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Thursday June 8

Dr. Christine Darden, Todd Stabelfeldt and Miral...

This week at its Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple presented a series of lunchtime presentations from speakers who each shared their story of overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles through the application of technology and their own persistent determination.

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∞ “The Talk Show” live From WWDC 2017

Recorded in front of a live audience at The California Theatre in San Jose, John Gruber is joined by Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi to discuss the news from WWDC: new Mac hardware, the new iPad Pro, Mac OS 10.13 “High Sierra”, iOS 11, the upcoming HomePod, and more.

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Back in stock! Apple AirPods ready to ship with free...

After selling out in previous weeks, Verizon Wireless now has inventory of Apple AirPods with free 2-day shipping, beating Apple's 6-week wait.

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Apple's Tim Cook, other tech CEOs poised to...

An inaugural meeting of the American Technology Council -- organized by the Trump administration, and led by President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner -- will reportedly take place at the White House on June 19, and may see as many as 12 major tech executives attend, including Apple's Tim Cook.

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AWT News Update: June 8, 2017

When Alexa met Siri...


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Tim Cook among CEOs attending Kushner-led tech...

Apple has long been said to be involved with the new American Technology Council set forth by the Trump Administration, and now a new report from Bloomberg sheds more light on Apple’s role. The report notes that Tim Cook himself will attend the first meeting of the council, which is said to occur on June 19th.


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Growth of Apple's Siri hampered by privacy...

Apple's Siri is failing to keep up with rival assistants from Amazon and Google not just because of fences created by privacy, but because of related staff departures, according to several former members of the Siri team.

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iOS 11’s new HEIF/HEVC camera formats will save you...

At this year’s jam-packed WWDC 2017, Apple introduced two new camera formats that are included in iOS 11: HEVC and HEIF. In using the new camera formats, Apple estimates users will be able to save up to 50% on storage needs, without any loss in image quality. This becomes the perfect solution for users on lower capacity devices, that still want to take advantage of the iPhone’s great camera.

Let’s dive in and see what other advantages these formats will bring.


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Sonnet’s eGFX Breakaway Box to ship in late June

Sonnet Technologies will ship the eGFX Breakaway Box in late June. It’s a Thunderbolt 3-to-PCI Express (PCIe) expansion chassis with a single slot for connecting any size Thunderbolt-compatible PCIe card, including high-performance graphics (GPU) cards to a Thunderbolt 3-equipped computer. 

The eGFX Breakaway Box is designed specifically for gamers and professionals who need to run bandwidth-intensive graphics applications on their eGFX-compatible notebook, all-in-one, or other small-form-factor computers, according to Sonnet CEO Robert Farnsworth. The company’s goal is to provide the quietest GPU card enclosure that is both affordable and supports the most popular graphics cards, he adds.

Additionally, the eGFX Breakaway Box is Thunderbolt-certified for both Mac and Windows, enabling customers with PCIe cards such as the RED ROCKET-X and Avid Pro Tools | HDX to benefit from using this enclosure....

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iFixIt: new MacBook and MacBook Pro hardware is sooo...

The gang at iFixIt, which tears apart new products and looks at their innards so you don't have to, got their hands on the refreshed Retina MacBook 2017 and the MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar 2017, and found that not too much has changed, hardware-wise. 

The only real change, beyond fan coloration, seems to address the lackluster keyboard action from last year’s MacBook, notes the iFixit-ers. Users now inherit the more-responsive, second-gen butterfly key switches already found in last year’s MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

You can find the Retina MacBook 2017 and MacBook Pro 2017 Teardowns by clicking these links, but highlights include:

  • The keyboard trigger looks like a more classic switch this go-around. The plastic butterfly mechanism appears to have thinned out to accommodate the new switch form...
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E3 2017: Enhancements, Expectations and Perhaps...

All of the major video game developers, publishers and console hardware makers, as well as many retail buyers and the gaming press, will descend on Los Angeles for E3 2017 next week. The annual event -- a showcase for computer, video and mobile games and related products -- will kick off officially on Tuesday and run through Thursday at the Los Angeles Convention Center. However, it actually will begin on Monday with press briefings from Microsoft, Sony, Bethesda, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft.

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Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box Thunderbolt 3 graphics...

Sonnet, the supplier of Thunderbolt 3 GPU enclosures Apple is providing to developers as part of an External Graphics Development Kit, is preparing to ship the eGFX Breakaway Box used in the kit to consumers from next month, giving end users a way to increase the graphical power of their iMac and MacBooks.

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GarageBand Mac update provides new design, Touch Bar...

GarageBand for Mac was updated today with several new features that make it easier on the eyes, easier to use, and a lot more percussive! 

As seen in the image at the top of the screen and the actual screenshot below, GarageBand 10.2 brings a new modern design, support for the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro that allows musicians to actually use it to perform on GarageBand instruments, and all sorts of new fun for percussionists. 

