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Saturday October 8

Apple to expand Italy developer program, will...

Apple’s first iOS Developer Academy opened in Naples, Italy this week, but the company doesn’t plan to make that its only presence in the company. At an event celebrating the opening of the Naples location, Apple’s VP of environment, policy, and social initiatives Lisa Jackson announced that Apple plans to expand its program further (via Macitynet).


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The sweet sound of the 'world's most...

I imagine I'm like most people in that I'm fairly content with a leaky pair of earphones that came bundled with a phone I bought 18 months ago. Some of you will have more expensive tastes, of course, dropping a few hundred on a "nice" pair of Beats,...

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Consumers Warned of Exploding Samsung Washers

That's the situation Samsung found itself in last week when the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a warning about certain top-load washing machines made by the company between March 2011 and April 2016. "CPSC is advising consumers to only use the delicate cycle when washing bedding, water-resistant and bulky items," reads a statement at the commission's website. "The lower spin speed in the delicate cycle lessens the risk of impact injuries or property damage due to the washing machine becoming dislodged."

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How to get an alert when an app accesses the webcam...

This may be unnecessarily paranoid but sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry. Or at least in the case of this app, aware of what’s going on.

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PDFpen and PDFpenPro 8.2

Adds support for iCloud Sync and tabbed windows in macOS 10.12 Sierra. ($74.95/$124.95 new, $30 upgrade, free update from version 8.0, 70.4/71 MB)


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This brilliant iPhone hack is the perfect solution...

In the grand scheme of things, this is a minor problem but it is an incredible annoyance to those of us with foul mouths.

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Recommended Reading: Behind the scenes of Google...

Behind the Pixel:
Google's First Real
Threat to Apple's iPhone
Mark Gurman,

Before Google's Pixel event had even started on Tuesday, Bloomberg already posted a behind-the-scenes article on how the phones were made. There's some solid per...

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This week’s top stories: New iPads incoming, iOS 10....

In this week’s top stories: Reports of new iPads in the works, Apple releases iOS 10.1 beta 2 w/ Portrait mode, we discuss expectations for the much anticipated upcoming MacBook Pro refresh, and much more.  more…

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Sony's RX100 V camera makes a strong first...

With the introduction of its RX100 series in 2012, Sony raised the bar for point-and-shoot cameras. As such, it's no surprise that the latest model can do things like capture JPEG and RAW photos at a mind-boggling 24 frames per second. The RX100 V is...

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Review: Amber Watchcase Power Bank is hands down one...

With the recent release of new hardware, I’ve been in search of a better Apple Watch charging and storage solution. There’s no shortage of watch-compatible docks, but the Amber Watchcase Power Bank by ClearGrass is far and away one of my favorites. Have a look at our hands-on video walkthrough to see why this might be the best Apple Watch charging and storage solution yet. more…

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ExoLens introduces PRO and PRIME accessory lenses...

ExoLens has launched the ExoLens PRO and PRIME ranges of accessory lenses for the iPhone 7. Each line is designed for a specific consumer.

First to market will be the ExoLens PRO Wide-Angle and Telephoto Kits for the iPhone 7. These kits will bring the aspherical lens technology previously reserved for high-end DSLR lenses straight to your iPhone as a compact mobile accessory lens, says John Fellowes, CEO of Fellowes Brands, which acquired ExoLens in 2014. All PRO Kits come with the new machined aluminum ExoLens Edge mount, which features an integrated cold shoe accessory mount (compatible with accessories such as external video light) and key ring loop.

The ExoLens PRO Wide-Angle Kit with Optics by ZEISS features a ZEISS Mutar 0.6x Asph T* Wide-Angle lens, which provides virtually no distortion and exceptional edge-to-edge contrast, Fellowes adds. This Kit is designed to help professionals capture expansive scenery...

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ICYMI: Get your makeup done in minutes

Today on In Case You Missed It: Panasonic is channeling a wonderful Jetson's future by first using a mirror to determine your skin's flaws, then printing out foundation and concealer within minutes, that can be smoothed onto the skin. It is a proto...

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Bowers & Wilkins introduces P9 Signature...

Bowers & Wilkins has announced the P9 Signature, which was conceived to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary. Costing a cool $899.99, it was engineered by the same team responsible for the 800 D3 loudspeaker.

The P9 Signature is Bowers & Wilkins’ largest over-ear headphone. According to the folks at B&W, the headphone’s fantastic experience is created through the innovative placement of the transducer, which is positioned to provide a more natural listening experience. The wearer hears sound as if they are listening to a pair of stereo speakers rather than headphones, with a sense of imaging, depth and clarity that is “truly breath taking,” the company says.

The P9 Signature will come with a variety of cables suitable for use at home and on the go.  An additional Lightning cable is in development and will be out from early 2017 free of charge to those that have registered their P9. The P9 Signature is...

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Street Blaster X packs 1,000 watts of power

Pyle USA has introduced Street Blaster X, a $283.99, full range stereo speaker system packing 1,000 watts of power. It features both Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, so is compatible with both iOS and Android devices to stream Pandora, Spotify and online playlists. 

