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Kool Tools: Beamer 3.0 for Mac OS X

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Tupil has revved Beamer, its video streaming app for Mac OS X (Yosemite or El Capitan) video streaming app, to version 3.0 In addition to allowing you to stream any video file from a Mac to any Apple TV, it now supports Chromecast and Google Cast-supported HDTVs.

The app streams video directly, so it will be played natively on the streaming devices. Version 3.0 brings support for Chromecast devices, quick selection of playback options, a redesigned interface, improved playlist controls, new sound playback and subtitle options, and more.

The app also includes subtitle support, and allows users to fast-forward, reverse, or completely skip to the next movie using the Apple TV Remote. Beamer now sports a modern, redesigned interface that makes the app a joy to use. Commonly accessed options, such as subtitles and audio track options, are conveniently located in the playback window of the app.

The playlist is now integrated into the player window of the app, and displays the titles of previously viewed movies, making it easy to select a favorite video for additional viewing. Or, if preferred, the app can automatically remove the titles of already watched movies from the list.

If users own multiple Apple TV or Chromecast devices, they can easily select which device they would like to stream to, right from Beamer’s player window. Video streams to either device in full 1080p HD, featuring dynamic sound in full 5.1 surround, (when available).

Beamer 3.0 costs US$19.99 and is available through the Beamer website ( Existing Beamer 2 owners can upgrade via Beamer’s “Pay What You Want” upgrade program.

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