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Apple Hearing Study shares new insights on tinnitus 

The Apple Hearing Study is sharing new insights on tinnitus in one of the largest surveys to date.

Through the study, University of Michigan researchers reviewed a cohort of more than 160,000 participants who answered survey questions and completed app-based assessments to characterize their experience of tinnitus. This research aims to improve understanding of tinnitus characteristics and inform future research on potential treatments.

Tinnitus, or the perception of sound that others do not hear, can happen to many people in one or both ears. With tinnitus, the sounds can take many forms but are most commonly described as a ringing sound and can be momentary or occur over longer durations. The symptoms and experience of tinnitus can vary significantly from person to person and can change for an individual.

The study found that 77.6% of participants have experienced tinnitus in their life, with the prevalence of daily tinnitus increasing with age among many. Those ages 55 and up were 3x more likely to hear tinnitus daily compared to those 18-34 years old. Additionally, 2.7%  more male participants reported experiencing daily tinnitus compared to females. However, 4.8% more males stated they had never experienced tinnitus.

Read more about the study results here

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