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Jun 29
[MD1] MacHack: Developers' Top 10 Issues
MacHack PR: Developers' Top 10 Issues MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers c/o Expotech 1264 Bedford Road Grosse Point Park, MI 48230 Contact: Carol Lynn Tel: (313) 882-1824 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dearborn, MI -- June 29, 1999 -- MacHack 14 has come and gone, but news continues to be made. Continuing a long tradition, MacHack has announced the Top Ten Issues that face Macintosh developers over the coming year. The annual list is compiled from submissions made by MacHack attendees. These concerns then voted on and ranked based on relevance to these leading edge developers. The list in order of import follows. Top Ten Developer Issues as characterized at MacHack 14 Developer issue #1 -- MacsBug support MacsBug is a critical Macintosh development tool. Developers need Apple to dedicate engineering resources to this tool and to new ones like it. Developer issue #2 -- Greater stability, easier debugging Developers need increased reliability...
Jun 28
For Immediate Release Press contact: Jim Douglas (831.466.9006) E-mail: ignites a new category of webmaster tool (Santa Cruz, CA) A new company,, has introduced webmasters worldwide to a popular new category of webmaster tool: the remotely-hosted site search and navigation engine. Remotely-hosted tools are already an important part of the architecture of the web but, as a group, have gone relatively un-remarked by the industry press. Although some tools, like ad servers (LinkExchange, Flycast, etc), have gotten specific notice, the continuing trend towards remotely-hosted tools in general seems to have been missed. This may change, though, with's introduction of an important new remotely-hosted tool that has already become a category stand-out and is in use by millions of people browsing the web today. This service allows webmasters to instantly add the site search and navigation features that visitors...
Jun 28
[MD1] Whisper 1.2.1 cross-platform app framework
Whisper is a free, open source, general purpose Mac/Win32 C++ application framework. It's the successor to the Mac framework Raven. Like Raven Whisper is a modern framework that takes advantage of templates, multiple inheritance, STL, and exceptions. It's also designed around the notion of Design by Contract and includes numerous debugging tools. Whisper 1.2.1 and a complete change history can be found at ( The major changes are: 1) CodeWarrior Pro 5 is now supported (in addition to Pro 4 and MSVC 5). 2) Added threading support (preemptive on Windows, cooperative on Macs). 3) The XDropApp base class is now threaded and uses a progress dialog. 4) Added support for document oriented apps (defaults to MDI on Windows). 5) Added XTabControl and XBevelButtonControl. 6) Addd XXMLDocVisitor and XXMLPrintDoc to convert in-memory XXMLDoc's to text. 7) Lot's of minor changes and bug fixes. Jesse Jones
Jun 28
[MD1] Automated Solutions Group: 4D 6.5 Command Sets for...
For more information contact Adrienne L. Coerper Director of Marketing and Administration Automated Solutions Group (714) 375-4252 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces 4D 6.5 Command Sets for Commander Huntington Beach, CA - June 28, 1999: Automated Solutions Group is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Commander command set files for 4th Dimension 6.5. The package includes the following command sets: * 4D 6.5 Language Reference * 4D Internet Commands 6.5 * 4D Write 6.5 * 4D Oracle 6.5 * 4D Constants 6.5 * 4D Tech Notes to Q2 99 * Dimensions To June 99 Pricing & Availability Commander 3.0 and 4Dv3.5 Command Set...................FREE Commander Pro 3.0 for Macintosh........................$39.95 Upgrade From 4D 3.5.x Command Sets or before...........$39.95 Upgrade From 4D 6.0.x Command Sets.....................$29.95 4D v6.5.x Command Set (new purchase)...................$49.95 International Users (outside the US &...
Jun 28
[MD1] Syslogd for the Mac OS v2.1
The final release of Syslogd v2.1 is now available. You can download the release at: Changes in v2.1 (see release notes for detailed changes): Several bug fixes, including a bug that would cause ASIP to crash if Syslogd crashed. Changed Syslogd to a true background application. A new Console application is now included allowing log messages to be viewed in real time. Enhanced ASIP logging. Including copy, create rename, move and delete file operations. Support for Mac OS X/NeXT facility extensions. The port Syslogd listens on is now configurable. Note: v2.1 now requires a registration code, all features a fully functional, but Syslogd will pester you about registering until you do. Thank you, Brian Brian Bergstrand
Jun 28
[NPL] Orange Micro FireWire Products
PRESS RELEASE DATE: June 25, 1999 SUBJECT:Orange Micro announces five new FireWire products rounding out its HotLink FireWire series line. Anaheim, CA Coming on the heels of the shipment of its HotLink PCI FireWire Cards, Orange Micro has added five new IEEE-1394 items to its FireWire product suite. They are the HotLink Repeater, HotLink FireWire PC Card, HotLink Hub, HotLink FireWire/SCSI Converter, and two maximum lengths FireWire Cables. The HotLink Repeater The IEEE-1394 specification limits peripherals to a 15 foot cable. The HotLink Repeater extends that distance at 15 foot increments, and can be combined to achieve up to 236 feet between a host system and the FireWire peripheral itself. The HotLink Repeater will ship at the end of August, and carries a MSRP of $49. The HotLink FireWire PC Card This PC Card (also known as PCMCIA) was designed to provide FireWire to Mac PowerBooks and PC portables which have a PC Card Bus slot. It sports two 6 pin unpowered IEEE-1394 ports for...
