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Wednesday February 10

News: Job post shows Apple emphasizing new...

A job posting on Apple’s website shows the company is looking to expand its offering of clock face options for Apple Watch and add new complications that “push the envelope on human-computer interactions.” The Watch SDK released alongside watchOS 2 allows developers to write their own watch face complications, but so far Apple has only released three new official watch faces in watchOS 2 — Time-Lapse, Photo and Photo Album —…

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Twitter begins rolling out its algorithmic timeline...

After months of testing, rumors, and general user anxiety, Twitter is now employing an algorithm that displays some Tweets out of chronological order.

The feature, known as “Show me the best Tweets first,” gathers up older tweets that Twitter thinks you might have liked seeing, based on “engagement and other factors,” and pushes them to the top of the Timeline. Below this cluster of Tweets, users will still see their Timelines in reverse chronological order, and refreshing the Timeline will instantly make the algorithmic Tweets disappear. On some level, it’s a prioritized version of the “While you were away” that Twitter introduced a year ago.

To read this article in full or to...

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Apple seems to be ditching Akamai, which hints at...

Apple is ditching Akamai (which the company has used for 15 years for its content delivery system) for its own servers and has “significantly” cut its business with the online infrastructure company, reports Business Insider, which sees this as a sign that Apple is indeed developing its own video streaming service.

Apple is expected to open at least three new data centers over the next two years, which could be used for its own content delivery system (CDS). If the Cupertino, California-based company were to launch a streaming video service the CDS that delivers it would be a major factor in terms of the streaming quality and lag that end-users would experience, notes Business Insider.

Streaming services analyst Dan Rayburn has reported that sources expected Apple to "...

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BitTorrent hits Apple TV via a P2P livestreaming...

The New Hampshire primaries are over and now we know who the big winner was. No, we’re not talking about Sanders or Trump, but BitTorrent Inc, the company that focuses on ways to use the BitTorrent protocol beyond simple file sharing. 

BitTorrent partnered with the burgeoning independent news organization OTT News to bring live, torrent-based video streaming coverage of the latest presidential primary to Apple TV, Android, and iOS, and it was thanks to technology that's been in the works for years now.

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System outage prevents adding Visa cards to Apple Pay

Apple reported an unusual network problem on Wednesday, preventing some owners of Visa credit or debit cards from adding them to Apple Pay.

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∞ My next truck

This Russian truck is simply incredible. Watch the embedded video to get a sense of the crazy turning radius, watch it climb in and out of the water. Great engineering.

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iPhones accounted for 40% of the U.S. smartphone...

Parks Associates has released new mobile research showing that 86% of U.S. broadband households now own a smartphone. And the iPhone accounted for 40% of the U.S. smartphone market in 2015.

The smartphone markets in European nations, like in the U.S., have become mature and highly competitive, according to the research group. Among broadband households in Western Europe, 76% in the U.K., 82% in Germany, 78% in France, and 90% in Spain own a smartphone.

"Apple remains the dominant smartphone manufacturer in the U.S., but Samsung is catching up," said Harry Wang, director, Health & Mobile Product Research, Parks Associates. "Apple controls 40% of the smartphone market, while Samsung has 31% and LG is the next closest rival with 10%.”

The research, 360 View: Mobility & the...

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News: New comments hint at forthcoming streaming TV...

Recent comments from Apple’s main partner in content delivery hint at the company ramping up its in-house capability to provide faster downloads and streaming speeds to users, Business Insider reports. During an earnings call, Akamai CEO Tom Leighton forecasted a serious drop in revenue from one of the company’s “largest customers” — assumed to be Apple — resulting from “their increased do-it-yourself, or DIY efforts.”…

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Mac apps that use Sparkle updater vulnerable to...

From what I’ve read, at the core of this problem is HTTP usage, instead of HTTPS. Sparkle has fixed things on their end, but it will take time for that fix to make its way into new versions of Mac apps.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Facebook Warned to Toe France's Privacy Line

CNIL, France's data protection authority, on Monday formally gave Facebook three months notice to comply with the French Data Protection Act. A working group of regulators from several countries recommended the action. On-site and online inspections, along with a documentary audit, disclosed that Facebook had failed to meet the requirements of the French Data Protection Act, CNIL said. The notice gave Facebook a laundry list of things to do within the next 90 days.

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Steve Wozniak to speak on the future of apps and...

Xamarin, a enterprise mobility solution, says Apple co-founder, Steve “Woz” Wozniak, has been added to the speaker line-up of Xamarin Evolve 2016, a cross-platform mobile event where over 1,500 developers, industry leaders and experts converge.

“I see a lot of similarities between the dawn of personal computing and what's happening at this beginning of the mobile era,” said Wozniak. “I’m excited to be a part of Xamarin Evolve, speaking with the developers who are leading one of the most important revolutions in human computer interaction we’ve ever seen.”

This is the third Evolve conference. Xamarin will host it in Orlando, Florida from April 24–28. The event features over 100 training and conference sessions to equip all...

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Apple Music now on Sonos

If you’ve got a Sonos smart speaker system in your house, starting today your system has Apple Music compatibility. Read Federico Viticci’s review.

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Proposed bill would ban US states from mandating...

A bipartisan bill introduced to the U.S. House of Represenatives on Wednesday would bar individual states and localities from requiring backdoors in encryption, something often demanded by law enforcement officials and intelligence agencies.

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News: Apple Music available on Sonos starting today

After a public beta period that started last December, Apple Music is finally available on all Sonos speakers worldwide starting today. Apple Music users can add the service by selecting “Add Music Services” from any Sonos controller app, scrolling down to the Apple Music icon, and logging in. Sonos users will have access to the same For You, New, Radio and My Music categories they would see on Apple devices, and will be able to stream the entire…

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US to Google: Self driving cars can qualify as...