The design does seem much more modern and clean; everything from the time counter to the track names are in a new font, and the volume sliders appear to have changed as well.

There are three new drummers -- Pop, Songwriter, and Latin, as long as Drummer Loops. The latter are Apple Loops powered by Drummer that can be customized to play along with a song. 

In addition, there now a way to share projects with GarageBand for iOS; the splash screen above shows that musicians can "remotely add new tracks to your project using...

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Apple Pay person-to-person transfers will be free...

This fall's launch of iOS 11 will include secure person-to-person money transfers authorized by Apple Pay, but if you use it with a credit card instead of debit, the service comes with a caveat: an industry-standard 3 percent fee.

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∞ Listening to HomePod

While at WWDC this week I had a chance to listen to Apple’s new HomePod and compare it to some of the competing products on the market. The results were somewhat surprising.

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China Arrests Apple Distributors Who Made Millions...

An anonymous reader shares a report: Police in China's Zhejiang province have arrested 22 (apparently third-party) Apple distributors for allegedly selling iPhone user data. Officials say the workers searched an internal Apple database for sensitive info, such as Apple IDs and phone numbers, and peddled it on the black market for between 10 to 180 yuan with each sale ($1.50 to $26). All told, the distributors reportedly raked in more than 50 million yuan, about $7.36 million, before authorities stepped in.


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Developer unboxing gives us a first look at Apple’s...

Now that macOS supports native eGPU support in the beta version of High Sierra, it’s possible to drive external graphics using a MacBook Pro or iMac via Thunderbolt 3. To support development needs, Apple is selling a special $599 External Graphics Development Kit directly to developers.

Josh Farkas, CEO of Cubicle Ninjas, received an External Graphics Development Kit and subsequently tweeted his unboxing. The kit includes a Sonnet eGPU box, an AMD Radeon RX 580 and a Belkin USB hub. more…

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How to homer

I can identify with this quest. 40lbs ago, I could dunk a basketball; not Jordan-like but I had some hops. I used to be able to throw a perfect spiral 60 yards downfield. Not accurately but with some distance. And I’ve scored my fair share of hockey goals. But I’ve never held a bat in a major league ballpark and “gone yard”. Definitely a bucket list item but, after reading this article and realizing the work it took this guy, I may have to scratch it off as impossible.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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New for Accessibility: ‘Smart Invert Colors’ in iOS...

With iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra unveiled this week at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the company is introducing a handful of new Accessibility features that will improve the experience for users with disabilities. Head below for a tour of the new features coming this fall…

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Amazon opens Alexa voice control to all video...

Alexa is about to be even more useful when it comes to your entertainment needs. Simple voice commands already let you navigate apps like Netflix, but tools to incorporate those types of commands are now available to any TV company, streaming service...

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IKEA designers will live in a Mars simulator to seek...

If you need a laugh today, get ready for IKEA's latest news: The Swedish furniture giant has sent a group of its designers to live in a Mars simulator. They'll live there for seven days, and the project will culminate with the Curious Collection on S...

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Inside watchOS 4: Use NFC to pair the Apple Watch...

One of the most obvious things to add to the Apple Watch is a new way to pair it to an iPhone. Starting with iOS 11 and WatchOS 4, Apple has added the ability to pair the devices through Near Field Communication.

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European Union eyeing legislation to give police...

Reuters reports that the European Union wants legislation allowing law enforcement to access a suspect’s data straight from the tech company, circumventing going through the legal system — even when the request crosses country borders.

The European Commission will sketch out options for the legislation with the final proposal expected late this year or in early 2018, the article adds. The options could include police asking an IT provider or tech company in a member nation to turn over requested data or evidence without going through the official legal channels of the home country. 

This week Apple CEO Tim Cook...

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Step inside the history of fashion with VR

Google Arts & Culture has brought us virtual museums featuring everything from dinosaurs to presidential history, and now they're debuting a new collection. Their latest project, We Wear Culture, covers the history of fashion over the course of t...

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'Life is Strange’ studio's ‘Vampyr’...

Life is Strange was one of my favorite games of last year. Putting players in a refreshingly normal college setting, it was an interactive experience built around the complexity of human relationships. Now, with its latest title Vampyr, developer Don...

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Hands-on: GoPro's 360-degree 5.2K Fusion VR...

GoPro on Thursday gave AppleInsider a closer look at the company's upcoming Fusion camera, a 5.2K resolution 360-degree camera that will bring immersive virtual reality recording to the masses.

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China uncovers massive underground network of Apple...

Hong Kong Free Press:

Chinese authorities say they have uncovered a massive underground operation run by Apple employees selling computer and phone users’ personal data.

Twenty-two people have been detained on suspicion of infringing individuals’ privacy and illegally obtaining their digital personal information, according to a statement Wednesday from local police in southern Zhejiang province.


