for embedding light sensors...

Apple on Tuesday was granted a patent for embedding light-sensing sensors directly into device displays, an important step in creating a full-screen iPhone without the trademark "chin and forehead" bezels.

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Apple patents 'super resolution' multi-...

Apple continues to win patents detailing advanced technology rumored to show up in next year's iPhone model, the most recent being a pair of inventions dealing with "super resolution" multi-sensor cameras.

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Monday October 10

Apple collecting donations for Hurricane Matthew...

As it has done for other causes in the past, Apple today launched a Red Cross donation program to benefit those facing the death and destruction of Hurricane Matthew. Via iTunes and the App Store, Apple is collecting donations in the denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200.


Filed under: Apple ...

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Official Apple figures peg iOS 10 adoption rate at...

Apple this week released the first official statistics on iOS 10 adoption since the OS went live in September, revealing more than half of compatible devices are now running current generation software.

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UK Is Banning Apple Watch From Cabinet Meetings Over...

Mickeycaskill quotes a report from TechWeekEurope UK: Ministers have been forbidden to wear the Apple Watch during cabinet meetings due to the risk they could be hacked by Russian agents, according to a report. Prime minister Theresa May imposed the new rules following several high-profile hacks that have been blamed on Russia. Several cabinet ministers previously wore the Apple Watch, including former Justice Secretary Michael Gove. Mobile phones have already been banned due to similar concerns. Politically motivated hackers have caused disruption in several recent incidents, including the hack of the Democratic National Committee, which resulted in the release of a large cache of internal emails. One of the paper's sources said: "The Russians are trying to hack everything."


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Dash developer responds

Bogdan Popescu responded tonight after Apple went public with the reason his account was revoked.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Google's New Fonts Chip Away at Written...

Project Noto, one of Google's most ambitious undertakings ever, has reached a milestone. Noto now supports 800 languages and 100 writing scripts, the companies announced last week. Google and Monotype launched the open source initiative to create a typeface family that supports all the languages in the world, even rarely used languages. Both serif and sans serif letters with up to eight weights are supported, as well as numbers, emoji, symbols and musical notation. "Noto" is short for "no tofu."

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Samsung halts Galaxy Note 7 sales, tells users to...

Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 is in the throes of death. The Korean tech giant on Monday issued a statement telling owners to power down and stop using the handset as it could pose a safety hazard.

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Apple blames removal of ‘Dash’ app on 1,000...

Update: Kapeli has responded to Apple’s allegations in a new blog post, claiming that Apple never made contact before deleting the app and developer account. Additionally, Kapeli shared audio of the phone call with Apple regarding the issue.

Last week, we reported on the removal of popular developer app Dash from the App Store, as well as the termination of the creator’s Apple Developer account. The company that publishes Dash, Kapeli, originally stated that it did not have any idea why Apple removed the app from the App Store, though it was later revealed that Apple had found evidence of App Store review manipulation. Now, Apple has issued a statement regarding the...

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[Sponsor] SQLPro -- Database Management

SQLPro offers easy to use, feature rich database clients for Microsoft SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, and SQLite databases.

Download a seven-day trial from our website or use coupon code GRUBER to save 20%.

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Apple Responds to Dash Controversy

Jim Dalrymple, on the Dash/App Store affair:

Apple’s anti-fraud team has apparently been working with the
developer for some time to stop fraudulent positive reviews, and
negative reviews on competitors’ accounts. According to Apple, all
attempts to work with the developer have failed, resulting in the
account being terminated.

“Almost 1,000 fraudulent reviews were detected across two accounts
and 25 apps for this developer so we removed their apps and
accounts from the App Store,” Apple spokesperson, Tom Neumayr,
said in a statement provided to The Loop on Monday. “Warning was
given in advance of the termination and attempts were made to
resolve the issue with the developer but they were unsuccessful.
We will terminate developer accounts for ratings and review fraud,
including actions designed to hurt...

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Billings Pro: Simple time-tracking and invoicing for...


Thanks to Marketcircle, makers of Billings Pro for sponsoring The Loop this week.