The Street Blaster X also has an added 3.5mm input and a FM Tuner. It features a cylindrical speaker housing, built-in digital amplifier and LED lights that blink and pulse to the music. 

When fully charged,...

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Apple patent is for adjusting step count to...

Apple wants the fitness tracking abilities on your Apple Watch to be even more precise. The company has been granted a patent (9,459,118) for “adjusting step count to compensate for arm swing.”

According to the patent, a mobile device can receive a motion signal from a motion sensor on the mobile device. The device can determine a step count based on the motion signal. The Apple Watch can transform the motion signal from a time domain signal into a frequency domain signal. 

The smartwatch can determine a dominant peak and harmonic peaks of the motion signal within a pedestrian frequency band. It can determine that the dominant peak corresponds to an arm swing of a user and adjust the step count to compensate for the arm swing.

Of course, Apple files for — and is granted — lots of patents by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Many are for inventions that never see the light of day. However, you never can tell which ones will materialize in a real product....

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Free Halloween Fonts Collection adds five new fonts

MacAppware has updated its free Halloween Fonts Collection with five new fonts. This brings the total number of fonts in Halloween Fonts to 45.

All are royalty free fonts in OpenType font format and are cross-platform compatible. You can install and use them in all applications that support fonts.

The Halloween Fonts Collection require macOS 10.6.6 or later and are available at the MacAppware site and the Mac App Store. If downloading them from the Mac App Store, you can find the fonts as Halloween Fonts - Free Commercial Use Holiday Fonts in the Free section of the Graphics & Design category. If downloading from the MacAppware website, the fonts will download in a zipped folder allowing you to use the fonts on any Mac or Windows computer.


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The Week in iOS Apps: Jack London calling

Call of the Wild?

This week’s roundup includes a cool new offering from the iClassics team—an app featuring short stories of Jack London, complete with new illustrations and a soundtrack. Read on!

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Reuters: Yahoo email scanning done with a Linux...

In the ever evolving saga of Yahoo's email servers and who could peek into them, the latest nugget comes from a Reuters report that the scanning program operated at a deeper level than mail filters for porn or spam. Citing three former employees, it...

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The Week in Apple News: iPad Pro rumors, MacBook Pro...

Apple headlines for the week ending Oct. 7, 2016

As we dive deeper into the fall season, it’s time for the Apple product rumor mill to kick into full gear. We’re seeing more speculation about the iPad and MacBook Pro, and hopefully we’ll get real news about those products sooner than later. In the meantime, check out this slideshow of the top Apple-related headlines from the past week. Click on the link to get more information.

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This week on AI: 7.9" & 10.1" iPad Pro...

News continued to veer away from the iPhone this week, the big rumor being Apple's planned upgrades for the iPad Pro and iPad mini. The company also managed to restore a legal victory over Samsung, and appears poised to unite its scattered internet teams.

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Friday October 7

Donald Trump's video apology goes out over...

Hours after the Washington Post published a video of Donald Trump in 2005 stating, among other things, that "And when you're a star, they let you do it...You can do anything. Grab them by the p---y," the candidate issued a video response that went ou...

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DEVONthink 2.9.5

Works around a variety of issues introduced with the overhauled PDF library in macOS 10.12 Sierra. (All updates are free. DEVONthink Pro Office, $149.95 new; DEVONthink Professional, $79.95 new; DEVONthink Personal, $49.95 new)


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Researchers push Moore's Law with a 1-nanometer...

Ready for some hardcore science about transistor elements that are a fraction of the width of a human hair? Good, because that's what this post is all about. "The semiconductor industry has long assumed that any gate below 5 nanometers wouldn't work,...

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AT&T might halt Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales due...

Two days after a smoldering Samsung device caused the evacuation of a Southwest Airlines plane, executives at U.S. cellular carrier AT&T are reportedly considering stopping all Galaxy Note 7 sales and replacements citing safety concerns.

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Apple got its verdict back—$120M against Samsung

A 1992 paper by Catherine Plaisant describes a touchscreen "slider toggle." Apple lawyers said that until the iPhone was unveiled, it wouldn't have been obvious to use such an invention on a phone. (credit: Court documents)

What looked like a solid defense win for Samsung in the second Apple v. Samsung litigation has suddenly slipped away, due to an opinion issued earlier today by the full US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

The second Apple v. Samsung trial led to a $120 million jury verdict in Apple's favor. Samsung appealed, and, in February, a three-judge appeals panel said that the jury got it wrong. The judges stripped...

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Bloomberg: AT&T considering a halt on Galaxy...

Reports that a Galaxy Note 7 issued as a replacement caught fire on an airplane may be too much for at least one carrier. Bloomberg cites a single unnamed source claiming that AT&T is "considering" stopping sales of the troubled phone based on th...

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Appeals Court Reinstates Apple's $120 Million...

