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Wednesday November 16

Wells Fargo will use 'robo-advisers' to...

You won't have to go to a dedicated, tech-focused firm to get investment help from machines instead of humans. Wells Fargo has revealed that it's using SigFig's "robo-advisers" to offer guidance to investors. The sometimes troubled bank will launch a...

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Tuesday November 15

Twitter bans multiple 'alt-right' accounts

In the wake of releasing more tools to combat abuse on its service, Twitter has banned the accounts of a number of "alt-right" users. That includes the head of the National Policy Institute (NPI), Richard Spencer. The think tank describes itself as "...

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Twitch chases YouTube with improved upload options

Content creators who have been testing the waters of Twitch's new Uploads Open Beta can now wade in just a little deeper -- the gameplay streaming site has announced a slew of improvements to the manual upload feature, including increased tag charact...

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Google expands mission to make automated...

What started with Mandarin Chinese is expanding to English; French; German; Japanese; Korean; Portuguese and Turkish, as Google has increased the languages its Neural Machine Translation (NMT) handle. "These represent the native languages of around o...

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Pixelmator 3.6

Adds support for macOS 10.12 Sierra and the context-sensitive Touch Bar on new MacBook Pro models. ($29.99 new, free update, 57.6 MB)


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Sony suspends player who found a sex organ in '...

Ubisoft might pride itself on Watch Dogs 2's plausible game world, but it looks like the open world title might be a little too realistic... and one player is paying the price for it. Sony suspended NeoGAF forum member Goron2000 from the Sony Enterta...

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Airmail for macOS updated to version 3.2 with...

As the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar starts to make its way into the hands of consumers, macOS apps continue to be updated with support for the new function display. Next on the docket is popular email client Airmail, which today was updated to version 3.2 with support for the Touch Bar…


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This is how the world looks on Facebook's...

Facebook's Connectivity Lab today released its high-resolution population maps for Malawi, South Africa, Ghana, Haiti and Sri Lanka, with the promise to make more datasets available over the coming months. The population maps are a joint effort betwe...

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Apple Music nabs exclusive streaming rights to star-...

Apple has secured exclusive first access rights to "808," a documentary film chronicling the impact the Roland TR-808 programmable drum machine had, and continues to have despite its discontinuation 33 years ago, on the music making world.

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Google Fiber TV app recommends live shows

Google just illustrated one of the advantages of having an app-centric television service like Fiber TV: you can refine the entire experience through a simple software update. It's trotting out a new version of the Fiber TV app that will help you fin...

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New MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models arrive at...

Apple's new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models are trickling in to the company's retail stores, though it appears only select flagship locations are being granted early access to the hotly anticipated laptop.

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China completes first human trial with CRISPR-edited...

As predicted, it happened: On October 28th, Chinese oncologists at Sichuan University were the first in the world to insert CRISPR-modified cells into a patient suffering from an aggressive form of lung cancer, according to Nature. The journal report...

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Apple's New 15-Inch MacBook Pros Have Storage...

yoink! writes: The integration loop is complete. Apple's, admittedly very fast, PCIe storage modules are now built right into the main boards of their 15-inch, Touch Bar-equipped, Retina-screened, Thunderbolt 3-ported, MacBook Pros. A few forum posts over at MacRumors reveal the skinny on the quiet removal of the last user-upgradable component of their professional-series laptops. From the report: "MacRumors reader Jesse D. unscrewed the bottom lid on his new 15-inch MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar and discovered, unlike the 13-inch model sans Touch Bar, there is no cutout in the logic board for removable flash storage. Another reader said the 13-inch model with a Touch Bar also has a non-removable SSD. Given the SSD appears to be permanently soldered to the logic board, users will be unable to upgrade the Touch Bar MacBook Pro's flash storage beyond Apple's 512GB to 2TB built-to-order options on its website at the time of purchase. In other words, the amount of flash storage you...

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AWT News Update: November 15, 2016 (Houston, TX)

Evil Andy! 

Steve's in Houston, TX for a few hours tonight, so it was time to get a short AWT News Update recorded and published for your listening pleasure. What's up?

  • We discuss another good reason to not have an Android phone; manufacturer-installed software was sending the text messages and metadata from a number of phones to a Chinese server
  • Apple Pay expands big time in Australia, and new banks in Russia and China
  • Google releases PhotoScan for grabbing those old prints and moving them to digital, and also updates Google Photos

Just a reminder: Steve is on road, in the air and on the seas for the next month, so the AWT News Update may not be published every weekday.

The text version of the podcast can be viewed below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below. 

Subscribe to the Podcast...

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Elusive 'Overwatch' hero Sombra is now...

Blizzard has been teasing the second post-launch Overwatch character, Sombra, for months -- cryptic clues and leaks have been floating around since the first extra character showed up. At last, though, she's here. After about a week of public testi...

