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Thursday July 6

4 ways iOS 11 will improve how you listen to podcasts

Owing to its embrace of the format back in 2005, Apple owns the most prominent position in the podcast market. Between iTunes on iOS and Windows and the Podcasts app on iOS, Apple owns the most popular podcast players in existence. And Apple Podcasts is by far the largest and most comprehensive—some would say definitive—directory for podcasts in the world.

That position gives Apple power and influence in the podcast world, even if you don’t use Apple’s apps to listen to your favorite podcasts. And with iOS 11, Apple’s making changes to the way podcasts organize and describe themselves that should make it easier to choose which podcast episodes to listen to, while giving podcasters more insight into just how people listen to podcasts.


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Steve Jobs and the missing “Intel Inside” sticker

Ken Segall:

I get that Intel Inside is one of the most successful marketing campaigns in business history. It’s just that after 36 years, that logo starts to feel more like a pollutant than an advertising device.

Thankfully, Macs have remained 100% free of Intel branding since Apple adopted its processors way back in 2006.

We have Steve Jobs’s sensibilities to thank for this. But how it all happened is a fun little story.

No spoilers, a fun read, another great little Steve Jobs anecdote.

UPDATE: Jump to the main Loop post to see video of the “Stickers” quote.

[H/T John Kordyback]


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Want a set of black AirPods? Can have!

Check the pictures. These look pretty well done. You can send in your AirPods, they’ll paint them for $99, or buy them direct from the site for $279/$299 depending on the finish.

Pricey, but interesting.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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iFixit launches battery replacement kits for MacBook...

Recent MacBooks aren’t exactly noted for their repairability, a change that started in 2012 with the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. Among the many changes introduced was a battery very firmly glued to the chassis, making it next to impossible to replace.

But iFixit likes a challenge, and has now come up with a DIY battery replacement kit which it reckons allows the job to be tackled by mere mortals …


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The world’s oldest websites that are still around...

Space Jam website, still up and running. Wow!

∞ Read this on The Loop

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iFixIt introduces battery fix kits for the MacBook...

iFixIt has introduced battery fix kits for the MacBook Prow with Retina Display. In 2012 Apple introduced its sleek, non-upgradable laptop with a battery stubbornly glued to the frame. 

iFixIt has been working on a do-it-yourself repair solution for folks who want to replace the battery in their MacBook Pro Retina for a long time. The new “glue-busting” battery kits reportedly have all the tools and instructions you need to replace your own battery. Pricing ranges from $89.95 to $119.95, depending on your MacBook Pro model.

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New Jay Z music video lands on Apple Music, but...

After debuting his new album exclusively on his own Tidal music streaming service last week, today Apple Music is premiering the first music video from the release despite still not offering the actual album.


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Following 'iPhone 8,' Apple plans to go...

While this year's iPhone lineup is expected to feature just one model with an OLED display -- the flagship "iPhone 8" -- the company is rumored to embrace the display technology in a big way a year later, when it could offer three OLED iPhones.

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Fender partners with Apple Music with curated guitar...

I’ve always been a Strat fan, love these playlists. Here’s a link to the Fender playlist page. Enjoy.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Future Macs may detect your presence and react...

Future Macs may “wake up” when they detect your presence and take action based on exactly where you are. Apple has filed for a patent (number 20170193282) for “presence sensing.”

The “presence-based functionality” method may include operating the Mac in a reduced power state and collecting a first set of data from a first sensor. Based on the first set of data, the computer determines if an object is within a threshold distance of the Mac. 

If so, the device activates a secondary sensor (a microphone or camera) to collect a second set of data. Based on the second set of data, the Mac determines if the object is a person. If the object is a person, the computer determines a position of the person relative to the computing device and executes a change of state in the computing device based on the position of the person relative to the computing device. 

For example, movement toward the Mac may activate more features, such as providing more options/menus in a user...

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Samsung’s Bixby rollout delayed as it struggles to...

Korea Herald:

The English version of Samsung Electronics’ voice-assistant service Bixby has been delayed because the firm lacks the accumulation of big data, which is key to deep learning technology, according to the company Tuesday.


Bixby is now available only in Korean, although Samsung’s mobile chief, Koh Dong-jin, said in April, “Bixby’s English version and Chinese version will be unveiled in May and in June, respectively.”

Didn’t happen.

“Many engineers in the US are making full efforts to develop the English version. But, (due to geographical and language barriers) their frequent reports to and communication with the management located in Korea makes the progress much slower than developing the Korean version here,” said a source on the condition of anonymity.

I was wondering what had become of Bixby.


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As iPhone 8 facial recognition expected, Apple...

We’ve been hearing a lot about the 3D camera system in the iPhone 8 being capable of facial recognition to allow automatic login without Touch ID or passcode. A new patent application published today suggests that Apple also wants to bring this capability to future Macs.

But Apple has more in mind that just a simple unlock function …


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Rumor: all 2018 iPhones will sport OLED screens

Nikkei sources suggest that Apple will use OLED screens in all 2018 iPhones. Those sources say that the tech giant has tentative plans to release three phone models next year and that all will feature OLED.