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: Apple Inc. won an appeals court ruling that reinstates a patent-infringement verdict it won against Samsung Electronics Co., including for its slide-to-unlock feature for smartphones and tablets. In an 8-3 ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said a three-judge panel was wrong to throw out the $119.6 million verdict in February. Instead, it ordered the trial judge to consider whether the judgment should be increased based on any intentional infringement by Samsung. In this case, Apple claimed that Samsung infringed patents for the slide-to-unlock feature, autocorrect and a way to detect phone numbers so they can be tapped to make phone calls. The bulk of the award, $98.7 million, was for the detection patent that the earlier panel said wasn't infringed. The February decision also said the other two patents were invalid. That was a wrong decision, the court ruled Friday, because it relied on issues that were...

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New York's busiest railways now accept Apple Pay

New York has been in the process of rolling out a mobile solution for the Metropolitan Transit Agency's super-busy Long Island Railroad and Metro North Railroad lines over the summer, and this week the app was updated with support for both Apple Pay...

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A French Company is Suing Apple To Open the iPhone...

A French maker of open-source software said Friday it is suing Apple in an effort to get the company to make iOS more supportive of Web standards. Nexedi is suing Apple under French law in hopes it can force Apple to allow rival browsing engines onto the iPhone. From a report on Recode:Although Apple allows rival browser apps, such as Google's Chrome, on to the iPhone, the'y all have to use Apple's Web rendering engine. That means the ability to draw on the latest Web standards is is limited to whatever Apple decides to include. That means some newer technologies, like the WebM video standard and the WebRTC protocol for real-time communications, can't be made to work in an iOS browser even though they work in nearly all other browsers. "We hope [this lawsuit] will help Apple to sooner support the latest Web and HTML5 standards on its iOS platform -- the operating system used by all iPhones," Nexedi said in a blog post, which also explains the more granular details of how technology...

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Internet dumpster fire 4chan is going broke

The polarizing poster child for the wonders and woes of free speech on the Internet, 4chan, is enduring tough times. With ad revenue drying up, it faces an existential dilemma to change or die. Last Sunday, the site's owner Hiroyuki Nishimura broke t...

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FBI Looks Into Unlocking Minnesota Mall Stabber...

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNET: The Minnesota man suspected of stabbing 10 people in a mall before police fatally shot him left behind his iPhone. Now, FBI agents are looking into unlocking his iPhone as part of the investigation. The FBI says Dahir Adan, 20, attacked several shoppers on September 17 in a frenzy, asking his victims if they were Muslim before he stabbed them. ISIS claimed responsibility for attack shortly after. FBI director James Comey told the House Judiciary Committee his agency is reviewing Adan's electronic devices -- but is having issues getting into his iPhone. The device remains locked, as agents are "exploring technical and legal options," Minneapolis FBI spokesman Jeff Van Nest said. He declined to specify what model the iPhone was.


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Watch ads to tip your favorite Twitch streamers

Just when it looked like Twitch was looking to reduce the amount of ads on its site, the live-streaming service has introduced a new way for users to tip their favourite casters that relies heavily on them. It comes as an extension to the "Cheering"...

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Apple announces iOS Developer Academy expansion in...

During an informal commencement address at Apple's first European iOS Developer Academy in Italy, VP of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson announced an upcoming expansion to the program that will serve 800 students next year.

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Snapchat ends our long nightmare by killing Story...

Before Instagram copied it, Snapchat's rolling 24-hour Story feature was a quick way to keep up with anyone you follow on the app. There was just one problem: Viewing a new Story would play not only that person's post, but any other new posts in the...

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Oculus Avatars turned me into a creepy VR mannequin

While yesterday's Oculus announcement centered mostly around VR hardware and games, the company also rolled out a few new features that'll let you socialize with the rest of your Rift-owning pals. Central to this concept is the Oculus Avatar, which i...

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Torvalds Blows Stack Over Buggy New Kernel

Linux creator Linus Torvalds this week apologized for including in the just-released Linux 4.8 kernel a bug fix that crashed it. The bug the dev was trying to fix has existed since Linux 3.15, "but the fix is clearly worse than the bug ... since that original bug has never killed my machine," Torvalds wrote. "This type of situation, while rare, is common enough in smaller and less visible projects, where testing processes and protocol are typically less sophisticated than those used by Linus and his team," noted tech analyst Al Hilwa.

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Four questions with the founder of Fnatic

Sam Mathews founded the European esports organization Fnatic in 2004, after selling his car to send a group of players to a competitive gaming event in Las Vegas. A dozen years ago, esports were barely a blip on the mainstream radar, but Mathews was...

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Part of Scotland will soon be powered by kites

Name a method of generating power that's cheap, efficient, sustainable and sounds like something Mary Poppins dreamed up after downing 20 teaspoons of sugar. That's right -- kite power. One of the world's first non-experimental, kite-driven power sta...

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Sharp unveils 27-inch IGZO 8K display sporting the...

Foxconn-owned Sharp has unveiled a new monster of an IPS display panel at CEATEC Japan 2016. The display, which comes in at 27-inches, boasts 8K resolution, and insane 7,680-by-4,320 pixel ratio with pixel density that rivals modern smartphones.


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Alexa can now lock your BMW and feed it directions

Remember when James Bond drove his BMW in a parking garage from the back seat by remote control? Yeah, the automaker's latest Connected app won't do that. But, it'll at least make you feel like "007 lite" with Alexa, Apple Watch 2 and Android support...

