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XwaveSoft releases Chrono Plus 1.0 for the Mac


Xwavesofht ( introduced Chrono Plus 1.0 for Mac OS X 10.7 and higher. It costs US$4.99 and is available at the Mac App Store in the Productivity section.

Features include the ability to track time and earnings, project visualization reports, and auto-generated invoices that can be immediately e-mailed to a client, saved to a cloud storage, or shared to DropBox. Also available for iOS devices, Chrono Plus can be synched across all devices.

With a click, users can set up tasks and sub-tasks in a multi-level task manager.
The reporting feature of Chrono Plus for Mac provides a visual representation of users’ time and tasks. Reports can be created for the specific tasks/projects or for all tasks/projects according to a specific date range or cost value. Reports are furnished in the form of graphs and pie charts to provide a clear picture of the time and cost involved in the task/project.

Chrono Plus for Mac’s built-in generator can provide detailed invoices in an Excel (.xlsx) format that can be customized. Reflecting a set date range, the invoices provide a line-by-line report on the services rendered, hourly rate, taxes applied, and detailed information on both the sender and recipient.

Users also have the option of adding a more detailed description, additional comments, invoice number, and instructions for payment. All invoices created through Chrono Plus for Mac can be instantly saved and sent as an e-mail attachment to clients.

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