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Kool Tools: Time Logger for Mac OS X


Imre Katai’s Time Logger ( for Mac OS X 10.9 and higher was developed specifically to optimize how users spend time on workflow projects.

The utility manages tasks, organizes projects by client, records pay rates, notes, and time allocated to each assignment. Also, Time Logger generates reports for additional support. Users can easily start and end timers with an overview panel linked to the upper right hand of screen.

The project management screen allows users to create master projects with associated tasks and sub-tasks. Project details such as date started, overall time worked, hourly fee, income accrued, number of tasks, notes, and customer are included.

A pie chart displays a visual comparison of tasks that take up the most time. Users can move tasks from one project to another, add sub-tasks, or merge entire task or sub task to another project. Merging a task to a project will remove task details, but add the time spent to the master file for calculation of overall time spent.

Users can add contact details to the customer section and link to projects. A break down of projects per customer, income, and time usage is displayed. The reporting tab provides easy readability with a pie chart and color coded break down of tasks.

Reports can be manipulated with various filters, such as project(s), specified customers or a listing of how often applications are being used. Reports can be made for the week, month, year, or custom timeframe by clicking on the date. Time Logger gives users the ability to save reports for archiving or sharing.

Time Logger is well suited to students with school projects and families with household chores, bill paying or personal activities. Professionals can optimize time usage by tracking time spent answering emails, returning phone calls, and juggling priorities to efficiently reach goals.

Consultants may log client and project details into Time Logger for easy reporting on task completion, income, and delivering detailed time usage reports to clients. Consultants may extract information from Time Logger for easy invoicing.

Daily tasks can be added and viewed from the timeline. Clicking anywhere on the timeline will display a list of work performed and applications that were in use for the selected day. Users can return to past events and change statistics if work had been conducted without the application.

The calendar tab is a great feature for general overview of stats, progress, and planning. All data and project management details can be backed up onto iCloud and synced between OS X and iPad devices.

Time Logger 1.0.1 costs US$4.99 and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.

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