Only the premium model of this year’s upcoming “iPhone 8” is believe to sport this type of display. OLED provides a sharper color contrast than LCDs and is bendable. OLED technology is used in many high-end smartphones today

Chances this rumor is true, according to the Sellers Research Group (that’s me): 100%. It’s going to happen, folks.

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Apple to announce latest fiscal report on Aug. 1

Apple will announce its 2017 third fiscal quarter earnings on Tuesday, Aug. 1, after the market closes. The earnings conference call will start after the market closes (about 2 p.m. Pacific Time). 

Apple has offered guidance for the quarter. The company expects to report between US$43.5 billion and $45.5 billion in revenue, and a gross margin between 37.5% and 38.5%. Operating expenses are expected between $6.6 billion and $6.7 billion.

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Three Apple developers join the WebVR Community Group

Three Apple developers are now listed on the WebVR Community Group's participants webpage, UploadVR reports — as noted by AppleInsider.

Brandel Zachernuk, David Singer and Dean Jackson have joined web developers representing Internet services and like Google's Chrome, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and Mozilla's Firefox. Developers from Intel, Facebook, Samsung and other top technology companies are also part of the working group.

WebVR is an open standard that makes it possible to experience VR in your browser. The goal is to make it easier for everyone to get into VR experiences, no matter what device you have.

At June’s Worldwide Developer Conference...

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Airline cabin ban on notebooks and tablets eased,...

This is a bit more encouraging.

According to the BBC, flights from the Abu Dhabi airport are now being exempted from the ban imposed on notebooks and tablets in cabin baggage on certain US-bound flights, and the same now applies to two airlines flying from different airports …

Per the article:

Emirates has said the cabin ban on laptops no longer applies on its flights to the United States. Emirates, which flies to the US from its Dubai hub, said it worked with US authorities to meet new security rules.

Turkish Airlines has also announced that it’s easing its notebook ban as well:

Permission was granted by the Department of Homeland Security after verifying that enhanced screening measures were in place for both passengers and their hand-baggage. Exact details are not being disclosed, but it’s been reported that increased use of explosives-sniffing dogs is one of the measures adopted. The BBC notes that higher-tech screening has recently been...

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Apple reportedly preparing three new iPhone models...

Once the iPhone 8 debuts this fall, attention will naturally start to turn the 2018 iPhone lineup. It is well known that Apple begins designing iPhones many years ahead, which means preparations for the model after the 2017 iPhones are already underway. Nikkei’s sources suggest that Apple will launch three new iPhone models in 2018, all featuring OLED displays …


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Apple to announce Q3 2017 financial returns on...

If you want to know how Apple’s doing financially, check in on August 1st.

Apple on Wednesday announced that it will reveal quarterly earnings for the third fiscal quarter of 2017, traditionally the slowest sales period of the year for the company.

The upcoming earnings report is to be followed by a live-streamed conference call Tuesday, Aug. 1, at 2 p.m. Pacific, 5 p.m. Eastern. As usual, Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Luca Maestri are expected to provide commentary on the performance metrics and field questions from investment analysts.

Apple is said to be looking to return to year-over-year growth for the iPhone following a string of quarterly dips. The lucrative holiday shopping season saw iPhone sales return to growth at the end of 2016, but the progress was short lived as sales slumped in the second quarter of 2017.

The company is also expected to announce income from other revenue streams, including Apple Music, iCloud, iTunes and the App Stores....

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How to use macOS Recovery in macOS Sierra

The utilities in macOS Sierra’s macOS Recovery can help you restore from Time Machine, reinstall macOS, get help online, repair or erase a hard disk, and more.

macOS Recovery is part of the built-in recovery system of your Mac. You can start up from macOS Recovery and use its utilities to recover from certain software issues or take other actions on your Mac.

To use macOS Recovery, hold down Command-Ron your keyboard immediately after restarting your Mac or immediately after your Mac begins to restart. Continue holding until you see the Apple logo or a spinning globe. Startup is complete when you see the utilities window (pictured).

After starting up from macOS Recovery, select from these utilities, then click Continue:

  • Restore From Time Machine Backup: Restore your Mac from an external hard drive or Time Capsule that contains a Time Machine backup of your Mac.
  • Reinstall macOS: Download and reinstall the Mac operating system.
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Poll: If the iPhone 8 is available only in black,...

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has been making some interesting predictions about the iPhone 8 of late. The most surprising one of these is that it won’t offer any form of Touch ID.

While some have reported him as simply saying that it wouldn’t be embedded in the screen, this appears to be based on missing the significance of the word ‘model’ in what he said.

We predict the OLED model won’t support fingerprint recognition

I’m not sure he’s correct about that, but he made one other prediction which seems plausible: that the iPhone 8 will be available in fewer colors than usual, to...

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Don’t be fooled by the ‘working’ iPhone 8 clones [...

The official unveiling of the iPhone 8 is still several months away but that hasn’t stopped the Chinese manufacturers from producing their usual clone hardware in advance.

EverythingApplePro got his hands on one of the ‘working’ clones which have surfaced online in the last couple of weeks, and it really doesn’t take much to notice how bad they really are. Video of the device in action after the jump …


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Art View for macOS a convenient tool for Creative...

