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iOS-compatible Crayola Create and Play app launches into space

Crayola Create and Play, the creativity app for kids, is launching into space on February 24 with a whole new galaxy of creative learning activities.

The new area takes players on an interstellar adventure through a galaxy of creativity and exploration. They’ll craft spaceships and planets, explore the cosmos, and defy gravity with their pets. The new fly-in movie theater will offer an educational experience through official NASA videos that teach kids about outer space, planets, and astronauts. 

Crayola Create and Play is full of activities designed to “encourage curiosity, teach creative problem-solving, and foster original thought.” Kids will discover Crayola art tools, learning activities, customizable pets, creativity games and challenges, and seasonal events. 

The ad-free app is available on iOS, Android, and Amazon devices, Apple Arcade or Google Play Pass subscription. A seven day demo is available.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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