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It's not easy being Yahoo

Remember when Yahoo was great? Yeah, I'm having a hard time, too. Especially in light of the past few weeks, during which the company's house of cards collapsed -- and afterward those cards were set on fire and then pooped on by a passing flock of se...

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AWT News Update: October 7, 2016

Via Buy his book, dammit. 

Have three minutes? We have just a pair of short Apple-related stories for you today, as it is not only Fashion Friday, but Slow News Friday™ as well! 

  • Apple is getting back a jury award that was nabbed from it by three judges in February; and more patent lawsuit fun happens next week
  • Alton Brown's latest cookbook was photographed entirely using an iPhone 6s Plus

The text version of the podcast can be viewed below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below.

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Text Version

Hi, this is Steve Sande for Apple World Today, and this is the AWT News Update for October 7, 2016. This week our sponsor is Pagico 8, a powerful, cross-platform data and task...

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Silicon Valley bro sues Yahoo for reverse...

This week hasn't been particularly kind to beleaguered internet company Yahoo. CEO Marissa Mayer, former chief marketing officer Kathy Savitt and editor-in-chief of Yahoo News Megan Liberman have been accused of engaging in gender discrimination. Acc...

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Top Russian officials authorized the DNC hack and...

Russia directed the hack of the Democratic National Committee and other recent invasions of political organizations, according to the US Department of Homeland Security and Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Election Security. The col...

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US catches spies shipping military tech to Russia

We got some good things out of the Cold War, like James Bond and John le Carré, but overall it was a pretty miserable period in history. That's why it's so disappointing to see Russia trying to bring us back to those dark with its latest attem...

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FBI investigation of Minn. mall mass stabbing may...

The FBI has the phone of Minnesota alleged terrorist and mass-stabbing perpetrator Dahir Adan, and is investigating how to gain access to the data contained within.

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SRFax and Other Internet Faxing Alternatives to...

We may be well into the 21st century, but many of us still have to use 19th century technology to send faxes. Users of the popular MaxEmail service are seeing hefty fee hikes after its acquisition by eFax, but Randy Singer has some recommendations for alternatives.


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Why 'teleportation' makes sense in virtual...

Getting around in virtual reality is a bit tricky right now. Even in room-scale VR, players are restricted by the physical size of their play space. Trying to walk to a point on a digital horizon might cause you to crash into a very real wall -- whic...

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Nevada Issues Historic License to Paralyzed Race Car...

The state of Nevada last week issued paralyzed former Indy driver Sam Schmidt a license to drive a specially made autonomous vehicle, equipped with a series of high-tech sensors and other equipment that will allow him to operate it with head motions, voice commands and breathing techniques. The license allows Schmidt to operate the Arrow SAM car, a modified Corvette Z06 developed by Arrow Electronics, alongside regular passenger traffic -- an important development in the history of the burgeoning autonomous vehicle industry.

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Fashion Friday: The Apple Logo Hat

The stylish and protective Apple Logo Hat! 

Another Friday, another Fashion Friday feature! Each week I'll be providing you with a photo (hopefully not TOO scary) of a lovely piece of Apple-related couture. This week, it's a khaki Apple Logo Hat that was purchased at the Company Store at 1 Infinite Loop. 

This hat is one of my favorites, not only for the Apple logo but also how comfortable it is. It has a Velcro™-strapped band in the back to adjust to various size heads, including my "Plus-Size" noggin. 

I give it a big thumbs-up!

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Google Assistant is gender-neutral(ish), but it...

In a world occupied by Siri, Cortana and Alexa, Google Assistant is a bit of an anomaly. It's the first widely used voice assistant to eschew a female name, which the company reportedly did to avoid giving it a personality. The company would rather y...

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Terror suspect's locked iPhone could lead to a...

The FBI could be gearing up for another battle with Apple.

In the wake of a mass stabbing at a Minnesota mall that was linked to the terrorist group ISIS, the FBI is looking for answers on a passcode-protected iPhone.

“Dahir Adan’s iPhone is locked,” FBI special agent Rich Thornton told reporters at a press conference, according to Wired. “We are in the process of assessing our legal and technical options to gain access to this device and the data it may contain.”

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Facebook launches Events app for iOS with a Sunrise-...

Facebook just made a new app that could replace both Eventbrite and Sunrise.

On Thursday, Facebook launched Events, a standalone app that lets you RSVP to your friends’ events, manage your calendar, and find things to do in your area. The new app lets you see only an event-focused Newsfeed from all your Facebook friends and search for events on a map or in a different city if you’re planning an upcoming trip. The app is available now for iOS with an Android counterpart coming soon.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click...

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Court reinstates Apple victory over Samsung

The court said that there was substantial evidence for the jury verdict related to Samsung’s infringement of Apple patents on its slide-to-unlock and autocorrect features, as well as quick links, which automatically turn information like addresses and phone numbers into links.

It’s obvious that Samsung blatantly stole this from Apple. Time to pay up for your thieving behavior, Samsung.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Alphabet is working to squash the Zika virus, too

There are a few ways to kill off a pest: eliminate its food supply, or, make sure it can't effectively procreate. Since the pest in question for this post is mosquitos, the former solution isn't an option. So, Verily, the life-science division of Alp...