By Aaron Lee

If you're a Creative Cloud or Creative Suite user, you should check out Code Line's Art View 2, a Quick Look enhancement that offers "quick answers to common questions."

It allows graphic designers to preview, inspect, and reveal dependent font and image files from within Apple's Quick Look preview feature. Art View works independent of other applications, so users who don't have graphics applications installed are still able to take advantage of its features.

The tool provides users with previews of design files that normally aren't compatible with Quick Look. It also provides info like what fonts, images and colors were used, and reveals dependent files. 

Graphics files are visual by nature. By expanding the types of files that can be seen in Finder windows, dialog boxes and other applications, Art View helps improve the workflow of designers and people that work with them. 

Art View is available as a free, 15-day...

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Cabin baggage ban on laptops & tablets over in...

The ban on laptops and tablets in cabin baggage on certain flights into the USA is over in all but name as a fourth airline is exempted. It’s clear by this stage that the ban was simply an aggressive way to force airports and airlines to adopt tougher security screening measures.


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Notable apps and app updates for July 6, 2017

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

iOS Apps/Updates

Abson Developments has introduced Sleep like a Baby 1.0. This free app is designed to help babies feel as if they're still in the safety and comfort of an enclosed space by replicating those sounds and noises.

macOS Apps/Updates

Zevrix Solutions has announced Graphic Inspector 2.3, a feature update to company's quality control solution for images and vector files. 

The utility is deigned to solve the problem of quickly finding files with specific resolution, color, spot channels, fonts and other attributes. The app can also search metadata, report image compression, and save search criteria in workflow...

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Apple invention appears to detail HomePod's...

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday published an Apple patent application seemingly related to the company's upcoming HomePod speaker. In particular, the invention covers a method of equalizing and optimizing loudspeaker output through the use of microphones, digital signal processing and advanced computational algorithms.

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Linear TV is falling apart

Fox and AMC begin tampering with linear TV in response to cord cutting.

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Report: Apple suppliers failing to produce enough 3D...

Apple suppliers are apparently facing issues with production of the new storage chips destined for the 2017 iPhone series, the all-new-design iPhone 8 and the iterative iPhone 7s devices (which will look similar to the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but with glass backs).

The Digitimes report claims that SK Hynix and Toshiba have fallen short of production by as much as 30% due to poor yields of the 3D NAND chips. Apple has apparently turned to Samsung to pick up the shortfall …


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Wednesday July 5

Apple software engineers join WebVR virtual reality...

A trio of Apple developers have officially joined the WebVR Community Group, a W3C-hosted community initiative that strives to deliver virtual reality experiences through basic web browsers.

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Watch: 2017 13" MacBook Pro vs. 2017 12"...

Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar and 12-inch Retina MacBook were recently updated with Intel's latest-generation Kaby Lake processors. They both start at a base price of $1,299, but what are the differences, and which one is right for you?

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Apple developers join WebVR Community Group ahead of...

As Apple continues to increase its focused on mixed reality experiences, the company has recently joined the WebVR Community Group. WebVR is an initiative that aims to make virtual reality content viewable by everyone, regardless of browser or device…


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Apple to report Q3 2017 earnings on Aug. 1

Apple on Wednesday announced it will on Aug. 1 reveal quarterly earnings for the third fiscal quarter of 2017, traditionally the slowest sales period of the year for the tech giant.

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Glif review: Tripod adapter should be part of every...

I’ve been a Glif user and supporter since their first Kickstarter campaign and this is the best Glif yet.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple schedules Q3 2017 earnings release for August 1

As it always does ahead of earnings season, Apple today updated its Investor Relations webpage to announce that it will hold its Q3 2017 earnings call on Tuesday, August 1st, 2017. The call will be held at 2PM PT/5PM ET with the earnings release dropping 30 minutes before that…


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AWT News Update: July 5, 2017

A few Apple news items to make your first day of work after the Independence Day weekend a bit nicer!

  • Users of Skype on Macs running older versions of OS X (pre - 10.9) can no longer use the business communications tool. Microsoft now requires users to be running Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) if they wish to use Skype.
  • A pair of Apple stores in the northeastern US will reopen this weekend after major refurbishments that doubled their size
  • Apple News may soon be gaining ads, with publishers able to use major advertising platforms in their content

The text version of the podcast can be viewed below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below. Apple News readers need to visit Apple World Today in order to listen to the podcast.

Text Version

This is Steve Sande for...

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Latest Snapchat update adds Voice Filters, Backdrops...

Snapchat just got a pretty noteworthy update. And while the first bullet point in this update’s change log — on-demand geofilters — was introduced at the end of last month, a few of these features are entirely new. Among them are the ability to add links to your snaps, Backdrops, and Voice Filters.


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Privacy watchdog sues Trump's election...

When the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity sent a letter to all 50 states seeking personal, identifying information on all voters in the US, at least 44 states refused in some part. Trump signed an executive order last May to cre...

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Affinity Photo gets big update headlined by...

Serif’s Affinity Photo for iPad received its first big update today, headlined by its support for native resolution on the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. The iPad-only release, which now clocks in at version 1.6.3, brings many new changes and features to the popular image editing app. Have a look at the full change log inside for the entire summation of the updates. more…

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US exempts Emirates and Turkish Airlines from laptop...