Of the 22 suspects, 20 were Apple employees who allegedly used the company’s internal computer system to gather users’ names, phone numbers, Apple IDs, and other data, which they sold as part of a scam worth more than 50 million yuan (US$7.36 million).

The statement did not specify whether the data belonged to Chinese or foreign Apple customers.

The good news is, it looks like this is news about the breaking up of this black market, not simply uncovering it. But the allegation that this was an operation run by Apple employees is, if true, a big...

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Even Republicans think Trump tweets too much

If you spend all of your time on social media, you probably aren't devoting enough time and attention to doing the job you're paid to do. For the current leader of the free world, however, Twitter is a megaphone that he is loathe to surrender. But, a...

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AirPods automatically pair with Apple TV starting...

When you pair AirPods to your iPhone, the wireless earbuds are automatically paired to iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches with the same iCloud account thanks to automatic setup. Apple TV has not been included in the devices that automatically pair, however, but that’s changing with tvOS 11.


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Pandora AutoPlay spins a custom mix when a playlist...

Pandora Premium has been out for a few months now, and today the company is adding a notable feature from Rdio, the music-streaming service Pandora purchased in the fall of 2015. AutoPlay does just what it says -- when you finish listening to an albu...

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Spotify's 'Secret Genius' may help...

Spotify announced the launch of Secret Genius today -- a global, songwriter-focused initiative that will highlight the contributions of those working behind the scenes in the music industry. It's a move that acknowledges members of the music world th...

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: BeatsX under $100, SanDisk...

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Best Buy Father’s Day Sale: BeatsX under $100...

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GarageBand for Mac update adds Touch Bar support,...

Apple on Monday released an update for GarageBand on Mac, adding Touch Bar support to the music creation software, with other additions including a design refresh to make the audio tool easier to use, three new drummers, and more drum loops to be added to a user's composition.

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Hawaii defies Trump with law upholding Paris climate...

Nearly 1,500 US local governments and companies have vowed to uphold the Paris climate deal, but Hawaii is the first state to make its defiance legally binding. Governor David Ige signed Senate Bill 559, committing the state to keep up its end, despi...

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‘Pokémon Go’ anniversary events to take place in...

Pokémon Go is coming up on its one year anniversary and Niantic is planning a major celebration. Events are scheduled around the world but the biggest will be Pokémon Go Fest taking place in Chicago on July 22nd. There aren't many detai...

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Inside macOS 10.13 High Sierra: APFS benefits end...

Apple's next-generation APFS has made its way to macOS High Sierra after an official debut on iOS 10.3, and with it comes essentially instant file copies, better efficiency for greater overall speed, and fine-tuning of read and write operations boosting system performance.

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Apple’s new iMac Pro costs $5000, but is it...

“Things are worth what people will pay” may be true but, in this case, it looks like what Apple is charging for the new iMac Pro is actually in line with what you can reasonably expect a powerful system like this to cost.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Happy Hour Podcast 123 | WWDC 2017

This week Benjamin and Zac unpack WWDC 2017 including tvOS 11, watchOS 4, macOS High Sierra, new Macs, the iMac Pro tease, iOS 11, the new 10.5-inch iPad Pro and second-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the HomePod smart speaker, and much more. 9to5Mac’s Happy Hour podcast is available for download on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Overcast and other podcast players.


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iOS 11 users will never have to memorize a WiFi...

Modern life with all of its technological conveniences can be an absolute wonder. Yet when you go to a friend's house and they spend 30 minutes trying to dig out a WiFi password from under their rug, all of that wide-eyed wonder quickly turns to rage...

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OnePlus shows off the OnePlus 5 amid image leaks

It's only been two days since OnePlus announced the June 20th launch date for its upcoming OnePlus 5 flagship phone, but it didn't take long before a couple of image leaks popped up, courtesy of Android Police and Slashleaks. With that dual camera, L...

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Chinese police arrest 20 Apple distributors in $7...

A new report out of China details the arrest of some 20 employees working as Apple distributors who illegally sold customer data as part of a $7 million operation. The arrested employees reportedly worked in “direct marketing and outsourcing” roles for the company in the Zhejiang province.


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How to enable screen recording on iOS 11 without a...

Screen recording on iOS isn’t a new feature by any means. There have been both official and unofficial ways of doing so for quite some time. The difference today is that iOS 11 is the first of Apple’s mobile operating systems to introduce screen recording as a built-in feature. We’re only in the first beta stages of iOS 11, so this feature could change or even be revoked before the final release, but it’s a great feature that has been a long time coming. Let’s take a look at how you can enable screen recording on iOS 11, why you would want to, and some recording tips.

Once enabled on your device, screen recording will simply be a swipe and tap away.


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A video game trailer has been nominated for an...

Despite being one of the biggest entertainment mediums on the planet, it's rare to see video games getting the mainstream recognition that they deserve. Now, it looks like that's beginning to change, as, for the first time in history, a video game tr...