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Post-Election Backlash Spurs Fake News Crackdown

Facebook and Google have amended their internal policies regarding advertising on fake news posts in response to pressure from users and a growing controversy within the company. There are mounting concerns that the presidential election may have been influenced by unvetted fake news stories trending on the network during the past few weeks of the cycle. Some of the news stories that appeared in Facebook's trending topics section were found to contain misleading or completely false information that may have influenced voting behavior.

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Lucid Motors' super-secret car makes an...

Automotive startup, Lucid Motors dropped by the LA Auto Show with its super-secret sedan today. Because it's electric and doesn't have a traditional engine taking up space, the company has designed the car to have a smaller footprint that a luxury se...

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BMW expands its ReachNow car-share service to...

At the LA Auto Show today, BMW announced that its car-sharing service, ReachNow is expanding to Brooklyn starting today. The city joins Seattle and Portland as municipalities that have access to BMWs and Minis for one-way rentals within a set geograp...

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Oxford University will offer free online courses in...

The highest ranked university in the world will soon join prestigious institutions like Berkeley, Harvard and MIT in offering free massive open online courses (MOOCs). Starting in February 2017, Oxford University will partner with nonprofit online le...

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Apple Releases $300 Book Containing 450 Photos of...

Apple has a reputation for releasing "revolutionary" products that carry higher price tags than competing products. Today, the company hasn't made that reputation any better as it has released a "$299 coffee table book" that contains 450 photographs of Apple products. The Verge reports: It's a hardcover edition, bound in linen, and is available in two sizes: $199 for a smaller 10.20" x 12.75" version, and $299 for a larger 13" x 16.25" edition. The book is simply titled Designed by Apple in California -- a name that somehow manages to be both humble and incredibly pretentious at the same time. The photos inside are all new images shot by Andrew Zuckerman, and will show off 20 years of Apple design "in a deliberately spare style." In a press statement, chief designer Jony Ive described the book as "a gentle gathering of many of the products the team has designed over the years," and hoped that it would serve as a "resource for students of all design disciplines." The book is...

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Report: Snapchat secretly, officially filed for its...

It's no secret that Snap Inc. (née Snapchat) has been thinking about selling stock to the public, but it looks it has officially -- and quietly -- pulled the trigger. According to a report from Reuters the ephemeral messaging company confident...

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∞ Million dollar Hot Wheels collection

Man – don’t you wish he’d let us play with those for a day? I promise we’ll be careful with them.

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Trump's Facebook focus helped him win the...

Despite Facebook's arguments to the contrary, its social network helped Donald Trump win the US election... if not for the reasons you'd suspect. Wired has learned that the Trump campaign focused very heavily on its Facebook strategy, eclipsing a Cli...

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Apple Announces New Apple Book

For those who think Apple doesn’t have the resources to update some app or bit of hardware, consider the company’s latest product announcement.


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Engadget presents the Best of CES 2017!

The Consumer Electronics Show is just two months away, which means it's time once again for us here at Engadget to kick CES planning into high gear. Not only are we excited to get our hands on the latest gadgets and gear at the country's biggest tech...

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Apple brings back the peach-butt emoji in iOS 10.2...

Sexting has been saved thanks to iOS 10.2 beta 3.

The first developer preview of iOS 10.2 redesigned every emoji to look more realistic, with more detail that would look better super-sized on macOS and iOS 10. But it turns out that people didn’t want to send a realistic-looking peach emoji (see image, right). They wanted to continue sending a peach emoji that kind of looked like a butt. 

Peach emoji in iOS 10.2 developer beta 1

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Apple releases third watchOS 3.1.1 beta to...

Apple on Tuesday pushed out the latest build of its upcoming watchOS 3.1.1 operating system to developers for testing, with the new seed containing minor improvements over the version issued last week.

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Shazam for Mac leaves the mic on after the app is...

Shazam brought its music-searching chops to the Mac over two years ago, but former NSA hacker and Mac security guru Patrick Wardle revealed this week that the app has a big flaw. With the version of the app for Apple desktops, the software keeps a co...

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Drop, a color picker utility for macOS, launches...

Drop, a color picker for macOS, has launched today with support for the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. Built by the Tapity app development team, Drop serves as lightweight tool allowing user’s to quickly select and grab colors on-screen, while also switching between a multitude of color formats. Colors grabbed can be added to the palette and automatically copied to the clipboard.


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English rain inspired the Google Daydream game,...

When Mike Bithell was a kid, sitting in the backseat of his parents' car as the cloudy English sky soaked the roads, he would draw lines in the window's condensation, attempting to "catch" raindrops as they slid down the pane outside.

"I honestly do...

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Apple Pay's international expansion continues...

Apple on Tuesday updated its roster of banks and credit unions supporting Apple Pay with additions in China and Russia, extending the platform's international footprint even further.