Jun 28
[NPL] Skipjack WebAPI
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Skipjack Merchant Services Releases Skipjack WebAPI? Powerful tools offer solutions for specific payment processing needs CINCINNATI, June 28, 1999 - Skipjack? Merchant Services, a payment gateway that allows merchants to accept electronic payments over the internet while protecting the merchant acquirer and the financial institution from excessive risk, today released its Skipjack WebAPI?. The Skipjack WebAPI is a powerful set of tools that gives Skipjack customers a key advantage with specific payment processing needs such as authorization requests, settlements, credits, transaction status requests, order details and other transaction-related activities. This application programming interface enables the use of Skipjack Merchant Services as the payment component when creating electronic catalogs or other payment-processing applications. "The Skipjack WebAPI makes the developers job so much easier," said Scott Valetti, technical channel manager for Evolv, the...
Jun 28
[MD1] JAEM: Java App for Making Web-enabled Presentations on the...
For Immediate Release Ter Hui Peng / Seamus Phan McGallen & Bolden NewsRoom Tel: +65-3246588 Email: McGallen & Bolden launches its first Java application for web site enhancement, web-based training and presentation SINGAPORE, Monday, June 28, 1999 - McGallen & Bolden Associates, the leading Asian consulting group in communications, technology and training, has launched its first Java application, JAEM, for web developers, trainers, and anyone who needs to make web-enabled presentations on the fly. JAEM (pronounced "jam") Applet stands for Java Applet Expanded Menu, is a simple to learn and use 100% clean Java applet that allows experienced web developers and less-experienced web page authors such as trainers, presenters and managers to quickly author graphically-rich navigation systems, lightweight web-based training (WBT), as well as presentations for sales, marketing or other purposes. JAEM was developed by McGallen & Bolden in Singapore, and its...
Jun 28
[MD1] MacA&D 7.0 Software Design Tool
MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa, June 28, 1999 --- Excel Software today announced MacA&D 7.0 for system analysis, requirements specification, software design and code generation. Version 7.0 adds Java code generation, design namespaces, UML enhancements, dictionary enhancements and productivity features. MacA&D has diagram editors for process models, data models, class models, state models, object models, structure models and task models. Each model shows a different view of a software system that is integrated through a global data dictionary. In addition to integrated modeling, the tool provides requirements specification and traceability, design verification reports, scriptable HTML reports and complete text import/export features. WinA&D for Windows 95/98/NT and the document compatible MacA&D for Macintosh OS 7.x or 8.x are used by thousands of system analysts and software designers in over 30 countries. MacA&D 7.0 generates Java, Object Pascal or C++ code from a class...
Jun 26
[NPL] ClipSave Plug-in 1.0 for FileMaker Pro
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Troi Automatisering releases the final version of the ClipSave Plug-in, for FileMaker Pro 4 on Mac and Windows. Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands, June 25, 1999--Troi Automatisering today announced the release of Troi ClipSave Plug-in 1.0, for FileMaker Pro 4.0 (or later) on Mac and Windows. The ClipSave plug-in can save and restore the clipboard in 2 simple steps. ClipSave is mainly intended for developers of FileMaker databases wanting to use ScriptMaker steps that change the clipboard, like for example the "Copy All Records step". ClipSave makes it possible to use those steps without the end user knowing the clipboard was temporarily changed. Peter Baanen, company president, states that "Since we released the beta we got a great response from the developer community, indicating that this plug-in provides a much needed functionality in FileMaker." Features - Cross platform (Mac and Windows95/98/NT) - Saves the complete clipboard (including multiple items on the...
Jun 25
[MD1] SysMenu 1.4.2 and appe Windows 2.05
[ANN] SysMenu 1.4.2 and appe Windows 2.05 SysMenu is a shell project, written by Matt Slot, that demonstrates how to create and manage a system menu. I simply updated it to compile under CodeWarrior Pro 4.0. I also fixed a bug that caused SysMenu not to recognize some of the newer PPC microprocessors, resulting in loading the 68K code instead of the PPC one, which was causing SysMenu to act highly unstable on my G3. appe Windows is a shell project, written by Matt Slot, that demonstrates how to create and manage a TSM window that always stays on top. I simply updated it to compile under CodeWarrior Pro 4.0. I also updated it to use Apple's tollbox window definition instead of Infinity Windoid. The last change I made was to make it Appearance compliant. You can download "SysMenu 1.4.2" and "appe Windows 2.05" here: ( gerard ziemski (
Jun 25
For Immediate Release iTOOL Technologies Changes Name to iTOOL.COM (Scottsdale, AZ) - June 25, 1999 -- iTOOL Technologies whose premier product, is iTOOL, a comprehensive "build-it-yourself" e-commerce web site creation tool and hosting service, today announced that it has officially changed its name to iTOOL.COM. In addition, iTOOL has changed from an Arizona Limited Liability Company to a Delaware Corporation. Chris Spinella, President and CEO iTOOL.COM, says "This change of name more accurately reflects our core business since we are a web-based company focussing on e-commerce enabled web site development and hosting tools." Located at (, this complete business solution features a diverse set of tools that can accommodate novice PC and Internet users as well as the most experienced developers. iTOOL.COM's target market includes small to medium sized businesses wishing to plug into the burgeoning web-driven e-commerce marketplace. On January 1,...
Jun 25
[NPL] mp3voodoo Public Beta
We're proud to present the first public beta of "mp3voodoo"! mp3voodoo lets you browse, select and play your valuable mp3 files. As mp3 files get more popular, the increasing number of files have to be organized to find and play them easily. Manage your party-music, create play lists for every mood! mp3voodoo collects the data from your mp3 files including id3 information as title, artist, album, year, genre and lets you add cover images for every album. You will need a Power Macintosh and QuickTime 4.0 installed to play mp3 files. mp3voodoo is $25 USD shareware. What more? - Automatically creates a database with all your mp3 file information - Get album information from the internet using Toby Rush's NetCD and store it in your music files (id3 tagging) - Add album covers - Browse and search the database and add titles to playlists - Manage your playlists - Change the look of mp3voodoo by using the build-in appearance editor - Label favorite titles with color labels (as in the finder...
