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Customizable iPhone, iPod touch case, app combo available


Griffin Technology ( and Crayola have teamed up for Crayola Case Creator (, a protective case and app combo that lets users create one-of-a-kind cases for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Crayola Case Creator includes an US$29.99 clear protective hard shell case that protects users’ iOS devices while showcasing their artwork. Users can snap a photo or grab one from their photo album and turn it into a customized case. With the free Case Creator app, children can add, resize and manipulate digital stickers to photos, or draw in Doodle mode with the app’s built-in crayons, paints and pens.

All artwork from the Crayola Case Creator app can be printed on included perforated inserts, sized and shaped to fit the clear case. Also, each creation can be saved to a gallery, e-mailed or shared to Facebook.

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