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Apple releases third watchOS 3.1.1 developer beta...

Apple has released the third watchOS 3.1.1 beta for developers testing the pre-release software update for Apple Watch. watchOS 3.1.1 includes support for new Unicode 9.0 emoji as well as the ability to change skin tones when picking certain emoji characters.


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Notable apps and app updates for Nov. 14, 2016

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks.

macOS Apps/Updates

The Pixelmator Team has released Pixelmator 3.6 Cordillera, an update to its image editing app for the Mac. 

The upgrade brings full support for macOS Sierra and the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro. It also includes tTabs for easier window management, a content-aware Smart Refine feature, Deep Images support, and more.

Pixelmator 3.6 requires macOS 10.10 or later. It costs $29.99 and is available at the Mac App Store.

True North Software has announced Station 1.2, an update to their multilevel (hierarchical) launcher for macOS. It’s designed to...

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Jony Ive speaks on means and methods of '...

In an interview about the new "Designed by Apple in California" coffee-table book, Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive speaks about how the title was composed, documentation of the processes used to build the products in the book, and Apple's history.

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'Minecraft' game-making tutorial teaches...

Microsoft knows that Minecraft can get kids into programming, and it's banking on that strategy again this year. It just teamed up with to introduce the Minecraft Hour of Code Designer, a tutorial that teaches young newcomers (6 years old an...

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Facebook employees are unofficially trying to defeat...

Ever since America opted to elect that guy to its highest office, a lot of accusatory fingers have been pointed toward Facebook. After all, the social network has the attention of hundreds of millions of voters and has a reputation for proliferating...

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Google's WiFi mesh router is now available for...

Google announced on Tuesday that the home mesh network it debuted back in October, Google WiFi, is now available for pre-order. This system replaces your single router with Eero-style access points. Each of these individual nodes acts as a signal rel...

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“Hamilton’s America” full film

If you’re in the US, now is the time to watch this before PBS removes it in a few days. Those of us outside the US don’t get to watch it at all.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Monitoring software on some US Android phones sent...

Pre-installed software on some Android phones from a developer contracted to develop the software for an undisclosed Chinese manufacturer sends the contents of text messages composed on the device, in addition to other user metadata, to a server in China.

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∞ Introducing PhotoScan by Google Photos

I watched the video and thought, “Wow! This is going to be really cool for all of our moms and dads for all of those photos they have of us as kids!”

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Google's new PhotoScan app will transform your...

Google is offering a new solution for turning your old prints into digital photos.

A new app called PhotoScan enables you to scan your prints with a smartphone and then save them to your Google Photos library. Google says the app will even detect the edges, straighten the image, eliminate glare, and properly crop it.

Once the process is finished you’ll be able to access and edit the images right from the Google Photos app. You can get PhotoScan now in the App Store and Google Play.

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Facebook and Instagram are finally integrated, sort...

Facebook bought Instagram way back in 2012, but you almost wouldn't know it from how separate they are. Outside of Instagram's options to log in with and post to Facebook, you almost wouldn't know the two entities are connected. However, that's cha...

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Apple Pay adds support for new banks in China,...

Apple today updated its list of supported Apple Pay banks to a new banks and credit unions in Mainland China, Russia, and Australia.

The additions include nine new banks and credit unions in China, four in Russia, and over 30 in Australia.

The newly added banks include:


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First look: DJI's iOS-connected $1499 Phantom 4...

DJI on Tuesday unveiled a new upgrade for its prosumer-level iOS-connected aerial camera drone, aiming the Phantom 4 Pro at users who want high-quality images and more advanced autopilot functions.

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DJI's newest drones are built for filmmakers

Turns out that DJI's Mavik wasn't the company's only new airframe for the year. On Tuesday, a pair of updated drone models joined the family: the Phantom 4 Pro and the Inspire 2.

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iPhones in China are randomly shutting down, owners...

A consumer protection group in China is asking Apple to investigate problems with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s units automatically shutting off.

Recently, iPhone customers in the country have been complaining about the problem to the China Consumers Association, the group said in a statement on Tuesday. The shutdowns occur when the phone’s battery charge drops to between 60 and 50 percent.

The problem will persist despite upgrading to the latest version of iOS. It will also occur in both cold environments and at room temperature.  After the automatic shutdown, the phones will also fail to turn on without connecting to a power supply.

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Chinese Consumer Group Has Asked Apple To...

An anonymous reader writes:The China Consumers Association (CCA) has asked Apple to investigate "a considerable number" of reports by users of iPhone 6 and 6s phones that the devices have been shutting off and cannot be turned back on again, it said on Tuesday. The reported problems specifically involve users seeing their iPhones automatically shut off despite 50-60 percent battery levels, and the involuntary shutting off in room temperature or colder environments, as well as the inability to turn the cellphone back on despite continuous battery charging, the statement said. "In view that Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s series cellphones in China have a considerable number of users, and the number of people who've reported this problem is rather many, China Consumer Association has already made a query with Apple," the association said in a statement on its website.