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The Public Access Weekly: Don't stop believing

It's been a wild card kind of week, full of Google announcements and Yahoo breaches and AI assistants, and I'm excited to get home and watch the Giants-Cubs game tonight, so let's get this party stared with some Public Access stats for September:...

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Appealing upsell of iPhone 7 Plus predicted help...

While most on Wall Street expect the average selling price of the iPhone will drop this holiday season, RBC Capital Markets believes the greater capabilities of the iPhone 7 Plus could have a counter effect, resulting in stronger-than-anticipated earnings per share for Apple.

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Facebook releases standalone Events app for iPhone

Facebook is today introducing an Events app that will give you a standalone experience for keeping track of all your Facebook events separate from its main app.


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Latest Alton Brown cookbook features food photos...

Celebrity chef, food scientist, and Food Network star Alton Brown exclusively utilized an iPhone 6s Plus for the photography in his most recent cookbook "Everyday Food."

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The Week in iPhone and iPad Cases: X-Doria's...

New iOS cases of the week

Looking for a screen shield? Want to leave your wallet at home? This week’s roundup of new iPhone and iPad cases brings you a mix of protective designs and functional materials, from elegant wooden snap-on solutions to card-friendly folios.


The Pure 2 (iPhone 7 and 7 Plus; $39.95 or $44.95 MSRP) adds a thin protective layer of tempered glass to your screen.

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Using the Bedtime Timer in iOS 10

Have trouble remembering to go to bed at a reasonable time? iOS 10 can help.


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Apple gets $119.6M 'slide-to-unlock'...

Apple won an 8-3 vote at a U.S. federal appeals court on Friday, successfully reinstating a $119.6 million verdict against Samsung for violating iPhone patents including a "slide-to-unlock" concept.

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Apple reveals more international launch dates for...

Apple on Friday confirmed more international launch dates for the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2, making the announcements through its local websites and third-party vendors.

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Apple Music and Spotify add unofficial DJ remixes to...

For some music streaming subscribers, having access to 30 million songs wasn’t enough if they couldn’t listen to their favorite remixes that were unreleased by the major record labels.

Now, Apple Music and Spotify have begun adding unofficial DJ remixes to their massive catalogs, according to TechCrunch. The new mixes come as a result of a partnership with Dubset, a music rights management company. Dubset works by scanning a remix and figuring out all the songs involved in the DJ edit so that it can pay a royalty back to the original rights-holders. An unofficial Beyoncé remix, for example, would earn money for Sony Music because the label owns the rights.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Court reinstates $120 million patent award for Apple...

A U.S. appeals court has reinstated a $119.6 million award for Apple in a long-running smartphone design patent dispute with rival Samsung.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled Friday that two Apple smartphone design patents, one related to a slide-to-unlock feature, are valid and Samsung infringed a third patent related to helping smartphone users find phone numbers.

The case goes back five years, when Apple first filed a series of patent lawsuits against Samsung, alleging infringement of several Apple's iPhone design patents.

To read this article in full...

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Here’s how the Jet Black iPhone 7 finish holds up...

Apple’s new Jet Black finish on the iPhone 7 has a high gloss look and a glass-like grip that makes it super tempting to use without a case. But Apple correctly warns customers that the shiny surface is prone to ‘micro abrasions’ from regular use and recommends using a case to avoid gathering these tiny scratches.

I really like using iPhones without a case, however, and the grippy finish makes handling my iPhone 7 Plus noticeably easier. So how well has the Jet Black glossy aluminum held up after more than a week of use without a case? It depends…


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FBI wants access to another terrorist’s iPhone

Here we go again, part II: the FBI wants another iPhone unlocked. Special agent Rich Thorton said that the FBI has obtained the iPhone of Dahir Adan, who stabbed 10 people in a Minnesota mall before a police officer shot and killed him, reports WIRED

As in the case of Rizwan Farook earlier this year, the attacker’s phone is locked with a passcode. Thorton said the FBI is still trying to figure out how to gain access to the phone’s contents.

Dahir Adan’s iPhone is locked,” Thornton told reporters, “We are in the process of assessing our legal and technical options to gain access to this device and the data it may contain.”

The FBI didn’t respond to WIRED’s email or phone calls about the...

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Just when you thought slide-to-unlock was dead:...

Bloomberg reports that Apple this week won an appeal in its long-running case against Samsung over its slide-to-unlock patent.

The decision reinstates an original $119.6 million verdict owed to Apple that a U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled was wrongly thrown out in a previous decision back in February.


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Court reinstates a $120 million jury award for Apple...

Here we go again: a federal appeals court has reinstated a $120 million jury award for Apple against Samsung. The full slate of judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, D.C., said a previous panel of the same court should not have overturned the verdict in the case involving three iPhone technology patents last February.

Friday's 8-3 decision said the jury verdict was supported by substantial evidence and that the three-judge appeals court panel did not follow U.S. Supreme Court limits on the scope of its review, notes Reuters.