Just another domino falling. Our robotic overlord drivers are coming.

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Bill would override ‘bad’ state-level phone...

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) and Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-TX) are introducing a bill to effectively override “bad” state-level encryption bills, reports The Verge.

The ENCRYPT Act of 2016 would preempt state and local government encryption laws. The two men said today they are "deeply concerned" that varying bills surrounding encryption would endanger the country as well as the competitiveness of American companies. The argument is that it’s not easy or feasible to tailor phone encryption capabilities for specific states, notes The Verge.

The impetus for the new bill is the proposal of state-level bills in California and New York. Those proposals, which consisted of the exact same text, would ban smartphone encryption for phones sold in those states and fine manufacturers for each phone sold with secure disk encryption.

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New bill would kill New York, California encrypted...

A new bill trying to stop the madness, introduced by someone with Computer Science and Law degrees.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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El Capitan: Getting the Sizes of Mailboxes

This Quick Tip is about something that Apple removed from El Capitan's version of Mail (the gear icon that was at the bottom-left) and how you can replicate its "Get Account Info" functionality to see the sizes of your mailboxes again. Apple sometimes giveth and then taketh away, but at least in this case, we can still "taketh" the feature back!

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Sparkle vulnerability leaves some Mac apps...

Camtasia, uTorrent, and other Mac apps are susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks that install malicious code, thanks to a vulnerability in Sparkle, reports Ars Technica.

Sparkle is open source software available under the permissive MIT license, and is developed on GitHub by the Sparkle Project with the help of dozens of valued contributors. It uses ARC and Auto Layout and supports OS X versions 10.7 through 10.11 and Xcode 5.0 through 7.0.

Ars Technica says the vulnerability is the result of apps that use a vulnerable version of Sparkle along with an unencrypted HTTP channel to receive data from update servers. It involves the way Sparkle interacts with functions built into the WebKit rendering engine to allow JavaScript execution. 

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News: Daily Deal: Beyond Ink Pen

In our iLounge Deals today you can get the Beyond Ink Pen for only $49 — 30% off the regular price. This next-level pen not only works as a stylus for your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, but can also double as a USB drive and iPhone charger. It works as a normal ballpoint pen when writing on paper, and you can switch to a stylus in seconds to use on your iPad, store up to 16GB of data on the built-in USB flash drive, and charge up your iPhone with…

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Google to ban Adobe Flash-based display ads, go 100...

Google's massive AdWords network will no longer accept new display ads made in Adobe Flash as of June 30, the search giant announced this week, as it works to phase out the much maligned Internet plugin.

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Apple Pay now supported by ‘thousands’ of apps

Apple tells Quartz that Apple Pay, its mobile payment system, is now supported by “thousands” of apps. Among the purported benefits: faster checkouts for customers and a greater likelihood that they’ll complete a transaction after putting something in their online shopping cart.

“[Adding Apple Pay] was one of the things we’ve been dying to do and we’ve been thinking about it since we launched our app in July [2015]. Anecdotally, our customers have definitely been asking for it,” Ilia Papas, co-founder and CTO of on-demand meal kit app Blue Apron, told Quartz. Heannounced today that the app adding the payment option.

What’s more, Apple has reached the 1,000 mark for the number of U.S. card issuers supporting Apple Pay, “a figure continuing to outpace the number of retail chains supporting the platform,” notes...

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This iPhone case was The Answer to my prayers

Meet my new favorite iPhone case: The Answer 400 from The $29 vertical holster is a model of elegant simplicity.

I needed a new iPhone case because my previous one — which connected via a belt clip — popped off on two occasions, and I almost lost my iPhone 6s Plus. Considering what I paid for the Apple smartphone, I wanted to ensure that this didn’t happen again. 

With The Answer 400, that’s not a problem. The vertical holster slides onto your belt via a secure support loop instead of clipping onto it. Yes, this means it takes a few seconds longer to “holster up,” but the security is worth it. 

The holster case is rugged. It has a low profile, Velcro enclosure, MIL-SPEC Nylong webbing, and outdoor-rated thread. You can also machine wash it (in warm water, then let it drip dry)....

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‘Tactile TVs’ may be coming; what about tactile Macs...

British scientists are developing technology that will allow viewers to smell, taste and touch the sensations being played out on screen, reports the Independent. So why not “Feelyvision” for Macs and iOS devices?

Researchers at the University of Sussex are exploring techniques that will allow viewers to sense “raindrops” on their hands or wind on their face, using ultrasound beams and airflows, to heighten the emotional impact of scenes they are watching on television, says the Independent.

This “tactile TV” will help broadcasters create programs that “capture the audience’s full attention and immerse them in a multisensory world,” according to Dr Marianna Obrist, Reader in Interaction Design at Sussex, whose Computer Human Interaction lab is leading the research. The team...

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MorphVOX Mac is kinda useful, but it’s really fun

Screaming Bee's MorphVOX Mac certainly has some useful functions. But you'll probably like it cause it's so doggone fun.

MorphVOX Mac is a voice-changing product that runs on Mac OS X 10.6.8 and later. It's designed to offer voice modification for online games, instant messaging, and the multimedia studio. It works with, among other games, World of Warcraft, Second Life and EVE Online. 

You will have to set up MorphVOX to work with other apps. For example, to set it up for Messages, click on the Messages Preference menu. You'll see the window below. Select "Audio/Video" and change the microphone to "MorphVOX Audio." Now close the window.