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Google PhotoScan for iOS digitizes your physical...

Google Photos is getting a number of updates today that improve the editing experience through machine learning and more manual controls. Additionally, a standalone PhotoScan app for iOS allows you to digitize your old physical prints with just your phone’s camera.


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Microsoft partners with Elon Musk-backed AI non-...

On its own front, Microsoft has been keen to get more folks developing AI, enough to recently open-source the deep learning tools it used to build Skype Translate and Cortana for users to train their own AI. It's also opened its arms to other tech co...

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Apple purged 47,300 broken & outdated App Store...

Apple began its promised purge of the iOS App Store in October, pulling some 47,300 titles, according to third-party research data published on Tuesday.

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David Attenborough’s free The Story of Life app is a...

While we wait for Planet Earth II to be available here in the US and Canada, I’ll happily download this app on Thursday.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Former Apple CEO John Sculley named chairman and...

Ravi Ika, founder and CEO of RxAdvance, a full-service pharmacy benefit manager. announced today that former Apple CEO, John Sculley, has accepted the expanded role as chairman and chief marketing officer at RxAdvance. He’s a founding investor and has been RxAdvance vice chairman.

Sculley was vice-president (1970–1977) and president of Pepsi-Cola (1977–1983), until he became CEO of Apple on April 8, 1983, a position he held until leaving in 1993. In May 1987, Sculley was named Silicon Valley's top-paid executive, with an annual salary of US$2.2 million.


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Apple App Store purge underway to clear out outdated...

Earlier this year, Apple said it planned to clean up the Apple App Store by removing outdated, abandoned apps, including those that no longer meet current guidelines or don’t function as intended. The purge is underway, according to new data from Sensor Tower — as noted by TechCrunch.

The app intelligence firm found that app removals increased by 238% last month — with mobile games seeing the most deletions. In October, 47,300 apps were removed from the Apple App Store, according to Sensor Tower.

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Apple SSD in Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pro fixed to...

Recent examinations of the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar show that Apple has abandoned the socketed SSD as seen in the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Function Keys model.

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Conspiracy Theories in the Information Age, Part 2

In the past, heightened rhetoric and propaganda were the tools of choice for those looking to convince an electorate to vote them into office, and conspiracy theories were their bane. This election season has seen the rise of a new form of persuasion, one that's unique to the Information Age. For months, WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange had promised to rain bombshells on the narrowing field of presidential candidates, and he indicated that Hillary Clinton would be the target of the release.

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iPhone 8: No OLED display expected on 4.7-inch and...

Apple is expected to dramatically redesign the iPhone in 2017 while introducing at least one model with an OLED display. Supply chain analyst firm KGI Securities has now issued a new report predicting how Apple’s flagship iPhone lineup will look next year with new details on different screen sizes, display types, and camera features.


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Shazam promises Mac app update to end always-on...

The makers of the music discovery app Shazam have promised a software update in the next few days, after it was uncovered that the current Mac version is always listening -- even when it's supposed to be off.

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Apple’s App Store purge removed almost 50k iOS apps...

After announcing in September that it would begin “removing problematic and abandoned apps” in an effort to clean up the App Store, new data shows Apple is now fulfilling that promise with removals dramatically increasing around 238 percent last month.

The data below from research firm Sensor Tower (via TechCrunch) shows around 47,300 apps were removed in October, around 3.4 times more than the average month for the App Store prior to the new purging initiative.

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Sir Jony Ive reflects on the nature of objects, the..., on the new book, Designed by Apple in California:

This is a comprehensive and objective portrait of Apple products produced over the past 20 years. ‘It is a book with very few words,’ writes Sir Jony Ive in the foreword. ‘It is about our products, their physical nature and how they were made.’ The pages that follow trace two stratospheric decades of product design with the effortlessness that’s become synonymous with the company.

It is a quiet and elegant work, a high-quality piece of book design, typography and production. It is far from a show-off vanity project. Great care, time – and money – has been spent on making it a paean to good, useful design and manufacturing....

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: Apple Watch Charging Dock $31...

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: TwitterRSS FeedFacebookGoogle+ and Safari push notifications.


Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones get unexpected $80 drop (Black):...

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Analyst predicts three iPhone models in 2017

In a note to clients — as noted by MacRumors — KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple will release three iPhones in 2017: a 4.7-inch model with a single-lens camera and LCD display; a 5.5-inch model with a dual-lens camera and LCD display; and an all-new OLED model with a dual-lens camera in 2017 (he doesn’t mention a size for this one, although he’s previously forecast a 5.8-incher with a curved screen and glass casing).