The court also said Apple was liable for infringing one of Samsung's patents. Apple's "quick links" patent, as the main focus in Samsung's latest effort to overturn major court victories by the Cupertino, California-based company over the past two years. Samsung's attorney Kathleen Sullivan said Samsung didn’...

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iPhone 7/7 Plus coming to India — but they’ll be...

Three mobile phone operators in India — AIS, Dtac, TrueMove — will begin selling the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on Oct 21. But they’re pricey.

As CNBC reported, the new handsets cost more than the average Indian citizen earns in six months due to local import taxes which jack up retail price of the entry-level $649 32GB iPhone 7 to as high as $900 — and $1,382 for the flagship 256GB iPhone 7 Plus model. World Bank estimates that an annual salary for a person in India in 2015 was $1,581.60 versus an annual salary of $55,836.80 for an average U.S. citizen.

“The biggest challenge for Apple today is that the tariffs that India imposes on imported phones greatly increases the pricing of iPhones in India, Gartner’s research vice president Mark Hung...

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: 25% off Apple Accessories Sale...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications.


Epic Best Buy sale knocks 25% off rarely...

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French software developer sues Apple, seeking...

Software developer Nexedi is so keen to see Apple improve the rendering engine in its iPhone browser that it's filed suit against the company in a French court.

Nexedi develops cross-platform business apps in HTML5 that can run unchanged on Windows, Linux, and Android.

On Apple's iOS, however, it runs into a problem: The browser rendering engine on iOS, WebKit, doesn't have the same HTML5 capabilities as the rendering engines used on other platforms.

Among the HTML5 capabilities missing in the iOS version of WebKit are access to APIs for vibration, ambient light detection, battery status, notifications, filesystem access and the WebRTC videoconferencing protocol, according to a copy of Nexedi's lawsuit seen by the IDG News Service.

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Company sues Apple for ‘incomplete implementation’...

Another day, another lawsuit. Developer and business service supplier Nexendi is suing Apple in French courts for “incomplete implementation of the HTML 5 specification in the iOS version of Safari,” according to AppleInsider.

Nexendi is demanding that Apple "support the latest Web and HTML5 standards on its iOS platform." Should the company prevail, and Apple cede to demands of better HTML5 support, it would allow web browsers with better HTML5 support than Apple's WebKit on the iOS App Store, notes AppleInsider.

HTML5 is the latest evolution of the standard that defines HTML. The term represents two different concepts: It is a new version of the language HTML, with new...

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Insulin Pump Susceptible to Hacking

Medical device manufacturer Animas on Tuesday warned that its OneTouch Ping insulin pump system was susceptible to hacking. "We have been notified of a cybersecurity issue with the OneTouch Ping, specifically that a person could potentially gain unauthorized access to the pump through its unencrypted radio frequency communication system," reads the company's letter to users of the device. The probability of anyone accessing the pump without authorization was "extremely low," the letter notes. Animas is owned by Johnson & Johnson.

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French company sues Apple over incomplete HTML5...

A development company is taking advantage of a French law, and is suing Apple over incomplete implementation of the HTML 5 specification in the iOS version of Safari.

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60-Second Video Tip: Print to PDF on an iPhone 6s or...

There's no "Print to PDF" function in iOS like there is on the Mac, but with an iPhone 6s or 7, it's possible to use 3D Touch to save web pages and documents as PDFs. In this Apple World Today 60-Second Video Tip, you'll see just how easy it is to use 3D Touch for all of your PDF capturing needs. We'll also show you a quick tip on how to save and view a PDF on iPhones and iPads without 3D Touch.

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Google Maps updates with new iOS 10 widgets, more...

Google has updated the iOS version of Maps with a few significant improvements, among them widgets redesigned for iOS 10, and more details about some of the places users visit.

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Developer Feral Interactive dishes on Apple Metal...

While Metal may be the future of Apple's graphics APIs, third-party developers and developers are seeing both advantages and disadvantages to the technology, as detailed by the developer of "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided."

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Comcast's 1TB data cap starts rolling out...

Comcast said bandwidth caps would be back before 2019, and now the company's living up to its promise.

The cable provider recently announced that its 1 terabyte bandwidth cap for Xfinity Internet subscribers would start rolling out more broadly. Comcast’s data caps are currently in effect in 16 regions with another 18 regions getting the bandwidth cap on November 1. You'll find the complete list of current and upcoming bandwidth cap regions at the bottom of this post.

The company settled on the 1TB cap limit after experimenting with various caps for several years in select areas. During that time, Comcast appeared to be favoring a 300GB cap, but never rolled it out nationwide. Then in April, ...

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FBI statement raises prospect of second legal battle...

A statement by the FBI has raised the possibility of a second legal battle with Apple in a very similar case to the San Bernardino shootingWired reports that an FBI agent speaking about the case of the man who stabbed 10 people in a Minnesota mall last month has said that the agency was considering legal as well as technical options.

At a press conference in St. Cloud, Minnesota today, FBI special agent Rich Thorton said that the FBI has obtained the iPhone of Dahir Adan, who stabbed 10 people in a Minnesota mall before a police officer shot and killed him. (The fundamentalist militant organization...