As of today, Emirates Airline and Turkish Airlines no longer have to abide by the "laptop ban" that prevented passengers from carrying on devices larger than smartphones on flights from Middle East airports to the US. The ban, which was originally en...

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U.S. may intervene in Apple’s EU tax appeal

iPhone maker Apple took its case to the Luxembourg-based General Court, Europe’s second-highest, in December after the European Commission issued the record tax demand saying the U.S. company won sweetheart tax deals from the Irish government which amounted to illegal subsidies.

I think the EU overstepped and chose the case against Apple because they saw deep pockets. Even Ireland said Apple owes nothing in back taxes.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Facebook's original TV lineup includes LaVar...

Facebook has greenlit two more shows for its expanding original programming lineup. They join a reality competition series as well as a cancelled MTV comedy series that the company picked up last month.

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Fender partners with Apple for Apple Music curated...

Guitar manufacturer Fender has become the latest major brand to become an official playlist curator for Apple's services, with five unique playlists accessible via Apple Music featuring notable artists and songs spanning more than seven decades that showcase the firm's instruments.

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CNN will expose Reddit user if he ever trolls again

Over the weekend, Trump tweeted out a gif (that his staff found on Reddit) depicting an archive clip of him wrestling with WWE CEO Vince McMahon, whose face was overlaid with the CNN logo. The stunt quickly drew condemnation from both sides of the ai...

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Snapchat warps reality with backdrops and mask-free...

Snapchat users today have three more tools designed to make their lives look (and sound) magical -- backdrops, a discrete voice-filter option, and paperclip, a way to add links to images and videos.

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Tesla's diversity panel uncovers more tales of...

When former Tesla employee AJ Vandermeyden sued the company for ignoring complaints of discrimination and "pervasive harassment," the self-driving vehicle maker downplayed her claims. Tesla told The Guardian at the time that it believes in "fostering...

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'Rocket League' packs tons of freebies in...

No, cross-console multiplayer isn't in today's Anniversary update for Rocket League. But thankfully there's enough (free!) stuff on offer here to take some of the sting off of Sony's sustained stubbornness. We're talking Rick and Morty customization...

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New England's Danbury Fair Mall, CambridgeSide...

Apple a pair of north eastern U.S. Apple Stores reopening on July 8, with both the Danbury Fair Mall location in Conn. and the CambridgeSide Galleria store in Mass. showing off a new remodel that day.

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Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ will be biggest 70mm...

Christopher Nolan's WWII flick Dunkirk is getting the 70mm treatment and reportedly, it will have the widest release of any recent film using the format. According to Deadline, 125 theaters will show the film in 70mm, more locations than both Quentin...

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NVIDIA will power self-driving cars in China

NVIDIA has already forged self-driving alliances with big car manufacturers like Audi, Toyota and Volvo, but its latest is a particularly big deal -- at least if you live in China. The chip designer has unveiled a partnership with Chinese internet gi...

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InkCase i7 Plus brings a second screen to Apple...

What's better than the screen on an 7 Plus? Two screens! The idea behind the InkCase i7 Plus from Oaxis is to provide your phone with protection and a second screen on the back of the case. That screen uses e-ink technology to provide a beautiful grayscale image without the need for backlighting, so it can display photos, ebooks, your favorite RSS fees, or even information widgets. The InkCase i7 Plus is currently on Kickstarter and has already more than doubled its funding goal, so you can expect to get one in August of 2017 if you support the campaign. 


I tested a prototype InkCase i7 Plus and was impressed with the design. The case is quite protective, using Bubble Pro shock protection. The great thing about the i7 Plus case? It's IP67 waterproof, so although it contains electronics to...

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IoT Fuels Growth of Linux Malware

Malware targeting Linux systems is growing, largely due to a proliferation of devices created to connect to the Internet of Things. That is one of the findings in a report WatchGuard Technologies released last week. The report, which analyzes data gathered from more than 26,000 appliances worldwide, found three Linux malware programs in the top 10 for the first quarter of the year, compared with only one during the previous period. "Linux attacks and malware are on the rise," wrote the coauthors of the report.

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Play the lost 'Rayman' prototype if you...

While the dream of playing a lost version of Rayman for Super NES on Nintendo's Switch console hasn't come true (yet), we have a bit of an update about the game itself. Archivist and game developer Omar Cornut recently borrowed the ROM original devel...

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Apple releases new iOS 10.3.3 and macOS 10.12.6 betas

Apple has released the sixth iOS 10.3.3 beta and the sixth macOS 10.12.6 beta. They’re available in both developer and public betas. 

If you're not already signed up for the public beta program, you can do so here. The public beta program is free, but remember: beta software is unfinished software so use with care.

The developer version can be downloaded from the Apple Developer Center.

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Chinese tech giant Alibaba has a smart speaker, too

Just days after news emerged that Samsung is working on its own AI-equipped speaker, Chinese giant Alibaba is also entering the fray. The Tmall Genie, which does a similar job to Amazon's Alexa, lets you control your home and offers news, music playb...

