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Report: 30.59% of SMEs (small to medium enterprises) in the U.S. use Macs

A new report says that 30.59% of SMEs (small to medium enterprises) in the U.S. and 2186% of those in the UK use Macs.

In 2021, IT spending on enterprise software is expected to amount to around US$599 billion worldwide, with year-on-year growth exceeding 10 percent, the enterprise software market is the fastest-growing segment in the IT industry, according to Setapp, Macpaw’s app subscription service.

The Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) Tools Report 2021looks into the relationship of small and medium-sized businesses employees in the US and UK with enterprise software — how they access it, which apps are on their go-to list, and whether they are happy with software they use on different devices and verticals. Key takeaways from the report:

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today
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