Jun 24
[MD1] TextArea Plus v1.5 for 4D
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Automated Solutions Group Announces TextArea Plus v1.5 Release Huntington Beach, CA - June 24, 1999: Automated Solutions Group today announced the release of TextArea Plus version 1.5. Text Area Plus is a plug-in for 4th Dimension that allows styled text to be displayed and edited on a 4D layout. There are several features that set Text Area Plus (TAP) apart from other similar plug-in's TextArea Plus features the ability to format predefined keywords as they are typed by the user. This feature is similar to the keyword formatting found in several popular development environments. As the user types each character, the newly formed word is compared to a list of keywords contained in an array that is passed by one of TAP's procedural commands. If the word is found in the list, it is formatted based on the keyword format specified by a TAP procedural command. In addition, TAP also allows full control over the content, style, size and color of the text being displayed...
Jun 24
[NPL] Win FlashJestor Creator: Make Screen Savers in Five Minutes
FlashJestor Creator: Make Screen Savers in Five Minutes Wellingborough, England--June 24, 1999--3rd Eye Solutions, the parent company of FlashJester, ( announces the release of FlashJester Creator, a user-friendly new program that enhances Macromedia's Shockwave Flash technology and makes it possible to create attractive screen savers quickly and efficiently. Previously, designing screen savers could require a variety of tools from a variety of sources; but Creator brings all of those tools into a single program and makes it possible to design a screen saver from a Flash 3 or 4 projector file in as little as five minutes. Creator fully supports the newly released Flash 4 . NUMEROUS FEATURES "We spent over a year developing FlashJester Creator, and we made sure we did our homework," explains Davendra Patel, managing director for 3rd Eye Solutions. "Our research made it clear to us that similar products didn't offer nearly enough features. With Creator, users get...
Jun 24
[NPL] Portfolio 4.1: QuickTime 4-Savvy Media Asset Management
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Extensis Announces Support for Apple QuickTime 4 Portfolio 4.1 is the First QuickTime 4-Savvy Media Asset Management Database Portland, OR - June 24, 1999 - Extensis Corporation today announced the availability of Portfolio 4.1, a free update to registered users of Portfolio 4.0, its award-winning software for digital media asset management. In addition, Extensis today announced full compatibility with Apple QuickTime 4 within Portfolio 4.1. By incorporating support for QuickTime 4, users can now easily distribute, manage, and share all their digital assets including QuickTime, Flash, FlashPix and MP3 files. Portfolio 4.1 is available for download at the Extensis Web site: "We are pleased to bring our customers full support for Apple's industry-leading multimedia software, QuickTime 4," said Sioux Fleming, senior product marketing manager, Portfolio. "Portfolio is an ideal tool for anyone wishing to organize their digital assets. With Portfolio...
Jun 23
[NPL] Date & Time 1.2
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WAVES IN MOTION RELEASES OAZIUM DATE & TIME 1.2 FileMaker Pro plug-in provides improved control over time. Contact: Vince Menanno Waves in Motion Phone: 602-956-7080 Fax: 602-956-6754 E-mail: Web: 4131 N. 24th Street, Suite C206 Phoenix, Arizona 85016 PHOENIX. June 21, 1999. Time is a problem for any FileMaker developer--not just the time that always seems to run out just before deadline, but also the date stamps, interval calculations, and event lists that can complicate even the simplest FileMaker project. The oAzium Date & Time plug-in from Waves in Motion solves these problems with a collection of simple functions that let you easily manipulate time values, and even save time in the process. One set of functions allows you to measure the period between two events, automatically handling events that span more than one day, and expressing the result in the time unit that best suits your needs. With the release...
Jun 23
[NPL] FlashGate Transfers Data 130x Faster
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Hagiwara Sys-Coms USB-based FlashGate Transfers Data from SmartMedia to PCs up to 130X Faster than Serial Devices Advanced Computer Peripheral Allows users of SmartMedia-equipped Devices to Save Valuable Time when Moving Information to both Desktop & Portable PCs SAN DIEGO, CA(June 1, 1999) FlashGate, an advanced USB-based peripheral that transfers data from SmartMedia to PCs up to 130 times faster than serial interface-based devices, is now available from Hagiwara Sys-Com. A compact, hot-swappable device that interfaces easily to any standard USB port, FlashGate allows users of digital cameras and other SmartMedia-equipped devices to save valuable time when moving captured images to either desktop or portable computers. FlashGate features a flexible design architecture that enables it to support SmartMedia of up to 128MB in capacity, and requires no external power supply to operate. It is fully plug-and-play compatible with Windows 95/98 and Windows NT...
Jun 23
[NPL] Multi-Ad Creator2 v1.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MULTI-AD SERVICES SHIPPING CREATOR2 1.5! PEORIA, IL -- Multi-Ad Services, Inc. has recently began shipping their Creator2 Version 1.5, the latest version of its comprehensive page layout program for the Macintosh. Creator2 Version 1.5 is now the only system to offer support for ColorSync v2.6 right out of the box, adding even more value and functionality to the software's page layout features, drawing, illustration and image manipulation capabilities. "Creator2 Version 1.5 provides users with literally the best implementation of ColorSync 2.6 technology available today," said Jill Addy, Software Product Manager for Multi-Ad Services, Inc. "It is truly a complete solution for today's advertising professional that provides a unique combination of performance and ease-of-use in a single, cost-effective package." Creator2 v1.5 is the first layout software to provide full ICC profile support and color matching for both vector and bitmap images without the need for...