Tired of manually creating invoices and keeping track of your time slips with spreadsheets? Billings Pro is a simple time-tracking and invoicing app for the Mac, iPad, iPhone & Apple Watch. It’s used by lawyers, consultants, photographers, graphic designers & more all over the world.

Track time from any Apple device – whether you’re at the office, working at a coffee shop, or tracking time for an on-site client meeting. Whip up invoices lightening fast from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. Choose from over 30 professional templates on the Mac or customize your own. Keep track of overdue invoices, set recurring invoices, and add client...

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Banned Dash developer accused of nearly 1,000...

In response to an uproar from developers over last week's decision to strip popular API documentation app Dash from the iOS App Store, Apple on Monday released a statement saying the developer manipulated fraudulently enabled positive reviews of his own app and negative reviews of competing titles.

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Samsung continues to copy Apple, this time the Mac...

They just can’t seem to help themselves.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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AWT News Update: October 10, 2016

A quiet day on the Apple news front before what might be a quite impressive display of legal expertise in front of the Supreme Court dealing with the Apple-Samsung patent dispute that's been going on for years. So what do we have for you today?

  • Two-thirds of all iOS users are now using iOS 10
  • iOS 10.1 is getting closer to release with a new beta today
  • Facebook announces a new app -- Events from Facebook

The text version of the podcast can be viewed below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below.

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Text Version

Hi, this is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for October 10, 2016. This week...

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Samsung's cylindrical ArtPC Pulse computer apes...

Samsung, in conjunction with Harman Kardon, has quietly revealed the new cylindrical consumer-grade ArtPC Pulse line powered by the sixth generation Skylake processor, which has already begun to draw many comparisons to Apple's 2013 Mac Pro design.

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∞ Apple responds to Dash controversy with proof

Controversy erupted last week when Apple [cancelled the account of a popular developer app called Dash. Apple told the developer “they found evidence of App Store review manipulation,” an accusation the developer denied, but Apple has proof. […]

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Memes made the presidential debate great again

There's something magical about an inside joke. A good inside joke reminds friends that no matter what happens, you'll always have that moment when you were completely in sync, united by laughter and happy tears. Memes, meanwhile, are inside jokes on...

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The iPhone 7 Plus makes up 30% of new model iPhone...

Survey data from Fiksu indicates that the iPhone 7 Plus now makes up 30% of iPhone 7 sales, the highest percentage ever for the Plus models. The ratio may go even higher for the December quarter. 

This could push the average selling price of the iPhone for the quarter to an all time high above $700. Fiksu provides market data on iOS and iPhone model adoption through customers' apps that users install on their phones. 

Fiksu data can't be used by itself to estimate absolute numbers of iPhone sales, since it amounts to a survey of a subset of all iPhones. However, “it's probably a reasonable indicator of relative sales” for the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models compared to launches for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s models, notes Seeking Alpha.


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Notable apps and app updates for Oct. 10, 2016

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

The Lim brothers have introduced Deck of Cards 1.0. It’s a free multiplayer card game in which you play your favorite card games with your friends anywhere with up to eight players. Users can play with one another by having one person create a room as the host, and the others joining that room. 

Unit Radius has launched Weather VR. The US$0.99 weather app features an altimeter, 3D compass, 3D wind vane and 3D sun tracker, as well as a catalog of 3D weather effects. GPS can be used to get the current weather at the user's location, with both same day and three day forecast...

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Facebook launches Slack competitor Workplace with...

Facebook on Monday officially introduced Workplace, a long-in-testing collaboration tool for businesses and other organizations, aimed at challenging similar offerings from the likes of Slack.

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Our fingerprints, eyes and faces will replace...

Passwords are a pain in the ass. They're either easy to crack or hard to remember, and when breaches occur you have to come up with a whole new one. So people are trying to do away with passwords altogether, and so far fingerprint scanners are doing...

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ExtraBITS for 10 October 2016

In ExtraBITS this week, Fujitsu has published an initial schedule for addressing the ScanSnap problems in Sierra, Jason Snell explains how Sierra calculates free space differently, “Good Eats” host Alton Brown’s new cookbook uses only iPhone photography, and Apple has officially discontinued the third-generation Apple TV.