Online players can sound like the character they play, whether you want to be a hobbit or a dragon. Additional voice, sound, and background packs provide even more content for your enjoyment. The software can be integrated with VoIP solutions...

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Apple TV vs. Amazon's Fire TV: The gaming match...

When it comes to gadgets, Apple and Amazon tend to have very different audiences. Consider tablets, for example: Amazon’s entry-level Fire tablet is priced at a stunning $50, while Apple’s cheapest active iPad (2013’s iPad Mini 2) sells for $269. There’s a noticeable gap in quality between the two in many regards, but Amazon’s focus on cheap, usable tech contrasts sharply against Apple’s higher-end polish and performance.

The difference is less obvious when it comes to set-top boxes, however. Last fall’s overhauled Apple TV was a big leap for the device, adding apps and games along with the touchpad remote, but Amazon had already mined that territory with the first Fire TV. Right after the Apple TV was released, Amazon refreshed the Fire TV with added processing power, 4K...

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Tuesday February 9

US regulators: Google's self-driving car AI...

US regulators say Google's self-driving car can be considered the driver under federal law -- a big step towards approval for self-driving cars to take to the roads. Safety regulators apparently told Google of its decision last week. Google submitted...

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LG teases G5's 'Always On' display

While the G5 teaser GIF LG's mobile division posted on Twitter doesn't say much, it has enough info to tell us that the device will have an "Always On" display. According to Android Authority's sources, the flagship phone will have a screen that is l...

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'Operator' is a font designed to make...

While many of us bristle at the sight of Comic Sans (this writer included), coders have an altogether different view of typefaces and how they're presented. Thus, Operator Mono, the new font from one of the highest-regarded typeface-creators that was...

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Latest Windows 10 update comes with a change log

Microsoft is currently rolling out the latest Windows 10 update, and it now has an update history that makes it easier to keep track of the platform's changes. This build comes with key improvements that will fix a lot of issues, including the Edge b...

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BitTorrent comes to Apple TV through a live news app

BitTorrent just came to the new Apple TV... though not in the way you might have expected. OnAir Live Developers has released OTT News, an app for Apple TV (Android and iOS too) that uses BitTorrent Live's peer-to-peer streaming to cover the US elect...

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DraftKings loses its exclusive ESPN ad deal

Things keep getting worse for DraftKings, the embattled daily fantasy sports site. Not only is it currently under investigation (or already banned) by a number of state attorney generals for violating online gambling statutes and losing payment proce...

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Super Bowl confidential: the secret story behind...

Ken Segall:

In honor of the Super Bowl I’m setting the time machine back to 1985, when Apple ran its notoriously awful Lemmings commercial on that year’s Super Bowl.

Just twelve months earlier, Apple had stunned the technology and advertising worlds with its famous 1984 commercial, and Lemmings was meant to carry on the blockbuster tradition.

Instead, it was a dud of extraordinary proportions.

But what exactly is the origin of Lemmings? It’s a story that’s never been told publicly, and it’s definitely not what you think. Join me now on this journey down memory lane…

Segall is one of those guys who was deeply involved with Apple (he came up with the name “iMac”) and I love his stories of the behind the scenes goings on at Apple during his time working with the company.


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'Rocket League' reaches your Xbox One on...

PC and PS4 owners have been playing Rocket League's unique take on sports gaming since last July, leaving Xbox One owners on the virtual sidelines. Don't worry, though -- you won't have to twiddle your thumbs for much longer if you prefer Microsoft'...

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Apple’s Vision is Plain for (Most) Everyone to See

Scott Galloway, in a fascinating and informative presentation, asserts that it's fairly easy to grasp the basic message of Amazon, Facebook and Google. But when it comes to Apple, the argument is that Tim Cook, the superb operator, isn't a good storyteller. Worse, he says "What is Apple's mission? They don't have one that they can articulate." This blindness to Apple's charter from Steve Jobs is a mystery.

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New 'Star Trek' has a showrunner from the...

Star Trek fans have had a tumultuous last few months. But it seems that amid the recent ups and downs (a fan film getting shut down by CBS and Paramount most definitely qualifies as the latter), news of the upcoming streaming exclusive finding a show...

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NASA’s space tourism posters will make you want to...


NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has a knack for space-themed travel posters. A little over a year ago, its “Exoplanet Travel Bureau” series made its debut with an homage to the iconic WPA prints of the 1930s. This year, the JPL commissioned Seattle-based design firm Invisible Creature to be part of a project/gift for staff. Invisible Creature designed three “travel posters” to be included in the “Visions Of The Future” 2016 calendar. Among the collection are visuals for a multi-planet tour, a stop at Mars and exploring Enceladus, Saturn’s icy moon.

For those of you wanting to remain on Earth, the JPL will make the artwork available as downloadable posters soon, but for now, you can purchase high-quality prints from the source.

The look and feel of these posters is spectacular. Very art deco.


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Final Fantasy IX Released for iPad and iPhone,...

Final Fantasy IX has been released on iTunes for iPhone and iPad, and it's on sale for 20 percent off through February 21st. TouchArcade noted that the game was originally supposed to be released in Japan only at first, making Tuesday's release a boon for fans of the iconic franchise.

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Apple Pay in-app transactions rapidly expanding...

App developers are increasingly adopting Apple Pay as a fast, convenient way to enable purchases, often as an alternative to standing in line at a store's cash register or manually entering in billing and shipping information.

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Rosa Is a Real Powerhouse

The Rosa Desktop Fresh R series optimizes desktop usage and targets advanced users and enthusiasts looking for rich functionality. Add to that mix the default KDE flavoring and you have a compelling Linux distro that challenges your first-choice OS. The typical Rosa user already is familiar with basic Linux offerings and wants a product with a wide set of customization and personalization possibilities. That is what Rosa Desktop delivers. Rosa is a Russian company with a variety of Linux-based solutions.