Jun 23
[NPL] Multi-Ad CAST
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Multi-Ad Introduces CAST, An Internet-Based Ad Resource With Over 200,000 Images for Electronic Art and Spec Ads Also includes tools, templates and services for newspaper ad departments LAS VEGAS, NV (June 14, 1999) Nexpo 99 Multi-Ad Services is launching a new online subscription service called CAST that makes a decade of the company's generic and branded photographs, illustrations and ads accessible on the Internet for the first time. With over 180,000 downloadable images and hundreds more to be added each month, the service includes the market's most comprehensive compilation of co-op, artwork, software and template ideas (hence CAST) for a newspaper advertising department that needs to generate electronic art and spec ads. It also offers a variety of design tools, bulletin boards, chat rooms and other resources to help advertisers explore and implement new ways of increasing sales. Available exclusively to current or new subscribers to Multi-Ad's various...
Jun 23
[NPL] Multi-Ad Cumulus
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MULTI-AD ANNOUNCES MULTI-AD CUMULUS, A ROBUST MEDIA ASSET MANAGEMENT PROGRAM TAILORED FOR ADVERTISERS The low cost solution that provides cross-platform support for cataloging job-tracking and image files Peoria, IL (June 22, 1999)Multi-Ad Services today introduced Multi-Ad Cumulus, a fast, powerful and highly cost-effective cross-platform Media Asset Management solution specifically tailored to manage digital assets for newspapers, Yellow Page directory publishers, advertising agencies, direct mail houses and other members of the advertising, marketing and promotional communities. Based on the technology of Canto Cumulus, the leading system of its kind for book and catalog publishers, the new product has been tailored to the advertising audience to offer a major upgrade to Multi-Ad Search. Delivering key advantages over that single-user Macintosh application, Multi-Ad Cumulus is available in both single-user and network versions; offers unlimited scalability...
Jun 23
[NPL] WebSTAR/QuickDNS now multihomes/FTP
For Immediate Release STARNINE AND MEN & MICE BRING LOAD BALANCING AND FAULT TOLERANCE TO WEBSTAR FTP SERVER, OFFER SPECIAL PRICING ON QUICKDNS PRO AND DNS EXPERT TO WEBSTAR USERS -- Load Balancing Speeds High-Traffic Sites, Special Offers for WebSTAR Users Saves $100 on QuickDNS Pro and Up To $59 on DNS Expert Professional -- BERKELEY, Calif., June 23, 1999 -- StarNine Technologies, Inc. and Men & Mice today announced a newly improved QuickDNS Load Balancing and Fault Tolerance solution bringing intelligent fault tolerance and load balancing to the WebSTAR FTP server, and now to virtual hosting WebSTAR Web servers. Now, for the first time WebSTAR FTP can take advantage of the load balancing and fault tolerance features of QuickDNS Pro, the leading DNS server for the Mac OS. Fault tolerance and load balancing can now also be implemented for the first time on multiple WebSTAR Web sites at once. StarNine today also announced that WebSTAR Server Suite users can purchase QuickDNS...
Jun 23
[NPL] WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 ships
For Immediate Release STARNINE SHIPS WEBSTAR SERVER SUITE 4.0 -- A Full Suite Of Servers For The Mac, including Web, FTP, Proxy and Now Mail -- A Complete Business Infrastructure in One Easy-to-Use Application -- BERKELEY, Calif., June 23, 1999 -- StarNine Technologies, Inc. today announced it's now shipping WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0, a monumental upgrade to the highly acclaimed and widely-used WebSTAR(R) software for the Mac(tm) OS. Beyond a spectacular two-fold increase in Web serving traffic capacity, WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 includes a new, feature-packed SMTP/POP/IMAP mail server with remote, Web-based email access; new Lasso(tm)-based database publishing from Blue World Communications(tm); integrated and improved SSL encryption and authentication; and dozens of other enhancements. With this release, the product has officially been renamed from "WebSTAR" to "WebSTAR Server Suite," highlighting that the Web, FTP, Mail and Proxy servers can run as a single installation with unified...
Jun 22
[NPL] Imation Launches Faster, Sleeker SuperDisk Drives
For Immediate Release Imation Exhibit (#4821) Imation Launches Faster, Sleeker SuperDisk Drives at PC Expo NEW YORK --- (June 21, 1999) Imation Corp. (NYSE:IMN) today announced four new and improved SuperDisk drives offering faster performance, lightweight design, and simple installation - including a new SuperDisk USB Drive for PC and Macintosh. While previous-generation SuperDisk drives from Imation read data about 10 times faster than a floppy drive, the new and improved SuperDisk drives read much faster -- up to 27 times faster -- than a floppy. The new drives are capable of handling multimedia applications such as video and audio recording while retaining the reliability and compatibility advantages that have made SuperDisk technology the leading replacement for the floppy. Like all SuperDisk drives, the new products are fully read and write compatible with floppies and 120 MB SuperDisk diskettes. "Storage demands keep accelerating, so it's no surprise that SuperDisk continues to...
Jun 22
[NPL] iTools 5.0 Public Beta Now Available
FOR RELEASE ON JUNE 22, 1999 Phone: 805-963-6983 888-293-2836 FAX: 805-962-8202 Contact: Anita Holmgren eMail: Tenon's iTools 5.0 Public Beta Now Available Santa Barbara, CA, June 22, 1999. Tenon Intersystems today announced a public beta of their new suite of internet tools for Apple's next-generation Mac OS X Server. Tenon's iTools extends and enhances Mac OS X Server's networking performance, efficiency, ease-of-use, and functionality with a family of tools essential to serious, commercial web content delivery and eCommerce. iTools is designed to overlay Apple's bundled Apache. The internet protocol software for Mac OS X Server as delivered by Apple has been updated to the newest, secure versions (closing a number of security loopholes) and extended with Tenon's browser-based point and click interface. iTools includes the latest Apache 1.3.6, DNS (BIND 8.2), sendmail 8.9.3 and a multihoming FTP server (wu-ftp 1.3.4), with built-in support for...