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Apple launches sixth betas of iOS 10.3.3 and macOS...

One week after the last set of releases, Apple has made available the sixth beta of iOS 10.3.3 and macOS 10.12.6 to developers for testing.

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Apple News may soon let publishers use their own...

Apple is working on a solution for publishers that send their articles and content to its News app but so far have gotten very little in return, according to AdAge, quoting unnamed “people familiar with the plans.”

Apple News will let top media partners use their own technology to fill the ad space in their content, becoming more of an extension of the publishers' own websites than the walled-off island it is now, the people said. News is a mobile app and news aggregator for iOS devices (and, I hope, someday for the Mac).

According to AdAge, Apple plans to allow publishers to use the ad tech they already employ on their sites, such as Google's DoubleClick for Publishers, to deliver ads into the news service. That would potentially let media partners make as much money from views in Apple News as they do on their own sites, without as much...

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Apple releases sixth iOS 10.3.3 + macOS 10.12.6 betas

Apple has released the sixth iOS 10.3.3 beta for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Apple has also released the sixth macOS 10.12.6 beta. The beta version only includes new wallpapers for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro and no other visible changes, although the release may be the last bug fix update for devices not able to run iOS 11.


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Jay-Z’s Tidal-exclusive ‘4:44’ went platinum in less...

Jay-Z's latest album 4:44 had a very exclusive release. It was available only on Tidal and new customers signing up to the streaming service days before the album dropped were also required to be Sprint customers in order to get access to 4:44. But d...

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Little Snitch 4 update brings Touch Bar support,...

The popular Little Snitch utility for the Mac is out with a new version that includes Touch Bar support on new MacBook Pros, a redesigned Network Monitor, and much more.


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Curve's smart card switches between credit and...

Have you ever bought something only to regret it later as you run into a spending limit on the card you used? If you live in in the right country, you might have a way to overcome this particular strain of buyer's remorse. Curve is giving its British...

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro $1,...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications. more…

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Apple News may soon let publishers use Google ads to...

Apple is reportedly considering overhauling how it lets publishers use advertising as revenue for content in its News app, according to AdAge. The shift would allow publishers to use the same proven ad technology that they already use on the web rather than the Apple-controlled system used now.


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Europe wants iFixit-style product repairability...

The European Parliament has approved recommendations for companies to make devices easier to repair and even add labels showing an iFixit-like "score." They also want batteries, LEDs and other critical parts to be removable and not glued in, "so that...

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Apple Park boosting local economy with property boom...

The construction of Apple's new headquarters is helping improve the fortunes of those living close to the Cupertino campus, including increases in development projects, attempts by businesses to anticipate the influx of Apple employees to the area, and increased real estate prices as some of the benefits stemming from Apple Park's creation.

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Einride's self-driving truck looks like a giant...

Einride has just revealed the prototype of the T-pod, its autonomous electric truck. The Swedish company's self-driving vehicle can transport 15 standard pallets and can travel 124 miles on one charge. And because there's no need for a person to sit...

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Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ album goes platinum in 5 days despite...

Jay-Z’s new ‘4:44’ album has officially reached platinum status after arriving as an exclusive on his own Tidal streaming service late last week. more…

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Questionable report claims Apple shipping '...

Confusion and misdirection for Apple's 2017 iPhone lineup continues to persist, with the latest claimed leak dubiously suggesting an "influx" of iPhone units with rear Touch ID sensors have been shipping. But there is plenty of reason to be skeptical about the latest claims.

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Daimler is investing $735 million in China's EV...

German car manufacturer Daimler has announced a partnership with China's BAIC Motor Corporation, pledging to provide $735 million investment into electric vehicle infrastructure in the region. Daimler (the company behind brands like Mercedes-Benz) h...

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Digitize yourself with the Copypod 3D

Copying yourself digitally is not easy. Ideally, you want multiple photos taken from every angle at the same moment with all-around, soft illumination. A company called People's Industrial Design Office in Beijing, China has created something called...

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Mini-review: Toddy Gear Customizable Smart Charge...

If there’s one category of gadget likely to cause a tech-lover to yawn, it’s portable power banks. Sure, they can be useful, and many of us throw one in a bag just in case any of our devices run low on power before the day is out, but they aren’t exactly … interesting. In general, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ’em all …


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Inside iOS 11: Apple Music's social sharing isn...

While Apple hasn't yet shown any signs of a large redesign in Apple Music in the iOS 11 beta, it has added a new social sharing feature, allowing users to set up a public profile to share what they're listening to.

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Killer Deals: Save $70 to $120 instantly on Apple...

First come, first served: AppleInsider readers can use exclusive coupons this week to instantly save between $70 and $120 on every new Mid 2017 MacBook Pro, including Apple's 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. In addition to the promo code and instant cash savings, sales tax will not be collected on orders shipped outside NY and NJ.

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Researchers use quantum physics for counterfeit...

Scientists from Lancaster University have developed a foolproof anti-counterfeiting measure using a combination of quantum physics and smartphone technology. Previously, the team created unique atomic-scale IDs based on irregularities found in 2D mat...

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The Smart Keyboard makes the 10.5-inch iPad Pro a...