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Take a lap in the world’s most dangerous race

The people who race the Isle of Man TT are certifiably insane.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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External Link: Apple Announces 2017 Apple Design...

As it does every year, Apple has honored 12 apps with its prestigious Apple Design Awards. Winners this year include email client AirMail 3, photo editor Enlight, currency converter Elk, task manager Things 3, recipe app Kitchen Stories, and writing app Bear, along with six games. Congratulations to all the winners!


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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With Essential, 'Already a Unicorn', Andy...

Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that Essential, Andy Rubin's new startup, has added $300 million to its war chest as it looks to break into the highly competitive field of consumer electronics. The financing round valued Essential at $900 million to $1 billion, according to an analysis by Equidate, which runs a market for private company stock. In an interview, Rubin, who created Android, shared how the company plans to move forward: "I think when there's this duopoly with these two guys owning 40 percent of the market, this complacency sets in," Rubin said. "And that's the perfect time to start a company with this. Some people are complacent and it needs to be disrupted."


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iFixit's teardown of the 21.5-inch Retina 4K...

Image by iFixit, Creative Commons BY-NC-SA

Wouldn't you love to work at iFixit? Not only do you get the vicarious thrill of tearing apart (gently...) thousands of dollars worth of electronics each day, but whenever something new arrives on the market you're one of the first people who gets to take it apart piece by piece. The company completed its teardown of the 21.5-inch Retina 4K iMac and there were some noticeable surprises that add to the repairability rating of the desktop computer.

No, there's not a RAM hatch on the back of the smaller iMac like there is on the 27-inch model, but iFixit found that the RAM is socketed and therefore could be upgraded by a user... a user with the right tools with the skills to rip apart an iMac, but...

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This is the GoPro Fusion: the company's all-in-...

GoPro surprised everybody when it teased its "Fusion" 360-degree action camera back in April. Mostly because GoPro rarely teases anything (Karma, perhaps being the exception), preferring to show up out of nowhere with a glossy release video and launc...

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Sell your old or broken iPad for quick cash and buy...

Thinking about upgrading to one of those new iPad Pros Apple (or iMacs or MacBooks) announced this week?  It can seem hard to justify, especially if you have a working iPad or other Apple device. So what to do? Keep using that old tech or even worse, put that old technology in a drawer?

Our trade-in and now repair partner MyPhonesUnlimited offer a solution to your tech woes: sell us your old device with our CashBack program. Right now, we can give you a quote for almost any of your old Apple devices. When you get your quote, we ship you a box, you just place that box (with your device inside) back in the mail and a few days later, we’ll send you a check. We take care of shipping on both ends to make things easier and cheaper...

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Real-world 'Mario Kart' is headed to Japan...

To celebrate the start of construction on Super Nintendo World, Universal Studios Japan has released its first teaser trailer for the upcoming park attraction. And what's more, the pair confirmed that a Mario Kart ride will be the jewel in its crown,...

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B&H is now shipping Apple's new 2017 13...

Fresh on the heels of Apple's WWDC hardware announcements, B&H Photo is now shipping the latest Mid 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro with function keys in Silver and the 12-inch MacBook in Gold with free expedited delivery and no tax outside NY and NJ.

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Amazon drops its unlimited cloud storage plan

For a couple of years now, Amazon has had one of the more desirable cloud storage plans out there, offering infinity terabytes for just $60 per year. If you were taking advantage of that to store your 8K RAW video, however, you now need to pay more:...

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Comment: Siri and HomePod will likely remain behind...

Siri has come under fresh attack today, with former members of Apple’s intelligent assistant team stating that it still lags behind its rivals despite the announcement of HomePod and improvements introduced in iOS 11.

Independent tests of the main IA systems also tend to bear this out, especially when it comes to personalization. Both Google Home and Amazon Echo have a better understanding than Siri of who we are and what we are likely to want.

The thing is, this isn’t coincidence – and doesn’t come without a cost …


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Pokémon Go hosting first official real world event...

Niantic is celebrating Pokémon Go’s launch anniversary next month with the first official real-world event taking place in Chicago. Pokémon Go will also kick off another in-game event next week leading up to the first day of summer.


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You can replace RAM and processors in new iMacs, but...

Earlier this week, Apple revealed a fleet of new iMacs -- and as usual, the "teardown" experts at iFixit have started taking them apart. The first to go under the knife is the new 4K, 21.5-inch iMac (which we've already taken out for a brief test run...

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Epic's long-awaited 'Fortnite' hits...

We've been waiting on Epic Games' fort-building monster defense game Fortnite for a long, long time. First announced in 2011, the developer's initial Unreal Engine 4 title was slated to be a PC exclusive. A trailer released in 2014 gave interested fa...

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The Week in iOS Accessories and Cases: A case for...