Jun 22
[MD1] Omikron Basic 6
P R E S S R E P O R T from June 22, 1999 Omikron Basic 6 now Available as a Cost Effective Download Version. - Omikron Basic is now also available as a cost effective download version at $107 (Professional), $53 (Lite) and $47 for the Academic version. This option is for users who do not require a CD-ROM or a printed manual. - Registered Omikron Basic users can easily get a free update this way. - Some of the new features are block operations in all dialog boxes of the editor and arbitrary background colors for Omikron Basic output windows. - More Information at BERKHAN-SOFTWARE Entwicklung & Vertrieb Alt-Isenhagen 19 D-29386 Hankensbuettel Germany E-Mail: Tel.: ++49 (0) 58 32 - 97 98 95 Fax: ++49 (0) 58 32 - 61 60 Internet:
Jun 22
[NPL] SiteCam 4.0
SITECAM 4.0 SHIPS WITH NEW LIVE VIDEO BROADCASTER AND INTEGRATED WEB SERVER -- Powerful, Easy-to-Use SiteCam 4.0 Now Serves Web Pages With Live Video Streaming, Time-Lapse QuickTime Movies, And Much More -- ALAMEDA, Calif., June 22, 1999 -- Rearden Technology today announced it's now shipping SiteCam 4.0, now with a new, integrated Web server, and an updated, more powerful streaming video engine. Previously designed to work alongside a standard Mac OS Web server, such as Apple's ASIP or StarNine's WebSTAR, now SiteCam 4.0 can serve video images and HTML pages independent of a separate Web server for vastly improved video streaming performance. SiteCam 4.0 is low-cost, high-performance Web Cam software featuring powerful capabilities designed for the corporate Webmaster or serious hobbyist including, image archiving, built-in FTP, motion detection, full scriptability, multi-camera support, and quick set-up guides. SiteCam 4.0 runs on any Macintosh on your network that has video-input....
Jun 21
[NPL] Farallon High-Bandwidth Solutions
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Farallon Announces High Bandwidth Networking Solutions - New 24-port dual speed hub plus 8-port palm-sized 10/100 switch - Now shipping, Gigabit Ethernet card for Macintosh and Windows SAN LEANDRO, Calif., June 21st, 1999 - Farallon Communications, Inc., developer of reliable, plug-and-play networking solutions for Macs and PCs, today announced their new Fast Starlet 24-port dual speed hub, a high-density companion to Farallon's popular 8-port dual speed hub. In addition, Farallon introduced a palm-sized 8-port 10/100 switch at a great low price and announced the availability of their Gigabit Ethernet card with Mac OS and Windows NT drivers. "Our customers are concerned about two things, lower cost and better performance," states Ken Alan, Farallon Product Manager. "Todays announcement shows that we are listening to our customers and responding to their needs." Farallons Fast Starlet Dual Speed Hub/24 Ideal for high-density Fast Ethernet environments where...
Jun 21
[NPL] TypeRighter Suite 1.1
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE THE LIGHTNING FOUNDRY ANNOUNCES THE TYPERIGHTER SUITE 1.1 Unique Mac OS file type management utilities ARBROATH, SCOTLAND - Monday 21 June 1999 - THE LIGHTNING FOUNDRY announces the release of the latest version of The TypeRighter Suite - unique Mac OS file type management utilities. The TypeRighter Suite is primarily a contextual menu plug-in which allows you to manipulate the creator and type of any number of files selected within the finder. Utilising the power of Mac OS 8.x and Internet Config, The TypeRighter Suite makes it easier for Macintosh users to open files downloaded from the Internet, or any cross-platform network. For Macintosh systems runnning System 7, the TypeRighter application is provided, giving similar functionality. Version 1.1 adds the ability to copy and paste creator and type information between files. It also maintains the simple user interface developed in the original release, as well as the ability to automatically set, or manually...
Jun 21
[NPL] iView Multimedia 3.6
Press Release 6/21/99 iView Multimedia 3.6 has a host of improvements in all areas and now comes in French and Italian flavors. The newest version of iView Multimedia is available for download from: A very special iView Multimedia user makes these comments. I've always preferred bits to atoms. But my Mac started looking like my photo shoebox - stuff everywhere. I don't need overkill. I simply need an easy-to-use, powerful, "shoebox" organizer for my photorealistic renderings, hi-res textures, and even digital photos of my family vacation. iView Multimedia is my solution. Rand Miller Co-creator of MYST and RIVEN iView Multimedia Description and Features - Its name describes what it does 'I View Multimedia'. - iView Multimedia is a professional digital asset management system. - It can be used by pros in a demanding publishing environment because it follows...
Jun 18
[MD1] PuppetTime Producer Supports Dialog Overdubbing
For more information, contact Deeje Cooley 415-244-0828 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PUPPETTIME ANNOUNCES SUPPORT FOR DIALOG OVERDUBBING, NEW CAST 3D storytelling company makes 3D animation as easy as "point, click, type, record" SAN FRANCISCO (June 18th, 1999) - PuppetTime, Inc. announced today that its new released of PuppetTime Producer, 1.0d26, now supports dialog overdubbing and includes a new cast of puppets. Users can download the latest version from the company web site at ( Tired of those limited number of computer generated voices? Now users can record their own voices saying the dialog in their 3D movies. Each line of dialog can have an associated sound recording, and the recording is tied to the dialog line. Users can move events in the Timeline tab, and PuppetTime Producer will keep the sound recordings in sync with the dialog events. "Everyone who's seen PuppetTime likes it, but wants more voices...