We look for new 2017F iPhones to come in three models: one OLED model, and two TFT-LCD models with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch display,” Kuo writes. “We believe the OLED and 5.5-inch TFT-LCD iPhones will feature dual-camera. Based on this prediction, our forecast of dual camera adoption rate in new 2017F iPhone models is revised up from 30-40% to 65-75%. We view this increase as favoring Largan’s sales and profit momentum as it is the exclusive supplier of wide-angle and telephoto...

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Dual-lens cameras expected on both Apple's OLED...

With Apple apparently gearing up to launch three new iPhones next year, two-thirds of them will include dual-lens camera designs, though users who prefer the 4.7-inch form factor will reportedly be out of luck.

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Twitter beefs up its mute tools and abuse policies...

Twitter is bulking up its tools to combat online hate and harassment. In recent months, critics have called out Twitter for not doing enough to stop online abuse. Now Twitter is fighting back against the growing impression that social the network is becoming far too vitriolic.

First up: An expansion of Twitter’s mute tool that will be rolling out in the coming days. The new filtering will allow users greater control over what ends up in their notifications section by preventing specific keywords, phrases, and even flagged conversation threads from landing in their notifications.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click...

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John Hancock announces Apple Watch subsidiary program

Canada-based financial group John Hancock, has announced a subsidy program that offers up the Apple Watch Series 2 for as little as $25 to active members, through its Vitality program, reports TechCrunch.

Interested parties who sign up will get the watch as part of the program, with the activities they log through walking, running, biking and swimming going toward the end payment of the wearable. If participants don’t those goals, there’s a monthly fee on the device spread out over the course of 24 months.

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Apple eyeing a $50 million megastore in Melbourne’s...

Apple is apparently in the final stages of negotiating a deal that will see it open a new $50 million megastore in Melbourne, Australia’s iconic Federation Square, almost a decade after it first started looking for an appropriate central city site, according to The Age.

Apple has three existing Melbourne stores, but they are based in Chadstone, Doncaster and Southland shopping centres. None are in the central city shop like its flagship Sydney locations, one in George Street and the other at Bondi Junction.

However, Apple has been in “lengthy and secretive” negotiations with Federation Square's management and the state government to take over and demolish the Yarra building in Federation Square, according to The Age. The Cupertino, California-based company plans to replace the unique "...

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Apple’s latest product is a $300 picture book of its...

Enlarge / A picture of some of the pictures in Apple's picture book. (credit: Apple)

Move over, MacBook Pro—there's a new Apple book in town. It's called Designed by Apple in California, and it's a coffee table book filled with pictures of Apple's hardware. The book, like so many other Apple products, is available in two sizes: a 10.20" by 12.75" "Small" version that sells for $199 and a 13" by 16.25" "Large" version that costs $300.

The book is only a partial history of design at Apple, and it would be better described as a portfolio of Jony Ive's work. It starts in 1998 with the iMac and ends in 2015 with the Apple Pencil, and...

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Twitter app stepping up anti-abuse features with...

Twitter is rolling out new features targeted at combatting online abuse that should create a better experience for users on the platform. New privacy features announced today will expand muting beyond just accounts to notifications, keywords, and more.


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Touch Bar MacBook Pro models have non-upgradeable...

The first MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models are arriving, and if you were encouraged by the removable SSD OWC found in the entry-level machine, there’s bad news. Owners who have opened them up are finding that the SSD chips in the Touch Bar machines are permanently soldered to the logic board.

This means that, like the 12-inch MacBook, the SSD size you order from Apple is the capacity you’re going to be stuck with for the life of the machine, so you may want to take a fresh look at those rather eye-watering upgrade prices.

The SSD chips are beneath some shielding, but one owner was brave enough to...

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Apple's newest product is a $300 photo book

Apple is releasing a product this week that isn’t a phone or a watch or a computer. It’s a 450-page book documenting the past 20 years of Apple design, or, in other words, a book of photos of Apple devices. At $300, it costs more than some of those devices.

The book, called “Designed by Apple in California,” comes in a large (13-by–16.25 inches) and a cheaper, smaller (10.20-by–12.75 inches) size. The smaller version is a mere $200. Both versions will be available to buy online or in select Apple Stores on Wednesday.

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Shazam for Mac maintains access to microphone even...

When Shazam (macOS) is toggled ‘OFF’ it to simply stops processing recorded data…however recording continues.

Shazam considers it a feature.

[Via MacRumors]

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple finalizing deal for $50M AU store in central...

Apple is nearing a deal to build a major A$50 million store in the Australian city of Melbourne, a report said on Tuesday.

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Deals: 32GB 9.7" iPad Pro (Cellular) for $599...