New gear for your old gear

Image by Rob Schultz/Macworld

It's official: Apple Pencil cases are a thing. We've got those, plus new earbuds and other fine accessories for your iOS devices.

This Is Ground

Image by This Is Ground

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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Teardown, testing discover Apple made 2017 iMacs...

Apple is making its recently-released iMacs more easily upgradeable, with retailer OWC confirming the base specification 27-inch 5K iMac can be fitted with up to 64GB of RAM, while an iFixit teardown reveals both the memory and the processor used in the 21.5-inch 4K iMac can be removed and replaced.

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Rallying around a young developer who made a huge,...

Quartz, on this Reddit story about a junior developer who inadvertently erased all data from the company’s production database:

The CTO told me to leave and never come back. He also informed me that apparently legal would need to get involved due to severity of the data loss. I basically offered and pleaded to let me help in someway to redeem my self and i was told that i “completely fucked everything up”…

This is a timeless tale, oft repeated. Some examples:

In December, a coding error in Snap’s latest iOS update accidentally jammed the network that keeps more than 15 million computer systems synchronized to the clock. A typo from a busy Clinton campaign aide inadvertently opened the door to the Russian hack of John Podesta’s emails. The...

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Strong winds and clear skies help set UK renewable...

This week saw more milestones for renewable energy after the National Grid confirmed that power from green sources supplied more than half of UK energy for the first time. On Wednesday lunchtime, power from solar, wind, hydro and biomass accounted fo...

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∞ Earth — Shot on iPhone

[VIDEO] This is one of my all-time favorite iPhone ads (embedded in the main Loop post), mostly due to the voiceover by the great Carl Sagan.

To get a sense of why I think so highly of him, spend a minute reading Sagan’s Wikipedia page. To me, he’s the real deal and his words ring true.

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Hands on with iOS 11

[VIDEO] If you missed the keynote and want to learn more about iOS 11, Jeff Benjamin from 9to5Mac has your back.

The video embedded in the main Loop post does an excellent job walking you through the interface changes, and there are a lot of them. This video is definitely worth your time.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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See how Apple Pay person-to-person payments will...

With iOS 11 coming this fall, Apple Pay will allow you to send money directly to friends, family and others through the Messages app. See how it will work in AppleInsider's latest video.

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iFixit’s 2017 iMac 4K teardown

Hey, there’s a headphone jack!

Lots and lots of interesting stuff here, both in pictures and in the walkthrough text.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Amazon exec: Alexa should be able to talk to Siri

Edward C. Baig, USA Today:

Alexa and Siri, rival voice assistants on Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s iPhone, don’t directly communicate with one another. But the Amazon executive in charge of Alexa and the Amazon Echo said he’d welcome the idea.

“You should be able to tell `Alexa, ask Siri X,’” said David Limp, senior vice president of devices at Amazon.

“If Apple or Google want to come calling, my phone number is out there, they can call…I don’t know if I can envision it but I hope that will happen on behalf of customers,” Limp told a group of journalists at the Wired Business Conference Wednesday in New York.

Interesting politics, Limp reaching out through the media.

I would welcome a common currency for AI assistants, a language that would allow them to communicate with each other. There’s obvious resistance to that approach, since it would weaken the walls of the ecosystem. But it would open doors for collaboration, and that’s a win for end users...

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Apple patent hints at energy-saving techniques for...

Apple has been granted a patent (number 20170164141) for “opportunistic offloading of tasks between nearby computing devices” that could hint at increasing functionality in the company’s Handoff feature. With Handoff, you can start something on one device (Mac, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch) and then pick it up on another without losing focus on what you’re doing. 

For example, look at a webpage on your iPhone, then pick up where you left off in Safari on your Mac. You can use Handoff with many Apple apps—for example, Calendar, Contacts, Pages, or Safari. Some third-party apps may also work with Handoff.

Apple’s patent is for a technique that would enable a group of computing devices to delegate tasks in a manner that promotes energy savings. Each computing device could be configured to identify situations where it has an energy advantage (e.g., when plugged-in) and should serve as a proxy computing device to other devices.

Each computing device could also...

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Inside iOS 11: App Store renovation for iPhone, iPad...

Other than speed enhancements and new multitasking features, some of the changes to iOS 11 are cosmetic -- one of those surface changes is the appearance of the App Store to make it more look like Apple Music's design language.

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How to watch a livestream of former FBI director...

Ousted FBI director James Comey will be testifying before the Senate intelligence committee this morning, and you can watch a livestream of the event.


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Amazon executive extends invitation for Siri on Echo...

It looks like Amazon is open to supporting third-party voice assistants such as Apple’s Siri or Google Assistant on its Echo speakers.

“If Apple or Google want to come call, my phone number is out there. They can call,” David Limp remarked to CNBC. “I hope there is a day when that happens. I don’t know if I can envision it, but I hope it happens, on behalf of customers.”