Jun 18
[NPL] QuickTime DICOM import component
Escape Information Services is pleased to announce that its QuickTime DICOM import component is now available for public beta testing. The new importer works with QuickTime 3 and 4 on both Mac and Windows, and lets QuickTime-savvy applications import medical images that conform to the DICOM standard. DICOM files are being produced by all major radiology systems, such as CT and NMR imagers. The product currently supports a wide subset of the DICOM standard, such as: - single and multiple image files - compressed (lossy & lossless JPEG; RLE) and uncompressed - indexed and direct, monochrome and RGB, 8 & 16 bit pixel depth Multiple-image DICOM files are automatically converted to QuickTime movies. Future versions will provide API access to DICOM metadata. We are confident that our DICOM/QuickTime integration will catalyze synergies between the two standards, and will eventually be appreciated by both end-users and developers of healthcare applications. Pricing and licensing will...
Jun 18
[NPL] GLH-Training for GoLive
GLH-Training presents Adobe GoLive as the premier tool for building world-class web sites quickly and easily. Come to the GLH-Training Chicago Seminars, on July 1 and 2, to learn all you need to know to maximize your potential with this tool. The seminars and labs will cover both beginner and intermediate/advanced topics, including implementing advanced JavaScript, DHTML, and CSS features in Adobe GoLive. Invest in your talent, register for this seminar today! Seats are limited. Webmasters looking to integrate FileMaker Pro and/or ODBC databases using the Lasso Web Data Engine will benefit from GoLive's no-edit approach to LDML tags. GoLive will assist you in cutting down site development time, allowing you to focus on database creation/integration. Come learn how to use this powerful software! Visit the GLH-Training web site at ( for more info and to sign up, or contact them directly at 603.569.8766.
Jun 18
[NPL] SAGEM Planet-ISDN USB Adapter
Contact: Stuart Brainerd or Jane Holt Synapse 773-871-1466 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Internet Made Easy: SAGEM Planet-ISDN USB Adapter for USB equipped Macs SAGEM, a world leader in the supply of ISDN equipment, announces an innovative solution in Macintosh networking: the Planet-ISDN USB Adapter for USB-equipped Apple Power Macintosh computers. This compact unit is a perfect complement to USB Macs for connecting to the Internet and for transferring files at high-speed over ISDN lines at 128Kbps. SAGEM products are used extensively by graphics, publishing and photo industry leaders worldwide. Major international media outlets such as Time Magazine and nearly all European press agencies and American tabloids use this technology to transport their graphics files around the world. The USB derives its power from the Macintosh and comes standard with all the Planet ISDN software that has made the range of SAGEM Planet-ISDN products such a success: SAGEM PPP 2.0, offering 128Kbps...
Jun 18
[NPL] easy beat
PRESS RELEASE - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE UNI SOFTWARE PLUS GmbH Softwarepark Hagenberg A-4323 Hagenberg AUSTRIA phone: +43 (7236) 3338-82 fax: +43 (7236) 3338-30 email: www: easy beat - Brand-new Music Authoring Program for the Macintosh. Hagenberg, AUSTRIA, June-17-1999. UNI SOFTWARE PLUS is proud to announce a new music authoring program for composing, scoring, and playing songs. As its name suggests, easy beat is music for the Mac as it should be: powerful, yet easy to use. Instead of the usual tool-based user interface, easy beat uses a simple and intuitive point-and-click technique. Adding, selecting, moving, copying notes - all these operations are done with simple mouse gestures. With easy beat, you can compose your songs by drawing notes or record them with a MIDI instrument, see up to 16 tracks in multiple views, choose from 128 instruments and 7 drum sets, print the score and tabulature, add...
Jun 18
[NPL] iRemember
Forget to bookmark that great web page and now you can't find it? Do you use Netscape Navigator and wish it kept your browsing history? Do you use more than one browser and wish there was one place you could go to find any page you visited? Serac Software is proud to announce iRemember, a revolutionary new application for keeping track of your web browsing history that solves all of these problems! How often have you had to bookmark a page just because you aren't sure if you might want to revisit it later? iRemember lets you return to any page you ever visited just by typing a couple of words that describe the page! Instead of cluttering up your bookmarks with pages you might never visit again, you can use them for your favorite pages and use iRemember to revisit all the rest. iRemember works by indexing all of the words in every web page you visit using the Apple Information Access Toolkit (the same engine used by Sherlock). Later, when you want to revisit any page that you've ever...
Jun 17
[NPL] Photoshop LE
For Immediate Release Adobe Extends the Photoshop Family to Reach Imaging Enthusiasts and Business Professionals Adobe Photoshop LE Offers Affordable Entry Point to World Standard in Digital Image Editing San Jose, Calif., (June 17, 1999) (Nasdaq:ADBE)-Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced Adobe Photoshop Limited Edition (LE) software, an affordable entry to the world standard digital image editing family. Previously only available as an OEM-bundled solution, Adobe Photoshop LE will now provide imaging enthusiasts and computer savvy business users access to professional level image editing tools without the full range of Photoshop functionality at an estimated street price of just $99 (U.S.). Available through retail outlets and the Web, Photoshop LE software will round out Adobe Systems, extensive digital imaging product line which includes Adobe Photoshop 5.5, Adobe PhotoDeluxe, and Adobe ActiveShare. Adobe will demonstrate all of these new products-which serve the entire range...
