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Kool Tools: Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro

DT 1770.jpg

Beyerdynamic ( has built on a great tradition with the US$599 DT 1770 PRO headphones. The new model is the next step in the evolution of the DT 770 PRO reference headphones, which are an essential staple for professional users around the globe.

The DT 1770 PRO meets the high requirements of musicians, sound engineers, and producers who are looking for the best equipment available on the market. The Tesla drivers are a part of the outstanding features of the closed 250 ohm headphones. These drivers, which are being used in professional studio headphones for the first time, are characterized by a high magnetic flux density for enhanced performance and accuracy.

A triple-layer compound membrane in the DT 1770 PRO reduces unwanted partial vibrations, improving the reproduction of overtones, as well as serving up impressive bass reproduction. In addition to sound quality, the new DT 1770 PRO offers an attractive design. The clear, aesthetic contours reflect the heritage of the DT 770 PRO, while numerous details add fresh accents.
High-quality materials and the ideal headband pressure of the DT 1770 PRO ensure maximum comfort. The exchangeable ear cushions are covered with soft velour or high-quality artificial leather. The sturdy, spring-steel headband is adjustable, and equipped with exchangeable padding.

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