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TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 10...

Notable software releases this week include iFinance 4.1.3, PDFpen and PDFpenPro 8.2, and DEVONthink 2.9.5.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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External Link: ScanSnap Offers Fix Schedule for...

Fujitsu has published a schedule for addressing problems with its ScanSnap software running in macOS 10.12 Sierra. A fix for scanning using ScanSnap models iX500, iX100, SV600, S1300i, and S1100i in Sierra became available on 6 October 2016, and the company promises an additional update on 17 October 2016 for ScanSnap models S1500, S1500M, S1300, and S1100. The ScanSnap Evernote Edition will receive an update by the end of October. Still to come, and with no estimated release date, are fixes for older PDF content created by ScanSnap scanners so those PDFs can be modified in Sierra. In the meantime, if you’re using Sierra, work on copies of older scanned PDFs and keep good backups.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member!...

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Potential Apple Watch snooping: a not-so-paranoid...

It may sound paranoid, but the next time you enter a highly confidential meeting, leave your smart watch behind. It's possible the device could be spying on you.

That's what ministers in the U.K. are reportedly being told. They've recently been banned from wearing Apple Watches during cabinet meetings on fears that the devices could be hacked by Russian cyberspies, according to The Telegraph.

Mobile phones have already been prohibited from cabinet meetings, but the U.K. government has reportedly taken the extra step of also banning smart watches.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Samsung's cylindrical PC looks like a very...

Apple, HP and MSI aren't the only ones big on super-stylish, trash can-shaped desktop PCs. Samsung has quietly started taking pre-orders for the ArtPC Pulse, a cylindrical computer that bears more than a passing resemblance to the current-generation...

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You can now pre-order Oculus Touch controllers for $...

At last week's Oculus Connect, the virtual reality company revealed that its Touch motion controllers would arrive December 6th. You don't have to wait until then to make your purchase though, Oculus is now accepting pre-orders ahead of that date. If...

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GM: you won't buy self-driving cars at...

Do you dream of having a self-driving car in your driveway, ready to whisk you away at a moment's notice? You might have to keep dreaming for a while. GM president Dan Ammann tells Business Insider that he doesn't expect autonomous vehicles at deal...

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Facebook Workplace officially launches on the web...

Facebook today officially announced the release of their Workplace business product. Originally titled Facebook at Work, the new product is set to compete head-on with other similar services like Slack and Hipchat. Riding off the familiarity that users already have with the social network, and its competitively low price-points, Workplace looks like it can be a contender in the business communications demographic…


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Thousands pay tribute to famous Twitch gamer in live...

Philip Klemenov, a well-known pro gamer and livestreamer who went by "Phizzurp," had his life tragically cut short when he died in a car accident on October 2nd. However, his passing is also showing how the streaming community can unite in moments...

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More Galaxy Note 7 fires reported as cryptic...

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 situation continues to worsen, as two more replacement phones have lit on fire -- and communications from Samsung to afflicted customers trying to return their devices and the general public about the issue is compounding the problem.

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Cyanogen ditches its mobile OS in favor of a modular...

Cyanogen is abandoning its dreams of becoming the third big mobile platform in favor of rolling out a modular approach to smartphone software customization. The Cyanogen Modular OS program empowers device manufacturers to introduce "intelligent, cust...

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American Red Cross accepting donations to support...

Apple cares and they show it every time they have an opportunity to help.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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∞ Top selling Galaxy Note 7 accessory

Be safe people.

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Lawsuit claims Yahoo discriminates against men

A Yahoo Inc media executive fired from the internet company last year has filed a lawsuit claiming a job review process implemented by Chief Executive Marissa Mayer was used to cut men from executive ranks and lay them off illegally, court papers showed.

It’s not often you hear about this type of lawsuit.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Facebook at Work officially launches as '...

Right on schedule, Facebook's private social networks for companies officially launched today. After several years in private beta, the company's Slack and Yammer competitor is now known simply as "Workplace," and is available to companies, non-profi...