The Echo currently uses Amazon’s Alexa assistant, which has also been used on other devices, including third-party offerings like phones and thermostats. It in fact spawned the entire “smartspeaker” product category —Amazon’s main competition being the Google Home, and Apple’s newly-announced HomePod, coming in December. Microsoft is meanwhile working with partners on Cortana-enabled speakers.

Where Google has been eager to license its Assistant to third-party hardware, Apple has historically reserved Siri for its own products. That being said, it seems unlikely that Apple would license Siri...

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Teardown of new 21.5-inch iMac surprisingly reveals...

iFixit has wasted no time in carrying out a teardown of the new 21.5-inch iMac with Retina 4K display, and has found that the RAM is user-upgradable, and the machine has a modular CPU. This means that – in theory – even the processor could be upgraded at a later date …


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Rumor: Apple could incorporate microLED displays in...

Apple could be planning to implement a microLED screen in its next-gen Apple Watch as early as 2018.

A report from Nikkei explains that Apple hopes to be ahead of the curve when it comes to microLED production. Currently, the company relies heavily on Samsung for the upcoming iPhone 8 with OLED displays, but that’s a practice it hopes to avoid with future display technology.

Per the report, Apple is thought to be be the only company currently able to roll out microLED technology, although this currently shows a very low yield rate as well as a high-cost manufacturing process.

It’s thought that it’s “unlikely” for microLED to appear in near-term smartphones due to current manufacturing difficulties. For wearables, however, Apple could potentially offer the new display technology as early as next year.

It was reported almost exactly a year ago that the Apple Watch would switch to microLED with the 2017 iteration, though that no longer appears to be the...

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Global Delight unveils Boom 3D, a surround sound...

Global Delight has unveiled Boom 3D, a next gen app that builds on Boom 2, its Mac audio enhancement tool. Powered by Global Delight's patent-pending audio engine, it provides a virtual surround audio experience.

The app also includes handcrafted Equalizer Presets that can pump up any audio in the Mac, advanced Audio Effects and an Intensity controller to customize audio to suit individual listening tastes. Designed for macOS 10.10.3 and later, Boom 3D self-calibrates to the type of Mac it runs on to offer a personalized experience to the users, according to Jason Foodman, president of Global Delight. 

It sports a Mini Audio Player and Application Level Volume Control to give users volume control for each app being used. In addition, with the help of an optional Audio Component, Boom 3D can optimize any audio coming out of the Mac on a system-wide basis with equalizers and audio effects.

Boom 3D can be purchased for $16.99 from the...

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Open Source Survey Exposes Community Troubles

GitHub this week released the results of its survey on open source software development, practices and worldwide communities. Responses from more than 6,000 participants show the importance of open source documentation and reveal some of the problems missing or poorly done documentation can have on users and project adoption. The survey also reveals an ongoing concern about nasty interactions among some open source developers, rudeness toward community members, and negative attitudes toward female programmers.

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As Apple boosts iCloud storage to 2TB, Amazon drops...

Just as Apple doubled its 1TB iCloud storage tier to 2TB for the same price, Amazon has dropped its unlimited storage tier down to 1TB. The change takes effect immediately for those who don’t have an existing unlimited data plan.


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Samsung: $120 million fine in Apple battle changes...

Samsung continues to press the U.S. Supreme Court to review a Federal Circuit ruling that it must pay $120 million for infringing Apple’s smartphone patents, arguing this week the lower court’s decisions in the case dramatically change patent law and will harm innovation, reports the Law360 website.

In May Apple has defended a Federal Circuit’s decision to uphold a $120 million award against Samsung, saying the decision doesn't stir up any issues on obviousness, infringement, etc., and asking the court to deny Samsung’s petition. Last November, the Federal Circuit issued a “quick shutdown” Monday of Samsung’s bid for a rehearing of the full court’s October decision reinstating a jury’s $120 million patent infringement verdict in favor of Apple, shrugging off Samsung’s contention the ruling had been “extraordinary.”

A California jury found in 2014 that Samsung's smartphones infringed three Apple patents on the slide-...

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Apple still has to pay WARF $234 million for patent...

A Wisconsin federal judge on Tuesday denied Apple’s bid to undo a jury’s finding it must pay the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) $234 million in damages for infringing a computer processor patent, but denied WARF’s request to triple the award, reports the Law360 website.

Last October U.S. District Court Judge William M. Conley agreed with a jury's finding that Apple infringed on six claims of a patent with its A7 and A8 system-on-chip designs. The judge dismissed Apple's motions for judgment as a matter of law on liability, literal infringement claims and damages. On the bright side for Apple, the jury didn’t find find Apple to have willfully infringed on the patent, so WARF’s bid to significantly enhance...

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GoPower Watch a seamless, portable charger for the...