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My name is Inigo Montoya…

Check out Samsung’s crossed fingers emoji.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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∞ Drones team up to assemble lopsided cake

[VIDEO] This is an ad for Norway telecom company Telia. Made me laugh. Enjoy.

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iPhone 7 real-world sample gallery

DPReview is one of the go-to sites for deeply technical camera reviews. Note that that this is an iPhone 7 gallery. Here’s a link to the DPReview iPhone 7 Plus gallery.

Tap one of the images to get started.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Samsung's chip & display businesses rescue...

Samsung Electronics' estimated operating profits grew 5.6 percent in the third quarter in spite of its massive Galaxy Note 7 recall, buoyed by increased chip and display sales.

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Apple confirms more iPhone 7 release dates incl....

Apple has added Israel to its list of upcoming iPhone 7 launch countries today as it officially launches the device in India. It also confirmed upcoming launches for a handful of African and Middle Eastern countries including Jordan and Oman on October 15, and Maurice, Madagascar, Maroc, and Uganda on October 21st. In addition, Apple confirmed October 21st will also see the device launch in Thailand. 

The company confirmed the upcoming iPhone 7 launch dates on its website and through local third-party retailers today.


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Inside Apple’s new 3.5mm to lightning audio adapter

Check out the post, even if only to appreciate the gorgeous hi-res Xray imagery.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Free AI-powered photo editing app Prisma now...

We were impressed by AI-powered photo editing app Prisma when it launched in July, and more so when it added offline access to most filters, but the app has now gone even further. The latest version of the app now supports video too – though it is limited to short clips of up to 15 seconds.

We’re excited to bring you a new way of self-expression. You can now turn your memories into moving artworks using unique video styles!

Pick a file from gallery or shoot up to 15 seconds of video through the Prisma camera to add an artist’s touch to it. The processing is done locally. No Internet connection is needed. You just need an iPhone 6 or later with iOS 10 …


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Finding recently listened to tracks in iOS 10’s...

Kirk McElhearn, writing for Macworld, on finding your listening history in iOS 10:

There’s no way to do that in the iOS 10 Music app. In the Apple Music For You section, you can see your Recently Played music, but it only lists albums and playlists, not the songs in the order you heard them. And that’s only for Apple Music, not for your music.

But there is a path:

Interestingly, there is one way you can find this, and you have to enter Apple’s new Byzantine Messages app. Create a new message to yourself or to a friend. Tap the gray arrow to the left of the text field, then tap the App Store icon. Tap the grid icon at the bottom left (the one with the four ovals), then tap Music. When you do this, Messages displays a list of your 30 most recently played tracks.

The fact that this info was available made me dig a bit further. In the Music app, as Kirk suggested, I tapped the Library tab, then tapped Playlists. Down a bit was a playlist labeled Recently...

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Apple Music gains support for user-uploaded...

Apple Music has gained support for user-uploaded unofficial remixes, according to TechCrunch, thanks to SoundCloud, a service that can offer support for unofficial remixes, and Dubset, a music rights management company.

SoundCloud is a global online audio distribution platform based in Berlin, Germany, that enables its users to upload, record, promote, and share their originally-created sounds. According to the company’s data, in December 2014, the service attracts more than 175 million unique monthly listeners, while content creators upload about 12 hours worth of audio every minute

Dubset is a music licensing and digital distribution company that creates solutions for DJs, labels, publishers and streaming services. Their proprietary technology, MixBANK, enables legal distribution of unlicensed remixes and DJ mixes by scanning content for...

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Quick Look: NordVPN, a rare VPN service that still...

There are many reasons you might want to use a VPN service, from protecting your web access on a public hotspot to blocking trackers, but let’s be honest: probably the number one reason is to bypass geo-restrictions by pretending to be located in another country.

This can apply to YouTube and news websites, where you will sometimes see a message stating that the content you’re trying to access is not available in your country, but top of most people’s lists is Netflix


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Apple Watch Series 2 review, 3 weeks in

Rene Ritchie has lived with his new Series 2 Apple Watch for three weeks. His review is realistic and well worth the time if you are thinking about buying one.

One quote on performance:

watchOS 3, unsurprisingly, runs great, as well. Scratch that. On the original Apple Watch, it runs great. On Series 2, it flies.

That’s thanks to the new S2 system-in-package (SIP), which now includes a dual-core central processor and an amped up graphics processor. A fresh app launch is still count-the-spinner-wheel-seconds slow, but way better than before. And given how recent and favorite apps are now kept in memory, it’s also rarer than before.

The S2 also includes GPS. It is assisted GPS in the most assisted sense of the word — it only fires when you’re tracking an workout route and your iPhone isn’t around to piggy-back on. As a result, power drain is minimal.

Combined with the new, bigger battery and more efficient processor, it’s so minimal that I’ve done...

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AppleInsider podcast talks iPhone 7 vs. Google Pixel...

This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Daniel Eran Dilger tells Victor Marks about the sale of Viv (made by the founders of Siri) to Samsung, Google Pixel's shortcomings, the difficulty of evaluating a camera, and what's happened in the five years since Steve Jobs passed away.