With limited quantities available, shoppers can pick up a 32GB 9.7" iPad Pro in Rose Gold (Wi-Fi + Cellular) for $599 ($130 off) at B&H. Or snap up a 15" MacBook Pro (Mid-2015) for $1,599.99 on eBay while supplies last. Looking for a budget-friendly laptop? The 11" Air (Mid-2013) is $600 off on eBay as well.

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China Consumers Association asks Apple to look into...

The China Consumers Association (CCA) has asked Apple to investigate "a considerable number" of reports by users of iPhone 6 and 6s smartphones that the devices have been shutting off and cannot be turned back on again, reports Reuters.

The problems seem to involve users seeing their iPhones automatically shut off despite 50% to 60% battery levels, and the involuntary shutting off in room temperature or colder environments, as well as the inability to turn the cellphone back on despite continuous battery charging, according to the CCA.

"In view that Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s series cellphones in China have a considerable number of users, and the number of people who've reported this problem is rather many, China Consumer Association has already made a query with Apple," the association said in a statement on its website. The CCA is a national organization designed to protect...

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China looks into sudden iPhone 6 & 6s shutdowns...

The China Consumers Association on Tuesday asked Apple to investigate complaints that some iPhone 6 and 6s units are shutting off suddenly and permanently, despite nominally having plenty of charge left.

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WhatsApp finally launches video calling


In a move that many of its users have been eagerly waiting for, WhatsApp is adding video calling to its apps. The Facebook-owned company says the new feature is rolling out worldwide in the coming days. WhatsApp’s more than one billion users will be able to use the new feature on Android, iPhone, and even Windows Phone devices (we presume that means Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile).

As with all features from the service video calling will be free. The new feature arrives nearly 20 months after WhatsApp made voice calling available to all its users. Facebook Messenger added video calling in April 2015.


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∞ Jony Ive on design

Coinciding with Apple’s new photo book, “Designed by Apple in California”, Jony Ive did an interview with Japanese design firm Casa Brutus.

Here’s a link to the interview (in Japanese). If anyone knows of an English translation, please tweet me a link and I’ll update this post.

Embedded in the main post is a video Casa Brutus posted this morning, Jony Ive talking about the design process.

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wattOS Energizes Aging Hardware

wattOS is a stunning example of really great things coming in small packages. wattOS is a lightweight and fast desktop Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS built around the LXDE. It uses the lightweight Openbox window manager as its default user interface. To credit this 8-year-young community of developers with birthing an energy-efficient Linux distribution is an understatement. It has phenomenal performance on older hardware that lacks resources. It installs on computers with as little as 192 MB to 256 MB of RAM.

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Super Mario Run runs onto the iPhone and iPad on Dec...

The first-ever mobile game featuring Super Mario goes on sale for iPhone and iPad on Dec. 15 in United States time zones. Super Mario Run can be downloaded from the App Store at no cost, and players can try elements of the game’s three modes for free. 

Once the game has been downloaded, a one-time payment of $9.99 (United States price) will grant unlimited access to each of the three modes in this release. Super Mario Run is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 8.0 or later. Starting on Dec. 15, the game will launch in...

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The iPhone 7 looks to be a hot seller on Black Friday

In-store shopping reigns supreme for Black Friday, with a majority of consumers poised to get up early and hit brick-and-mortar stores. According to a survey conducted by leading savings destination RetailMeNot, 40% of shoppers feel they get the most savings than any other shopping day. And the iPhone 7 looks to be a hot seller on Black Friday.

Removing the element of price, these are the most requested items in the electronics category, the top category on most shoppers’ wish lists: Video game console (22%); iPhone 7 (18%); wireless ear buds (18%); and a smartwatch (16%). Obviously, the RetailMeNot survey also looks good for Apple’s AirPods (assuming they’re available in time for the holidays) and the Apple Watch.

Technology is now playing a part in saving money on Black Friday as well. Now more than ever shoppers are using their smartphones while in stores to complete their purchases.

"Mobile devices will play a key...

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Shazam does U-turn on Mac app after privacy concerns...

Shazam has told CNET that it will be changing the way the Mac app works in response to privacy concerns. This is despite an earlier statement to Motherboard that it had no reason to make changes.

Security researcher Patrick Wardle yesterday spotted that the Shazam app keeps the Mac’s microphone switched on even when the app is set to off. Wardle’s blog post noted that the app doesn’t process audio data in any way when it is set to off, and stated that he was ‘conflicted on whether or not this is a big deal.’ But the publicity seems to have spooked Shazam, which has now said...

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Super Mario Run for iPhone coming Dec. 15, unlocked...

More details for Nintendo's 'Super Mario Run' for iOS have been announced, with the game being released on Dec. 15 with a single $9.99 in-app purchase opening up the entire game for users.