Kanex's $99.95 GoPower Watch is a convenient gadget for powering up your Apple Watch and iPhone on the road while avoiding cable clutter. It’s — as best I can tell -- the first cordless charger for Apple's smartwatch.

The GoPower Watch can charge both the 38mm and 42mm models. It uses the same inductive charging connector that comes with your Apple Watch. You must press the button on the side of the charger to start power flowing to the watch. The button is surrounded by a ring of four blue LEDs that indicate how much battery capacity is left. The GoPower Watch charges over micro-USB, with a cable included. There’s also a USB port for recharging other devices. I do wish that a model with a Lightning port were available, however. For some folks that will be a major drawback.

With a 4,000 mAh battery capacity, the GoPower Watch can charge you Apple Watch up to six times before it needs to be recharged. Or...

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Siri still lagging behind IA rivals despite HomePod...

Siri is still lagging behind rival intelligent assistants, say former Apple employees who worked on the project, despite the latest enhancements announced at WWDC. Software developers attending the conference have also reportedly expressed disappointment at the limited nature of the access by third-party access.

Apple announced a number of enhancements to Siri’s intelligence in iOS 11, including translation between languages, the ability to learn about your interests and greater contextual understanding of queries. The company also followed Amazon and Google’s lead in launching a voice-activated speaker,...

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How to add a Wi-Fi or network printer in macOS Sierra

When using your Mac the default printer is the one selected when the Print dialog opens. If there’s “No printer selected” in the Print dialog, you’ll need to add a new printer.  Thankfully, it’s easy to add a Wi-Fi or network printer.

If your Mac and printer are already connected to the same Wi-Fi network, choose File > Print, click the Printer pop-up menu, choose Nearby Printers or Printer & Scanner preferences, then choose your printer. If your printer isn’t available, you can add it. Here’s how:

  • Update your software (if you don’t have an AirPrint printer): Choose Apple menu > App Store, click Updates, then install any software updates listed. Even if no updates appear, this ensures that macOS has the latest information about printer software it can download from Apple. If you don’t do this, you may see a message that software isn’t available when you connect your printer.
  • If you have an AirPrint printer, you don’t need to check for software...
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StarTek releases new Dual-Bay 3.5” Drive Enclosure

StarTech has released a new Dual-Bay 3.5” Drive Enclosure that enables a high-performance USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10 Gbps) data storage solution with multiple RAID functions. Users can access, back up and manage files through their USB-C or USB-A equipped laptop.

The dual-drive enclosure features multiple RAID modes that can help increase performance add redundancy or combine volumes. The RAID modes supported are: RAID 0, RAID 1, SPAN(BIG) and JBOD. The dual-drive enclosure comes with a USB-C cable and a USB-A cable for connecting the enclosure to a laptop.  

The new dual-drive enclosure is available at CDW, Amazon, NewEgg, PC Connection, and Insight. It costs $129.99.

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GarageBand 10.2

Updated with an improved user interface, three new Drummers, and new Drummer loops. (Free, 997 MB)


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HomePod first impressions: Lots of unknowns, but its...

This week, we learned that Apple’s much-rumored smart speaker is real, and it’s called HomePod. Now the wait begins—six months until it ships in December. But while we’re waiting, Apple’s still tweaking the product and getting it ready to launch.

Sure, a few of us lucky souls were able to listen to a HomePod at Apple’s developer conference, but nobody outside of Apple has talked to one or picked one up. At the risk of stating the obvious, that’s because this is a product that’s not finished yet. Apple doesn’t want to publicly commit to a feature and then realize it can’t ship it; the product as the company conceives it today may not be the product that ends up in customers’ hands in December.


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Apple TV gets cozy with Amazon Prime, so where does...

Why Apple's ambitious TV guide still lacks Netflix.

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Wednesday June 7

Apple opens up HomeKit development with software...

In a Wednesday session during the company's ongoing Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, Apple announced a pair of changes to HomeKit meant to encourage faster adoption of the smarthome platform.

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Swift Publisher 5.0

Major new release for the page layout and desktop publishing software with a revamped user interface and a number of new features. ($19.99 new, $14.99 upgrade, 368 MB)


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Apple's latest 'Shot on iPhone' ad...

Apple on Wednesday premiered its latest "Shot on iPhone" commercial, "Earth," this time focused around the iPhone's video capabilities.

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Apple debuts new Shot on iPhone ad ‘Earth’ with...

Apple this evening has shared another ad in its long-running Shot on iPhone campaign. This ad is unique from others in the series in that it features a narration from astronomer Carl Sagan, reading from his book “Pale Blue Dot.”


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China arrests 22 suspects for selling Apple user...

Police in the coastal Chinese province of Zhejiang have arrested 22 Apple distributors, accusing them of reselling iPhone user data to anyone willing to pay.

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Apple To Force Users To 2FA On iOS 11, macOS High...

