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The latest iOS apps for Sept. 22

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Here are some of the latest apps available at the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and/or Apple Watch.

Hovik Melikyan has announced Magnetola. Stylized as a vintage compact cassette player, the US$1.99 music player can play tracks either unaltered or, for more sensitive ears, slightly “softened.”

Itemtopia has released their free cross-platform app Itemtopia. It instantly notifies consumers if any item they own has been recalled (all vehicles and all consumer items) and allows consumers to attach receipts, warranties, photos and notes to each item at any time during the life of the item’s ownership.

Red Bull Media House has introduced Clashem – Video Battles. It’s a free competitive mobile video app and online community. All Clashem videos are five seconds long. There’s no need to wait passively for likes and views to add up; users know in an instant if their video is a hit or flop.

Armstrong Santiago has launched Your Second Chance. It’s a free, GPS-enabled app that allows “missed connections” to locate one another and begin conversations via U2C’s secure messaging system.

Audacity Software has unveiled Blue Runner. It’s a free action game where players control a stick figure to avoid an endless stream of obstacles.

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