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Phil Schiller on the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar

Steven Levy, Editor of Backchannel:

Fortunately, I do not have to make guesses at what’s going on in Apple’s mind. Perhaps motivated by the grumbling in rainbow-fruit land, Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller came to the phone last week to decode the company’s motivations, and stridently counter the cavils of the doubters.

And, from Phil Schiller:

“If we were to do Multi-Touch on the screen of the notebook, that wouldn’t be enough — then the desktop wouldn’t work that way.” And touch on the desktop, he says, would be a disaster. “Can you imagine a 27-inch iMac where you have to reach over the air to try to touch and do things? That becomes absurd.” He also explains that such a move would mean totally redesigning the menu bar for fingers, in a way that would ruin the experience for those using pointer devices like the touch or mouse. “You can’t optimize for both,” he says. “It’s the lowest common denominator thinking.”



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Report: Apple in talks to build new $50 million...

According to a new report from Australian publication The Age, Apple is eyeing Federation Square in Melbourne for the location of a new flagship retail store in the country.


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Nintendo’s Super Mario Run for iPhone and iPad now...

Nintendo’s upcoming Super Mario Run title for iPhone and iPad now has both a release date and a price tag. Apple brought Nintendo’s Shigeru Minamoto on stage earlier this year at the iPhone event in September to first unveil the upcoming game for iPhone and iPad — an iOS exclusive to start. At the time, we knew the game would launch in December and be free to try with an in-app purchase to fully buy. Now we have solid details for both price and release…


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Apple considers wearables expansion with digital...


Apple Inc. is weighing an expansion into digital glasses, a risky but potentially lucrative area of wearable computing, according to people familiar with the matter.

While still in an exploration phase, the device would connect wirelessly to iPhones, show images and other information in the wearer’s field of vision, and may use augmented reality, the people said. They asked not to be identified speaking about a secret project.

Apple has talked about its glasses project with potential suppliers, according to people familiar with those discussions. The company has ordered small quantities of near-eye displays from one supplier for testing, the people said. Apple hasn’t ordered enough components so far to indicate imminent mass-production, one of the people added.

If true, it’ll be interesting to see what Apple does differently than Google did with Glass. This is an area where subtlety of design will make all the difference.


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Everything you need to know about Apple's Touch...

Apple introduced new Touch Bar and Touch ID features on its 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro. Here's a look at how they work, what they're useful for, and the potential for seeing these technologies trickle out across the rest of Apple's Mac platform.

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Apps that support the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar...

My favorite part of this article is the set of Touch Bar screen grabs at the very top. Nice job by Jordan Kahn.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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External Link: Apple Announces New Apple Book

Responding to complaints about the new MacBook Pro line, Apple has announced a new product that features unlimited battery life, a higher-resolution display than any other Apple product, and silver gilding. Even better is its price: only $199 for the small version and $299 for the large. Unfortunately, it performs just one function: showing off current and previous Apple products.

That's right, "Designed by Apple in California" is an actual book that chronicles 20 years of Apple's design work through 450 photographs of Apple gear, from the iMac to the Apple Pencil. It also documents the materials and techniques used by Apple's design team. To justify the eye-watering price, Apple says the linen-bound hardcover volume is "printed on specially milled, custom-dyed paper with gilded matte silver edges, using eight color separations and low-ghost ink." No mention was made about upgrades.


Read the full article at TidBITS...

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New photo book, “Designed by Apple in California”,...

From Apple’s news release:

Apple today announced the release of a new hardbound book chronicling 20 years of Apple’s design, expressed through 450 photographs of past and current Apple products. “Designed by Apple in California,” which covers products from 1998’s iMac to 2015’s Apple Pencil, also documents the materials and techniques used by Apple’s design team over two decades of innovation.

The book is dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs.


“The idea of genuinely trying to make something great for humanity was Steve’s motivation from the beginning, and it remains both our ideal and our goal as Apple looks to the future,” said Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer. “This archive is intended to be a gentle gathering of many of the products the team has designed over the years. We hope it brings some understanding to how and why they exist, while serving as a resource for students of all design disciplines.”

The book is available in two...

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Apple patent granted for ‘Sports EarPods’ with...

Apple’s delayed wireless AirPods may not be the only new earphones the company has in the works. A patent originally dating back to 2008 but only published today describes what seems a logical next step for a company increasingly focused on health and fitness: a sports earphone.

The patent describes two types of functionality, one geared to gathering biometric data to provide fitness data, the other allowing gesture-based control of an iPhone …


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Apple applies for a patent for … a chair!

Make of it what you will, but Apple has applied for a design patent (number D771, 396) for a chair. The inventors are Kully Kraig Mandon, Andrew Charles Deffenbaugh, and Stefan Behling. Other than that the patent filing only has graphics (two of which are pictured).

Since Apple is really promoting health these days, perhaps it’s a chair such as the BalanceBall from Gaiam (pictured below) that’s designed to provide core strengthening, comfort and ergonomic back support and help to improve spinal alignment and reduce nerve compression. A study by Kansas State University says that people who spend more than six hours sitting each day are at higher risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. 