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Review: Nomad Horween Leather iPhone 7 Plus Case +...

Nomad is the maker of clever tech accessories for travelers like the Key and Carabiner charging cables, and the recent partnership with Chicago’s Horween Leather Company has disguised battery packs inside good-looking wallets. Nomad’s effort with Horween extends to their new iPhone 7 leather cases and Apple Watch leather bands which we’ve been testing. Read on for our hands-on experience…


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Supreme Court to hear Apple, Samsung case on Tuesday

After five years of litigation, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on Tuesday in the bitter patent dispute between the world’s two top smartphone manufacturers over the amount Samsung should pay Apple for copying the iPhone’s distinctive look.

There is absolutely no doubt that Samsung stole everything it could from the iPhone. They should pay up and stop stealing.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple opens up iTunes donations for Hurricane...

Apple on Monday began taking iTunes donations towards the relief of Hurricane Matthew, which recently tore through a number of Caribbean countries, as well as several U.S. states including Florida and the Carolinas -- killing hundreds, and leaving many more homeless or otherwise in need of aid.

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The quest to make a true blue M&M

Really interesting article about the industry’s search for natural alternatives for the colors found in many of our favorite foods.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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'Maguss' wants your help bringing its...

If you like the idea of a Harry Potter-like mobile spellcasting game and aren't that attached to J.K. Rowling's universe, you can now plunk down some cash to get it. The Maguss team has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to bring its Pok&eac...

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Google Resurrects Embrace, Extend, Extinguish

This almost sounds like a plot for a novel. Microsoft creates a successful strategy called "Embrace, Extend, Extinguish" and then promptly forgets it, resulting in a string of failures. Google, which up to now seemed happy to repeat Microsoft's mistakes, accidentally picks up a successful Microsoft practice and uses it against Apple -- likely taking out a number of its Android partners. When Microsoft was starting out, its most powerful platform wasn't Windows, which was almost an industry joke at the time -- it was Microsoft Office.

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Google Assistant is getting a sense of humor from...

As Google Home gets closer to launch, the AI assistant is not only getting smarter, but also a little more friendly and -- hopefully -- a whole lot funnier. As the Wall Street Journal's Christopher Mims notes in a piece about friendly AI like Siri, A...

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Apple issues third developer beta of iOS 10.1 with...

Apple on Monday supplied a third pre-release beta of iOS 10.1 to developers, less than a week after the second beta was released. The forthcoming update includes the new bokeh Portrait photo mode exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus.

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The best pressure cooker

By Lesley Stockton
This post was done in partnership with The Sweethome, a buyer's guide to the best things for your home. Read the full article here.

After 40 hours of research and testing—including cooking 15 pounds of brisket, 13 pounds of...

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Apple releases iOS 10.1 beta 3 with Portrait camera...

Apple has released the third iOS 10.1 beta which includes the Portrait camera for iPhone 7 Plus that applies a DSLR-like blur effect over photos using the dual lens system. iOS 10.1 beta 3 is available to registered developers. A public beta of iOS 10.1 for non-developers is also currently active. tvOS 10.0.1 beta 3 for Apple TV is also available for developers.


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Apple assisting in donations for Hurricane Matthew...

Apple has added a banner to its U.S. website, iTunes Store, and app stores, allowing you to donate to relief efforts for those affected by the Hurricane Matthew. All donations go to the American Red Cross. 

You can donate in increments of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 and $200. Donations will be processed as normal iTunes or App Store purchases via your Apple ID. 

Matthew is no longer a hurricane. But even as it heads out to sea, the storm is causing serious problems for the southeastern United States. North Carolina is feeling the brunt. According to CNN, the eastern part of the state will deal with devastating flooding for several days as rivers top their banks.    

One thousand people in North Carolina have been rescued, some in dramatic helicopter operations, and 3,000 people are still living in shelters, authorities said Sunday. More than 585,00 customers still lacked electricity...

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: 15” Retina MacBook Pro $1,600...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications.