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Sonos to officially support Apple Music starting...

After launching in public beta last December, Sonos has revealed that it will officially add support for Apple Music to its connected speaker lineup tomorrow, February 10th. We had an opportunity to go hands-on with Sonos support for Apple Music when the beta was announced last year and noted that in some cases, using Apple Music through the Sonos Controller app is better than Apple’s own app.

“We’re big fans of Sonos,” Apple senior vice president of internet software and services Eddy Cue said to BuzzFeed. “We’ve been looking forward to this.” When asked...

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Apple Music to go live on Sonos connected speakers...

After month of waiting, Apple Music subscribers who are also invested in the Sonos speaker ecosystem will finally get native access to Apple's streaming music service on Wednesday, a report said Tuesday.

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Sparkle software updater leaves 'huge'...

A "huge" number of third-party Mac apps are under threat of man-in-the-middle attacks due to a recently discovered vulnerability in Sparkle, an open source framework used to facilitate software updates.

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Notable apps and app updates for Feb. 9, 2016

On a regular basis, Apple World Today posts a list of notable new apps or app updates that have been released. They may not necessarily be new, but they're popular and deserve mention. Here are today's picks for Mac OS X and iOS.

Mac OS X Apps/Updates

KeepSolid has introduced Roadmap Planner 1.3 for OS X, an app oriented towards people who plan their lives or/and businesses.

It was specifically designed to help anyone put together strategy, systematize goals and ideas without piles of papers or huge tables in spreadsheets. Featuring predefined templates with different color and font schemes according to user preferences, the app also includes a presentation mode to present ideas and plans.

Roadmap Planner requires OS X 10.10 or later. It costs $19.99 and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.


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India Trades Free Basics for Internet Freedom

India's Telecom Regulatory Authority on Monday ruled in favor of Net neutrality, effectively banning Facebook's Free Basics Internet access app. "This is a very important decision for the future of the Internet in India," said Barbara van Schewick, director of Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society, whose paper the TRA cited in its ruling. The TRA decided "ISPs should not pick winners and losers online. The Internet is a level playing field where users, not ISPs, decide what they want to do online."

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‘Frodo Lives!’ and Other DOS Malware Examples

Frodo lives! This was once a rallying cry on college campuses in the 1960s and 1970s. It's a curious concept, of course, because Frodo's continued existence at the end of The Lord of the Rings isn't in question. Maybe it's an existential exploration of immortality as expressed in the form of Valinor? It's either that or something that made sense to hippies under the influence of mind-altering and expanding substances. But I digress. A lot. The screenshot included with this article is from malware called Q FRODO.COM, a malware relic of the 1980s. How do I know that? It's part of The Malware Museum, a collection of malware from the 1980s and 1990s. Flick on any given example, and a fresh DOS emulator is started in your browser, the malware is loaded, and you can see it run its all is DOStacular glory.


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AWT News Update: February 9, 2016

Image via

It's National Pizza Day in the USA, which has nothing to do with anything, but it's good to know...and it's also Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) and Mardi Gras! We have Apple stories for you today from around the globe:

  • Irish hackers are willing to pay for Apple employee user IDs and passwords
  • Apple's looking for a watch face engineer
  • Russia is playing hardball with American tech companies

The text of today's podcast is below, and video can be viewed here.


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Microsoft Mum on Office Accreditation Program Future

Microsoft has seemingly dropped its Microsoft Office for Mac and iOS Accredited Support Professional program, which was popular with consultants and IT professionals who found both the training and the accreditation valuable.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-free version of our Web site, email delivery of individual articles, the ability to make long comments with live links, and discounts on Take Control orders and other Apple-related products.

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Sparkle Updater vulnerability puts ‘huge’ number of...

A new vulnerability in Sparkle has put a “huge” number of Mac applications at risk for hijacking. For those unfamiliar, Sparkle is a tool used often by third-party apps that are not in the App Store to allow updates to be pushed to users. Apps susceptible to this hijacking hack include Camtasia, uTorrent, DuetDisplay, and Sketch. The attack applies to both OS X Yosemite and El Capitan (via Ars Technica).

The Sparkle vulnerability could allow for an attacker to take control of another computer on the network via a Man In The Middle attack, security researcher Radek points out on his blog. A Man In The Middle attack works when a third...

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Apple highlights certificate change deadline...

Apple has shared an update on its developer news and updates site to highlight an upcoming change to  Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Intermediate certificates from Sunday, February 14th.

Starting February 14, the renewed Apple Worldwide Developer Relations Intermediate certificate must be included when signing all new Apple Wallet Passes, push packages for Safari Push Notifications, and Safari Extensions. While most developers and users will not be affected by the certificate change, we recommend that all developers download and install the renewed certificate on their development systems and servers as a best practice.

Apple previously shared a detailed explainer on the upcoming certificate expiration and required actions, which developers can read...

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FBI Gripes "We Can't Read Everyone's...

New submitter rdukb writes: FBI Director James Comey told the Senate Intelligence Committee that investigators still can't access the phone contents of one of the San Bernadino killers. He went on to argue that the phenomenon of communications "going dark" due to more sophisticated technology and wider use of encryption is "overwhelmingly affecting" law enforcement operations, including, not only the San Bernadino murders, but also investigations into other murders, car accidents, drug trafficking and the proliferation of child pornography. This might increase pressure on Apple to loosen the backdoor restrictions. Will the industry relent and allow Government access to data from these devices?