I’ve used a few third-party keyboards with the iPad Pro in the past, but for some strange reason I’ve never opted to give Apple’s very-own Smart Keyboard a fair shake. In hindsight, that was a huge miscalculation on my part, as I’m quickly learning since I received the 10.5-inch iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard in tow.

It’s now my opinion that you should strongly consider pairing the 10.5-inch iPad Pro with the Smart Keyboard, because it fundamentally changes the device for the better. It’s not perfect, but the amount of convenience that it brings to the table makes it highly worth considering. Have a look at our video commentary for 15 reasons why I think the Smart Keyboard is a must-have iPad Pro accessory....

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Mac compatible Bomb Defense explodes onto Steam

Bomb Defense has been released as one of the first games through the new Steam Direct program that replaced Steam Greenlight. The game is now available for Mac, Windows and Linux systems for $3.99 until July 12. After this date, it will be $4.99. 

Here’s how the game is described: “Bomb Defense is a completely different take on the tower defense genre. Combining it with the Puzzle genre, making for a difficult game.

You get a limited amount of money to buy traps, bombs, turrets and walls and place them in clever positions to defend against enemies trying to harm your curious little kitten Mimi who, for some reason, keeps wandering into an array of sinister dungeons and graveyards.

“Any less than optimal defensive plan, or any small mistake in executing it will lead to the death of your kitten. Given your budget for a level, you need to carefully think what objects to buy and carefully plan the exact spots...

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You don't need a headset to see these 'no-...

Genuine, Princess Leia-type color holograms are still pretty rare. Most of what we think of as holograms are actually Pepper's Ghost, Tupac-style illusions that trick your brain by using 2D images to simulate 3D. A French artist named Joanie Lemercie...

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Volvo's parent company acquires flying car...

Geely -- the Chinese company who owns Volvo -- has just acquired the startup behind the world's most promising flying car. Known for the impressive vertical takeoff and landing vehicle called the "Transition", Terrafugia is the company that's come th...

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'Assassin's Creed' is becoming an...

Less than a year since the release of the Assassin's Creed film adaptation, Ubisoft is set to revisit the world of its hit game franchise in the form of an anime series. Producer Adi Shankar claims the show will be his next project, after Netlifx's C...

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Comment: Photobucket’s ‘ransom demand’ illustrates...

There’s an old maxim that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, meaning that anything which appears to be free will have a hidden cost somewhere.

In the tech sector, ‘free’ services generally operate using one of two different business models. The first is ad-funded, where – as the more recently-coined saying has it – you’re the product, not the customer. Some cheat the system by using ad-blockers, but most of us recognize that someone has to pay the bills, and accept exposure to ads as fair exchange for the benefit we receive.

The other model is the upsell, where you get a basic service free of charge but the company hopes to persuade you to pay for access to more features or storage. This again can be fair enough, but one company has just taken a particularly underhand approach to this …


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Tesco adds Uber rewards as the Clubcard goes...

As reward programmes go, none come much bigger than the Tesco Clubcard. Now in its 23rd year, the UK supermarket giant's points scheme has more than 16.5 million customers, who typically carry their personalised card on their keyring. As rivals conti...

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Atomic 'photos' help make gene editing...

Believe it or not, scientists haven't had a close-up look at CRISPR gene editing. They've understood its general processes, but not the minutiae of what's going on -- and that raises the risk of unintended effects. They'll have a much better understa...

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Milky Way's fastest stars could be runaways...

The fastest-moving stars in our galaxy, known as hypervelocity stars, may have a more interesting backstory than scientists first thought, according to new research from Cambridge University.

Astronomers initially believed these super-rare stars --...

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Experience wireless iPhone charging today with these...

This fall, Apple is expected to finally join the ranks of smartphone manufacturers that support wireless charging, but until then most of us will still have to use our charging cable or dock. Why not get a jump on wireless charging without needing to buy a new iPhone? These XVIDA Magnetic iPhone Charging Kits (US$93) include a charging stand and a special case that not only protects your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, but also uses the Qi wireless charging protocol to take your drained iPhone battery back up to 100%.

Qi uses inductive charging. All you need to do is take the iPhone in the XVIDA case and place it near the charging stand, and powerful magnets guide and hold the phone while it's being charged. When the iPhone is...

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Austin Mann: 10 years of iPhone photography evolution

Austin Mann, photographer:

Earlier this month, I realized June 29 would mark the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone and began diving into the images I’ve shot with iPhone over the years. As I glanced through the archive, I realized what an amazing journey the last 10 years has been and thought I’d share some of the highlights with you.

Lots of history here. My favorite bit from this dive into the iPhone history rabbit-hole is Austin’s take on the original rollout:

I can still remember the morning of June 29, 2007. I was living in NYC, working at an ad agency, McCann-Erickson. Though I had been following the release of the iPhone and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one, I knew I couldn’t spend the day in line waiting as I had responsibilities at work.

I arrived at my office, however, and my very cool boss looked at me and said, “Austin, what are you doing here?” I was a little confused as it was a standard work day and I was on time. “What do you mean...

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Apple’s ‘spaceship campus’ is transforming the...