Which means you need to be taking more standing breaks (at least once every 30 minutes). Perhaps Apple is interested in producing its own healthier chair.” iChair, anyone?

Apple has also been granted a patent (number 9,497,534) for a “sports...

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Apple Pay now supports instant donations to non-...

Apple news release:

Apple Pay is making it easier and more secure to donate to your favorite nonprofit organizations with just a touch. Apple Pay support for charitable donations kicks off today with nonprofits ranging from global organizations such as UNICEF to startups like charity: water, and more nonprofits will offer Apple Pay over the coming months so their supporters can make easy, secure and private payments.

Giving has never been so simple — by eliminating the need to enter billing and contact info, create an account or fill out long forms to check out, Apple Pay gives nonprofit supporters a way to donate instantly.


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Video: Jony Ive discusses motivation behind new...

Unexpectedly, Apple debuted a new design book earlier today featuring over 20 years of Apple products, from the 1998 iMac to the 2015 Apple Pencil. Entitled ‘Designed by Apple in California’, the book is being exclusively published and sold by Apple, featuring over 450 photos.


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Apple named most innovative company by Price...

What’s most interesting about this article is that the most innovative company (Apple) is not even on the list of top 10 in R&D spending. Number one on that list? Volkswagen AG, followed closely by Samsung.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple may be eyeing Google Glass-like wearable AR...

Apple is working on wearable digital glasses that would connect wirelessly to the iPhone and show content in the wearer’s field of vision, according to a news report.

The iPhone maker has indicated previously its interest in augmented reality. Unlike the simulated world of virtual reality, AR supplements with images and information the user’s normal view of the world.

We are high on AR for the long run. We think there are great things for customers and a great commercial opportunity,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an earnings call in July, talking about the need for Apple’s devices to work with other developers’ products, such as the successful Pokémon Go game.

To read this article in...

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'Designed by Apple in California' book...

Apple on Tuesday announced the release of a new hardbound book chronicling 20 years of design, expressed through 450 photographs of past and current Apple products ranging from the original iMac to the Apple Pencil.

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‘Designed by Apple in California’ chronicles 20...

Apple has announced the release of a new hardbound book chronicling 20 years of Apple’s design, expressed through 450 photographs of past and current Apple products. 

"Designed by Apple in California," which covers products from 1998’s iMac to 2015’s Apple Pencil, also documents the materials and techniques used by Apple’s design team over two decades of innovation. The book is dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs.

“The idea of genuinely trying to make something great for humanity was Steve’s motivation from the beginning, and it remains both our ideal and our goal as Apple looks to the future,” Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, says in a press release. “This archive is intended to be a gentle gathering of many of the products the team has designed over the years. We hope it brings some understanding to how and why they exist, while serving as a resource for students of all design disciplines.”

Shot by photographer Andrew Zuckerman in a deliberately...

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Touch Bar-equipped MacBook Pros sport new AMD GPUs,...

Apple apparently dropped a killer GPU into the 2016 Touch Bar-equipped 15-inch MacBook Pro and it shows.

The company, which switched from Intel’s integrated Iris Pro graphics in favor of dedicated AMD graphics, has opted for AMD’s Polaris-based Radeon Pro 450, Radeon Pro 455, and build-to-order Radeon Pro 460 GPUs in the new 15-inch notebooks. The GPUs support up to six displays, whereas Intel’s integrated GPUs affixed to the logic board can drive a total of three displays.

The expanded support enables the new MacBook Pro to drive two of Apple and LG’s new UltraFine 5K displays at 60Hz simultaneously. Intel’s GPUs can’t because, due to bandwidth limitations of the DisplayPort 1.2 spec, the two 5K displays technically function as four displays. This method...

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Pixelmator update brings Touch Bar support, tabs, P3...

Popular image editing app Pixelmator was updated on Tuesday to take advantage of Apple's new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, macOS Sierra features like Universal Clipboard, Deep Images (DCI-P3 color), and all-new features like an intelligent smart refine tool.

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Microsoft hints at bringing Visual Studio to macOS,...

It’s a sign of both Microsoft and Apple growing up to the point that they’re sharing development tools for each other’s platforms.

Microsoft has announced that it will be launching Visual Studio, its primary coding interface, for macOS. This has been a long time coming, but it’ll allow developers to easily write for platform-independent cloud services like Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon’s Amazon Web Services.

The software is based on app development platform Xamarin Studio, and the change could encourage Mac and iOS developers to make more apps for Windows, as these users will no longer have to buy a Windows computer or set up a virtual machine to access Visual Studio.

Microsoft made a similar announcement earlier this year when the company announced it would be adding native support for Linux command line Bash to...

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