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Midigator deploys Addigy to ensure corporate macOS system security

Addigy, a provider of cloud-based Apple device management software, has announced that Midigator, a chargeback and fraud technology platform provider, has deployed the company’s cloud-based macOS/iOS unified management solution. 

Addigy was selected to centralize the management of system patching, security, and encryption/key management for Midigator’s distributed MacOS computing environment. Midigator, a chargeback reporting and management solution designed to protect businesses, provides real-time merchant account monitoring and fights chargebacks to help vendors win back revenue. 

Midigator runs IT operations within Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure where applications and data are remotely accessed by employees using Mac desktops and laptops. The Addigy Apple Device Management platform allows for real-time system patching and the proper encryption of device- and cloud-based data to protect against vulnerabilities. 

The solution’s web platform helps administrators to make data-driven decisions leveraging automated and customizable reports for 24x7x365 visibility, according to Ashley Medina, compliance specialist for Midigator. With Addigy, Midigator has strengthened the company’s security profile while limiting administrative disruptions, allowing the company’s employees to be more productive, she adds. Finally, the automation of mundane management tasks has empowered administrators to focus on other strategic IT initiatives to support business development.

Addigy’s full-stack cloud-based Apple Device Management platform allows for centralized management of distributed MacOS/iOS computing environments. The solution provides 24x7x365 oversight of Apple devices to ensure systems are secure, up-to-date and running at the highest levels of efficiency. IT administrators can audit all MacOS/iOS assets quickly without server setup to identify which OS versions and applications are installed, and whether updates have been applied to all machines on the network.

A free trial of the Addigy Apple Device Management Platform is available at 

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