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Luminid Touch Light-Up Cable: $9.99

Check out Luminid, a MFi-certified Lightning cord lights up the moment you touch it. Once you plug it in, the light turns off. Cool, right? We have a deal on 40-inch long Luminid cables for $9.99, half off the regular price.

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Mac: Satechi Aluminum USB 3.0 Headphone Stand

Satechi’s new headphone stand is more than just that, and the company makes it clear with the product’s name: Aluminum USB 3.0 Headphone Stand ($35). So yes, it is a headphone stand, complete with two hooks for cable management in back and a pad up top to keep the headphones from being scratched by the aluminum construction. But the stand doubles as a USB hub, offering three USB 3.0 ports. A USB cable comes with the stand, to connect to your Mac, thus enabling the hub. A 3.5mm port is also included to plug in your headphones. Aluminum USB 3.0 Headphone Stand comes in silver, space gray, or gold, as seen here.

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Academic research and the dark web

This is a fascinating story. Academics do the research for free, but they have to buy back their papers through expensive subscriptions from publishers. Enter the dark web.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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I picked up this leather backpack from Pad &...

I love this bag. It’s quality from top to bottom and the leather artisan even signs it.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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BitTorrent launches first peer-to-peer streaming iOS...

The first official implementation of BitTorrent’s peer-to-peer technology hits iOS and the Apple TV today, but not in the way you may have expected. OTT News, a small team bringing a different perspective to the election coverage, has launched an app in partnership with BitTorrent to livestream coverage of the New Hampshire primaries and beyond.

The app, which broadcasts live footage from the primaries each afternoon, makes use of BitTorrent Live. The peer-to-peer system dedicated to live video helps mitigate latency and CDN issues broadcasters usually face when live-streaming.

BitTorrent states that BitTorrent Live has been “undergoing real world tests with a number of broadcast partners and OTT...

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Lawyers consider suing Apple over “error 53″ on...

It’s no surprise that lawyers are considering suing Apple, but this is an interesting case.

People who have iPhones running iOS 9 sometimes see “Error 53” when trying to restore the phone through Apple’s iTunes software after being prompted to connect the device to a computer. The error, which prevents the user from using the device, seems to occur on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, and iPhone 6S Plus after their Touch ID sensors are repaired by unapproved retailers.

I can understand Apple’s reasoning, but perhaps they should have been more proactive in letting people know before they updated.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Hacker Posts Stolen Data on FBI, Homeland Security...

The U.S. departments of Justice and Homeland Security on Monday announced they were investigating reports that a hacker broke into government computer systems and stole sensitive information about employees at the agencies. The hacker posted stolen information for about 9,000 DHS employees online Sunday and made public data on 20,000 FBI employees Monday. "We are looking into the reports of purported disclosure of DHS employee contact information," DHS said in a statement provided to TechNewsWorld by spokesperson S.Y. Lee.

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Exogear ExoHub adds USB ports, SDXC card reader to...

Exogear ExoHub, photo via Exogear

What if you could add three 1W USB 3.0 ports, a 2W rapid charger USB portand an easily accessible SDXC card reader to an iMac without taking up any more desk real estate? That's the premise behind the Exogear ExoHub (US$129, available for limited Kickstarter pledge for just $89), currently on Kickstarter getting funding for production. I had the opportunity to try out a prototype ExoHub and I'm happy to say that whether or not it gets funded, it's my first Apple World Today Top Pick of 2016.


So, how do you add all those good ports and a card reader to an iMac without throwing some ugly external hub onto a desktop? Easy, you build them into an aluminum and black polymer stand that precisely fits the iMac's "foot".

ExoHub installed on 27-inch iMac. Photo©2016, Steven Sande

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Hackers in Ireland Trying to Buy Apple Employee...

Ireland has a new problem to throw at Apple: hackers are trying to buy company logins from employees. In some cases, employees are being offered upwards of â20,000 (about US$22,245) in efforts to coax out user names and passwords.

The Mac Observer Spin: Apple isn't going to make it as simple as handing over user names and passwords to get into its network. That said, hackers seem to be ready to spend some serious money to try anyhow.

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First look: Apple adds voice dictation to latest...

This week's release of tvOS 9.2 beta 3 further addresses the device's text input shortcomings, giving users the ability to enter words using their voice, rather than the onscreen keyboard.

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Scott Galloway on Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google...

Scott Galloway, who is a professor of Marketing and Brand Strategy at the NYU Stern School of Business, did a presentation called "Gang of Four: Apple / Amazon / Facebook / Google." It's a lightning fast presentation on how these companies increasingly dominate the world, wield more influence, make all the profits, and affect our lives. I don't agree with everything he said (his thoughts on Apple's taxes in particular), but his insights are excellent. He's also a very entertaining speaker. I strongly recommend you take the 16 minutes to watch this video.

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Apple faces class-action lawsuit over 'Error 53...

Was your iPhone a victim of “Error 53”? You may meet the requirements to join a new class-action lawsuit against Apple.

A Seattle-based law film is preparing to file a class-action lawsuit against Apple over the mysterious Error 53 that rendered iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models useless after updating to iOS 9. Law firm PCVA believes Apple violated consumer protection laws in the U.S. and is asking iPhone users who experienced this mysterious error to contact them.

Error 53 affected iPhone users who had their Home button repaired or replaced by a third-party. Last week Apple confirmed the error and explained it was part of a security feature to prevent unauthorized tampering of Touch ID.

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The Week in Mac Apps: Performance Pro protects your..., an update from iA Writer, and more

This week's roundup of new Mac apps brings us better browsing tools, from antivirus scanners to ad blockers. Read on!