Apple’s 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro 2.2GHz/16GB/256GB is back down...

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Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) impacts millions;...

The Life Light can turn a window into a phototherapy system.

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Olloclip brings three new lens collections to iPhone...

On Monday, Olloclip announced its refreshed line of lenses for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus dubbed the Core, Active, and Macro Pro lens sets, all featuring an improved Connect mounting system, and better optics than previous models.

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The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Review: Iterating on...

This is the typical long, technical and very well done review from the folks at AnandTech. Settle in for a while to read more detail on the new phones than any other publication can manage.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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YouTube says some games are weirdly popular by region

Some games are universal -- Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto, for instance, are popular in almost every country despite being different from each other in nearly every way. Pokémon Go is also a hit everywhere except, not surprisingly, Russia. Af...

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Apple Watches banned from UK Cabinet after ministers...

It’s unclear how much of this can be put down to general (possibly misguided) fear of what might happen versus there being an actual threat or possibility.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Google may halve memory consumption in Chrome 55...

Looking to further streamline the multi-platform browser's performance, Google is preparing a new version of Chrome that should substantially lower RAM consumption.

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Deals: $400 off 15" MacBook Pro; up to $300 off...

Shoppers this week can pick up a 15" MacBook Pro for $1,599.99 on eBay or save $100-$300 on 13" MacBook Airs at Apple authorized reseller B&H. A lifetime subscription to Windscribe VPN is also marked down to $49.99 (94% off).

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Google's search engine now converts color values

There are plenty of nerdy things that Google's search engine can do, and the latest is a peach if you're a graphic designer. If you type in "RGB to Hex," you'll be shown a color converter that'll let you pick a shade and get the RBG and Hex values fo...

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External Link: The New Math: How Sierra Calculates...

Over at Six Colors, Jason Snell reveals that macOS 10.12 Sierra calculates free space on your drive differently than in the past. Along with drive space that doesn’t contain any data, Sierra now includes in the calculation “purgeable space,” which holds data that can be deleted from your drive because Sierra can redownload it if necessary. This purgeable data includes stuff like files stored in iCloud, certain large fonts, and unused dictionaries, along with purchased video content from the iTunes Store and photos and videos you have in iCloud Photo Library (those last two require you to have enabled the appropriate settings in iTunes and Photos). Keep this in mind, or you could get confused when trying to determine how much space you have left on your drive!


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and...

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iOS 10 & Xcode 8: Complete Swift 3 &...

We're back with another HOT online course deal for anyone who wants to get into iOS 10 development. This week, get lifetime access to over 40 hours of top training from developer Aaron Caines for just $39 - that's 80% off the regular $200 price tag! Even if you just want to make your own sticker packs for iOS 10 Messages, you'll need the knowledge that can be found in the iOS 10 & Xcode 8: Complete Swift 3 & Objective-C Guide

You'll learn development from a master by building 20 apps:

  • Access 204 lectures & 40.5 hours of content 24/7
  • Understand Xcode 8, Swift 3, Objective-C, iOS 10, Interface Builder, Simulator, & Project Types
  • Create over 20 real iOS 10 applications in Swift 3...
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External Link: Alton Brown’s Latest Cookbook Photos...

Cookbooks often feature elaborately staged food photography designed to make the recipes seem as compelling as possible, which is why it’s notable that the photos in Alton Brown’s latest cookbook were shot with an iPhone 6s Plus. The former “Good Eats” host’s latest project is EveryDayCook, a cookbook featuring recipes he regularly prepares for himself. In the preface, Brown explained that all the photography for the book was shot with an iPhone because he’s “a bit of a control freak.” Aren’t we all?


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and...

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Olloclip's new lenses attach quickly to your...

Now that there are new iPhones with revised cameras, many smartphone photographers are going to want new Olloclip lenses. Thankfully, they've arrived... and Olloclip didn't just tweak the connectors and call it a day. Its new Core, Active and Macro...

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Olloclip unveils three new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7...

