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Kool Tools: Elegia headphones

 Focal‘s $899 Elegia is the first high-end, closed-back headphone from the French acoustics leader. It sports speaker drivers integrated directly into the closed-back headphones, without making any concessions on the reproduction of the lowest frequencies. 

Elegia incorporates a new generation of exclusive and low compliance electrodynamic transducers capable of operating in a small inner environment while ensuring exceptional dynamics, precise sound reproduction, and a linear, extended frequency response of 23 kHz. It’s fitted with a dedicated surround of 110 microns: the geometry of this new, half-roll NBR surround guarantees a lightweight moving part that is always under control, even at the lowest frequencies and the highest volumes.

Focal’s exclusive frameless, copper voice coil measuring 4 mm high is lightweight in relation to the traction capacity of the moving part. The headphones wouldn’t be complete without an exceptional dome, which is why the “M” shape inverted dome, a major innovation in open-back headphones, is also used for Elegia. 

Made from an aluminum/magnesium alloy, this dome offers a combination of lightness, high rigidity and damping. Its “M” shape gives it a larger emissive surface area. Finally, when combined with portable source equipment, Elegia guarantees remarkable listening quality thanks to its low impedance of just 35 Ohms. This promotes mobility without sacrificing technological performance.

The Elegia’s headband molds perfectly to the head, providing optimal grip for on-the-go use. The memory foam microfiber earpads and the yoke also mold perfectly to the wearer’s face, and are both key contributors to the headphones’ comfort. 

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