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Addigy launches cloud-based MDM for unified management of Apple devices

Addigy, a provider of cloud-based Apple macOS management software, has announced support of Apple’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) protocol, making Addigy a Unified Apple Device Management platform for the cloud. 

Addigy customers can now centrally manage all of their Apple iOS and MacOS devices using a single set of familiar features, reports and dashboards. Addigy’s multi-tenant platform is designed for cloud-based delivery and can be deployed by IT staff or service providers who require productive IT workspaces that are easy to manage and secure, according to CEO Jason Dettbarn. Key features include:

° Inventory management: Create and manage a database of all mobile devices requiring network access and catalog device properties to simplify management;

° Policy management: Orchestrate device attributes and manage IT policy enforcement;

° Mobile device security management: Fully leverage MDM as an essential technology in an organization’s security stack to better secure sensitive information in the field on non-trusted networks, and

° Device monitoring and auditing: Produce date-stamped access logs for accurate insight and compliance monitoring of approved devices.

The Addigy MDM solution also includes: single application locking for Kiosk, POS, and specialized mobile application needs in the field; critical password management for the highest level of availability; WIFI configuration and cellular data usage, as well as the ability to configure printers, adjust energy saving levels, and lock device screens when appropriate. The MDM solution also aggregates asset tracking and provides zero-touch provisioning of all Macs and iOS devices.

A free trial of the Addigy Unified MacOS Management Platform is available at 

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