The new cameras on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are highly impressive on their own, and Olloclip has three new interchangeable lens kits that let you take a variety of different shots not otherwise possible. All three new camera accessories work with both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and Olloclip has updated its Ollo Case to fit both new iPhones as well.


Filed under: Apple ...

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Apple vs. Samsung battle goes to the U.S. Supreme...

Six years after Apple filed its first lawsuit alleging unauthorized copying of the iPhone, the Cupertino, California-based company will square off at the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday against Samsung. They will argue over how much of a $399 million patent infringement award Samsung must pay, reports Bloomberg.

It will be the Supreme Court’s first examination in 120 years of design patents, which cover the ornamental look of an object rather than any functional aspect. The court last looked at design patents in disputes involving spoon handles in the 1870s and carpets in the 1890s, notes Bloomberg.

Last week a federal appeals court reinstated a $120 million jury award for Apple...

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Majority of Irish voters back Apple and Irish...

A poll for the Irish Times found that the majority of Irish voters believe that the government is right to join Apple in appealing against the EU ruling that the Cupertino company must pay €13B ($14.5B) in back taxes.


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Apple & Samsung to bring legal battle to US...

In its first case over design patents in some 120 years, the U.S. Supreme Court will tackle the outcome of the biggest Apple v. Samsung lawsuit on Tuesday, as Samsung looks to reduce the scope of damages owed.

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UK government extends cellphone ban during Cabinet...

U.K. cabinet members have been prohibited from wearing Apple Watch during Cabinet meetings, over misplaced concern that they may be penetrated by Russian spies, and used for covert surveillance and recordings of sensitive government business.

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iOS 10 now installed on two thirds of devices,...

iOS 10 is now installed on more than two thirds of the active iOS device install base, recording 66.7% twenty-seven days after iOS 10 was released according to Fiksu. Mixpanel is also recording iOS 10 adoption topping 66% since Sunday.

As shown by the graph, iOS 10 has the fastest adoption rate than any previous update, a month after release. Interestingly, iOS 10 initially lagged behind iOS 6, 7 and 9 until about two weeks in. The upgrade rate then rockets upwards to take the top spot at the end of September.



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olloclip announces three new lens sets for the...

olloclip has announced its newly designed mobile photography lens sets for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:  the Core, Active and Macro Pro lens sets. The updated designs feature new multi-element optics, the new Connect interchangeable lens system and an innovative hinged lens base keeping the lens flush with the camera for improved optical performance while allowing compatibility with most screen protectors.  

The new Connect interchangeable lens system maintains all the best features of its award-winning predecessor and is now equipped to quickly configure with other individual iPhone 7 Connect lenses, according to Patrick O'Neill, olloclip founder. 

The patent-pending Connect system attaches and aligns instantly to both the front and rear cameras of iPhone with no extra parts required. Similar to the precision fit of over-ear headphones, the hinged lens base of the Connect™ system swivels independently and is designed to be screen...

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Shazam debuts an iMessage app for Apple’s Messages

Shazam has launched Shazam for Apple’s Messages app (which is currently dubbed simply Messages). Users can “Shazam” and share their results as messages with friends without leaving the messaging screen.

Shazam is one of the world’s most popular apps. It’s used by more than 100 million people each month to identify music, get song lyrics, more.

With Shazam for iMessage, listeners will be able to discover music playing around them and will be prompted to “Touch to Shazam.” Tapping the Shazam button will initiate music recognition, just as it does when using Shazam’s other apps. The result will then be displayed in the compose field and ready to send, with results also appearing in the “My Shazam” tab of the Shazam app.

Users can tap the shared result to view: larger artwork with title and artist; Shazam count; a preview option; Apple Music and iTunes buttons.

Shazam for iMessage is...

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Microsoft's reworked Paint app lets you draw...

Microsoft is working on an overhaul of its Paint app for Windows 10, and it might just be worth a look if you're a casual creator. WindowsBlogItalia has leaked an early test version of the software that reveals both a much-needed modernization of th...

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LittleBits competitor SBrick Plus aims to bring...

