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Tool Sprawl, External Threats, and Security Are Top Concerns for IT Admins

JumpCloud Inc. has  announced the findings from its Q2 2023 small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) IT Trends Report, “Flexibility and Ingenuity: What’s Powering Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise IT Management in 2023.” 

The report provides updated survey results and new findings to the company’s biannual SME IT Trends Report first released in June 2021. The latest edition of the report shows that just after SMEs successfully established the new workplace normal following the pandemic, significant turbulence in the greater macroeconomic environment has threatened to upend the system again. 

Instead of lockdowns and supply chain shortages, businesses now deal with layoffs and recession fears on top of external threats growing in sophistication, regulatory and compliance pressures heating up, and increasingly complex IT tool sprawl. 

CEO Rajat Bhargava says JumpCloud commissioned this biannual survey of SME IT admins to gain unique insights into the day-to-day experiences of IT professionals who power and secure operations without enterprise-level budgets and staff. The most recent survey results, polled from admins in the US, UK, and France, highlight that while IT teams are successfully managing the workplace, they need an IT environment built around an open directory platform. 

Bhargav says that while 77% of SME IT admins want a single tool to do their job, organizations continue to force them to use many more. Consolidating tools shifts an enormous tech burden off of IT admins who are already overworked and overwhelmed with job responsibilities. Admins can leverage technology to manage a complicated, frustrating, and time-intensive process, he adds.

“Modern IT management is a balance of responding to current needs while remaining nimble enough to adapt to the unknown. Flexibility, ingenuity, and innovation have never been more critical for those in the IT trenches,” says Bhargav. “Admins want convenience and centralized management, as shown by the 77% that agree or strongly agree that they would prefer a single solution/tool to do their jobs. Admins are hungry for an open IT approach that delivers on this promise, an approach that unifies and centralizes identity and allows organizations to scale while solving efficiency, complexity, and cost challenges.” 

The results of the JumpCloud Q2 2023 SME IT Trends Report are available in JumpCloud’s e-book, “Flexibility and Ingenuity: What’s Powering Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise IT Management in 2023,” which can be downloaded for free here.

Key findings include:

Business Outlook


IT Management 

Life of an IT Admin 

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Regional differences:

Survey Methodology

JumpCloud surveyed 1,221 SME IT decision-makers in the UK, US, and France, including managers, directors, vice presidents, and executives. Each survey respondent represented an organization with 2,500 or fewer employees across a variety of industries. The online survey was conducted by Propeller Insights, May 12-24, 2023. The findings from the JumpCloud Q2 2023 SME IT Trends Report can be found in “Flexibility and Ingenuity: What’s Powering Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise IT Management in 2023,” here.

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