Apple’s new Cupertino, California headquarters — a a $5 billion, four-story, 2.8 million-square-foot ring that can be seen from space and that locals call the spaceship — “has already helped transform the surrounding area,” according to the New York Times.

In nearbySunnyvale, 95 development projects are in the planning stages. The city manager, Deanna J. Santana, toldthe Times that she had never seen such action before. In Cupertino, a Main Street living and dining complex opened in early 2016. This downtown enclave includes the Lofts, a 120-unit apartment community opening this fall; small shops; and numerous restaurants and cafes.

Other local businesses are also gearing up...

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This is not a drawing

Follow the link and marvel at this impressive piece of macro photography. When I came across this, my first instinct was that this was a photorealistic drawing, a cartoon. But no, it’s the real deal.


∞ Read this on The Loop

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New York Times on Apple Park

Kathy Chin Leong, New York Times:

City officials and residents say this project is like nothing they’ve seen before. It is even bringing tourists.

Onlookers snap pictures of the spaceship from the streets. TV helicopters circle above. Amateur photographers ask residents if they can stand on driveways to operate their drones, hoping to get a closer look at Apple Park.


The entire project shows off Apple’s obsession with details. The custom windows were made in Germany and are considered the world’s largest panels of curved glass. One pair of glass doors is 92 feet high. The finish on the underground concrete garage, said David Brandt, Cupertino’s city manager, is so shiny it is almost like glass.

“Mind-blowing, mind-blowing, mind-blowing,” the mayor, Savita Vaidhyanathan, said about her visit to the site. “I saw the underground 1,000-seat theater and the carbon-fiber roof. The roof was made in Dubai, and it was transported and assembled here. I...

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Another take on the 10.5″ iPad Pro

M.G. Siegler on being asked which iPad is the one to buy:

When pressed, my answer was that for most people, the 9.7″ iPad was probably the one to get. With the latest iterations of the iPad Pro, I think the answer is now much more clear: the new 10.5″ variety is the one to get.

The screen size gap has been closed a bit. The speed gap has been completely erased. The 10.5″ iPad Pro is absolutely amazing.


When you start to use the 10.5″ and then try to go back, you cannot. The 9.7″ iPad feels short and stubby in a way similar to how the 3.5″ iPhone felt after using the 4″ variety. The smaller one now feels like a clown iPad.


Size aside, the screen with its much touted 120Hz refresh rate is incredible. Again, it’s one of those things you have to either be a hardcore iPad user or use a newer iPad Pro versus an older iPad side-by-side to truly appreciate. Everything is just so much smoother.

At first, it’s a little weird. It...

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Feds oppose retroactive European tax bill filed...

A report from Reuters claims that two sources within the Trump administration have filed with the European Union General Court to opposition the $14.8 billion mandate by the European Commission against Apple. One of the two sources claims the appeals court will heard the case in late 2018.

Last year the EU ruled that Apple must repay 13 billion euros ($14.5 billion) in back taxes dating back to 2003-2014. Europe’s anti-trust and consumer investigation agency claimed that Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have attracted investment and jobs by helping big companies avoid tax in other countries, including EU members. Ireland Finance Minister Noonan said the country "disagrees profoundly" with the back tax ruling by the European Commission. 

Tim Cook has branded the European Commission ruling “total political crap.” Apple’s CEO also suggested the "retroactive" tax...

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Apple Park campus creating property boom as both...

Only a small number of employees have so far moved into the new Apple Park campus, but its presence has already created a boom in the number of property developments, reports the New York Times. Prices of existing properties are said to have doubled in price since 2011.

Local businesses are also gearing up for an anticipated boost in demand …


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NASA will crash a satellite into an asteroid

NASA is one step closer to testing its proposed line of defence against the threat of a potential asteroid impact on Earth. The "kinetic impactor technique" essentially involves smashing a spacecraft into an asteroid to bounce it away from the Earth....

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Rumor: Next-gen iPhones to feature wireless charging...

It looks like there’s some interesting news where the 2017 iPhones and their charging features are concerned.

A current rumor has suggested that the iPhone 8 and its companion devices, the “iPhone 7s” and the “iPhone 7s Plus” will all adopt glass bodies with metal frames to facilitate WPC-standard wireless charging functionality. WPC-standard refers to the Wireless Power Consortium, which supports the Qi wireless charging functionality built into many Android devices.

Per KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, wireless charging will be available as an option accessory alongside the new iPhones. As such, it might not be a default feature out of the box. The rumor is in line with predictions that the iPhone 8 will support inductive charging rather than a true wireless charging feature.

Kuo also believes that while the iPhone 8 will include an embedded USB-C power delivery IC for higher charging efficiency, it will continue to ship with the same 5W power...

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Hands on with Photos for macOS High Sierra

Jason Snell, Six Colors:

This week Apple is unleashing the first public betas of the next versions of its two major operating systems, iOS and macOS, on the world. One of the major areas of improvement in macOS High Sierra is to the Photos app, which is only a couple of years old and has plenty of room to grow. I literally wrote the book on Photos, so it’s been interesting to watch Apple’s replacement for iPhoto as it has grown and changed.

Here’s a look at the changes and new features coming to Photos for Mac as a part of macOS High Sierra.