We’re great fans of anything that inspires kids to get to grips with technology from an early age, noting recently the smarthome and Bluetooth LE kits added by LittleBits. Now a British company is aiming to bring even smarter technology to Lego, claiming that it’s the first physical product that can be programmed with Swift Playgrounds.

SBrick Plus is a brick that you can place into your LEGO® models so you can control them remotely using a smart device like a phone, tablet, gamepad or even Chromebook or PC. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though; SBrick Plus can use sensors from the WeDo 1.0™ family can be programmed in...

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VR model of Auschwitz helps convict Nazi war criminal

German police have used VR forensics tech to prosecute a Nazi war criminal who worked at the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. The team from the Bavarian state crime office (LKA), led by investigator Ralf Breker, created highly detailed digital...

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British ministers barred from wearing Apple Watches...

British ministers have been barred from wearing Apple Watches during Cabinet meetings over concerns that they could be hacked by Russian spies, according to The Telegraph.

Under David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, several cabinet ministers wore the smart watches, including Michael Gove, the former Justice Secretary. However, under Theresa May (pictured), current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the Leader of the Conservative Party, ministers have been barred from wearing them amid concerns that they could be used by hackers as listening devices.

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Comment: Samsung’s literal meltdown will mostly...

You might have thought things couldn’t get any worse for Samsung after a series of fires and explosions forced it to recall its flagship Galaxy Note 7. It had already been forced to recall almost 2.5 million devices at an estimated cost of a billion dollars, with all U.S. major carriers offering customers the option to return replacement devices also.

But things have now gotten worse. Much worse. The Verge has found that no fewer than five replacement...

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Comcast to expand 1 terabyte monthly data cap to...

It looks like Comcast could enforce its promised bandwidth cap sooner than you might think.

The company recently announced a 1 terabyte bandwidth cap for Xfinity Internet customers, which are currently in effect in 16 regions, will become enacted within another 18 regions getting the bandwidth cap on November 1st.

Comcast settled on the 1TB cap limit after experimenting with various caps for several years in select areas. During that time, Comcast appeared to be favoring a 300GB cap, but never rolled it out nationwide. Then in April, Comcast bumped up the cap in its test markets to 1 terabyte.

< ~--more-->
Comcast has said that less than one percent of its customers actually use in excess of one terabyte per month. As of now, one...

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AT&T stops selling Samsung Galaxy Note 7 after...

Even after the recalls and apologies, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery debacle continues, even after supposedly safe replacement units were issued.

This time, wireless carrier AT&T announces that it is discontinuing all sales and exchanges of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones following a number of fires caused by supposedly “safe” phones that had been replaced under recall.

“Based on recent reports, we’re no longer exchanging new Note 7s at this time, pending further investigation of these reported incidents,” said an AT&T spokesperson. “We still encourage customers with a recalled Note 7 to visit an AT&T location to exchange that device for another Samsung smartphone or other smartphone of their choice.”

The four largest...

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The 'Inside' soundtrack was created with a...

Inside, the mysterious puzzle platformer by Playdead, continues the dark and isolating tone of its predecessor, Limbo. Much of the game's atmosphere can be attributed to the soundtrack, which offers a beautiful, yet haunting frame for the narrative....

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Xplorer HalfPack RT works as both a formal and...

Urban Xplorer's US$199 Xplorer HalfPack RT ("RT" as in "road trip") was the first in Urban Xplorer’s "affordable luxury" line of travel bags and gear. In fact, it's designed not just as a bag, but as multi-functional, customizable travel gear with a vintage American classic design.

The HalfPack RT transitions from the formal to the informal with detachable backpack straps, adjustable shoulder straps and multiple pockets and compartments to hold laptops, tablets, phones, accessories, paperwork, clothing, shoes and more. It can be used as a backpack for school, laptop backpack, or for use as a business or travel bag.

Available in designer colors — Brooklyn Bronze, Electric Burnt Orange, and Classic Black — it's made of weatherproof and stain resistant NylonUX Ballistic Fabric 1680D, with customizable cotton/polyester straps, leather accents, steel hardware,...

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Leap Motion app review: Taking a leap with Jungle...