Trailrunner7 quotes a report from On the Wire: With the upcoming releases of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra later this year, Apple is planning to force many users to adopt two-factor authentication for their accounts. The company this week sent an email to customers who have the existing two-step verification enabled for their Apple IDs, informing them that once they install the public betas of the new operating systems they will be migrated to two-factor authentication automatically. Two-step verification is an older method of account security that Apple rolled out before full two-factor authentication was available. Apple is phasing that out and will be upgrading people with eligible devices automatically. "Once updated, you'll get the same extra layer of security you enjoy with two-step verification today, but with an even better user experience. Verification codes will be displayed on your trusted devices automatically whenever you sign in, and you will no longer need to keep a...

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Apple-branded sneakers from early '90s to...

On June 11, a pair of official Apple-branded sneakers from the early 1990s will be sold at auction, with a starting bid of $15,000.

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Report: Apple Watch could adopt microLED display...

Apple’s plans for microLED have been reported on before, with some claiming the company is currently in the stages of trial production. Now, a report from Nikkei claims that Apple currently plans to adopt microLED in its wearable products, perhaps as soon as 2018.


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Metis CDS Debbie Berebichez to Women in STEM: Chase...

"I've helped shape the conversation," said Debbie Berebichez, chief data scientist at Metis. "It's empowered me to mentor young women and also to shape policy. At Metis, we offer a scholarship to women and minorities, so we do things actively to bring women in. I also try to recruit and hire women. Even though it's a tech company, over 60 percent of the employees at Metis are women, and they also occupy a lot of leadership roles. I always try to do things that change the conversation."

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AWT News Update: June 7, 2017

WWDC17 is still going on, and we're hearing some good details of what Apple's doing to help out developers and users. Today we have some stories on new technologies that may make it to Apple products soon:

  • Be sure to check out our video look at iOS 11 Developer Beta 1!
  • Apple may be moving to Micro LED technology for next year's Apple Watch
  • WebRTC makes it to Safari this fall
  • The new app store will give developers the opportunity to keep ratings and reviews when posting app updates

Manage your time as a freelancer or project manager with Tick, straightforward time management software that helps you improve your bottom line. 

The text version of the podcast can be viewed below. To listen to the podcast here, click the play button on the player below. Apple News readers need to visit Apple World...

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Amazon willing to allow Apple's Siri on Echo...

Amazon is open to supporting third-party voice assistants like Apple's Siri or Google Assistant on its Echo speakers, the company's senior VP of devices said on Wednesday.

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Amazon exec says Siri & Alexa should be able to...

Apple wasn’t shy about comparing its new HomePod speaker to existing competition from the likes of Amazon and Sonos, and now an Amazon executive has spoken on the company’s newfound rival. Amazon’s senior VP of devices David Limp explained that he believes Alexa and Siri should be able to communicate with one another, while also pointing to the HomePod’s price as an advantage for Amazon…


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A first look at the redesigned App Store in iOS 11 [...

The App Store is getting a big redesign with iOS 11, and today Apple gave a preview of some of the new changes coming for developers at WWDC 2017. Head below for a first look at the refreshed app including new editorial content and features coming with iOS 11 this fall:

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Apple may use Micro LED in wearables 'as soon...

Apple may adopt Micro LED displays for wearables like the Apple Watch as soon as next year, according to a report.

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iOS 11 for iPhone: See some of Apple's best new...

This year's Worldwide Developers Conference was jam-packed with announcements, but for many, the biggest news is the next-generation version of Apple's most popular platform, iOS 11. AppleInsider dives in and offers you a closer look at what's new in iOS 11 in this video.

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Stuff to know about all the Macs Apple updated this...

Enlarge / A MacBook Pro connected to one of Apple's external graphics devkits. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

I’ve had a new 15-inch MacBook Pro for about a day, and a 27-inch iMac is en route to my house as we speak. As such, I’m not currently in a position to post a “review” of either system. But I can tell you at least a few things about the surprisingly comprehensive Mac refresh that Apple dropped on us this week at this year's WorldWide Developers Conference.

What follows is a list of collected minutiae about the half-dozen different Macs I got to handle at the conference. This list is gleaned from conversations with Apple as well as my own observations in the limited amount...

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Apple Pay adds 28 new U.S. institutions

Apple Pay continues to expand its presence with the addition of 28 new banks and credit unions in the United States that will accept the mobile payment system.

At this week’s Worldwide Developer Conference, apple revealed some new features for its mobile payment service, including Person to Person to give friends and family money instantly using iMessage and Pay Cash, which is essentially a storage account for those funds sent Person to Person if the recipient wants to save the money rather than transferring to a bank. 

Apple Pay is currently available in 15 countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and USA.">

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Shredo 1.2.2 - $9.99
Shredo is a beautiful, functional file-shredding and privacy scan utility. It permanently shreds files, folders, and external volumes' contents to keep information secure and impossible for anyone to... Read more
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