AntiVirus Sentinel Pro - Adware & Virus Scanner - Network Monitor & Protection 3.2.5

Work without worries with Security Focus Europe’s $10 AntiVirus Sentinel Pro (Mac App Store Link), which offers real-time protection from malware and other potential threats.

To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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“Huge” number of Mac apps vulnerable to hijacking,...

Enlarge (credit:

Camtasia, uTorrent, and a large number of other Mac apps are susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks that install malicious code, thanks to a vulnerability in Sparkle, the third-party software framework the apps use to receive updates.

The vulnerability is the result of apps that use a vulnerable version of Sparkle along with an unencrypted HTTP channel to receive data from update servers. It involves the way Sparkle interacts with functions built into the WebKit rendering engine to allow JavaScript execution. As a result, attackers with the ability to manipulate the traffic passing between the end user and the server—say, an adversary on the same Wi-Fi network—can inject malicious code into the communication. A...

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External Link: Apple Stores Installing Belkin iPhone...

Although iPhone screens are generally quite durable, particularly if guarded by a case, some people like to add a screen protector too. But installing a screen protector can be a finicky and error-prone process that suffers from problems with alignment, air bubbles, and trapped dust. Apple and Belkin are trying to address these frustrations in Apple retail stores, where Apple employees will install screen protectors using Belkin’s proprietary ScreenCare+ Application System — a machine designed to perform perfect installations. The system works with the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, and 6s Plus, and offers two screen protector options: InvisiGlass and Anti-Glare.


Read the full article at TidBITS, the oldest continuously published technology publication on the Internet. To get a full-text RSS feed, help support our work and become a TidBITS member! Members also enjoy an ad-...

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Twitter Clobbered Over Timeline Algorithm Plans

Twitter plans to introduce an algorithmic timeline, possibly this week, according to a report last week. The algorithm would organize tweets based on relevancy. Twitter users criticized the idea using the hashtag #RIPTwitter, prompting CEO Jack Dorsey to respond. "Regarding #RIPTwitter: I want you all to know we're always listening. We never planned to reorder timelines next week," he tweeted over the weekend. User discontent could be the cumulative effect of rumored change.

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TMO Daily Observations 2016-02-09: Snagging Apple...

Apple's employees in Ireland are being targeted by people or groups wanting company logins. John Martellaro and Bryan Chaffin join Jeff Gamet to speculate on what those logins could access and what Apple does to prevent unauthorized network access, plus they have some thoughts on the proposed class action lawsuit against the company over the Error 53 debacle.

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Apple's biggest Florida store coming to...

Apple's largest-ever Florida outlet will debut within Brickell City Centre, a new open-air shopping mall launching in Miami this fall, according to reports.

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Apple plans its biggest Florida retail store to date

Apple is set to open its largest Florida retail store yet in downtown Miami, reports the South Florida Business Journal. The Cupertino, California-based company has signed a lease with the developer of Brickell City Centre, a $1.05 billion, mixed-use project in Miami’s financial district with residential towers under construction all around it.

Brickell City Centre will occupy nine acres along South Miami Avenue between Sixth and Eighth Street in downtown Miami. — Graphic courtesy of the South Florida Business Journal.

The 500,000-square-foot mall at Brickell City Centre is slated to open in fall 2016. It would be anchored by Saks Fifth Avenue and include the first Cinemex dine-in theater in the U.S. More than 70 stores have been announced for the project, with many of them luxury...

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Vine for iPhone gains 3D Touch shortcuts, new video...

Twitter-owned Vine for iOS, which lets you create and share short video loops, received a new update today that adds new shortcuts from the Home screen on the latest iPhones. Users can press the updated Vine icon firmly on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to jump directly into making a short Vine clip or viewing the explore section of the app.

The new Vine update also adds an option for sorting clips from other users in different orders. For example, you can now sort videos by newest, oldest, and popular. The toggle for sort order can be found on account pages next to the Posts section.

The latest update follows the release of Vine’s Apple Watch app...

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9to5Toys Lunch Break: light-up MFi Lightning cable $...

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Luminid Touch light-up charging cable is ideal for plugging in at night: $10 (Orig. $20, CA Tax only)
2-pack of 3-ft....

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Final Fantasy IX is now available for download on...


Late last year, Square Enix announced that a re-releases of Final Fantasy IX would be coming to iOS, Android and PC. At the time, there was no specific word as to when North American gamers would actually get their hands on it. However, this morning we noticed a listing for the iOS version of the game go live on the App Store.

While the game is currently listed at $16.99, it appears as though it will be 20% off from February 10th to February 21st. At this point, it is hard to tell whether or not the current $17 price tag reflects the discount or not,...

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Deals: Gazelle paying extra for old MacBooks this...

Got an old MacBook laying around? Gazelle this week wants to pay you an extra $25 in cash on top of its existing cash trade in value. Meanwhile -- at $1,599 -- this week's listing for Apple's current 15" MacBook Pro (2.2GHz, 16GB, 256GB) is the lowest price we've ever seen for this model, at $400 off MSRP.

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The most annoying Apple TV feature is about to be...

The fourth-gen Apple TV’s App Store is a game-changer, but searching for and installing apps is one of the most irritating experiences I've ever had on an Apple device because you have to use the touchpad remote to enter text. It takes forever. But tvOS 9.2 is about to change that with the addition of voice dictation. (Insert raised hands emoji here.)

Developers with access to the third tvOS 9.2 beta update discovered on Monday that the next version of the software includes support for dictation and Siri for App Store searches. This is major. Searching for apps using the touchpad is a pain. Entering your username and password is worse. My Apple ID is lengthy, my password comprised of various letters, numbers, and symbols. I have actually debated internally whether I really need...