Jungle Jumper is an inexpensive (US$2.99) game for use with the Leap Motion controller on macOS 10.7 and higher. It's fun -- once you get the controls to work properly.

In the "endless" platformer, you use your hand to aim and launch the hero from platform to platform, navigating him while he's airborne by tilting your palm. Mastering the moves is a bit tricky as slight tilting provides not-so-slight results. 

To increase your score, collect airborne coins as you fly through the night sky. The further you get, the faster you go, and the game gets increasingly difficult.

Jungle Jumper is great for a quick gaming fix once you get going. However, gameplay was marred as it occasionally stopped gameplay and asked me to relaunch the game. 

What's more, Jungle Jumper doesn't have much variety. For example, some of the background graphics seem to be "recycled"...

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UK targets doxxing, hashtags and more in online...

Over the course of the year, the UK government has attempted to crack down internet abuse by introducing new guidelines for prosecutors and forming a new troll-hunting police unit. Those updates ensured that anyone creating websites or fake online pr...

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British Prime Minister bans Apple Watches from...

The Telegraph reports that British government ministers have been banned from wearing Apple Watches during cabinet meetings, over fears that they could be hacked by the Russians.

Under David Cameron, several cabinet ministers wore the smart watches, including Michael Gove, the former Justice Secretary. However, under Theresa May ministers have been barred from wearing them amid concerns that they could be used by hackers as listening devices

The previous Prime Minister, David Cameron, allowed the Watches to be worn in the high-level meetings, and the change of policy is attributed to recently-installed PM Theresa May …


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Spy photos capture Google's self-driving...

Google will soon have self-driving minivans on the roads, judging by spy shots leaked by Electrek. The photos, taken from a Google facility in Mountain View, show a half-dozen Chrysler Pacifica vans being set up with Google's latest self-driving sens...

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Indiana Pacers use AI to help you get hot dogs faster

Among the hassles you deal with at sports events, waiting in line is one of the most annoying. What if you miss the start of play because you had to satisfy a hot dog craving? The Indiana Pacers want to alleviate that headache. They're partnering wit...

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Sunday October 9

'Battlefield 1' helps you make movies on...

PC gamers have long had tools to make professional-looking movies. Console players, however, haven't had much luck... it's usually either raw gameplay or nothing. DICE and EA want to give living room directors their shot, though. They're implementing...

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Samsung temporarily suspends production of Galaxy...

Certainly the death knell of the Galaxy Note 7. The next question is, how will it affect Samsung’s brand and sales going forward?

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Lady Gaga album leaks through Amazon's Echo...

Lady Gaga is starting to reveal some of the songs on her upcoming album Joanne, but it might not be quite the controlled release she was hoping for. Fans with Amazon's Echo speakers recently discovered that they could listen to 30-second previews of...

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Samsung suspends production of Galaxy Note 7, AT...

Following a recall and efforts to fix dangerous flaws with its flagship phablet Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is now said to have temporarily suspended production of the jumbo-sized handset entirely, while U.S. carriers AT&T and T-Mobile have announced they will no longer offer replacement units.

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BioWare's 'Jade Empire' gets another...

BioWare is virtually synonymous with Mass Effect and Dragon Age these days, but it has had its share of experiments. Remember Jade Empire, its China-inspired (and critically well-received) action role-playing title? Aspyr does -- it just released ver...

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Samsung reportedly halts Galaxy Note 7 production

After more reports of replacement Galaxy Note 7 phones catching fire, Yonhap News reports that Samsung has temporarily suspended production. The Korean paper cited an anonymous source working at one of Samsung's suppliers, and the company has not yet...

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Chrome's December update will be less of a...

Google has spent a while reducing Chrome's sometimes notorious demands on your system, but it knows that its web browser still needs some work. Accordingly, the upcoming Chrome 55 will include an upgraded JavaScript engine that significantly reduces...

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Three more lawfirms join class action over '...

An additional three lawfirms are now participating in a class action suit first launched in August, which accused Apple of failing to acknowledge or do free repairs for a so-called "touch disease" affecting some owners of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

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