A brand new editing pane, support for third party editors has been enhanced, and much more. If you use Photos on your Mac, take the time to read through this.


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Rumor: Next-gen iPhone could replace Touch ID with...

It’s a rumor, but it’s a pretty interesting rumor.

Bloomberg has reported that Apple is currently testing using 3D facial detection as a replacement for Touch ID fingerprint authentication. The report also states that the next-gen iPhone could include the ProMotion increased refresh rate displays seen in the new iPad Pros as well as a dedicated Apple Neural Engine chip for handling AI.

As quoted:

With the iPhone 8 expected to feature a design with a dramatically reduced bezel, analysts have made various predictions about where Touch ID will go including within the display (as Qualcomm recently displayed), behind the iPhone, and in the power switch.

The article also notes that the facial recognition feature could replace the Touch ID system for unlocking devices and authorizing payments:

…Apple is testing an improved security system that allows users to log in, authenticate payments, and launch secure apps by scanning their face, according to...

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Apple wants to help you improve your golf game

Apple wants to help you improve your golf game. The company has been granted a patent (number 9,697,540) for “golf score, marketing, and reporting system and method of operation.”

And forget CarPlay. We’re talking GolfPlay!

The invention relates generally to systems in which golfers keep their scores using a mobile or portable computing device (most certainly an iPhone) that’s handheld or integrated into or attached to a golf car and/or which provides ads to golfers through such computing device. 

What’s more, the patent involves a comprehensive golf scoring, marketing and reporting system and method in which golf scores and/or other information (e.g., information pertaining to selected advertisements) are automatically reported and/or communicated to a golfer upon completion of or during a round of golf. 

The scenario is this: a golfer operates a mobile terminal during play of a round of golf. The mobile terminal displays at least an electronic score...

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GEAR 4's Buckingham is the perfect keyboard...

By Chris Gannon

If you are looking for a keyboard less case for your 9.7-inch iPad, your search is over. This case has it all: the Gear 4 Buckingham, but a better name may be “simply genius” because that would describe this case perfectly.

The first thing you’ll notice from this case is the simple build. Simple but of great quality. You won’t have to worry about putting your expensive iPad in the Buckingham. The tablet fits in the holder very snugly, so you don’t at all have to worry about it falling out. 

At the same time — and this may be one of my favorite thing about the Buckingham — it’s also not too hard to get out the iPad out and use it without the case. I don’t care how great any case is, part of the joy of using an iPad is for reading with no case attached. That’s very easy to do with the Buckingham.

The case features six inside...

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‘Rome: Total War – Alexander’ strategy game coming...

Feral Interactive has announced that it is porting the strategy game Rome: Total War – Alexander from Windows to the iPad sometime this summer. The iPad version of the original Rome: Total War – Alexander game is already available, alongside Barbarian Invasion …


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How to set a different return address in macOS...

Need to change your email address in macOS Sierra’s Mail app? It’s easy. With Mail open, click “Mail” in the upper left hand corner of your screen. Click Accounts, then Preferences.

Choose the email account you wish to alter.  You’ll see a box that says “Email Address.” It will show the email address currently being used by the account. Click in the box to make a change.

(This how-to is based on my experiences and info on Apple's support pages — where the images sometimes come from.)

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Airline cabin ban on laptops & tablets further...

We learned earlier this week that Abu Dhabi airport was being exempted from the ban imposed on laptops and tablets in cabin baggage on certain US-bound flights, and the same now applies to two airlines flying from different airports …


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Tuesday July 4

US Government Seeks To Intervene in Apple's EU...

The U.S. government has sought to intervene in Apple's appeal against an EU order to pay back up to 13 billion euros ($14.8 billion) in Irish taxes, Reuters is reporting. From a report: iPhone maker Apple took its case to the Luxembourg-based General Court, Europe's second-highest, in December after the European Commission issued the record tax demand saying the U.S. company won sweetheart tax deals from the Irish government which amounted to illegal subsidies. The decision was criticized by the Obama administration which said the European Union was helping itself to cash that should have ended up in the United States. The Trump administration, which has tentatively proposed a tax break on $2.6 trillion in corporate profits being held offshore as part of its tax reform, has not said anything in public about the case.


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Deals: 9.7" iPads for $299; $20-$150 off Apple...

As 4th of July celebrations continue, the deals are heating up on Apple devices. Pick up a 9.7" iPad for $299 with no tax collected outside NY and NJ. Or scoop up an Apple Watch 2 at up to $150 off with prices starting at $349. Apple's Space Gray 256GB 13" MacBook Pro with function keys is also $50 off this week.

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Fantastical 2.4.1 - Create calendar even...
Fantastical 2 is the Mac calendar you'll actually enjoy using. Creating an event with Fantastical is quick, easy, and fun: Open Fantastical with a single click or keystroke Type in your event... Read more
Live Home 3D Pro 3.2.2 - $69.99
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Live Home 3D Pro 3.2.2 - $69.99
Live Home 3D Pro, a successor of Live Interior 3D, is the powerful yet intuitive home design software that lets you build the house of your dreams right on your Mac. It has every feature of Live Home... Read more

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