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How-To: Migrate notes from Evernote to Apple Notes

Apple dramatically improved its Notes app with iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan last fall thanks to enhanced photo support, new formatting tools, URL snippets, a share extension, and an iCloud Drive backend to keep it all in sync. So much so that people have actually been moving from Evernote to Apple Notes and not looking back, but there hasn’t been a simple way to make the leap until now. Included in the OS X 10.11.4 software update is a new option in the Notes app that makes migrating content from Evernote to Apple Notes a very simple process. Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • A Mac running OS X 10.11.4, it’s currently in beta although there’s a public beta version available as well, this will likely be...
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82% Of Super Bowl Ad Searches Happened On Mobile, Up...

Huge percentage of searches during the game were done on mobile. Interesting numbers, not surprising that they are that high.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Look closer: Macro photos of beautiful vintage Macs


One of the joys of macro photography is that for most of our lives most of us just don’t look at the world in that much detail. Whether you’re shooting or just looking at close-up shots, there’s something a bit magical about taking the time to examine things around us in minute detail. What they reveal is the “analogness” of those apparently crisp, perfect objects, their imperfections, and the artifacts of their manufacture.

So join me. Come near. Nearer! Let’s quite literally take a close look at some of the vintage Apple hardware in my collection.

As awful as the slideshow is, it’s a great example of macro (close up) photography and the beauty and attention to detail of some of Apple’s hardware.


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New job listing hints at wider number of clock face...

Future versions of watchOS should incorporate more clock face options, building on the 12 already included, a new Apple job listing discovered by AppleInsider suggests.

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Legal ground work begins towards class action...

It was bound to happen.

In the wake of the iPhone Error 53 bricking issue, The law firm of PVCA hasn’t filed a case against Apple yet, but is looking for iPhone owners ready to sign up for a class action lawsuit.

As mentioned before, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners who had their Home button and Touch ID components repaired by a third party are encountering Error 53 if the parts aren’t properly installed and paired with the rest of the device. Apple says it’s a security feature to prevent anyone from bypassing the built-in personal data and privacy safeguards.

PVCA offered the following opinion on the matter:

“Think of it this way: Let’s say you bought a car, and had your alternator replaced by a local mechanic. Under Apple’s...

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How to connect a classic mechanical keyboard to your...

Before you ask yourself why, click through and look at the picture. If that doesn’t awaken the maker in you, this just might not be of interest.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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1Password 6.0.2

Enables you to control which vault is opened when you unlock the password manager, plus adds a number of improvements and bug fixes. ($49.99 new, free update, 43.8 MB)


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Meet the most powerful woman in Hollywood

Meet Kathleen Kennedy, read the Vanity Fair interview. Great read.

∞ Read this on The Loop

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Apple launches iPhone screen protector program in...

Apple’s new screen protector program is coming to Apple Store locations in the United States and other countries today. The program was first mentioned and rolled out to Japanese Apple Store locations last week and allows customers to get a Belkin screen protector carefully applied to their iPhone in store. At Apple Stores across America, customers can purchase a Belkin screen protector and have it applied in store by an Apple Store employee. The program supports only Apple’s latest iPhone models in both 4.7 and 5.5 inch variants: the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

The service looks to apply screen protectors to the iPhone, eliminating common errors like air bubbles. For the official experience, Apple employees will use a cloth to...

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Many thanks to our current supporters

We wish to thank you once again for all of your support. Below is a list of our current supporters. If your name is not on the list and you're currently contributing support, please let me know so that I may add it. 

In addition, if you're a donor and not in our Slack chat room or able to listen to the weekly podcast we put together exclusively for those of you who keep things running, let me know and I'll remedy the problem.

For those of you who aren't yet donating to Apple World Today, take a look at this article to see why we need your support. Now, here are the great people who make AWT possible as of our first birthday, February 9, 2016: 

Mario Ciabarra
Lucas Bowers
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Hank Pepper
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Pat Lyons
Alan Koenigsberg

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Belkin's ScreenCare+ Application System for...

Accessory maker Belkin has partnered with Apple to bring its ScreenCare+ Application System to the iPhone maker's retail stores in America, allowing customers to have a screen protector professionally installed.

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News: Screen protector installation now available at...

Apple Stores worldwide began offering screen protector installation for iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus users starting today. As previously reported, Apple has partnered with Belkin to place specialized screen protector installation machines in the back of stores, allowing customers to have their screen protector properly installed free of charge after they buy it. Two types of screen protectors — “Invisiglass” and “Anti-Glare”…

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Happy Birthday To Us: One Year of Apple World Today

Exactly one year ago today, Apple World Today launched with high expectations from me and the two other co-founders, Dave Caolo and Kelly Hodgkins. A lot has happened over the past year, so I thought I'd write a bit of a combined "lessons learned" and history post about the site. Here's what's happened:

A great launch, then a crash to reality

Our launch went really well, thanks to publicity from a number of sources. However, our first month as a new website was our best ever. Things were really quite desperate during the summer of 2015, when our traffic dipped to about a third of that first glorious month. Fortunately, we've recovered somewhat with a little growth each month since then, and we're now seeing solid numbers that are at about 55 percent of last February. It's not great, but seeing growth is a good thing and keeps us going to the keyboard every morning.

Some people got real jobs

During 2015 we had some staff...

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Apple screen protector installation program...

Apple is now deploying its new screen protector program to Apple Stores across the United States and other countries from today. The introduction of the program was first reported by 9to5Mac and rolled out to Japanese Apple Stores last week. The program allows customers to get a Belkin screen protector carefully applied to their iPhone in store. At Apple Stores across America, customers can purchase a Belkin screen protector and have it applied in store by an Apple Store employee. The program supports only Apple’s latest iPhone models in both 4.7 and 5.5 inch variants: the...