Jun 17
[NPL] and ActiveShare Software
For Immediate Release Adobe and ActiveShare Software Make the Web a More Personal Place for Consumers New Integrated Internet Community and Desktop Software Combine to Offer Users an Easy Solution for Digital Imaging, Posting and Communicating on the Web San Jose, Calif., (June 17, 1999) (Nasdaq:ADBE)-Adobe Systems Incorporated is making communications on the Internet more personal for consumers, with the announcement today of Adobe ActiveShare software and Adobe A complete Web and software solution for sharing photos, Adobe and ActiveShare together give consumers a tightly integrated, start-to-finish process for digital imaging and ultimately sharing their images in personalized Internet communities. Adobe is an online resource, providing information for the growing consumer interest in digital imaging, combined with a worldwide Web community for sharing photos, events, memories and information. Adobe
Jun 17
[NPL] Photoshop 5.5
For Immediate Release Adobe Announces Photoshop 5.5 World Standard Image Editing Software is Now the First Integrated Solution for Web and Print San Jose, Calif., (June 17, 1999) (Nasdaq:ADBE)-Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced the newest version of Adobe Photoshop, the world's leading professional image editing software. Photoshop 5.5 software once again sets the standard-providing the first integrated solution for professionals who need to produce the highest quality images for both Web and print. Photoshop 5.5 includes Adobe ImageReady 2.0 software, the cutting-edge Web production component that interacts seamlessly with Photoshop software to provide a complete creative environment. This eliminates the need for customers to use multiple applications, which restricts both creativity and productivity. Adobe Photoshop 5.5 is part of Adobe Systems' complete family of digital imaging products, which includes Adobe Photoshop LE, Adobe PhotoDeluxe, and Adobe ActiveShare. Adobe...
Jun 17
[NPL] Vertigo Advertizer
Vertigo Software Corp. Announces Vertigo Advertizer Simple image compositor performs as a host for plug-ins, creates web banners Vancouver, B.C. - (March 9, 1999) - Vertigo Software Corp.(CDN:VSWR), a leading developer of high performance 3D and animation software, today announced Vertigo Advertizer, a web graphics utility that quickly and easily creates web banners by behaving as a host to the industry's leading Adobe Photoshop compliant plug-ins. As the web becomes the prominent vehicle for visual communication, this Quicktime-based utility provides the interactive tools and action buttons required for creating simple advertising. Easily import an image, make a rectangular selection and apply a number of effects from plug-ins such as Vertigo 3D HotText and Vertigo 3D Dizzy . Manipulate your designs with the provided scaling, color, wand and lasso tools, then export your final image to the web. "This opens up a whole new market possibility since traditionally the plug-in industry...
Jun 17
[NPL] Attain Objects For Dreamweaver
For Immediate Release Macromedia Announces Attain Objects For Dreamweaver Dreamweaver 2 and Macintosh Support Combines with Special Introductory Pricing to Broaden Tools Market for Creating Interactive Web-Based Learning Content Redwood Shores, Calif.- June 17, 1999 - The Interactive Learning Division of Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced Attain Objects for Dreamweaver, a powerful extension application for Dreamweaver designed for creating Web-based learning content and complex Web interactions. The second generation of Macromedia's award-winning Dreamweaver Attain product, Attain Objects for Dreamweaver now supports the Macintosh(R) platform and is fully compatible with Dreamweaver 2. Attain Objects for Dreamweaver is part of Macromedia's Attain Enterprise Learning System, which includes Macromedia's Authorware 5 Attain and Pathware 4 software. "Now Dreamweaver developers can quickly create learning content for a broad range of Web sites." said Ian Richmond, president of...
Jun 17
[NPL] MultiTimer Pro 3.5
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 17, 1999 CONTACT: Karl Bunker Iron Software MultiTimer Pro 3.5 Released; Update To Powerful, Easy To Use Time-Tracking and Billing Utility for Macintosh-Using Professionals Macintosh software developer Karl Bunker of Iron Software announces the release of MultiTimer Pro 3.5. MultiTimer Pro is a utility for tracking the time spent on projects and jobs performed on a Mac. MultiTimer Pro will be a valuable resource for graphic designers, Web designers, content creators of all types, consultants, lawyers, technical writers, and anyone who uses a Mac and either bills for their time or needs to keep track of time for any other purpose. The defining characteristic of MultiTimer Pro is ease of use coupled with powerful features. Its clear, clean design makes it "instantly usable", yet it also delivers a range of sophisticated capabilities not found in any competing product. Here are just a few of the features of...
Jun 17
[NPL] Macromedia Licenses Flash Player to Sun Microsystems
For Immediate Release MACROMEDIA LICENSES FLASH PLAYER TO SUN MICROSYSTEMS Flash Player to be Incorporated into Java(TM) Media Framework, Enabling Java Developers to Integrate Flash into Java Applets SAN FRANCISCO - JavaOneSM Developer Conference -- - June 17, 1999 - Macromedia, Inc. (NASDAQ: MACR) today announced that Sun Microsystems will integrate Macromedia's Flash Player, the standard for high-impact, vector-based Web sites, into future versions of the Java(TM)Media Framework reference implementation. Java(TM)technology-enabled applications can now make use of Flash content, including sound, interactivity, graphics and animations. Sun's Java Media Framework API specifies an architecture to synchronize, capture, and control time-based media, such as audio and video, within applets and applications written in the Java programming language. The announcement builds on Macromedia's commitment to make Flash a ubiquitous solution for creating the most compelling Web experience. Because...