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Apple Pay added for New York Rail customers via MTA...

Apple Pay has arrived for users of the New York state commuter rain.

Customers can now use either Apple Pay or Masterpass to buy tickets and passes through the MTA eTix app, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced this week.

The two payment options can be used for rides on both the Metro-North Railroad as well as the Long Island Rail Road and a full range of purchases are available, from one-way trips through to weekly or monthly passes.

Users can use Apple Pay by opening the MTA eTIX app, selecting “Pay with Apple Pay” at checkout and using the Touch ID feature. They can also add a credit or debit card to the iOS Wallet app.

The Long Island Rail Road extends eastward from New York City burroughs like Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn all the way to towns like Greenport and Montauk. While also serving parts of New York...

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Former NSA staffer, security researcher releases...

Malware on the Mac is becoming something to worry about, as demonstrated by security researcher and former NSA staffer Patrick Wardle. During a presentation at Virus Bulletin, Wardle yesterday showed how Mac malware to tap into live feeds from the built-in webcam and microphone on a MacBook Pro. His presentation is being delivered at the Virus Bulletin conference in Denver later today.

Although any unauthorized access to the webcam will light the green LED – a firmware-level protection that is exceedingly difficult to bypass – Wardle’s presentation shows how a malicious app can tap into the outgoing feed of an existing webcam session, like a FaceTime or Skype call, where the light would already be on.

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Daily Deal: Keyboard Maestro for Mac for just $19.99

Maybe you're not a writer, but you probably spend more time at your Mac than you should, constantly typing out text or entering repetitive commands. Wouldn't it be great if everything had a shortcut? That's the idea behind Keyboard Maestro, a fantastic productivity enhancer from Stairways Software -- a Mac software developer that's been around for over 20 years. We're so sure that you'll love Keyboard Maestro that we've got a deal for you -- the app's available for just $19.99, 44% off the regular $36 price tag.

So, what can you do with Keyboard Maestro? Open documents instantly or type full sentences with just a few keystrokes, develop macros that perform a number of functions with a click, you name it:

  • Trigger your...
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This Onde utility good for audio recording on a Mac...

Ondesoft Audio Recorder from OndeSoft is an okay choice for recording audio on your Mac despite its rudimentary editing features. Whether you need to record a FaceTime conversation, YouTube audio or more, Onde Audio Recorder's got you covered. Well, it’s a good choice unless you’ve upgraded to macOS Sierra. It’s not yet ready for the latest version of the Mac operating system.

It can record audio from apps such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, iTunes, QuickTime, RealPlayer, VLC, and more, as well as grab songs from websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Pandora, LastFM, and others. Onde Audio Recorder also plays nice with with online radio such as Pandora, Lastfm, GrooveShark, and iTunes Radio. In addition, it supports recording audio from IM applications like Radium (as of version 3.24.1)me, Skype, iChat, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, Google talk, Adium, Instantbird, Fire, Proteus AIM, Tencent QQ and more.

What's more, Onde...

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Duolingo’s latest iOS app lets you learn languages...

The best way to practice your language skills is through conversation; easy if you live in the country concerned, or are surrounded by those who speak the language, not so easy otherwise. This is the problem Duolingo has set out to solve with the latest update to its language-learning app.

Duolingo’s iOS app now allows you to have text chats with AI bots. The bots will converse with you in the form of three different ‘personalities,’ and will help you out with suggestions if you’re struggling to reply …


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How to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch

With macOS Sierra and watchOS 3.0 you can unlock your Mac using your Apple Watch. To do this, you’ll have to enable Apple’s new two-factor authentication and make sure your Mac is running macOS Sierra and your Apple Watch is running watchOS 3.0. 

On the Mac, go to Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac. Also, make sure that Disable Automatic Login is unchecked. If the option is grayed out, click the padlock icon at the bottom of the window to make the change.

On the Apple Watch, go to Settings. Scroll down and tap Passcode. Turn Passcode On. Enter a passcode to lock and unlock your Apple Watch.

Now Auto Unlock will be invoked just by waking your Mac. If you try to unlock your Mac without wearing your Apple Watch, the normal password screen will appear.


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External Link: Apple Discontinues Third-Generation...

In a move that should surprise no one, Apple has discontinued the third-generation Apple TV. Apple has been slowly phasing out the four-year-old streaming device for months, and it has been a long time since Apple updated its pre-tvOS software. You may still be able to buy a refurbished third-generation Apple TV, but with no future support planned, we can’t recommend it. Those looking for a streaming video box should instead look at the fourth-generation Apple TV or a streaming box from Amazon or Roku. We hope Apple will reduce the price of the fourth-generation Apple TV to make up for the loss of the $69 older model and get it into more homes.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version...

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Thursday October 6

MTA eTix app gains Apple Pay support, allowing New...

Commuters in New York now have a new way to pay for their ride. As announced by New York governor Andrew Cuomo, the MTA eTix app now supports Apple Pay. This means that commuters can now easily and securely purchase tickets for New York City’s Long Island Railroad and Metro-North Railroad trains.


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