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Belkin partners with Apple for in-store screen...

Image via Belkin

Despite the fact that the super-hard glass used on iPhone screens keeps getting better, the screens are still the most fragile and expensive portion of the device to replace. Most iPhone buyers refuse to purchase screen protectors of any sort because of those past bad memories of mis-installation that resulted in hairs, dust and bubbles under the protector. Starting today, Belkin ScreenCare+ will provide in-store installation of screen protectors at Apple Stores right at purchase time.

ScreenCare+ supports the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus, and a choice of one of two types of screen protectors can installed by a trained specialist at the store:


  • It's made of 100% flexible glass with a 9H hardness (one level below diamond)
  • Engineered with FluidFlex technology to absorb shock and be shatterproof
  • Reacts just like the "naked" iPhone screen
  • No loss of touchscreen sensitivity due...
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Apple set to open largest Florida retail store in...

Apple is set to open its largest Florida-based Apple Store yet in Greater Downtown Miami, according to a new report. Sources close to The Real Deal and South Florida Business Journal have confirmed that Apple has signed a lease with Miami’s new Brickell City Centre to open the new retail location.

The new destination, which is...

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Why play iPhone games yourself when you can build a...

We’ve all been there, right? You download a game, can’t be bothered to play it so you build a robot to do it for you …

Engadget spotted this one.

Puzzle & Dragons is a ridiculously popular mobile game in Japan that tasks players with matching coloured orbs in order to take down enemy monsters. If you’ve played Pokemon Shuffle before, it’s just like that. To help with the trickier stages, YouTube user Junya Sakamoto has developed a robot that can play the game for him.

Filed under: Apps Tagged:...

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News: Russia mulling tax increase on App Store...

The Russian government is considering a bill that would increase taxes on a dozen categories of digital products and services offered by foreign companies like Apple, including ads, games, movies, marketplace transactions and cloud computing, Bloomberg reports. In a recent interview described as “peppered with expletives,” Russian Internet Czar German Klimenko said he is pushing to raise the taxes to level the playing field for Russian…

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New Safe Harbor Pact Offers Temporary Port in Storm

Through an eleventh-hour maneuver, the United States and the European Union last week avoided action that could have choked the movement of data between the regions and caused financial harm to U.S. companies. It may be only a temporary respite, however. The problem stems from a European Court of Justice decision in October that blew up an agreement between the regions that provided more than 4,000 U.S. companies with a "safe harbor" from strict European privacy laws when handling the information of the region's citizens.

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News: Lawyers threaten to sue Apple over ‘Error 53’...

After reports that iOS 9 updates have disabled iPhone 6 and 6s devices that had third-party repairs done to their Touch ID sensors, law firms in the U.S. and U.K. are considering legal action against Apple, The Guardian reports. Users with iPhones that have been repaired by someone other than Apple or that have unrepaired damage have reported receiving an “Error 53” message when updating their device’s software, leaving the phone…

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tvOS 9.2 beta includes voice dictation to replace...

Enlarge (credit: MacRumors)

When we reviewed the new Apple TV and tvOS, one of our biggest complaints with the core experience was text entry with the Siri Remote. The scrolling and swiping was inaccurate and time-consuming—it's a big pain during initial setup and text-driven searches, and it is at best a step sideways from the old Apple TV software keyboard.

Apple released the third beta of tvOS 9.2 yesterday, and among its new features was a new text dictation feature that will let users spell out usernames and passwords letter by letter with their voices instead of the trackpad. The...

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VR coming to iOS within 2 years, says guy who...

There’s no doubt that Apple has a definite interest in virtual reality. Tim Cook said on the most recent earnings call that “it’s really cool and has some interesting applications,” and he didn’t see it as a niche product. That’s as big a clue as Apple ever gives about its degree of interest in a product area.

We’ve also seen some interesting hires being made in...

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Lawfirm Ready to File iPhone Error 53 Lawsuit

The Error 53 issue that's bricking iPhones that get replacement Touch ID sensors has the Internet up in arms, and that can mean only one thing: it's lawsuit time. The law firm of PVCA hasn't filed a case against Apple yet, but is looking for iPhone owners ready to sign up for a class action lawsuit.

The Mac Observer Spin: Right or wrong, the lawsuits over Error 53 were bound to happen. Welcome to the United States where starting lawsuits is as easy as buying a new pair of shoes.

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News: Daily Deal: SizeUp for Mac

Today in our iLounge Deal you can pick up SizeUp for Mac for only $4.99 — that’s over 60% off the regular price. This premium window manager helps you bring order to your Mac desktop, helping you easily move and resize windows on your screen and position them where you please based on screen quadrants and halves or even on an external monitor. You can also customize your preferred window dimensions, move windows around with keyboard shortcuts…

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Eli Lilly and Company buys 15,000 iPads for its...

Eli Lilly and Co. is participating in a “secretive program” with tech giant Apple to make the iPad more business-friendly and has bought 15,000 tablets for its workers, according to USA Today.

The Indianapolis drugmaker has bought iPads for 15,000 field workers and is upgrading its U.S. workforce to the iPad Pro. In a statement to USA Today, Lilly confirmed it has bought iPads for all sales representatives, district sales managers, account managers and "certain medical liaison roles" who work outside the company's Indianapolis headquarters. 

"Several years ago Lilly made the decision to equip all field-based employees with iPads and eliminate laptop computers for non-management sales employees," Lilly spokesman Mark Taylor said. "The goals were three-fold...

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