Jun 17
[MD1] NetBeans End-to-End Java Development Solution
NetBeans Announces End-to-End Java Development Solution through Integrations with Leading Java UML and Debugging Vendors JavaOne, San Francisco, June 17th, 1999 - NetBeans announced integrations of its Java IDE (integrated development environment) NetBeans Developer 3.0 with Together/J 3.0 UML (Unified Modeling Language) tool from Object International and with Metamata Debug, the leading Java debugging environment from Metamata, Inc. Developer 3.0 is written in Java 2 and enables rapid construction of Java applications on any Java 2 platform. Publicly available this summer, its modular, open architecture gives developers the power to extend their development environment with plug-in modules from NetBeans and a wide variety of third parties. "Developer 3.0 is the first cross-platform Java development environment that is able to evolve along with the Java 2 platform," said Ian Formanek, Vice President of Development at NetBeans, Inc. "Our open, modular architecture and close...
Jun 17
[MD1] Valentina Cross-Platform DB Engine/Visual Builder Unveiled
June 17, 1999. Beaverton, Oregon. Paradigma Software today released version 1.2.2 of its cross-platform database software development kit, Valentina SDK and unveiled a new visual upgrade to its popular scriptable database tool, Valentina. Valentina SDK for Macintosh OS, and Valentina SDK for Windows 95/98/NT allow developers to add powerful database functionality to applications developed in Metrowerks CodeWarrior environment, and Microsoft Visual C++ development product. The Valentina SDK kernel has over 200 powerful internal classes that developers can address through 20 light weight classes of the SDK. The Valentina database kernel has such a small and efficient footprint that databases can be as small as a few kilobytes. Paradigma Software also made available Valentina 1.5, built with the Valentina SDK. Now in public beta testing, Valentina 1.5 adds a powerful visual browser to quickly create object oriented relational databases. Valentina allows users to create, modify, search,...
Jun 17
[MD1] VR Toolbox Offers Support for Roundabout Customers
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - VR Toolbox, Inc. Contact: Walter Neals, Vice President of Marketing e-mail: toll-free 1-877-878-6657 direct 407-673-0357 VR TOOLBOX, INC. OFFERS TECH SUPPORT AND SPECIAL UPGRADE FOR FORMER CUSTOMERS OF ROUNDABOUT LOGIC, INC. Pittsburgh, PA, June 17, 1999 -- VR Toolbox has announced a program to offer technical support and an upgrade special, both for a limited time only, for former customers of Roundabout Logic, Inc. As a result of the settlement between VR Toolbox, Inc. and Roundabout Logic, Inc. with regard to the copyright infringement case, Roundabout Logic, Inc. will no longer be selling or supporting their line of QuickTime VR Products. Roundabout Logic, Inc. has issued an announcement proclaiming VR Toolbox as the sole and exclusive owner of the source code used in those products. As a gesture of good will and good faith, VR Toolbox is offering free technical support for sixty days, beginning June 17, 1999, to all former Roundabout...
Jun 16
[NPL] WebCatalog Supports
WEBCATALOG SUPPORTS AUTHORIZE.NET PAYMENT PROCESSING San Diego (Calif.) June 16, 1999 - WebCatalog, Pacific Coast Software's popular eCommerce package, has been updated to include integrated support for Authorize.Net payment verification. Online product catalogs and digital storefronts using WebCatalog's automated payment processing module, WebMerchant, have the option of processing customer shopping carts with credit card and checking account information sent through Authorize.Net's secure, encrypted transaction processing system. Authorization occurs online, in a few seconds, so customers receive instant feedback regarding their purchase. Merchants have the flexibility of accepting credit cards and electronic checks for payment. In addition to Authorize.Net, WebMerchant supports credit card verification and payment processing using MacAuthorize, ICVerify, CyberCash, and CyberGold. "We have designed WebCatalog and WebMerchant so that new payment processing modules can be added to the...
Jun 16
[NPL] WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 Final Candidate 1 Release
StarNine Technologies is proud to announce the release of WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 (aka WebSTAR 4.0) Final Candidate 1, now available for download at: ( WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 includes literally hundreds of new features and improvements including a dramatically faster Web server and caching architecture, a new WebSTAR Mail server supporting SMTP/POP/IMAP with LDAP and Web-based email access capabilities, integrated SSLv2 and SSLv3 with support for multiple IP addresses, certificates and encryption options, and Lasso-based publishing of FileMaker and ODBC databases.
Jun 16
[NPL] InDesign Talk Email Discussion Forum
Blue World Announces InDesign Talk Email Discussion Forum June 16, 1999 - Blue World is pleased to announce the launch of the new InDesign Talk email discussion forum. InDesign Talk is an interactive email discussion forum providing a venue for sharing tips, techniques and user-to-user support for Adobe's forthcoming InDesign page layout software product. The new service will provide the InDesign community with the latest information pertaining to Adobe InDesign and companion products. All posts to InDesign Talk are automatically archived in a Lasso Web Data Engine powered database searchable via the Web at As archives for other Blue World hosted email lists have proven themselves invaluable for users of many leading sofware products, the new InDesign Talk archives are destined to provide one of the most exhaustive and frequently utilized resources for information on the Adobe InDesign product. Blue World cordially invites...
Jun 16
[NPL] VSE Be Found 1.2 and two new expansion kits
For Immediate Release Mac search engine submitter now improved and bundled (Koblenz, Germany, 16 June 1999). German Macintosh shareware developer Voget Selbach Enterprises (VSE) has released VSE Be Found 1.2 and two new expansion kits for the program. VSE Be Found is the first Macintosh application that automatically submits a web page to the most popular search engines. It is also a META tag manager that allows control of all META tags of a web site with an easy-to-use interface. The new version makes it much easier to submit web sites and it now supports web proxy servers. The update also fixes several bugs and offers many minor improvements. The new US-Plus expansion kit adds 10 new US search engines to VSE Be Found and the new FR-Basic expansion kit adds 10 new French search engines. Further information about the application can be found at "". EXPANSION KITS VSE Be Found expansion kits extend the number of search engines to which VSE Be Found submits...
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